Tiffany Richardson was a contestant during Cycle 4 of ANTM.

Born in Miami, Florida, Tiffany was busy taking care of her young son at home during her stint on the show. She admits to having been abused as a child. As a deeply troubled teenager, she worked as a stripper and got involved with drugs and the wrong crowd. The birth of her son forced Tiffany to make life-changing decisions that would lead to a positive lifestyle.

Tiffany wanted to jumpstart her modeling career by joining Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model. After she was chosen to appear on the show, she had an altercation with one of the other contestants while they were at a bar. Consequently, Tiffany and the other contestant were disqualified. Realizing that she had to learn to control her temper, she decided to take anger management classes, and upon completing the course, tried out for the show again.

She was given a second chance and Tiffany found herself becoming a Finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4. At first, Tiffany tried her best to get along with the other girls, and she was able to establish a close relationship with Brandy Rusher. However, as the weeks progressed and the pressure mounted, Tiffany slipped back to her old self, aggressively attacking the other girls verbally. During the sixth week of the finals, Tiffany broke down after failing to read a teleprompter properly in one of the challenges. Tyra expressed her disappointment, and ultimately Tiffany, along with Rebecca Epley, were eliminated (the double elimination was the first in the show’s history). When Tyra saw that Tiffany seemed to be taking the elimination lightheartedly and with little concern, the supermodel judge exploded in anger, saying that the only person Tiffany can blame for her failure is herself.

Since appearing on the show, Tiffany has continued to find work as a model. She was in two music videos, one for Dre’s, “Naomi,” and the other for Urban Mystic’s, “I Refuse.” She has also appeared on the cover of an International hair magazine. When Tiffany’s contract with America’s Next Top Model expired, Tyra Banks was seen criticizing Tiffany again when the E! True Hollywood Story: America’s Next Top Model was aired on national television.

Tiffany and her husband Chad have a 7-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. She has continued to model, host events and make guest appearances frequently. She can be booked for events or modeling assignments at

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Source: Tiffany's Myspace

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To see more photos of Tiffany, click here.

40 Responses to “Tiffany Richardson”

  1. SLC Says:

    Post-ANTM photos … Gorgeous!!!!

    • Yolanda Gelin Says:

      OMG, I’m so glad I googled YOU!!!
      Tiffany, I just watched a re-run of your exit from ANTM and I knew what was coming because when it originally aired I watched it with my Mom and we were both in tears (over-whelming emotions empathizing with both you and Tyra). Tonight I’m glad to find out that you have a career and I hope that you are truly truly HAPPY! You have overcome so much, keep your head up and stay beautiful.
      I was watching tonight with my 10 y/o Daughter (3 episodes in a row) and she enjoyed watching YOU, she’s your biggest fan!

  2. michel Says:

    Dear Miss Tiffany, I am so happy that you are doing what you want to do. I love to watch ANTM; I love the show. I am a grandma too and I know it’s hard for young people to see how it’s an all new world for them. Thank you for being strong to help my grand babies to see they have a chance no matter where they came from. It just takes a willing mind. Thank you, again.

  3. Chilly710 Says:

    Haha! She’s got my horoscope sign … cancer! She also rocked that photo. I wish she could’ve made it further.

  4. Janice Weinshenker Says:

    Tiffany, I am so happy that you found success after ANTM. You are a beautiful young woman. I’m glad your troubles are in the past. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  5. Liza Says:

    Is it me, or does she look semi-chubby in some of her photos? I remember her being flippin skinny, like over the top skinny. hm, weird.

    • India Says:

      Yeah she had a baby, that’ll do it to ya. I’m sooooo glad she found success tho!! I was one of the ones pulling for her.

  6. T Says:

    She’s okay. But she has that face where a different hair style really makes a difference. Some photos are really bad and it’s because of the hair and make up choices. She has to be careful with that.

    • shygirl Says:

      Yes, she may have gained a little weight. Urban models are usually a little heavier than runway and high-fashion models.

  7. boo Says:

    Ugh! What was the point of her coming back and wanting to be the best and then just giving up! What a waste of space for someone else who wanted it more than her.

    • 4sher Says:

      The point is she wanted to be better and live a life that others convinced her she could do. She did say the pain of humiliation was too much for her. She thought she had to fit in or not belong at all. Unfortunately, she gave up too soon, before finding out it’s all about personal growth. It does appear she may have grown up anyway. That’s good.

