Tahlia Brookins was a contestant during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

Tahlia sparked a bit of controversy this cycle when many viewers and those in online chat forums claimed she was cast strictly as a stunt. The 18-year-old Arizona native has severe burns all over her body and an athletic physique, which is not exactly the status quo for a top model. But Tahlia quickly showed those naysayers that she was actually worthy. Week after week, her pictures got better and better and thoroughly impressed the judges. During episode seven, however, Tahlia couldn’t nail the Cover Girl commercial shoot and was eliminated. When being interviewed, Tahlia mentions that she holds no ill feelings toward Celia Ammerman for the small altercation they had in the top model house.

Since the show, Tahlia has modeled for People Magazine and had a baby. She is not currently with an agency.

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Source: ANTM / Jim De Yonker

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Source: ANTM / Eric Liebowitz

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Source: ANTM / David M. Russell

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Source: ANTM / Barbara Nitke

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25 Responses to “Tahlia Brookins”

  1. Kirill (from Russia) Says:

    Думал, что будут комментарии относительно этой талантливой девушки… Странно. Тогда буду первым. Преклоняюсь перед её внутренней силой! Фото с темой эмиграции, пожалуй, одно из лучших. Вообще – во всём проекте, а не только в 12 – м цикле. Да, реклама не получилась. Это с первого раза мало кому удаётся. Зато у неё получилось отработать самую первую (!!!) фотосессию, где была “детская” тема.

    Рад, что Tahlia после произошедшего может иметь детей! Это, конечно, самое важное. Очень сожалею, что она не работает в индустрии моды…

    Пусть у неё будет всё хорошо!

  2. alex Says:

    I like Tahlia.

  3. boo Says:

    OMG, I get the whole tragedy thingy, but her attitude on the show … sheesh! As if that season didn’t suck enough. Even the girls ugghhh, poor attitude, sucky sucky personality.

    • Keke Says:

      Definitely agreed! I watched ever season but this one – just skipped it till the next one. Terrible personalities and honestly disappointing modelling.

  4. Cassie Says:

    Pretty girl. Can’t model at all.

    Her paint splatter photo was nice, though.

  5. datum pi Says:

    I like how she said that it wasn’t fair that the designer on the runway challenge covered her up and she can’t help that she has scars all over her body when ugly people can’t help that they’re ugly; means you shouldn’t be a model.

  6. joejoe Says:

    I think her understanding of the modeling industry was off. They are not out to sell her. They are out to sell thier clothing. If the scars have to be covered, then that’s it! I would honestly look at her scars than a swimsuit she had on if she did a shoot for OP. I believe that she should be proud of who she is but the scars do not have to show in order to ‘represent’ for those who are burn survivors.

  7. Debra Says:

    I thought was Celia did on their episode was right on. Talia only liked the competition when she was doing well otherwise she cried and whined to everyone about how sad she was and wanted to be home. If you can handle the heat baby stay the heck out of the kitchen.

    • shawty Says:

      That last part and yes ik its a saying , that you just said was fucked up . She was burnt and then you’re gonna say “if you can’t stand the heat stay the heck out of the kitchen” fucked up ppl man . And haters not that you’re a hater but that goes to the ppl who are commenting hating ass comments

  8. Anna Says:

    She looks kinda plus size to me.

  9. Nica Says:

    I hated how she always played the victim. What Natalie said about her is absolutely true. Her not wanting to be there and hating the competition when she’s doing bad, but the minute she does good she instantly loves it. C’mon, you can’t expect to be treated better just because you’re a burn survivor/victim. Worst part is she’s not even a good model at all.

    • datum pi Says:

      Thank you ANNA! No mention of her thickness on the show though! I thought she was a plus sized model when the photos were released before the first episode aired! And also, Nica, when Natalie said that Tahlia’s photo was the worst while playing truth or dare…? Grow up. She didn’t say it rudely and wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings; she was being honest! I agreed that her photo was the worst cos she looked like a dead hooker. I absolutely hated how much she played the victim and was so happy when she left.

    • lene@yahoo.com Says:

      idiot: she was the most pretty one! 🙂 You’re just jealous.

      • CAPTIAN Says:

        You seem intelligent.. I thought allison was the prettiest; I was rather indifferent toward tahlia

  10. Rianna.Xu Says:

    She looks more like my best friend

  11. nika Says:

    i like tahlia so much! i`m from russia but i saw antm and liked tahlia very much she is beautigul and so strong!

  12. lene@yahoo.com Says:

    I think she was the most pretty girl of them all… And to people who put in their heads she acted like a victim: that’s YOUR brain talking, NOT reality. Jealous?

  13. excel Says:

    It’s not because of her scars but her fat butt and her self-pity personality that makes her so ugly, every girl who was rejected from the competition, seeing this ugly blob being there, must fume with anger…. Too bad that Tyra choose to admonish Celia, who was so doing the right thing!!

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      Celia should have told her she was going to do that rather than humiliate her. What Celia did was tacky.

  14. Keke Says:

    I thought she was so beautiful at casting but her personality turned me off..Tyra did so much in her defense to keep her in the competition but relying on cradling later brought her down in the end..

  15. Garret Says:

    Was never going to be a top model, only there for a sob story/make Tyra look like an activist on the definition of beauty.

    She never had the right thought process on being a model, she’s hired to sell the clothes. They covered her up because they want the focus on the clothes not her scars. If you don’t like that then don’t model.

    Her attitude sucked as wel, Natalie was right about her and Celia was right to call her out.

  16. ANTM Fan Says:

    Celia was right and between the two, I’d rather have Tahlia go home. She doesn’t look ‘model’ at all. She’s just there to send a message that burn victims can still model. What the hey, she can’t even model… And acting like a victim didn’t save her. Her personality sucks big time.

  17. canis Says:

    I don’t get why some people insist on that she is pretty… Of course “beauty” is in the eye of the beholder blah blah, but I get the feeling that the people who defend her for psychological reasons instead of aesthetics.
    If I was plus-size like her, maybe I also would call her pretty to convince myself to be pretty aswell?

  18. Me Says:

    I thought it was stupid that they had her on the show at all. No one would hire her with those scars, I don’t know why Tyra tried to play her. If Tyra would not let a 200 pound person on the show she should not have let Tahlia on the show. I am not surprised that she was never signed with anyone.

  19. hennylinn.se Says:

    Fajne spojrzenie na sprawę, każdy winien rozczytać
    dodatkowo zaznajomić się z motywem.

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