Terra White was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

This Arlington, Texas native was 24 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

Terra’s sister, Chris, is also part of the final fourteen during this cycle. Terra stated in initial interviews that she thought her personality was stronger than her sister’s. She observed that she was overpowering her sister’s personality most of the time they were in the semifinals.

Terra also commented that it was important to differentiate herself from her sister. She said, “Yeah, we’re sisters, but we have two different personalities. She’s [Chris] outgoing and crazy. I’m outgoing and reserved.” On camera, she also said the felt she wasn’t quirky enough sometimes.

Terra shared that she believes her and her sister intimidate people because they’re in a pair.

During the final review, Tyra communicated that Chris’s face, eyes, lips and eyebrows were ’round-ish’, while Terra’s face is more angular. She also said that Chris is a stronger poser than her sister. Both sisters divulged that they would be proud of the other sister for making it, even if they didn’t make it into the house.

Terra was called 14th during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode 2, Terra performed walked the catwalk in the four-stories-high Diane Von Furstenberg runway challenge, although Miss Jay said that she “didn’t have the walk.”

During the Teen Bully photo shoot with Deborah Anderson, Terra seemed overwhelmed by her nerves and began to get emotional. Terra said on camera, “The competition is a lot harder than I thought. It was just overwhelming to me.”

When the judges reviewed her photo in panel, Nigel said that he didn’t understand the picture; he didn’t get the message. Andre Leon Talley (ALT) said that she wasn’t projecting ‘luscious lips,’ she was projecting ‘lusciousness.’ Tyra told her that with modeling, don’t try to go for the obvious. While deliberating, Nigel said that it was a terrible picture of Terra. Tyra concluded that she looked pensive.

Because of her weaker performance during the photo shoot, Terra landed in the bottom two during elimination.

Tyra told Terra, ” … absolutely beautiful, luscious lips. And although your posing is strong, it lacks focus and tends to air towards the obvious. In this cycle, you need to be big enough and strong enough to be in Italian Vogue.”

Then she revealed that Terra was safe; Anamaria was the first girl eliminated from the show.

Episode 3 ended up being the makeover episode, as well as an unexpected double elimination episode. For Terra’s makeover, Tyra didn’t want to take away from her “luscious lips,” she wanted to celebrate them. To do this, Tyra had Terra’s hair cut incredibly short with a longer bang. This upset Terra, as she expected a different makeover per Lexie, Anne and Rhianna’s “Fake Hair Agenda” circulated around the house.

Terra’s sister Chris expressed to the cameras that she was concerned about Terra being visibly upset about her makeover. Her sister’s concerns were well merited, as Terra ended up being eliminated outside of panel right after the makeover photo shoot.

As she was being eliminated by the Jays, Mr. Jay said:

You are so exquisite; a stunning girl. The issue that we’re struggling with is that we don’t believe that you believe that you belong here.

Terra responded by telling them that she wanted more time to show them it could happen. Jay encouraged her to show them by going out there and doing it.

Upon exiting, Terra told cameras:

I just don’t think it’s right. I would have much rather them send me home before they cut my hair, not after. I don’t think it was a good decision at all. To my sister, I love you. Keep your head up. She’s my second chance.

Both Terra and Sara Blackamore were eliminated during this episode.

To read Terra’s exit interview with Wet Paint, click here.

Since the show, Terra has been pursuing a career in modeling. She may pursue a career as a health teacher if modeling doesn’t work out, as she also has a health degree.

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To view more photos of Terra, click here.

19 Responses to “Terra White”

  1. Susan Says:

    She has a small nose and it’s not pronounced. Her height is 5’8 which doesn’t exist in European fashion. The designers want models who are 5’9 to 6’3. An agency may say 5’11 is the maximum for a girl’s height, but in reality, models who are 6’1 or above become legends. Terra’s facial features wouldn’t work in haute couture, but her body is good for commercial modeling. She could do commercial modeling in America.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      I wish you knew what you were talking about. Models are generally between 5’9 and 5’11. Six feet is usually too tall. Back to this girl. She is beautiful. I believe that if she didn’t have to deal with the stereo type (she had a very hard time with it) and then the hair prank and then getting such a short cut, she would have gone further. I hope for her so much success.

    • sfdghj Says:

      that should be easy to do since its AMERICAS next top model, sheesh lady.

  2. kiki Says:

    She is such a cry baby! You know what? Hair will grow back! And she has enough hair to get extensions.

  3. Chilly710 Says:

    I felt bad for her. It was mean of the judges to send her packing the minute after she got her makeover even though she didn’t like it. That’s so stupid! So many other girls had even worse makeovers in the past and literally screamed and cryed about it (Jaeda, Cycle 7). It was cruel…

  4. катя Says:

    почему ее выкинули!она такая классная!

  5. kiki Says:

    Terra was a waste of time in the competition. The only reason she was allowed on the show was because Chris was too. They were hoping that Chris and Terra would be like the twins and give a good story line for the show.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Are you a CW insider? How do you know why they were both cast? Thousands of girls try out and both of them made it thru. I hate for people to take away from someone’s talent – unjustifiably. They had the same lips, but other than that, they didn’t look alike until you were told they were sisters. I’ll bet many sister combinations try out around the country every cycle. She was modelesque. That is why she made it.

  6. Erica Says:

    Her face is actually more angular than Chris’. I think if she would have delivered a better shot on the first shoot, she would have done better in the competition.

  7. Makister Says:

    I knew it from the time the Js told the girls that one is gonna be eliminated. There … that Terra’s goin’ home. They didn’t like her and that was pretty obvious. I wanted her to proceed a little further. 😦

  8. jhg Says:

    It was obvious that they didnt really like her. Well, too bad for her. Anyways, I think her sister knew more about modeling than Terra.

  9. Linda Says:

    She shouldn’t have been chosen to be in the house.

  10. Ny Says:

    Wish she could have made it a little further.

  11. Woo43 Says:

    She was struggling to get out of her sister’s shadow; much less competing with the other girls. Michelle and Amanda, they weren’t. I don’t even see what they brought to the table other than personality and comedy.

  12. DiscoQueen Says:

    I can’t believe people are arguing here… 100% not model material. Not commercial, not catalogue, no nothing… Just a plain jane.

    • keeping it real Says:

      shes definately not a plain jane and is infact a beautiful model.its easy to judge people when you haven’t been thru da same shit..any black woman knows your hair is your crowing glory and they took that away from her,and never gave her the chance to get used to it..know your facts before you sit on da internet and try to bash people lets see a picture of you you probly lookin like respushia smfh

  13. Katherine Says:

    I think she’s beautiful. I don’t see model right off the bat, but I would’ve loved to see her in some more photos. I thought it was bullshit they eliminated her so early. There have been so many contestants that threw worse tantrums about their hair than she did.

  14. macho Says:

    SHE IS AN IDIOT!!!! always cry cry and cry like a little baby, she should not be chosen to be in the house,

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