  8. C Says:

    She looks to have gotten a boob job.

  9. Sharon Robinson Says:

    You are a very beautiful woman. I am so glad you didn’t give up.

  10. Kisha Rivers-Blaylock Says:

    Tiffany, I am so happy that you decided to not give up on your dream; you look beautiful in these pictures. Prepare yourself for many more blessings!!!

  11. ar Says:

    omg…her appearance changed so much!!

  12. xenia Says:

    Has she had work done her face? She doesnt look like the same person in these photos at all. plus she’s lookin curvier too. Still stunning but totally different!

  13. Tina Says:


    Tiffany, I’m so happy to see that everything that you have strived has come true. Continue to follow your goals and treasure your children.

    May God continue to Bless you all

  14. nameless Says:

    Hey, there will all ways in lif be some who has something bad to say sweetie love all your heaters an keep ur head up…….

  15. EmmaJ Says:

    Yes, she did in fact gained weight after she left ANTM but she looks gorgeous! I don’t really like her attitude but I will give compliments when it is due. 🙂

  16. Misty12 Says:

    I am pleased to see you are going awesome on your own!
    Keep up the marvelous work with your career!

    You Go Girl……..Great role model for the young girl…..

  17. Mary-Jane Says:

    I know the incident between you and Tyra happened a long long time ago but I never had the chance to tell you that I found Tyra to be way out of line. So maybe you had some attitude on some of the episodes but most of you do, however at that particular time when you were eliminated I did not find that you were laughing about it and not taking it seriously, I think that you were just finding a way to accept your elimination, telling people not to cry etc etc… you did nothing wrong and when I show people they all agree. I am 46 years old and a mother of 2 and I was shocked at how Tyra acted, I no longer looked at her with a positive attitude and it told me that she is not a very good judge of character. I am still trying to figure out exactly what it was you did that made it react like that. YOu accepted elimination with grace and good for you.

    • justine Says:

      ❤ tiffany

    • jojo Says:

      i wanted her to be on antm allstars

    • angel Says:

      I totally agree. I am watching the ANTM season 6 since I missed it the first time around and after watching the episode where Tiffany got eliminated, I just had to google her because I was wondering if I was the only one who thought Tyra was out of line. I was shocked and pissed at Tyra for yelling at her just because Tiffany didn’t cry and breakdown in front of them and the whole damn world. “How dare you not cry..?” I mean, SERIOUSLY? It was very obvious to me that Tiffany was disappointed for being eliminated, she was just putting on a brave front so she and the other girls won’t feel uncomfortable and the world wouldn’t pity her. People deal with disappointment in different ways and there are just people who deal with grief privately. Maybe the news hasn’t sunk in yet at the time so she’s still numb and trying to deal with it. Bad news and rejection tend to do that to you. It will be the height of hypocrisy to fake tears just so everybody could see. It’s like saying “Oh I got eliminated, pity me, pity me.” And she was not laughing or making things out to be a big joke, she was trying to comfort the girls who are sad that she’s leaving, trying to let them know that she’ll be okay. I felt that Tyra didn’t read the situation at all and was just being a drama queen by attacking the poor girl because she thought her show was being made light of. Even if she was pissed, Tyra needed to be careful because she knows she’s a celebrity and what she says carry a lot of weight even more so because their show is being watched all over the world. Tiffany was in no position to defend herself at all. It was like watching a public lynching, seriously. Rubbing it in and telling Tiffany that “It was your fault and take responsibility” on top of being told she’s not needed anymore is just too much and this to a girl who tried out for the show twice. Of course the girl knows she didn’t try hard enough, of course she knows she’ll disappoint her grandma who sacrificed to buy a swimsuit for her, Tiffany was the one who has to deal with it, not Tyra. And what’s with the “You don’t know what I’ve been through” or ” I did not stay a victim, I made myself what I am “(sorry I forgot the verbatim). What, you’re gonna make this all about you now? I mean, I get that Tyra is trying to get Tiffany to change her situation but still some people just need to find their own pace to overcome things, no use trying to compare yourself with others. When Tiffany said she’s mad, she’s talking about her feelings and how her life experiences made her that way. She knows it’s not good for her and she’s not justifying it either. Feelings are not exactly rational, and you can’t dictate how you feel. No cause for Tyra to start comparing herself to Tiffany and what she went through and just coming off all arrogant about it,Tiffany did have a combative attitude, specially the first time she was selected, even then it was not entirely her fault, there were provocations too. But she learned to deal with it and it became more of a being outspoken, assertive attitude, not something obnoxious or deliberately rude. Tiffany gave up at the end, I was disappointed at her for that because I was rooting for her, but she didn’t raise any protest at all when she was eliminated or offer any justification or blame it on somebody else. If she did now THAT would have been so rude. If she cried in front of everybody even though she didn’t try hard or deserve to stay then THAT would have been infuriating. I think how Tiffany acted when she was told she has to go was the classiest I’ve seen of her for the whole show. How could Tyra not see that? And then I read on here that she said bad things about Tiffany again on E! I would have thought she’d have realized how things were in retrospect, when her temper cooled down. I didn’t see the one on E! yet, will be looking for the footage but really, this was just capitalizing on somebody else’s misfortune. Elysse Seawell didn’t cry as well but there was no drama. And Elysse was very outspoken in her rants. I bet they couldn’t attack her because Elysse was too smart for them. Sorry for the very long rant, I’m just really disgusted right now, But I’m glad to know she has a carreer after ANTM. More power to you, Tiffany.

