Whitney Thompson was a contestant and the winner of Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Before her appearance on the show, Whitney worked locally in northern Florida and appeared on the cover of Jacksonville Magazine three times. Besides modeling, Whitney worked at Chets Creek Elementary School in the before-and-after-school day care programs and she attended Duncan University, Fletcher High School and the University of North Florida, where she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Whitney competed against thirteen other contestants to win Cycle 10 of America’s Next Top Model. Some of the judges criticized her performances and personality as being ‘too pageant’ and ‘fake’. Thompson received a first call-out during the music-themed photo shoot, and won one ‘CoverGirl of the Week’ title, from the final photo shoot challenge of Cycle 10. She landed in the ‘bottom two’ a total of four times.

Although she is naturally a brunette, Thompson received blonde hair extensions for her makeover on the show. After the show, she changed her hair color to dark blonde.

As part of the ANTM prize package awarded to her, Thompson received a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and a contract from Elite Model Management. She also received the cover and six-page editorial spread in the July 2008 issue of Seventeen. Thompson’s CoverGirl contract includes a U.S. national TV commercial, print advertising, and a billboard in Times Square.

Whitney appeared on the June 2008 issue of In Touch Weekly, an ad with Metrostyle, the cover of Jacksonville Magazine (August 2005 and 2008), Seventeen Magazine (July 2008), Silhouette Catalog, Fashion Bug, Smile Stylist, Supermodels Unlimited (September/October 2008), Yahoo Style and Diana Warner Jewelry She has also been featured on Tyra Banks’ magazine, and tyrabanks.com.

She did presentations for JCPenney and Saks Fifth Avenue at New York Fashion Week 2008 and also walked for House of Dereon on the Tyra Banks Show, as well as Little in the Middle, Fashion Forward and the Third Annual Elle Boutique and Diana Warner Fashion Show.

Thompson has been featured in interviews with People magazine, Live with Regis and Kelly, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, E! News, and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, and has appeared in two episodes of Cycle 11 including the finale. She’s also appeared in MTV’s Made.

She is currently a spokesperson for Smile-Stylist and Right Fit. Whitney has also recently been voted by MSN as one of the most influential women of 2008. Whitney has also been featured in their “The Year in Beauty” article.  In addition, she has also taken part in the Broadway Bares event to fight AIDS.

Whitney is currently signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York. She was previously with Elite Model Management.

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139 Responses to “Whitney Thompson”

  1. Ulrica Says:

    Gorgeous girl. =)

    • 1emonade Says:

      She’s not losing weight- Those pictures are from high school. (These are not in any chronological order.) Whitney models mostly in Europe, now, because they consider her in-between size just right for their BMI laws. She is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association and gives lectures at colleges all across the nation. Her agency is Milk management out of London, and she shoots in Greece, Britain, Germany, Russia, and Italy. If you’re interested in all the things she’s doing now, check out her FB page. Whitney just got back from Naples and keeps her pics pretty up-to-date.

  2. Looks to me like she’s losing weight, not good. But she is gorgeous still.

    • mona Says:

      She is losing weight; I guess she really does want to look like all the toothpick girls she put down. Didn’t like her, she’s so fake.

      • Lian Says:

        YES! now you can see she’s just another catalog model, nothing less….such a bummer, I thought she was going to stay true to what she made the judges believe to be a genuine “plus-size” model.

  3. Angie Says:

    Awww. Looks to me that she succumbed to pressure and lost weight; what a shame! I think she is stunning! I can understand the pressure she must have been under though to get work, but its just a shame. I think she is gorgeous!

  4. ale Says:

    She is just beautiful!

  5. Marts Says:

    Sure, she was beautiful and had great pictures. And to think she was picked as the winner over girls like Fatima, Anya and Katarzyna. Hmm.

  6. Jessi Says:

    She hasn’t lost weight; she’s still plus size. Those pictures where she is thinner were from before Top Model when she was younger. She was a small size, but then she gained weight because she was not comfortable in her body. She said she loved herself as plus size not as a sample size. 🙂

  7. Kay Gee Says:

    Whitney is so fake; her smile is fake, she is fake and she is my least favorite winner. She only won because they needed a plus size winner to be all pc. There were so many better plus-sizes than her who really ought to have won.

    • hailey Says:

      Idk how she can be your least fave winner. There have been way worse like cycle 5 Nicole, or cycle 15 Anne, and Whitney was most definitely real throughout the show, she just had some pitfalls, so dont diss the plus size model and say that they chose her because they needed a plus size winner, truth be told, Whitney didnt really have much competition in cycle 10 anyway. It was obvious she was gonna win!!

      • hana Says:

        How can you count Ann as a least favorite winner?! I think she is one of the best so far, it’s just that she has an interesting look. Whitney is definitely the worst winner of antm, how could she have lost to Katarzyna and Anya and Fatima?

      • Lian Says:

        whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Katarzyna was obviously way more beautiful than most of contestants, and i agree with Kay Gee, she just won because they wanted her to do so, even though the judges always favored Anya.

      • Luigi Soldier Says:

        Omg how can you say there was no competition in her cycle?! You are clearly blind !! Katarzyna and Anya should have been final 2 but of course ANTM AKA THE TYRA SHOW has to try n up the ratings by having this Ham of a “Model” in the top 3. For me she ties as worst ANTM Winner along with Teyona from cycle 12. Any other Plus size model in the history of the show (besides the other Whitney in cycle 8) would have been a better winner then this Ham face wannabe model. Re Watch this cycle again but with your eyes open this time and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!

        if u do deside to watch this cycle again with your sight back open your ears also and you’ll see and hear how FAKE Hammy is too! !

      • Purepurepure Says:

        It was not at all obvious she was going to win, she landed in the bottom 2 FOUR times! She is the worst winner in my opinion and she did only win because they needed a plus size girl to win! She is so fake, even in the pictures above it’s clear how fake she is! Anya definitely deserved this win!

  8. Staci Says:

    Whitney is stunning. Anyone who thinks differently needs to have their eyes checked and is clearly in the minority.

