In September of 2010, BuddyTV interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (conducted and posted by Meghan Carlson, Senior Writer, BuddyTV):

Exclusive Interview with Sara of ‘Top Model’ 15: ‘Really Not a Fan’ of My Makeover

Despite having undergone the most drastic makeover in the bunch, SaraBlackamore, a full-time mother from Menifee, California, was the second America’s Next Top Model contestant booted from the competition last night.

But it wasn’t her darker locks and lighter brows that did Sara in: Instead it was a challenging photo shoot inspired by fallen angels. Instead of looking heavenly, most of the models appeared uncomfortable and confused, leading Tyra to proclaim the shoot “almost” an all-out failure. Unfortunately for Sara, her performance was deemed the worst among the bunch, and she was sent home.

I had the chance to chat with Sara this morning about everything from her drastic makeover to the challenges she faced in the fallen angel photo shoot:

Congratulations on making it onto the show! How did you decide to try out?
I tried out before in cycle 11, because that’s when I first started getting interested in modeling. And I just felt like if I made it on the show, it would be the biggest benefit to really get my career started.

Is that your son in the background?
Yeah, sorry!

No, that’s great! We saw photos of him on the show, and now I’m hearing him. Tell him I said hi!
Kaiden, they say hi!

Did he watch the show with you?
Yeah, he watched the beginning, but he fell asleep. [Laughs]

What did you think of Tyra’s decision to go more high fashion this season? Is that something you were interested in?
I was interested in it. Like I was going to respect whatever decision she chose for my makeover. But looking back on it, I think it was a horrible idea … like, I mean, watching it on TV and seeing it, I am really not a fan of it.

So you think it looked better in person?
Yeah, I think it looked better in person. But I didn’t keep my makeover. I’m definitely growing my hair out long, but I’m going to keep it dark. So I kept that. But my eyebrows, I definitely dyed back dark.

Yeah, I can see how that might look great in a highly stylized photo shoot but maybe not when you’re, you know, at the grocery store.
Yeah, I got a lot of looks from it.

How was it living in the Top Model house? Which of the girls did you connect with?
I was really good friends with Chelsey, even before we got into the house we had been friends because we met in L.A. when the casting started. So we kind of went through it all together. I got along with everyone. I pretty much connected with everyone except for Esther. I don’t know, I never really made a connection with her. I didn’t get in fights with anyone. I got along with all the girls, and it was just like, thirteen girls to share you clothes with.

There doesn’t seem to be much drama yet, at all.
Yeah, while I was there there really wasn’t a lot of drama. I think that because the stakes are so high, we were all pretty much more focused on modeling instead of fighting.

So are you rooting for Chelsey to win?
Yes, I definitely am. She’s my favorite.

What did you think of Tyra’s decision to expand her gap between her front teeth?
You know what? She thought it was a good idea, and the gap is always something that helped her in modeling, from what she said. So she was happy about it. It really wasn’t that big of a deal. It didn’t change that much, like if you would have seen it up close. She did, when she was younger, spend a lot of money to fix her gap, so she was a little worried for that reason.

Let’s talk about the fallen angels photo shoot, because it seemed to pose so much difficulty for everyone. Why do you think that is?
I just think that we had a lot of different elements. We were harnessed up. I felt like we kind of just got thrown into the photo shoot without really knowing what we were doing. We got there, we did our hair and makeup right away, and before, everything was so quick. We found out we were working with male models, then you’re up in the harness that’s painful. I think it kind of psyched a lot of us out.

How did you feel about your performance going into elimination?
I knew I was in the bottom two. I knew it didn’t go that well right from the start. When I got up there, me and my male model, I was trying to talk to him, and I was like, “This is the word that I chose, and we need to decide what we want to do and everything.” And he goes, “Oh, we have time. Don’t think too hard because the photographer is going to give us more direction.” So we get down there and he just doesn’t know what to do. And I was the second girl to go, and in the beginning we were harnessed higher in the air, so it was harder for us to maneuver ourselves. So I felt horrible about it, and I just knew I would be in the bottom two. But I didn’t think I was going to go home.

You said you felt guilty about leaving your son after you were eliminated. Have you come to terms with that feeling at all?
At the time I did feel guilty, but looking back, and even when I got home and I saw that my son was fine, and he still remembered who I was, I knew it was the right thing to do. It was a great experience that so many people would die to have, and it’s a good starting point for my career.

