Teyona Anderson was a contestant and winner of Cycle 12 of ANTM.

During the Top Model semi-finals, the New Jersey native was the ninth girl called to join the final thirteen competing for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 12. Throughout the competition, she had been called first three times, being widely considered versatile and naturally photogenic by the judges. She also received praise for her consistent photos and chameleon portfolio, as well as her “wind-in-the-face” look. She struggled with her final commercial, and landed in the bottom two for the first (and only) time, but survived against fellow competitor Aminat Ayinde. At the final judging, she was deemed to be neck and neck with fellow contestant Allison Harvard, but was believed to have a greater passion for modeling, making her the judges’ pick for America’s Next Top Model.

Since the show, Teyona has walked in nearly thirty shows in Arise Cape Town Fashion Week and taken part South Africa Fashion Week. She has appeared in a spread for In Touch Weekly and had a cover and spread in Seventeen Magazine (July 2009) as part of her ANTM prize package. She has also modeled for Destiny Magazine, Glamour Magazine (South Africa), Edgars Club Magazine, and Soul Magazine.

Teyona is currently signed with Elite Model Management in New York and Cape Town.

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Teyona's Seventeen Cover after winning ANTM

Teyona's Seventeen Cover after winning ANTM

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Photos from her portfolio with Elite.

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Part of Teyona's Seventeen spread

Source: Seventeen Magazine / July 09

Source: In Touch

80 Responses to “Teyona Anderson”

  1. k.nic Says:

    I think she is my favorite winner!

  2. izzitme Says:

    Not my favorite. She did the same exact pose the whole season. She thought her winning was decided early in spite of her performance.

  3. Lilyosa Says:

    Teyona was the best! She deserved to win and she has such fabulous poses. She had the passion for modeling and it showed in her pictures throughout the show.

  4. collette Says:

    Her skin is amazing.

  5. neesy Says:

    My least favorite. Allison should have won!

  6. Debby Says:

    Lindíssima. Em minha opinião, uma das melhores apostas da Tyra. Teyona é “fiercecíssima,” marcante, elegante, bela e versátil. Allison é uma boneca bonitinha, mas não é versátil nem parece modelo. Vitória justa e merecida.

    Rough Translation: “Pretty. In my opinion, one of the best picks by Tyra. Teyona is “fierce,” outstanding, elegant, beautiful and versatile. Allison is a pretty doll, but it is not versatile and it does not seem modelesque. She deserved the victory.”

  7. corrine Says:

    She is she the most successful winner in ANTM history; seems like it. The only winners with obvious potential were Mckey, Jaslene and Teyona. These three are doing quite well to date. Oh and Nicole (cycle 5) too, but not as wanted.


    Poor Nicole, she is NOT a “busy” model. Krista … we’ll see!

    • Britto Says:

      She’s not even close to being the most successful winner. Most of these are test shots, not even paid jobs. You don’t see her anywhere in the modeling world.

  8. Vera Says:

    Teyona deserved to win! Allison isn’t as chameleon-ish; Teyona can be sweet, edgy and more! Alison not!

  9. V. Says:

    I was quite surprised when Teyona won over Allison but her post-win photos prove that she has a tremendously successful future in the fashion and perhaps film industry.

    She absolutely stunning!

    It seems that Tyra and the other judges could see her obvious and overwhelming potential.

  10. I cannot stop looking at her closeup headshot.

    BE-U-Ti-FULLLL Teyona!!!!!!!

    I send you great abundance and wish you amazing success!!!

  11. Kuzt Says:

    I think she is the ugliest winner. My favourites are McKey and Naima.

  12. tets Says:

    What stunning, fierce beauty. I can’t even remember the runner-up.

  13. Veronika Says:

    Allison was better … what a pity that she didn’t win.

  14. Lucy Says:

    I wanted Allison to win! 😦

    She was the so awkward. She reminded me of Lauren from Cycle 11! Allison improved a lot!! She deserved it.

    Wow, I can’t believe that they made 15 cycles! Here in Argentina, Cycle 12’s just finished!

  15. Дура … я за Эллисон!

  16. полина Says:

    Эллисон лучше ееЁЁЁ

    • KriStina Says:

      Возможно Элисон вовсе не лучше.

      • KriStina Says:

        P.S. В этом сезоне чего-то никто меня не впечатлил. Теона вообщем-то молодец, но …… (какая-то она лысая)

  17. alex Says:

    I like her WAY better than Krista.

  18. roksett Says:

    Allisons sucks. She is stupid n’ boring doll without any emotions on her fase…except fear (maybe).
    I don’t understand why she is on 2nd place of top model!

    • Kelsey Says:

      LOL. That is probably one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read here. How was Allison stupid? Because Teyona accused her of plotting against the other girls even though she had no evidence whatsoever that Allison was involved? Because she and Celia were having fun in the house while Teyona was trying to act mature and pretentious? Please, bitch.