  9. Joshae Says:

    She is too beautiful to be plus sized; don’t get me wrong, but she could be so successful if she would have lost some weight. I don’t care what the others said, she cannot be a plus-sized model. Leave that for Toccara or Diane; they are the real plus-sized models.

    • popsicle991 Says:

      I really do not agree with you. Her face reminds me of a pig, and that is completely unrelated to her weight. Also, as a person she was rude and obnoxious and had no grace whatsoever. Such a stunt to make her win the cycle :S

      • Stacy Says:

        I disagree. I think she has beauteful bone structure. And she deserved to win. I think she proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Society has lost it’s grip on natural beauty. Back in the day art was all natural women with curves.

  10. Kit Says:

    Found her fake. Sorry!

    • Bubbly Says:

      Ohh, soo fake! She is THE WORST ANTM WINNER EVER!! They only picked her because they haven’t chosen a plus-size model.

      • Re Says:

        Bubbly, they chose her because she did a lt better than Anaya okay. She had a better Runway walk than she did.

      • joejoe_no1 Says:

        In no way did she do better than Anya. I believe that it was Anya’s speech that cost her the competition. They almost did the same thing with Danny. But if you ever watch the episode where Jade got eliminated, you can see that Jade eliminated herself in the last moment. Tyra clearly has two photos left because she had to kinda leaf through the photos in her hand to get Danny’s photo. Anya has had a terrific career despite ANTM. It has happened for a lot of these contestants. They can’t choose them all. And it is not a nice contest. Whitney was an aweful person. She even made terrible comments about Anya and Anya never said anything about anyone. She was sweet as pie. But, its not like Whitney became a Tokara. She has already faded away. Hopefully her career humbled her.

  11. KJ Says:

    She was extremely fake!! It was so clear she only won because she was a plus size. I mean honestly, who else have you known that was in the bottom two that many times for the same thing and continued on to WIN?? PUHLEASE.

    • Mari H. Says:

      I stopped watching ANTM after this cycle~picking Whitney was a joke, esp. over Anya! The show has lost all its credibility with me.

      • angie harmon Says:

        I kinda agree … I mean, it was like she didn’t do anything that fantastic to win and Anya was in the top till the end. She couldn’t walk in the darn dresses she was given, funny how they were both stride restricting and Whitney’s flowed all over the place…she did HAM it up like Paulina said.

      • hailey Says:

        I disagree. When I watched Cycle 10 I was lucky if i could ever understand what Anya was saying and she was kind of a bubble brain. I felt like she acted a little more on the fake side sometimes than Whitney did. I wouldnt want a spokesperson that I couldn’t understand.

      • Penny Says:

        I was bewildered – I thought they were going to tell Whitney that were walk was beyond cheesy on the Versace runway. She did several photo shoots like she was beyond it all, and didn’t listen when Tyra told her to stop sticking her boobs and butt out like she was Mae West. She has nice cheekbones and her eyes look pretty in a couple of photos but almost anybody’s eyes look great if the lighting is right. I’m sorry, I don’t get it, I think Anya should have won. As far as plus size models go I think Toccara wipes the floor with Whitney, and so does Alexandra from a later cycle, although I didn’t like her attitude, but then I didn’t always like Whitney’s for that matter. Katarzyna, Fatima or Anya should have won.

    • Tori123 Says:

      I know right that was really the reason they needed a plus size to win for the simple fact that It would seem like that plus sizes can’t win antm. She was fake and why did she win and she was in the bottom 2 so many times that was some bull.

  12. kiki Says:

    I don’t think she deserved to win. Don’t you guys wonder how the first plus-sized model won in the cycle that had two numbers and her size has two numbers?

  13. Kendra:) Says:

    I love Whitney!! I think she’s soooo gorgeous and I’m glad she won. 🙂

  14. Meli Says:

    No mereció ganar. Yo igual que la mayoria la encuentro falsa, hubieron chicas mejores que ella, pero creo que la temporada ya estaba arreglada para que ella ganara por lo que es plus size.

    Rough Translation: “She did not deserve to win. I agree with the all that say she was fake. There were girls better that she, but I believe that the cycle was pre-arranged for her to win because she was plus sized.”

  15. Gina Says:

    I always have to remind myself that this is reality TV, not actual reality, because in reality there’s no way Whitney should have won…not when she’s up against girls like Fatima, Anya and Katarzyna. I’m not talking about her looks. She’s a very beautiful girl. But come on…you put Whitney next to those three anywhere else on the planet and no one’s even going to notice her. She’s wallpaper. Let’s get real. Nobody’s going to push the other three out of the way to get to freakin’ Whitney. But Tyra was on a crusade to push her whole “big is beautiful” thing, so the fix was in for Whitney from the start.

    And since I’m not afraid to talk about the elephant in the room, I’m just going to put this out there. As pretty as Whitney is, I wouldn’t buy anything she’s wearing because Whitney is fat. I don’t admire it and I don’t want to wear fat-girl clothes. I don’t want to buy clothes from women who look like me. I want to buy from women who look the way I WANT to look. That’s how fashion works, and that’s why fat girls don’t sell clothes as well as thin girls.

    I’m SO sick of this whole politically-correct plus-sized thing because all it does is send a message that you should feel good about yourself even though you’re fat. No, you shouldn’t. If you truly love yourself, you should feel like putting yourself on a healthy diet and getting your fat ass to the gym every day until you get back to a healthy weight.

    Before you all jump down my throat, think about it. That whole plus-sized thing sends a dangerous message to women to feel free to lie to themselves about what they see in the mirror instead of dealing honestly with themselves about being overweight. Fat, especially if you hold on to it for years, means eventually your health will suffer. Fat kills.

    Fat, especially belly fat, leads to eventual diabetes, which leads to coronary artery disease (a certain heart attack), high blood pressure (heart attack), kidney failure (dialysis), liver disease (transplant), blindness and amputation (completely screwed).