So you plan to continue modeling?
Yeah, definitely.

Do you think you’ll go more high fashion?
I don’t think high fashion so much. I think if it had been a normal cycle, I would have done a lot better. I felt like the whole cycle, everyone just kept saying, “Oh, you’re too pretty. You’re too California.” I think that worked against me the whole cycle.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

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In September of 2010, Digital Spy interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (conducted and posted by Lara Martin, News Editor):

Sara (‘America’s Next Top Model’)

After leaving her young son at home to pursue her dream of modeling on America’s Next Top Model, mother Sara admitted that she felt “guilty” about that decision when she didn’t make it to the finale. So, does she still feel that way? We caught up with the 21-year-old from California to chat about the experience, the photoshoot and her plans for the future…

Did you think you would be going home this week?
“I kind of knew I did bad at the photoshoot so I expected to be in the bottom two but I didn’t expect to be going home. I really thought I would make it over Lexie.”

The judges were unhappy with quite a lot of the photos; how do you think your picture compared to the other girls?
“I really didn’t think mine was the worst but we all did really bad when we did the photoshoot; I just didn’t see mine as the worst.”

Why did you all struggle?
“I think that all the elements of the photoshoot were hard. We were harnessed in which was painful, and we kind of just got thrown into the photoshoot. We got there and did our make-up and hair super quick – like it didn’t even take an hour – and then the photoshoot. We were also working with male models on top of that. It was just all the elements.”

The judges said you had a Gisele quality to you in a prior photoshoot. How did that compliment feel?
“Great! They said that, and after the runway they gave me some good critiques, but other than that, I kind of felt like the whole time I was getting bad critiques so my confidence was going down a lot. I came into the competition trying to think that I was going to win and not comparing myself to the other girls.”

You said on last night’s episode that you felt guilty at leaving your son at home. Do you regret doing the show?
“No. At the time I felt guilty that I didn’t win and I was there but I know so much will come out of the show and looking back now, I know it was the right thing to do. He was perfectly fine while I was gone and I don’t feel guilty anymore.”

He’s still young but did he recognize you when you were on TV?
“He watches it and will point at me and everything so he knows I’m there but usually he’s asleep!”

Have you kept the bleached eyebrows and dark hair?
“I kept the dark hair but I dyed my eyebrows back. I kept it for a while and then I think people starting wondering like, ‘What is up with her?!’”

Did you know about Lexie’s prank?!
“When we got home the day that she made it, it was one in the morning. Liz showed it to us; she was so into it! I didn’t want to see it because I thought it was real, so I told them not to show me because I wanted to be surprised for the makeover. But then it kind of got to the point that they spelt some girls’ names wrong, which they had never done before, so we figured it was a prank by the girls, although we thought Kacey had done it!”

How did you find living in the house with all the other girls?
“I got along with a lot of the girls. I didn’t really connect with Esther but I connected with all the other girls. I have a twin and I’m always around her, and I played sports so I’ve always been surrounded by girls – I was used to it! There wasn’t as much fighting as you would think, I think we all pretty much got along in this cycle!”

What inspired you to rap for Tyra in the first episode?
“I just knew that it would catch her attention and none of the other girls would do it. I wanted to show my personality.”

So you aren’t aiming for a career in the music industry at any stage?!
“No! I don’t even have rhythm. A lot of people took it as me being serious but I can’t dance. I have no rhythm! It was a joke!”

How was it working with Tyra?
“It was great. It will open a lot of doors for me so I don’t regret it for a second and I know I will make the most of it.”

What did you think when you found out the prize this season was Italian Vogue?
“I thought that was just amazing. We were so shocked, none of us expected it. We knew going in that it would be bigger than ever but Italian Vogue? Whoever does win the cycle is set for life! Their career will already be where we are all trying to get!”

Will you keep modeling?
“Yes. I live about an hour and a half away from LA so I will go to agencies out there and try to get started.”

