Yoanna House was a contestant and winner of Cycle 2 of ANTM.

After Top Model, she signed with IMG Models. House made her debut as a runway model at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2004, walking for fashion designers Petro Zillia, Custo Barcelona, Sue Wong, and John Sakalis. Her most visible modeling assignments immediately after her win include a commercial for the Declare Yourself voting campaign and a cover story for Psychology Today magazine. She became host of The Look for Less in 2005, replacing Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The following year, House was named “the face” of The CW network and appeared in commercials and web advertisements for the fledgling network. In overseas projects, she signed with Danish modeling agency 1st Opinion Model Management and won a contract with Careline, an Israeli cosmetics company. She appeared in a commercial for make-up brand Sheer Cover, Leeza Gibbons’ make-up line, along with Cycle 4 winner of America’s Next Top Model Naima Mora.

In the Summer of 2008, Yoanna hosted The N’s reality series Queen Bees, which attempts to reform mean girls. She has also filmed a PSA for Declare Yourself, parodying a lipstick commercial.

Yoanna currently lives in New York with her husband and her 2-year-old son, Alastair.

Yoanna is not registered with any modeling agencies currently, but she can be booked for appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements and autograph signings through NoPacTalent and she’s an entertainment correspondent with IMG Speakers.

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Source: ANTM / Massimo Costoli

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Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

To see more photos of Yoanna, click here.

50 Responses to “Yoanna House”

  1. Nece Says:

    I keep staring at Tyra’s face in the picture of them together. It is SO stunning!

  2. kiki Says:

    Yoanna did not deserve the right to win. She was a great model, but Mercedes was a better full-length and beauty model while Yoanna was a great beauty model.

    • John Says:

      That’s your opinion. For me, Mercedes was too commercial. I would never think that Tyra would see a model in her. And although she is a very sweet and lovely person, sometimes I think she went further in the competition than she deserved. I think Yoanna made a good winner. She has a stunning face and her look is way more high fashion than Mercedes. That’s the goal Tyra was looking for when she created ANTM.

      • Roni Says:

        Not at all!!! Yoanna is prettier than Mercedes because, come on, she is quite too commercial. Yoanna was the winner because she has a stunning face, high-fashion look and she is the most beautiful face in all the ANTM history!!

      • Michelle Says:

        Yoanna is more of a chameleon. Hair short, long, dark, light. With make-up, without. She can look sexy, innocent, like a mom, a daughter, she’s the package. LOVE Mercedes, she’s just not as polished.

  3. sofie Says:

    I LOVE Yoanna! She is so beautiful!!!

  4. gabby Says:

    I wish Shandi had won; she would have used the boost from the show to become so much more than Yoanna did.

  5. Linda Says:

    Long hair definitely does not work for her.
    Anyway, she has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen!

    • Kalli Says:

      I think that to, shorter hair looked better on her. I believe her weight was an issue for her? I mean she is so thin now a days and she doesn’t look as the Yoanna top model anymore. Now she’s average.

  6. KriStina Says:

    Она самая классная! Среди всех сезонов нет равных ей.

    Rough Translation: “She’s classy and the best of all cycles.”

  7. Anna Says:

    Иоанна красотка!

    Rough Translation: “Yoanna is a beauty!”

  8. Justine Says:

    She definitely deserved the win!

  9. Kathleen Lawrence Says:

    Apparently, she had plastic surgery a couple of years ago. Now that classic, Audrey Hepburn stunning beauty is gone! So sad that she was so obsessed with her body. She could never see how truly beautiful she was.

  10. Alina Says:

    She’s so worn! Is she 60? But she was very beautiful many years ago.

  11. Staycie Says:

    Yoanna is still my favorite winner of ANTM and I wish the best for her and her family.

  12. boo Says:

    Yeah, there’s no point in being on antm if you are going to quit modeling. Should’ve just given it to Mercedes. I think that is one downfall to antm is that most of their runners up are not modeling to the core, and their winners aren’t representing. They quit half way. What a waste of being a top model when they aren’t even modeling.

    • Sandy Edmonson Says:

      I don’t think Yoanna quit because she wanted to. She wanted to spend time and rise her son. Can’t knock her down for that.

  13. Makister Says:

    Yoanna, darling, you’re the best!!! Your beauty is amazing.

  14. grace darko Says:

    Gorgeous one there.

  15. Amy Says:

    She lost me when she gained those bolt-on boobs (and the blonde hair and tan).