    Every year you live with uncontrolled diabetes brings you a step closer to a heart attack, massive organ failure, stroke, coma and death. And with Type 2 diabetes, it’s almost ALWAYS caused by too much belly fat. Telling me to love myself even though I’m fat is one thing, and I’m all for that. But pushing plus-sized models at me in an effort to make me think I’m pretty even though I’m fat just sends a dangerous message that I’m fine the way I am so I don’t have to do anything about it.

    As a Type 2 diabetic, I’ve worked out for two hours every single day for the last three years to get and keep my weight under control in order to save my own life. I don’t do it for vanity. I do it because I don’t want to die one organ at a time.

    I truly don’t appreciate this effort on the part of the fashion community to convince me that I should embrace my fat and see it as beautiful, because it’s not. GOOD HEALTH IS BEAUTIFUL, and it’s what we should all be striving for. While I think that most models are way too thin, the opposite is just as bad.

    I don’t want to look like I just escaped from Auschwitz, but I also don’t want the “she’d be so pretty if she just lost 30 pounds” thing going on either. To me it seems the fashion industry just doesn’t get it. There’s no middle ground for them. They went from pushing girls built like pre-teen boys at me, to pushing pear-shaped girls at me in an effort to be politically correct. What is wrong with models that are 5’10” and are a size 8 or 10? Why do models have to be either too skinny or too fat? WHAT IS SO UNATTRACTIVE ABOUT GOOD HEALTH?!!!

    Bottom line, pretty as she is, Whitney’s a hippy girl, and no designer anywhere on Earth is going to choose Whitney to sell clothes over Anya, Fatima or Kartarzyna for any reason in the real world…unless it’s a plus-sized show.

    I’m saying this as someone who used to model in my youth, and I had a body that stopped traffic. But when I got older, had a baby and gained my weight, I became totally invisible to the whole world. But once I lost the weight, I started turning heads again. Why? Because unfair though it may be, that’s how the real world works, and in that world, Whitney’s got zero chance of beating the other girls. I prefer to keep it real with myself, and speaking as one who is fighting my own fat battle, I’d rather get fed up and take control of my health than to go on lying to myself that I still look great, even in fat-girl clothes. Diabetes may still kill me, but I’ll be wearing a size 10 when they bury me.

    • Veritas Says:

      I am a size 16+. I do not have type II diabetes. I do not have heart disease and my arteries are not clogged with fat. If God loves us exactly as we are who are you to tell us not to love ourselves exactly as we are. You are the one with the problem.

      Just because you feel ugly does not mean you have the right to inflict it on someone else. I am overweight and I still turn heads. My smile, intelligence, kindness and non-judgmental attitude attract men all the time. I say, to all plus size persons don’t stop enjoying life. People like Gina would welcome a thin child molester or murderer in their lives and bar and discriminate against you because you are “overweight.”

      • Hime Says:

        You’re the one who’s a size 16 and you assume someone else feels ugly for saying that glorifying fat people promotes bad health?

        If you put down the donut long enough to read what the person you replied to was saying, they didn’t say that you have diabetes the second you get fat, but that being overweight leads to diabetes, and heart attack and a plethora of other health issues that can kill you, which is true.

        Fat people keep talking about anorexia and how unhealthy it is to be underweight and not eat enough food, but the same is true on the other end of the spectrum as well. Just as much as you don’t tell anorexics to “love their bones” and “God made you have an eating disorder so love yourself!” you don’t tell a fat chick to love her “curves” aka fat rolls, and you don’t tell them God made them that way, BECAUSE HE DIDN’T.

        It isn’t GOD telling you to eat more calories than you burn off in a day, it’s gluttony, and gluttony is a “sin” if you’re religious. God would tell you to STOP EATING because eating more than you need means you’ll burn in hell. Damn right.

    • T Says:

      You do realize that Whitney is a size 10, right?

      • Flora Says:

        Actually, I wouldn’t buy anything Fatima sold because I, in my size 12, would never fit into anything she wore or if I did, it would ceirtainly not flatter me at all. While Whitney, who is closer to my body type, could sell me pretty much anything, from panties to dresses. And I’m not fat, neither is she. We are normal, with real, average sizes.

    • Mal Says:

      Wow. You need to calm down. Nobody is interested in your soapbox here. If you want to fight the fat, get on the Michelle Obama train and help her teach children how to eat properly. That’s where healthy habits should start.

      I’m going back to looking at model photos… you know, the reason why most people come to this website.

    • Heather Says:

      You’re absolutely disgusting. Not every overweight woman is unhealthy. For some people, a size 0-2 is just not practical…unless they starve themselves to death. People like you are EXACTLY what is wrong in our society. You can keep your stick-thin, anorexic sickly looking skeletons. I prefer to see REAL women.

    • hana Says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself. Why aren’t there normal sized models, not fat, yet not too skinny? I myself am a size 0-2, but that is because I am petite, only 5’1. And also i dont understand why models have to be so tall, because not everyone is like that and the clothes that are made for 6 ft tall people won’t fit!! Most skinny girls don’t have anorexia, they are just naturally thin. And about the fat issue, I do think it’s unhealthy, but for some it is in their genes, but they could still try to excercise or have a healthy diet to try to get down to a normal size. America is 65% overweight, and that is just unacceptable, because i know that all theses people are not “naturally fat”.

    • Shai Says:

      wat r u talking about seriously.. some girls cant help there weight it sometimes runs in there family… i know alot of ppeople that work and work to lose weight they just cant.. and ME.. im big but people love my body cuz im not a twig . in the olden days having a big wife was a great thing. im beautiful the way i am honostly.. i think im gorgeous honostly. i got a beautiful face and a great body when i know how to use it. i think this girl is gorgeous out of alot of people . i work out alot. being big dont mean anything bad. at least people think im beautiful. even I think im beautiful. i used to hate the way i looked for a long time but i changed my look. you should say crap about people. if shes fake so what she did have amazing pictures and as great walk. i agree with the fact u say eat healthier yes but not all big ppl can do things like u. my mom had a disease that she cant stand long . shes a beauition and shes amazing. so is my sister there beautiful and were plus sizes. but i admire my family no matter what. i dnt wanna look like a twig. i dont want to be able to see my bones and not have boobs or ass. and getting implants is just stupid anyways i think there idiots to do that. but its w.e to me. i think everyone is beautifuil in there own way when they take care of themselves.