      Secondly, how can you say that no emotion registers on her face? Did you skip through the first photo shoot, the second one, the Carmen Miranda photo shoot, the bird photo shoot, the cover girl photo?

      If she doesn’t appeal to you, fine. No one can force that upon you. But don’t make yourself look like an idiot by bringing up a host of non existent accusations just to make your girl look good.

      • Kelly Says:

        I don’t agree with your opinion. I realy like allison but she seemed to keep a softer creepy chan face through out

      • veronica Says:

        I did not think Allison belonged there at all, any more than I thought Ann belonged in ANTM in her cycle. When Ann won, I knew Paulina was telling the truth – the vote ultimately goes the way Tyra wants it to go.

        That wide-eyed look of hers was a complete fake and she was trying too hard to prove she was “strange.” “You got a nosebleed? Jealous!” There were a couple of old pics that they got from her website that showed her NOT looking so wide-eyed. She also wasn’t looking that way when she was caught off-guard a couple of times, not realizing the camera was picking her up.

        It’s REALLY hard to change the expression on your face when you’re trying to hold your eyelids open as far as they will go. Try it sometime.

  19. Dee Says:

    Congratulations Teyona! Love the photos. I like Allison too and wish her all the best

  20. boo Says:

    We’ll they had to choose someone to win and they choose the BLAH of the other BLAH.

  21. Lola Says:

    Teyona deserved it; she only had like one bad photoshoot. One of the best winners! Her and Aminat were my faves, so at least one of my faves won!

  22. Staycie Says:

    Allison should have won.

  23. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Teyona is absolutely flawless — she had no competition.

  24. boo Says:

    She’s so annoying, I don’t think she’ll make it big. And she’s not going to be one of the models to remember in the future.

    • Boone Says:

      I agree. I was very disappointed in this girls attitude on the show. She seemed to be kind of snide towards the other girls except for Aminat ( of course! ). I hate to say it but I think it’s another example of Tyra’s feeling sorry for the ‘girl from the hood’ thing. The girl did not know how to dress and had no fashion knowledge what so ever. I wish her well, but I don’t think she was the best in her season. This was my least favourite season of ANTM ever. I liked Celia, Fo and Allison but that was it. Chicky chicky boom!

  25. Bella_Isa Says:

    One of these winners that you seem to remember less than the contestants. Very bland personality, she won because she wanted it the most. Cycle 12 was probably my favorite cycle ever but Teyona is really forgetable. I see she’s having some kind of a career and I wish her luck though.

  26. Blain Says:

    Yeah, my favorite cycle, too. But I think Aminat was the most beautiful and she should have won.

    • Inna Says:

      Yeah Aminat was definetly the most Beautiful and she should have won! Her covergirl pic wasn’t even that bas!

  27. Liane Says:

    Sweet girl but she reminds me of a horse. When she smiles you can’t see her eyes just those huge horse teeth.

  28. Darla Says:

    I honestly think that Allison should have won. Teyona and Aminat were annoying the whole season, getting all up in other contestants business, they acted like they were all that and were always bickering with the other girls. Im glad that Aminat did not win though cause she was so bleh and ghetto.

  29. Chelsea Says:

    Yeah Aminat was definetly and she should have won but Teyona And Aminat were my fave so im still happy Teyona won.

  30. Heather Says:

    Beautiful woman inside and out. I’m glad she has gone on to be so successful. I did like Allison a little more, but I’m glad Teyona won over a few of those b*tches in the competition.

  31. Kat Says:

    I wonder how they make her nearly “white” in some photos and really dark black in others?? The power of the editing tool I guess!!! Look above at her photos-Very Very Different!!!

  32. panda Says:

    gorgeous pictures!

  33. Debra Says:

    My faves were Aminat, Teyona, and Allison. I agree that Teyona didn’t have the stage presence, but her pictures were fierce. and she was consistent with her photos. Aminat had a strong personal appearance but her pictures weren’t good. I wanted Aminat to do better because she had the most stunning body and presence. At first with Allison I thought what did Tyra drag in, but her pictures were very good, and she was a sweet girl and kind of weird but lovable. Over all Teyona deserved this win because she was so focused and consistant. Her photos above are stunning, what beautiful skin.

  34. Linda Says:

    Teyona is an amazing model. That’s why she’ll be working a long time. She poses so well. I am so happy for her.

  35. Kyra Nagy Says:

    IMHO Cycle 12 standings should have been:
    1- Teyona Anderson (I also liked Allison more than Teyona, but I thought that she totally deserved the win).
    2- Allison Harvard
    3- Celia Ammermann
    4- Tahlia Brookins
    5- Fo Porter (seriously, that pic on the beach totally sucked)
    6- Natalie Pack
    7- London Levi-Nance (she did better than Aminat on the photoshoot, but her body was getting even more uglier)
    8- Aminat Ayinde
    9- Sandra Nyanchoka (clueless)
    (agree on the rest).

