Toccara Jones was a contestant during Cycle 3 of ANTM.

Toccara was the eighth contestant eliminated on the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model, where she won “Covergirl of the Week” five times. She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment.

She has been on the covers of Be, The Next Level Magazine (November 2005), Black Men magazine, Black Hair magazine, Braids magazine, and King magazine (February/March 2006, March/April 2006, and April 2008). She appeared in the December 2008 issue of Ebony magazine.

Toccara has modeled for Ashley Stewart, Avon, Torrid, New York and Company, Target, Essence magazine, Vibe magazine and Smooth magazine. Her runway shows include Hot 97’s Third Annual Full Frontal Hip hop Fashion Show, Luxe & Romance Fall 2005, BET Presents: Rip The Runway 2, Elle Girl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America’s Next Top Models 2005 and Alice & Olivia Fall 2006. She was also selected to be part of the 2007 Rocawear “I Will Not Lose” campaign representing the Rocawear plus-size line for full-figured females.

Toccara continues to model by participating in BET’s Rip the Runway. At the 2009 Rip the Runway, which was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. She featured several items by designers including: Project Runway’s Korto Momula and Portege.

She was photographed by Steven Meisel for the July, all black issue of Vogue Italia and had a 14-page spread in the magazine. The “Black Issue” featured significant past and current black models in response to the “black out” of black models preventing them from getting hired for print and runway jobs.

She was featured in Cycle 11 as CoverGirl’s Top Model in Action. Since ANTM, Toccara signed with Wilhelmina Models as a plus-size model.

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To see more photos of Toccara, click here.

38 Responses to “Toccara Jones”

  1. kiki Says:

    She is a way better model in the real world than in the Top Model world.

  2. Cindy Clifton Says:

    I am watching Cycle 3 ANTM reruns for the first time and Toccara you rock! You are the definition of beauty inside and out and you have an enormous spirit and a glow about you that passes through thick, thin, black or white. Just know you have a 52-year-old, curvy white woman out there rooting for you and all your future endeavors. Stay true to you! I look forward to following your career. Be Blessed. Cindy Clifton, a Fan.

  3. SHEMICKA Says:

    Toccara is so on point. If anyone should have been the plus-sized model winner it should have been Tocarra. I’m just saying, Tocarra is on point!

  4. collette Says:

    That naked pic is gross.

  5. steena Says:

    I’m sorry, but I never understood the fascination with Toccara. She was never one of my faves (just model-wise) and I do not like most of her pics as well. The nudity pic is indeed gross; still it would be obscene with every other girl being pictured like that as well.

  6. Tomika Says:

    Toccara! You are DIVA all the way. **** the haters, you know they will be there always. I wish you much success on your future endeavours… Make that money honey!

  7. SLC Says:

    Her Vogue pictures were STUNNING!! MAJOR!! F-A-B-O!!! She did all the curvy girls proud in that spread. I was very, very impressed.

  8. Quiin Says:

    Loved her! Wow, she was one of the most memorable contestants on this show and won 5 contests! I bet I know why; she possessed an amazing spirit and she was upbeat and honest when necessary. It’s really a shame that people only see her for her waist size instead of the size of her heart.

  9. boo Says:

    I agree. If she was in the cycle with whitney, as a plus-size model, she would’ve been the better choice for antm winner as a plus size. Whitney is so FAKE!!!!! You go girl!

  10. Sapphire Says:

    If there was going to be ANY plus-size model besides fake a** Whitney, (who I never considered plus sized or to be a good model) to win ANTM it has to be Tocarra. I LOVE this girl like seriously I think she’s just awesome. If Eva didn’t win cycle 3, I would’ve rooted for Tocarra to win all the way.

  11. Gina Says:

    Best plus-sized model EVER on ANTM. She deserved to win waaaayyy more than Whitney. Her Italian Vogue shoot was TO-DIE-FOR!!! It was like a magazine shot in the 50’s. So classic. To me, it just shows what having the right photographer can do for a model.

  12. gerald Says:

    Toccara is my favorite girl she’s hot and sexy I loved that girl… way better than Whitney or Alexandra anyway, she had the biggest personality in the industry… but when I saw cycle 3 I kinda laugh veacsue it’s ironic because here they have Toccara whic is very sex bomb and they also had Cassie a very thing girl, so it’s ironic but I loved Toccara. God bless her.

  13. tash2012 Says:

    I really like your personality and I thought you were a great model. & u also give me inspiration to become a model ’cause I’m not skinny at all.

  14. trisha louis Says:

    I would love to become a plus size models for more information please email me thank you have a great day..

  15. Ariana Says:

    Toccara is Big Black And Loving it so yh i love her for that

  16. Penny Says:

    really wish Toccara could have come back and cleaned up on the All Stars. Toccara IS the ANTM All Star.

    • Aloma Says:

      Seriously, why wasn’t she on All Stars?! I mean, wasn’t the whole point to “brand” yourself as more than a model? Toccara basically “branded” herself the minute she walked into casting. So many of the girls on A.S. were just there cause they were total bitches, and cat fights = higher viewership…*sigh* 😦

    • Alli Says:

      Oh YEAH. If Toccara was on All Stars, she definitely would’ve blown that dowdy Lisa and trashy, insecure Angelea, out of the water.

      Heck, if she was on All-Stars I would’ve rooted for her and Allison Harvard for the crown.

  17. missi Says:

    Unfortunately i don’t think many people translated her underwear shots and in fact any where she’s exposing her breasts as high fashion. In this society we link big breasts with sex and porn which is unfair as she did take remarkable shots… Hopefully people can learn to see her shape can be high fashion too. She really had great potential.

  18. Vanessa Bradshaw Says:

    If i wanted to be a plus size model but i have to go to school for 6 months but the classes has not start yet but i have to wait until i am out of school and how can i find a modeling agencies to hire me at 18 years old.

  19. Kalli Says:

    I loved Toccara even my youngest son who is a humble quiet person thought she was georgous in ANTM. Toccara is still beautifull and nice, but she didn’t had to make the half nude picture to prove a point. I think it downgraded her.Not artistic but sleasy 😦 Much love from a fan out the Netherlands 🙂

  20. Cyn Says:

    The nude picture is just tasteless, Toccara s high fashion.

  21. Emily Says:

    When the hell is ANTM gonna stop comparing one big girl to a group of skinny models and make a plus-size only cycle? Do they think it would have bad ratings, because I think a lot of women would want to see that. And by the way, I’m a size 6.

    • Yasmine Says:

      I totally agree with you! I really wish they would do that. I mean they made a petit cycle, why not a plus size cycle?!

      • channey Says:

        Never understood why they didn’t or haven’t yet. And I feel like Whitney’s win (even though she was gorgeous & a great model) was sort of a forced decision to finally choose a plus-sized model after having several on past seasons who didn’t make it.

      • j Says:

        I was just thinking that, ive been watching re runs of cycle 3 and toccara is amazing, she’s proven plus sized girls can be high fashion! We need to make a petition and send it to tyra!

  22. channey Says:

    lol her roller rink picture looks like she’s waiting around for the photo shoot to start. she had flat pics on ANTM but she’s been rocking everything she’s been in outside of ANTM. I think she was over the experience anyway towards the end, you could start to see it during the show. such a pretty woman!!

  23. JJ Says:

    I liked Toccara’s spirit and character and I agree with Cyn – the nude picture was very very trashy…

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