    • Atalanta Says:

      Wow, you had so much to say, yet you said nothing. Instead of talking about the elephant in the room let’s talk about the idiot in the room. You talk about overweight people, but you don’t know their lives nor do you know what circumstances they came from. You never mention the numerous people who are a size 0 to 2 that have health problems. I have known HUNDREDS of small women in my lifetime that think they are all that and put others down, yet can’t seem to get their OWN health in order. Before you throw stones at other people, you need to knock yourself upside the head a few times with a boulder. Wake up. Work on loving yourself, not just getting healthy, but that’s a great start. Good luck

    • Shmax10 Says:

      Model plus size isn’t the same as the real world. I am still watching it and the seasons before. There have been girls who have been extreme toothpicks. It was close race between Whitbey and Anya. Stop saying she is fake because she is gorgeous and confident in herself whic is another beauty.

      • Shmax10 Says:

        Exactly. People who accuse Tyra of cheating are just mad because their favorite didn’t win. Anya was the judges favorite for most of the competitionWhitney’s walk was better than Anya’s also.

    • Emily Says:

      I had to stop reading your comment halfway through because you sound like you have an ugly personality and low self esteem.

      I will completely agree that Whitney compared to girls like Anya and Fatima (in the fashion world) is not as beautiful to typical society. I also agree that she probably only won ANTM because she is “plus sized” and could actually model, and I think the show figured she was the best plus sized model they could get.

      But is Whitney ugly or fat? NO. And I am disgusted that you assume bigger girls have health problems.

      I am 5’8″ and weigh 140. This is an average weight for my height. I am a vegetarian who does not eat fast food, or even junk food very often. I do not work out as much as I should and I am out of shape, but I have a gym membership and when I have type in between class and work, I try to work out.

      I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT. Whitney is NOT OVERWEIGHT. We are BOTH BEAUTIFUL. And we both love ourselves.

      If skinny women loved themselves, they wouldn’t constantly be on a diet or so consumed with the thought of staying skinny. And the idea that you think somebody needs to be stick thin to promote clothing is ridiculous. I want to see more healthy and curvy girls in magazines and fashion.
      I want to eventually be in a plus sized magazine, or on ANTM, or even a Suicide Girl to promote the idea that CURVY IS BEAUTIFUL. Thin girls are beautiful too- but not if they have to revolve their life and habits around their weight.

      Long story short, I don’t disagree with the fact that Whitney in reality should not have won Cycle 10… but I am glad that she did. And I am disgusted with your assumption that all bigger girls are unhealthy and overweight, because it just isn’t true. Lots of my friends are very thin, but more out of shape than I am and eat so much unhealthy food that it disgusts me.
      Everybody is beautiful, the way that God made them. And God just so happen to gave me curves and bigger breasts and a different type of body that I LOVE, just like Whitney, and this is why she is one of my top three favorite winners of this show.

    • Good health is beautiful. Although a person can look super skinny and be in good health, a lot of people automatically assume that if you’re too skinny you might be sick. On the other hand, if you’re obese or severely overweight, you ARE NEVER GONNA BE HEALTHY unless you lose the weight. I think Whitney was a great example of a beautiful plus size model, which is in many cultures just ”normal size” 🙂

      • annie Says:

        Both sides have a point. I am 5’9 and weigh 110 pounds. I know that I am thin, but i still eat a lot. I eat much more than lots of my friends who are much heavier than I am. People shouldn’t stuff their face, but they shouldn’t starve themselves.

    • Kat Says:

      what a ridiculous comment!

    • Kat Says:

      I will send some healing your way. You are ugly inside! I feel for you & anyone who like me just had to read that puke!

    • Sarah Says:

      See, I wear size 12 and I’ve had discussions with my PCP about my health. Not once did my weight come up as an issue. It was solely little things that I could do to improve my health, such as being aware of what I eat and getting all of my vitamins. It was not a conversation of “You need to lose X-number of pounds.”

      I can see where people say that Whitney is fake. That being said, I see her as approachable and a good model. She is a size 10 and does represent a healthy woman, which is an important thing to have shown, especially on a show where so many people are skinny and there is a pressure to conform to a healthy body type. Not all people have the natural physique of a model and to have Whitney on a platform that shows *healthy* is beautiful is so important — because I can tell you how hard it is to struggle with body image when you aren’t a size 4.

  16. Not a fan of her Says:

    She looks like a porn star, c’mon! Like the ones from the Playboy Mansion. I see better plus-sized models than her. She was planted in ANTM. Four bottom two’s?? Ugh whatever to Tyra who’s trying to prove something. I think plus-sized models should be in a separate next top model competition.

  17. popsicle991 Says:

    Gah, I cannot believe Whitney won! I really do not like her look and completely agree with ‘Not a fan of her’. She looks like a mean piglet porn star. :S

  18. party101 Says:

    Whitney, you disgust me.

  19. AWilson325 Says:

    I couldn’t stand her personality. She was such a fake person. I also didn’t think her pictures were all that pretty and she needs to learn to take pictures with her mouth closed. There is no doubt in my mind that it was fixed — Anya DEFINITELY should have won!!

  20. Jenn Says:

    She’s so stunning! I love her look, but I liked her as a brunette better. She does look kind of like a porn star with the blond hair. I don’t know if she deserved to win for being a top model, but she was the prettiest girl imo.

  21. marissa Says:

    Whitney’s face is NOT pretty. She doesn’t have the body and her nose looks pinched. I loveeeed Anya and Katarzyna. Either of them should have won.

  22. Veritas Says:

    @Gina, The average woman in America is a size 16+. Unfortunately, we only see models that are stick thin and we will never know how the clothes they wear will look on us. The only reason why she was scored so low was because of her body size. As for health issues Thin people have type II diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, breast cancer,etc., while there are large people that live into their 90’s and thin people that die in their 40’s and 50’s.