    Aminat way OVERRATED, she is only good on catwalk, she didn’t take a single “fine” picture all competition, and she was tall & beautiful. Celia and Tahlia weren’t that beautiful, but were able to take pretty good pictures, in the bird nest photos, Celia’s photo was pretty intriguing and she was beautiful on it, she was really shining on her last photos, even when she did have some problems with her face looking old, she compensated that with good body positioning.

  36. Rianna.Xu Says:

    sorry,i don’t like her.I like Allison

  37. DaddyFredy Says:

    The reason she won? Tyra had already planned the all star version of ANTM to see Allison rock the show again… OMG, I’m such a big fan of Allison she was so cute!! and fragile in a good way and also creepy in a charming way AWWWW

  38. Tas Says:

    She’s been working with some really good photographers post antm.. unlike some

  39. Kelsey Says:

    The only reason why she won was because she wanted it more than Allison does. Plus, her attitude during the show was very disappointing. Her and Aminat were so self righteous and they made themselves look like idiots when they did the very same things that they accused the other girls of doing. I don’t think that they even realize that until now. LOL.

    A quote from Aminat would suffice: “Stupid, stupid, stupid, Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. x10.”

  40. Natacha Says:

    Why does she do the same pose all the time? Even her face is a copy in almost every photo… Too serius, by the way. Gee I wonder if her head is too heavy or something. I guess you need to give something fresh, new in every shot if you want to win ANTM… Isn’t it right, Tyra? Then what happened in season 12?

  41. Teo Tuyệt Tác Says:

    I’m tottally hate this one. She’s ugly, her photoshots sucks, and Allison is way more deserve to win

    • Shane Says:

      I agree. She has a long face and her hairline literally start at the very top of her head. Very weird looking. Also she was very immature. There is no way she would survive the real world of modeling.

  42. geramy Says:

    i do really like teyona cause she’s my idol! more powers to her career!

  43. Ali Says:

    I really think Allison should have won, but I admit Teyona was not the baddest choice… I mean, it could have been Aminat! Yuk… And Tyra chose her because she knows runner-ups usually have more success than the actual winners and she wanted Allison to have success. Plus, if Allison would have won this season, she wouldn’t be on All Stars. So in fact, I’m quite happy Teyona won!

  44. KhrisKline Says:

    Teyona kinda look like the girl version of Tyson Beckford…
    just sayin’

  45. AbroNomaa Says:


  46. whatever Says:

    This girl is gorgeous and one of the better winners!

  47. jen Says:


  48. lolwat Says:

    She is by far the most underrated winner! She had a very strong portfolio and walk, and she definitely made sense as a winner. Allison is a one trick pony, doing that deer-in-the-headlights look in almost every picture. yawn!

  49. Yesme Says:

    Teyona was my favourite through out the whole cycle 12 but towards the end i wished Amina had won. she has stricking features mmm.

  50. polyna ndanal Says:

    Perfect my modelling role model

  51. george Says:

    she didnt desereve

  52. sunshine Says:

    Ugly enough. I will not buy these clothes again. Like a monkey…

  53. tessy Says:

    u guys are funny,has it ever occured to that ur opinions dont count,

  54. SL Says:

    Why is she always going for this hunched-back pose? not attractive! She is gorgeous in some shots and has a sweet personality, but isn’t stunning when she’s not being photographed. Allison had way more natural beauty. I was surprised that they eliminated Aminat instead of Teyona, based on the last challenge, but overall, Teyona had stronger shots.

  55. ♥♥♥♥ Says:

    if you think allison shouldve won then go to her page and express that..its not nice to sit here and be like “allison shoulve won” well she didnt get over it

  56. Louise De Baere Says:

    Wua, seeing these foto’s I agree with her winning the competition, these poses are amazing and she looks so beautiful… Most of the winners still seem very amateurish afterwards, even though I love Alisson, I think she deserved to win…

  57. RAQUE; ALLEN Says:

    Teyona is amazing. One of my favorities! Keep working it!
    You are fierce!!!!

  58. Risha Says:

    Proud of Teyona. The post-antm photos are beautiful. Go girl.

  59. amoe chan Says:

    Her poses were repetitive.

  60. HEXY Says:

    I wonder why people under rate Teyona like that. She is the most beautiful top model after Eva and Daniel on the entire show. why are some people calling her ugly? U wish u have quarter her beauty don’t u?

  61. Katherine Says:

    Teyona is an average model. She is not versatile, and she is not special. Allison should’ve won.

  62. “I’m just relying on my elementary paper plane experience,” saiɗ Bush,
    “I was a pro back then. If your paper airplane doesn’t go very far or very fast, just keep practicing until it does. You have just constructed a very basic paper airplane.

  63. Arcia Epps Says:


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