  16. gleice Says:

    Esta é a sua opinião. For me, Mercedes was too commercial. Para mim, a Mercedes era muito comercial. I would never think that Tyra would see a model in her. Eu nunca poderia pensar que Tyra iria ver um modelo nela. And although she is a very sweet and lovely person, sometimes I think she went further in the competition than she deserved. E embora ela seja uma pessoa muito doce e adorável, às vezes eu acho que ela foi mais longe na competição do que ela merecia. I think Yoanna made a good winner. Acho Yoanna fez um bom vencedor. She has a stunning face and her look is way more high fashion than Mercedes. Ela tem um rosto estonteante e seu olhar é a forma mais elevada forma de Mercedes. That’s the goal Tyra was looking for when she created ANTM. Esse é o objetivo Tyra estava procurando quando ela criou ANTM. ela tem um dos rostos mais bonitos que eu já vi. Yoanna ainda é o meu favorito vencedor do ANTM e eu desejo o melhor para ela e sua família.

  17. Misha Says:

    In the last dozen of photos her mouth is exactly the same. She would’ve been eliminated for this reason. I also find in some photos her resemblance to Snejana Onopka.

  18. panda Says:

    Thank god they changed her look cz she looks really old in the first few pictures. She has good pictures but her lips are too tight

  19. Katherin Says:

    In some photos she looks old

  20. I really liked her personality but I didn’t thought she deserved winning 🙂

  21. drea Says:

    yoanna is so so beautiful. i know her body was a lil “unconventional” but they’ve done a good job hiding her imperfections. happy to hear she’s married with a baby and seems to be doing well. i wish her and her fam all the best. xoxo

  22. Scarlett Says:

    She was really ..pretty! I loved the Audrey Hepburn lookalike picture! That fantasy picture always freaks me out, but it’s really good too!

  23. DeOnna Says:

    Yoanna House hands down has been the MOST beautiful and talented contestant yet she is truely a classic beauty.

  24. Himela Says:

    Yoanna remains my favorite contestant of ANTM till these days. She was beautiful inside and outside. I hope her the best.

  25. The most beautiful of the winners – not when ‘blonde’ though!

  26. Kat Says:

    Loved her, loved her look. Then I saw pics of her more recently on E and the new show, and wow. Plastic surgery much? She doesn’t even look like the same person. Blonde, tan, boobs, some kind of face/eye thing, like a permanently surprised look…she tried to blow it off by saying she’d had a kid and her body changed…honey, I had one too, and my body changed, but I didn’t get a whole new face. Sad. She had a great look and personality. I liked her a lot. That was hard to choose b/w her and Mercedes. I still think that was the best top three ever on ANTM. All pretty much even. Same with cycle 3 too, though. All great top three.

  27. Kat Says:

    Oh, I just realized who she looks like in some of those pics…Lara Flynn Boyle!

  28. L. Palena Says:

    theres has yet to be another face like that of Yoanna breathtakingly beautiful hope she is well

  29. rebecca squires Says:

    omg she is so so so beautiful I am so glad she won. She had so much competition and yet in the end she screamed so awesome. She is so many peoples favorite. She IS pretty inside and out.

  30. i liked her face that was about it. she didn’t walk that well, and i didn’t think her body was right for modeling.

  31. Daphne Says:

    This girl is stunningly beautiful. She was my pick from the start, she had the look I felt like. I’d book her in a second!

  32. Katie Says:

    She’s beautiful, but forgettable.

  33. i dont think Yoanna should have won she has okay pictures she doesn’t have an edge to her like Mercedes does Mercedes should have won anyway i thought it was so unfair she didn’t have any good shots yet she won are you kidding me ?

  34. Adrian Wand Says:

    Dude, she is represented by Wilhelmina Models

  35. Katherine Says:

    Absolutely beautiful. And a chameleon of a model!

  36. Katie Says:

    Oh my god, one of the best on this show. Seriously. She is such a chameleon. Loved her.

  37. Gia Says:

    She’s a bit commercial in some of these and a lot of them don’t grab me and pull me in. But some of them were quite beautiful.

  38. Mariah Says:

    Considering she won ANTM she does not impress me that much .. especially in some of her pictures.

    However, in the last couple photos she looks fabulous and sexy and much younger..
    Also, in ANTM they should have attached extensions in her hair since long hair really suits her.

  39. Jamaica Says:

    Yoanna definitely has a fashion look, especially with that helmet shot she did on the show, but yeah, there’s nothing really that great about her. However, she is absolutely a better choice over Mercedes, who is really commercial.

  40. Lilly R Says:

    I really liked her during the show!! She had this unique look and this awesome facial features!
    Actually Cycle 2 had some really strong girls. Shandi, Yoanna, April, Mercedes, Sara – For me each of them would have deserved the win!

  41. channey Says:

    I never realized how versatile she is! Looks great in a lot of those pics!

  42. I wish to be a america next top model

  43. becks Says:

    Yoanna is soo pretty. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world

  44. lux Says:

    fantastic model. truly breathtaking.

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