    People are beautiful and prejudice by others should not be allowed to play a role in any contest. There are ANTM watchers that think winners are ugly simply because their facial features aren’t white and/or their skin is too dark. Just because someone does not fit your concept of beauty does not make them ugly. If you do not like it turn off the television.
    Why is it that whenever a model wins and a person doesn’t like it they accuse Tyra of cheating? In the last cycle the second runner up tripped in her final runway walk causing chaos and lost, but Tyra was accused of cheating.

    • Aubrianne Says:

      Although I was not exactly impressed with Whitney’s personality (I found her pretty fake as well), she is a beautiful girl.

      @Veritas, I agree 100%.

      @Gina, Just an FYI, size 10 is FAR from fat, unhealthy, and ugly. I myself teeter from a size 8 to an 11, and I am a completely healthy, normal, (and what people tell me) pretty girl. I’ve actually had people on more than one occasion tell me they wish they were born with my build, rather than their stick-thin figures, Sure, I don’t turn every head when I enter the room, but nor do most women. For example, look at Marilyn Monroe. She averaged size 12 dress, 8 jeans. Whether or not you are “fat” or “skinny”, chances are you will get sick, and eventually you will die. Oh, an maybee next time you decide to insult womens’ weight, appearance, and lifestyle, you should Google the complications of anorexia & bulimia as well.

      And to all of you making your “politically “correct” remarks about “they rigged it for a fat girl to win”, why don’t you just go back to throwing up that supper of yours, and carry on with your size 2 life. We real women, however, will continue to be happy, healthy, and beautiful.

      Sorry to those who I offended here, but I myself am completely offended by the “fat girl” remarks. Comments like this are what cause most girls to view themselves as ugly. This leads to eating disorders and poor self esteem, which can last throughout a girl’s life.

      • Anya = winner Says:

        I think Whitney shouldn’t have win that competition… But it’s not because of her being a plus sized-model, it’s because of her kinda Barbiedoll-Beauty-Contestant-Look… She does not look like a High Fashion-Model to me, not at all.

  23. Katy Says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how strongly people feel about this. I love some ANTM, but it’s a TV show, y’all! I did like Whitney. I’m not huge, but I have never been skinny, and I was glad to see a plus-size winner. I loved Anya, too, however, it was tough that season. But it was A SHOW. I am surprised you would get on here and call other human beings “pigs” and “ugly.” Was it rigged so that a plus sized girl would win? I don’t know. So what if it was? It’s TELEVISION, people. It’s entertainment. It’s drama, it’s comedy . . . get over it.

  24. Former Ana Says:

    Whitney: 5’10”, says she’s 165. If we fudge it and add 5 just to be safe, she’s still got a BMI of 24.4 which is well within normal range. (Healthy goes from 18.5 – 24.9)

    Fatima, 5’9.5″, 110 — BMI of 16.0. Underweight is <18.5. Being THAT underweight puts you at significant risk for heart problems among other diseases.

    Whitney will probably outlive Fatima at this rate. Being light != being healthy. So STFU.

    • Mia Says:

      Best answer ever. You used actual facts and numbers, which can’t be disputed as easily (which is why no one has disputed you).

      Another thing people do not take into consideration is the fact that muscle weighs so much more than fat, and Whitney has been described as being an athlete, so the theory that she is fat and unhealthy rings untrue.

  25. Grace Says:

    I agree with some of the comments above. I didn’t expect her to win. She was unlikeable AND I do not find her pretty at all. Plus sized or no. Something about her nose bothers me, it reminds me of someone or something but I can’t place my finger on it just right now. She’s like a waaaaaaaaay less cute Anna Nicole Smith. And I already find A.N. a bit grating.

  26. Алёнка Says:

    Whitney’s super! Do you understand ?

  27. Chris Says:

    I don’t care about size; I like all body types. I just think she’s pretty, but that’s the problem. She is pretty and nothing more. And her photos provoke no emotion; none.

    I’ve seen prostitutes that looked better than her.

  28. boo Says:

    I don’t think anyone is talking about the sizes of the models; it’s just that Whitney’s personality is fake. I’m fat as well, but yeah I don’t think she should’ve won. Anya WAS and still is WAY better than she was. Whitney’s just too FAKE!!!!!!

  29. Renny Says:

    Guys, you are just jealous! Get over it; Whitney deserved to win. She did that catwalk far better than Anya. And do not even dare accuse Tyra of cheating just because the person you wanted to did not win. It doesn’t mean that she cheated, losers. Go Whitney go go go! And FYI: I am a size 8.

  30. Louise Says:

    I prefer her as a brunette; it brings out the green of her eyes more. 🙂 I also think the blonde makes her look older than she is. Still, I wanted Anya to win ANTM 10. 😦

  31. Angela Says:

    I really didn’t think she should’ve won. In fact, she shouldn’t have been in the top 2. Anya was clearly tons better than her, and it shows because her career today is amazing. Where is Whitney today? All she had were her appearances on The Tyra Show, and now that that’s over…what now? I think ANTM has become about politics and not skill.

  32. joejoe Says:

    She was so condescending. She would talk about the snide comments made to her like ‘you’re pretty for a big girl,’ and she said she hated it. Yet she constantly said things like ‘I want to represent for girls who really do eat,’ or ‘I am not one of these skinny little toothpicks.’ She was really fake.

    • Kelsey Says:

      How does hating people that are trying to degrade her as a model make her fake? She’s owning the fact that she’s considered “bigger” in the modeling industry, yes, but that doesn’t mean she has to take the garbage thrown at her for it.

  33. Настюша Says:

    I think she is a great model, because she is not ashamed to work as a plus-size model.

  34. SLC Says:

    Her post ANTM photos are gorgeous. That black and white head shot of her with dark hair and the chunky necklace is absolutely stunning. That girls cheekbones are amazing.

