In June of 2010, Cycle 5‘s Lisa D’Amato recorded a musical track called “Sextape.” Here is her music video, which was directed by  James Curtis, song remixed by Chris Bordeaux, written by Lisa D’Amato, and with special guests Chris Crocker & Audry Kitching.


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In January of 2010, interviewed Cycle 5‘s Lisa D’Amato to catch up on her career since Top Model. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Out Staff):

Where Are They Now: Top Model – Lisa D’Amato

1. What have you been up to since you were on the show?
Since the show I have been persistent with my music — writing and performing my songs. I don’t know if you’ll remember my song “Ace of Spades,” which was super silly, and premiered on It received over a million views in a week and was one of YouTube’s most viewed videos of that week. (Pat on the back!) I’ve worked, performed, and collaborated with some really amazing people in the music industry. I’ve opened for and performed with Mickey Avalon, Shwayze, Hyper Crush, LMFAO, 30h!3, Ultraviolet Sound, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Cisco Adler, Pepper, etc. I’ve had songs on the radio in L.A. and on HBO’s show Entourage. I have a very high-energy live performance show with my DJ, DJ IVY, where I make all the performance costumes and choreograph the dance moves. SinceANTM, I’ve been signed to two record labels: Kortis Records, which was the U.S. division, and also Banana Beat Records which was an imprint through Suretone/Interscope. I’m unsigned (once again) but hoping third time will be the charm. I’m working with Warner Chappell publishing at the moment and working with some fresh new up and coming producers. In the mean time, I filmed VH1’s Celebrity Rehab 3 with Dr. Drew, which comes out in January. I was a good candidate for the show because I was exploited on TV, drinking and being silly, so I got the opportunity to learn more about drugs and alcohol as well as learn more about myself with therapy with Dr. Drew. I hope that people can be as inspired by this show as I was! There is nothing wrong with self-betterment! Also, I’m one of MySpace’s music artists that they believe in and promote contractually. My new video for my song “GRIND” produced by DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit, Everlast) is on MySpace, and the song is available on iTunes and Rhapsody now. You can also get my song “Trainwreck” on iTunes as well. Check out my other songs on I believe in my lyrics and music and hope to be a true innovator in the music industry. If you want to check out my videos go to And last but not least, if you want to read the truth that I write daily go to:

2. Do you think the show accurately portrays the life of a model?
ANTM absolutely DOES NOT portray the life of a real model. It does the best it can, seeing that it’s a TV show, but not at all. I lived in tiny model apartments in New York, Milan, and Australia to name a few, with three or four models at a time. It’s soooo much more tragic in real life.

3. What was your favorite challenge?
My favorite challenge was the boot camp one where we all had to get dirty. I knew these bitches were gonna bitch and complain and I would excel — which I did — and I won! I never have and never will back down to hard work or getting dirty!

4. What was your least favorite challenge?
I didn’t have a least favorite challenge because I knew this industry like the back of my hand. I had been modeling for 12 years already (which went unmentioned on the show). I had traveled the whole world and done amazing modeling jobs with some amazing designers and photographers as well as being in plenty of national commercials.

5. Give us a little dirt on Tyra: Is she as nurturing as she appears? Or what was your favorite memory?
Oh Tyra…. I will always appreciate her for creating the opportunity where I was able to gain exposure in this cutthroat business — even though I was just one of her trained little monkeys. That being said, I think Tyra is totally insane! I remember in Return to Oz there was a witch that had a closet of hundreds of different heads. She’s like that — LOL — wigs included. I don’t know Tyra. I only saw her when the rest of world did, too. Tyra, Tyra, Tyra! Upstage her and she will bring her voodoo on you. Hahahaha!

6. Who was the biggest villain on your season?
I was! (J.K.) If you noticed, I never talked shit about anyone behind their backs, I said it to their faces. That is not a villain. A backstabber is a villain in my book and that goes for the rest of my season. When I watched it on TV I was sooo hurt. Kim [Stolz] especially.

7. Who is your favorite supermodel?
Supermodels aren’t like they used to be. Back when I knew all their names and it was my work and I paid attention I’d say Laetitia Casta, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Krissy Taylor (Nikki Taylor’s little sis — R.I.P.), Carla Bruni.

8. What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
My favorite fashion trend is never doing what anyone else does. Ed Hardy, Coach, Louis V — they all make me want to throw up! I like mixing all types of weird shit and doing something different. But — I gotta have my hoop earrings on. Hahaha!

9. What is your least favorite trend right now?
See above. All mass produced crap makes me want to vomit!

10. What’s the biggest misconception about models/modeling that you’d like to clear up?
I think people think modeling is easy. It is — kinda — but it so tedious and takes sooo long. But, otherwise, all the conceptions are true! Models suck! They think they are cooler then they are, they loose sight of what to strive for, and they depend on their looks. I can’t stand models most of the time. I always did modeling to escape from my life and to travel. At times I totally sucked also! When someone says they want to model and they aren’t 12 or 14 but 20 or 23, I usually don’t want to talk to them anymore. LOL.

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To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here.

Photo Source: Lisa’s Website

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here.

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To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here. Source: Jamd.

In January of 2010, Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato starred in Reality TV drama Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Season 3. Here are the  episodes from that season. Click the links below to watch the full episodes.

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To learn more about Cycle 5’s Lisa D’Amato, visit her bio page here.

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