  18. justine Says:

    < 3 love tifffany

  19. justine Says:

    < 3 tiffany

  20. joanna Says:

    i like her pictures

  21. mzoverit Says:

    Loved Tiffany but by her being on the show it enabled us to see the mean, ugly and nasty side of Tyra Banks.

  22. sim Says:

    i feel she take twhat trya said on the show and really change , I also think tyra make her a better person , i am happy for her

  23. samantha Says:

    what she said about tyra at the end of the episode where she got eliminated was soooooo touching:( i could never say that about anyone who just yelled at me on international TV

  24. NittyGritty Says:

    Bitch finally got fed. Bitch finally gained weight. LOL!

  25. Omphile Chosen Madiba Says:

    wow Tiffany, like the others have already said, this is really amazing, you have so much potential, and what makes me more glad is that you have come to the realization of exactly that, keep seeing yourself the way God sees you.

  26. Risha Says:

    Some of the post pics look very nice. Some look model 101. Glad she still doing her thing tho. That Tyra blowing up episode was classic. Lol. Hecka funny. Kudos to Tif for giving us a good memorable tv moment.

  27. Assessment Says:

    You used to have quite a special look, now your just another pretty ghetto girl with a breast augmentation and too much makeup.

  28. dissapointedintiffany Says:

    Oh of all the ANTM cycles I found myself most dissapointed in Tiffany. See, if she had held on, she would have won it all. I wished she could have grasped & broken through all her insecurities. I think of all people, Tiffany would have benefitted from going to S. Africa. It would have spiritually elevated her to where she mentally needed to be. Like Keenya expressed, “being in Africa is a unique experience for a Afrian/American.” Of all people, Tiffany needed that life altering experience but gave up before she could reach the promised land, if you will & that’s why I’m so dissapointed in her. I am glad to see she got some modelling experiences but to quit & give up on a guaranteed $100,000 contract plus luxuries galore….again, dissapointed..diss-A-pointed!

  29. Jessica Says:

    I don’t think Tyra yelled at her because she didn’t cry, people. Tyra expressed concern that she treated being eliminated as a joke. She didn’t start yelling until Tiffany was flippant about it and didn’t accept responsibility for why she was being eliminated, There is a difference. And I can understand. There were girls left behind, heartbroken because they didn’t make it on the show, and Tiffany just gave up. I was one of the people rooting for her and I was so disappointed at her growing apparent apathy.
    That being said, I’m glad that she didn’t ultimately give up on modeling. These pics of her post ANTM are simply stunning. And yes, she’s gained some weight, but she did have kids and it has been a few years. Age and baby weight tend to have that affect. But I personally find the extra weight looks good on her. She is carrying it well and she looks strong and confident.

  30. james Says:

    be quiet Tiffany! What is wrong with you?

  31. Lia Says:

    I’m so happy to see your doing good..the episode from 4/13/2005 I was so hurt by what had happened with you &Tyra… I’m sure your grandmother is proud of you I’m proud of you keep it up take care Tiffany

  32. LonelyHound Says:

    I am so glad to see you made it into the modeling world, Tiffany. I was rather disappointed to see your growing apathy during the show. It made me both sad and angry. I am beyond thrilled that you were able to overcome your demons and achieve your dreams. What a success story! Your pictures are lovely, BTW!!!

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