  35. Debra Says:

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS girl. I’m so glad she won the competition. She is the epitome of a Top Model; she has the looks, personality and style.

  36. aly-anon Says:

    After re-watching that cycle, I found her to be a really bad model as well as an unlikeable person. She took one good photo and spent most of her time on the show on the bottom. I can’t believe they kept her over someone like Kat, who is doing much better now in the real world of modeling.

    Oh, and how many times did she say that she likes to eat and she is plus sized so she is normal?? I’m a size 2, and I eat, so according to Whitney I’m not normal. She got on my nerves so much and she was mean to Anya, who was supposedly her friend! I think she was jealous of all the other girls. I see she doesn’t have much post-show work so I’m glad to see that.

  37. fifi Says:

    I didnt like her. She was like, WORST THAN SALEISHA and I can’t quite get how she managed to win like this. I agree with all of the people that say Tyra chose her because they needed a plus-size to win.

    I look at her and she looks like a pig. Not her body, her face. And she wasn’t charming at all, I am kind of surprised that she found jobs. Seriously, done with ANTM. Just to say, Whitney from cycle 8 was so much better. Why couldn’t she be on this season? She could have kicked that piglet’s a**!!!

    • angie harmon Says:

      Why do people have to cuss and call names? This is about adult opinions and modeling . I wanted Anya to win but would never say such awful , hurtful things. Thumbs down.

    • Shmax10 Says:

      I disagree. Saleisha was worse. She was snooty and was mean to Heather who had autism and wasn’t comfortable in social situation. Also everyone needs to stop saying Tyra only picked her because she is plus sized. She did have a better walk than Anya

  38. angie harmon Says:

    Well, I like Anya the best . HOWEVER, why on earth are people saying Whitney looks like a pig? She has the prettiest face. Why be mean? Like your favorite but leave off the shoddy remarks. You could tell she hid behind insecurities about her weight. The girl was gorgeous in a way you don’t see anymore… NORMAL. Like Christy Brinkley or Kim or Carol..from that era. Now beauty is looked at in a different way.. I look at some of those models and think how in the world are they on this show they are so ugly.
    All of them have been size 2.

  39. kat Says:

    she needs to stop posing like she’s a porn star! She’s pretty with blonde hair, but more attractive as a brunette.

  40. Niki b Says:

    A huge disappointment that Whitney won this cycle! She is beautiful, no doubt but failed to win me over! I hoped every single time she was on the chopping block that she would be the one to leave! I guess Tyra was under pressure to produce a “full figured” model PRONTO! There were better than her in previous seasons! This one and season 9 were nothing but jokes!

  41. Kelsey Says:

    I hate that when I look at Whitney, I think “fat”. She’s not fat, she’s healthy, but I’m so used to looking at stick-skinny girls in these photos that anything bigger than their size 0 selves makes me cringe. It makes me sad.

  42. edwardk Says:

    why is she settling to be a plus size when she was skinny and hot before? she could have probably became more successful if she kept that skinny model figure in her younger photos. beautiful women tho, all around.

    • Shmax10 Says:

      What are you talking about. She is gorgeous even though she is plus sized. Not all models have to be skinnier than toothpicks themselves.

  43. Khatarina Says:

    I just can’t comprehend how Whitney managed to win that cycle.. and her weight seems to change all the time, that’s not very healthy.. But nevertheless, I have a question and I wish someone could give me a valid answer: on the Covergirl photo it seems to me Whitney’s mouth isn’t her own, like it’s photoshopped bigger or they have put someone else’s mouth on her or something.. Am I wrong??!!

  44. ar Says:

    Good features but typical american beauty. Good for tv! I don’t like her much. =\\

  45. Maria Says:

    Well she obviously didn’t make it “big”. If you count JCpenny online ads and a short stint on tv as an actual modeling career.

    Why? Because she looks like a 40 year old soccer mom from Middle America. She’s not high fashion. She’s not even commercial. She may be a role model for being fat, but that doesn’t make her a model.

  46. Debra Says:

    I think around the time Tyra was on her Whitney crusade she was a bit over weight herself. I remember when the tabloids had pictures of Tyra in a bathing suit and she was pissed that they were calling her fat she said it didn’t bother her but she quickly shed those pounds. I didn’t like Whitney not because she was in the so called plus size category I thought she couldn’t model and from the pictures above she still can’t. I though Anya or Katarzyna should have won. You can always tell who Tyra wants to win, she praises them even when they don’t do so good.

  47. Naomi Says:

    Y’all are just haters.
    True, Whitney was against fierce competition (Anya, Kata, Fatima), and whether or not she deserved to win is debatable.
    But she really is beautiful, and one of the best plussies the show had.

  48. Anya Says:

    Hey. She`s big, she`s fat but… where are folds?? So, that`s photoshop… And what is the idea of big-size model with photoshop?

    • MJosephine Says:

      if you think she is “fat” then you have major delusional issues.. a size 6 and bigger is plus sized in the model industry so are all of us fat too, including you? I think not. Fat is Carrie Baker Reynolds, Ashley Fink, or Gabourey Sidibe.. and even they are still beautiful. As for Photoshop.. please name ONE major modeling campaign that is always 100% anti Photoshop.. You can’t because not a single major modeling campaign will ever show a girl without touch ups unless it’s a one time thing for a certain shoot.

  49. Katherin Says:

    I very happy, that model with size + won !!!!

  50. I think Whitney has a wonderful figure, but I don’t find her face pretty at all. Her jawline and mouth area are kind of odd looking. If Tyra really just wanted to promote “plus-size” models, she’s had plenty of other models that I think had more potential and beauty than this girl.

  51. Julie Says:

    Whenever she smiles with her teeth, she looks so fake, but when her mouth IS CLOSED, her pictures tend to be pretty decent. She still needs to learn how to close her mouth more often.

  52. Jessica Says:

    Stop being such haters, In fairness every year on ANTM skinny stick girls win and for once a plus size model has won and its only happened once and all of you are just talking about it like its happened a million times……Just give Whitney a break and let her be a model in her own unique way!
    In my opinion Whitney is gorgeous and shows plus sizes that they can be big and beautiful, so give up on leaving mean comments and think about other people for a change!.

  53. Tori Says:

    She is very very pretty but not SUPER model metireal… In some fotos she takes great shots and in others, not so good shots!

    In the real world she has a really good body and is very skinny, but sadly in the modeling world…she is fat, the truth hurts but its true!

  54. Libby Says:

    Not all people that way a certain amount, or wear a certain size have folds. Some people are quite healthy at a larger size. Sometimes we just have the body that God gave us. I am 5’10 and can weigh 130 lbs and will still have to wear a size twelve due to bone structure (hourglass). I am lucky though because I have weighed a significant amount more…around 195, following childbirth, and I was still able to fit in a 14. I think that for taller women, and some shorter women depending on their body structure-hourglass or spoon, that trying to pigeon hole them as fat or not is quite unfair….women are all unique,….

  55. Jenny Says:

    She has been WORKING! People think that models “hang” around all day. With her new work schedule and busier lifestyle, of course she is losing weight. So the women at home stuffing there faces and “hating” her for working … shut up.

    I just hope she can keep it up after the work dries up. Good Luck Whitney!

  56. Amy Says:

    She’s a very pretty girl but I think her winning was a fix.
    She was always in bottom 2, her personality was awful as was her walk. Even designers would comment on her personality. Anya was stunning and had gorgeous photos should have been her

  57. Lina Says:

    I don’t understand why Whitney won. I don’t care about her weight. All that I see is that she isn’t beautiful, she has small eyes, fake smile…
    She has no grace, no elegance. She’s so vulgar.
    The “cliché” oh the american woman.
    There are so many beautiful big-size woman. Why her ???
    Pathetic !

  58. Shelly Says:

    Probably one of the most beautiful faces in the competition…stunning!

  59. marta Says:

    I didn’t like her! She was talking about all the girls behind their backs and also she was very fake. I hated the way she spoke and smiled. Anya should’ve won!

  60. sonia Says:

    did anyone notice 90% of times she only has one dumb expression? Talking about versatile – oh right, I forgot, looking fat is versatile enough.

    Which is a shame, because when I googled her, the non-model pictures look quite OK. I just don’t think she makes a good model, no matter how big she is.

  61. Babydoll Says:

    Boooooooo! Her pictures are so boring. I didn’t really like her anyway. She is not a good plus sized model. I think the better plus-sized model was the young woman from the one cycle who dated the race car driver. Plus Tocarra was much better than Whitney and her success shows. The only problem with Tocarra was the size of her breasts because her breast made her disproportionate.

    • jsheen Says:

      Really? This is who Anya lost to? Janice Dickinson should have stayed on the show so that she can stop Tyra from carrying out her own personal crusades.

      Get real! This was the one plus-sized girl the judges went easy on. That would never happen in real life and proof of that was Gai Mattiolo choosing Anya for his challenge win.

  62. george Says:

    she looks like a florida woman, look at that mouth

  63. Mina Says:

    I didn’t like that she won over Anna in her cycle. I must admit though her face is gorgeous, especially the close-up pictures are beautiful to look at.

  64. Jlo Says:

    i like her but i wish she would have stopped ganging up on dominique x

  65. george Says:

    i heard one of the producers told her to gain weight in order for her to win. ANTM is FAKE along with tyra. STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW! the real fashion word dosent care about tyra or antm

  66. alexia Says:

    she is very beautiful…. i’m so happy she won…. her pictures are gorgeous, and i like her…

  67. Ace Says:

    While I thought she was stunning and beautiful, I will admit to finding something odd when it came to her upper body proportions – nothing to do with her being a plus-sized model, maybe it was just the way she wore her own clothing since she looked fine in designers clothing. I don’t believe she should have won because the other girls looked more high fashion to me, and she didn’t take any of the advice given to her on board at all. I also didn’t like her personality, I agree with the people saying she was fake and the way she treated others girls wasn’t fantastic. Bit disappointed she won but she is beautiful and it’s nice to have a plus-sized model win, which may have been a factor but hey, who knows exactly what the judges are thinking. Nobody but them.

  68. Emily Says:

    i love whitney i think the bigger the better the world needs a good plus size model! you go girl!

  69. tom Says:

    Whitney was in the bottom 2 4 times she only deserved to be in the bottom 2 once the first time was with marvita the judges said she had a good photo and her eye contact was good and they said Anya’s eye contact was crap they only put Whitney in the bottom 2 to keep vendla happy and the 2nd time was with Lauren even Tyra admitted that Dominique had a worse commercial than Whitney so Dominique should have been with Lauren the time with katryzna was the only time she deserved it that picture was worse than kats but the one that really pissed me off was when it was the final 3 the judges couldn’t understand Anya in her commercial and whitney only made one mistake in her commercial and had the best photo and paulina said that anya looked dumb in her photo and ms jay and nigel agreed with her so serisouly whitney got the worst deal she soo should have got more first call outs like the very first photo shoot and the underwater one

  70. Alex Khaos Says:

    Im so happy that finally a healthy normal sized person won the challenge, I wish her the best look, and I wish she would become a role model for the fashion world to understand that their high pressure and standards are sending many girls to the hospitals every year. ❤ Love you Whitney
    Im her fan (from the bottom of the heart of a victim of the system)

  71. Gail Says:

    Hi Whitney, you go girl. You are still my favorite. I love your look no matter what.

  72. MJosephine Says:

    Shes gorgeous and i find her absolutely stunning, hella happy that she won but lets face it, a size 6 is now considered plus sized in the model industry now so basically unless she dies and they photograph her a few months after decomposition has taken over she’ll always be plus sized.

  73. Lee John Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that in her pictures her mouth is closed about 0.00001% of the time in her total portfolio?

  74. 1emonade Says:

    She is not losing weight- Those pictures are from high school. These are not in any chronological order, and they’re all at least 3 years old (those on the bicycle are street shots as she was waiting to film her CoverGirl commercial in 2008). Whitney is now an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and gives lectures at colleges all over the nation. Her current agency is Milk out of London. She shoots mostly in Europe because her in-between size is just right for their BMI laws. Whitney is a popular model in Britain, Greece, Germany, Russia, and Italy- She hated doing American “fat women catalogue” shoots so she works mostly for European clothiers now. If you’re interested in seeing current pictures of the modeling she is doing, check out her FaceBook page. She just got back from Naples and keeps her photos updated pretty regularly.

  75. Guy Says:

    in covergirl commercial she was hideous

  76. 1emonade Says:

    You people make me sick. These photos are not in chronological order, and there are even some from high school when she was starving herself (can you not see her ribs in those pics? you say you want her to go back to that?) Some of these pictures are SIX YEARS OLD! She changes her hair color all the time, and works almost exclusively overseas where there are BMI standards, so she’s not even considered “plus-size.” For god’s sake- She just had a spread in Vogue Italia! If you want to see some of the work she’s done recently, come down from your ivory towers and check out this short youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgONATSOfn4

    Jewelry, catalogue, haute couture, bridal, lingerie- You name it. Whitney is a success and a role model.

  77. anne Says:

    she´s great
    those pics are amazing!
    her face in just perfection
    love whitney!!!!!

  78. If you did your homework on Whitney, you would discover what an amazing winner she is. Along with her modeling, she is a spokesperson for National Eating Disorder Awareness. She speaks at Universities all over the country on how important it is to have a healthy body image, no matter what your size is. She lends herself to many charities like MS, Cancer, Aids Research, NOH8 Campaign, and local Children’s after school programs. She speaks at High schools, and Middle Schools on anti bullying. She works hard at modeling, but gives freely of her time back to her community.
    So, don’t judge her so harshly. She is a wonderful role model for all. She is passionate about helping others. She has won many awards from doing so. She also models for free for a designer who lost her daughter to cancer.
    Remember, that reality shows are edited to make the viewers see things in a way that keeps them watching. Whitney on several challenges that were edited out of the show.
    Whitney now divides her time between NYC, and London. She is now 25, and is busier than ever.
    Some of you are as mean as they come. Glad Whitney does not act like you.

  79. jeaninethompson Says:

    If you did your research on Whitney, you would understand what an amazing winner she us. She lends herself to many charities for fund raising. She is a spokesperson for NEDA. She raises money for cancer patients, and MS research. She speaks all over the country on having a healthy body image, no matter what your size is. She volunteers at after school inner city programs. She speaks out against bullying in middle school. She models for free for a designer who lost her daughter to cancer. She is part of the NOH8 campaign. She raises money for AIDS research.

    She is 25 now, and divides her time between NYC, and London. She is modeling more than ever. To see her current modeling photos, look her up on Facebook. She has had many successful campaigns. Most recently she modeled for Simply Be.

    She is wonderful role model for young people everywhere. She stays in shape by running, boxing, and walking everywhere. She lives true to her words, ” don’t tell me I have to starve to be beautiful.

  80. Peggy Says:

    The only thing I can say is that I really liked Anya, Fatima, and Katarzyna. They were my favorites of the cycle, I also liked Aimee. I thought she was pretty. However I don’t know if I believe there was a fix in for a plus size model to win. I do think that people should keep their comments to a professional and respectful standard-whether positive or negative about the models.

  81. Zack Says:

    y’all a bunch of lowlife haters. whitney is actually one of the most successful winners antm has ever had. she has an amazing walk, great photos, vibrant personality, a stunning face, and a smoking body. Anya was great, yes, but her walk was a mess and you couldn’t understand 50% of the stuff she said, therefore she wouldn’t have been a good covergirl.

  82. T.T. Says:

    So much for being a positive representative for the “bigger girl”. Hypocrite.

  83. Jerry201 Says:

    She’s hot and not “plus sized.” More like she is “normal sized.” She’s tall, that doesn’t make her plus sized. She isn’t fat she just isn’t scrawny.

  84. Jessica Says:

    I was so happy that Whitney won! She really deserved it. That being said, however, I was not happy with the contradictions of the judges concerning ‘real-size’ models. In Cycle 9 they cast Sarah as the ‘real-size’ model…she was too big for regular modeling and too small for plus size. Then they criticized and ultimately eliminated her because they thought she was losing weight. Then Whitney comes along in Cycle 10 and wins it even though she too is in the middle of the regular and plus size modeling industries. Just doesn’t make sense to me.
    But to all those people saying that this cycle was a fix and that Whitney shouldn’t have won because she hasn’t been as successful as other contestants from her cycle, that is bull. She has been as successful or more so, in a different way. She said it herself during the show, she doesn’t book the same jobs and a skinny model. It isn’t necessarily fair, but it is the modeling world. Just because she isn’t seen in the same runway shows or print ads as the other ANTM winners and runner-ups does NOT mean she hasn’t had the same successes.

  85. Katherine Says:

    She’s a good model, but she does not have a good personality. However, I don’t think she should’ve won. There were better girls.

  86. Shurlz Says:

    I never really kept up with ANTM, but I recently decided to start watching every cycle from start to finish on Hulu. I was going to watch all 21 cycles but after Whitney won I refuse to watch any others !!! Only the first few seasons of this show where real but after season 9 (Saliesha …SUCK A JOKE) I started to notice how freaking rigged the show became. Whitney has the fakest and ugliest smile. She looks stupid in most her photos! She in no way outshined others in her cycle. But this was all about having a first time plus size or “full figure” winner. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind her size, I have even rooted for some of the other “plus sized” models in other seasons! But those girls actually had potential!!!! Whitney?! Lmao G.T.F.O that’s a real joke. I could tell from the start that she was gonna win and it was only gonna be to get the show some publicity. SoOOoo done with this show >.<

  87. Jane Says:

    I just love Whitney….you are stunning……the girls on antm were do obnoxious and jealous.

  88. L Says:

    I hated Whitney. She was nasty, fake, and frankly, a bitch!

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