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: Digital Spy
Source: The CWJessica Brooks


In September of 2010, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Phil Kural):

Maybe I’m Not High Fashion, and That’s Not What I’m Looking For” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview With America’s Next Top Model 15’s Sara

Sara was the third girl eliminated this cycle of America’s Next Top Model when the judges felt that she simply could not shake her “California Girl” image. Does she feel she was ever given a chance? What does she think about being simply a “pretty girl”? Does Sara stand by her elimination comment that doing the show was all for nothing?

I have to admit that as Episode 3 started and Sara was one of the first girls talking, I knew she was going to do either really well or really awful that week. Reason being is because she was nonexistent in the first two episodes and all of a sudden they are focusing on her. Well, she was sent home, all because the judges felt that she was just “too pretty.” What does Sara think about that comment and her time on the show? Read on!

RealityNewsOnline: Well, hello there, Sara! Thanks for chatting with me today. How much of previous cycles of the show had you seen, and why did you decide to apply in the first place?

Sara: No problem at all! I’ve seen almost every episode when it has aired, and if I didn’t see it then, then I’m sure I’ve caught it on a marathon. I tried out for Cycle 11 a few years ago, when I was first interested in modeling, and then I tried out again this year thinking that if I didn’t make it, then I was just going to start knocking on agencies’ doors! Thank goodness they picked me!

RNO: The judges said several times that you simply looked like a “blonde California girl.” Why do you think they chose you then for this season, especially since it was geared towards high fashion?

Sara: That was my one question the entire time. I think that the judges thought after makeovers that it would make me more high fashion. I think they used me being pretty the whole time against me. It’s as if they were saying that being pretty was my downfall!

RNO: Although the judges did change your hair color, do you feel that you were ever able to step out of the stereotype they had already formed over you?

Sara: I felt like the whole time I was there that I was constantly being reminded of the same thing over and over. I really don’t feel like I was given a fair shot since they had this stereotype of me. In my opinion, their mind was made up well before I was actually sent home.

RNO: We saw this week that one girl was sent home after the makeovers. Did it ever run through your mind that it was going to be you?

Sara: I was worried, but, I mean, I felt like I was taking my makeover great and I never felt bad or voiced anything negative about what they were doing. Even when Mr. and Ms. Jay got in an argument over my look and how they weren’t crazy about it, I told them that I liked it and I was open to it. I was shocked that someone went home, but I had a feeling it was going to be Terra since she did have an epic meltdown during the whole thing.

RNO: After your elimination, you stated that you left your son for something that never even panned out. Do you feel going on the show was a waste of time?

Sara: No, I don’t. I said that at the time because I felt really bad and I was upset. I’m so thankful for the show and I think that it’s definitely going to take me somewhere. I don’t feel guilty at all for leaving, and I do think that it has opened up doors for me that would have never been there.

RNO: How about your look that Tyra gave you? Were you happy with it and did you end up sticking with it?

Sara: At the time I actually felt that it did make me look high fashion, but watching it on TV, all I could think about was how horrible it was! I am growing my hair back as we speak, and although I do plan on keeping it somewhat dark, it’s not going to be anywhere near as dark as it was on the show.

RNO: One controversial moment this week was the list that Lexie, Ann, and Rhianna cooked up over the makeovers. Were all the girls really that naïve to believe it would just be lying on the floor?

Sara: You know what, I think we really were! It had just come out as far as what was going on with our makeovers, and the paper had all the right lingo on it since Lexie had worked at a salon, so all the technical words were there. They made it look really legit! We did realize, though, that they had spelled some of the girls’ names wrong, so by the time we had actually gotten to the salon, I think everyone figured out that it wasn’t real.

RNO: Looking back at when you were in the bottom two with Lexie, and the negative reviews she had gotten from the panel, did you feel like you had a good shot at staying over her?

Sara: I really did think that I was staying. I even remember thinking that had I been in the bottom two with anyone else, I knew I would go home, but with Lexie, I figured that I had a great chance of staying. I mean, her critiques were way worse than mine, so I thought that I was going to remain in the competition. I was confused and shocked that I went over her.

RNO: Have the actions or words of any of the girls shocked you, now that you know what is said behind closed doors?

Sara: No, not really. Nobody really said anything negative about me, and I think we all talked about it after the fact and apologized. It happens – at the moment you vent sometimes, but you have the sense to go and make things right again down the line.

RNO: Do you feel that there is something you have learned about yourself that you are able to take away from the experience of being on the show?

Sara: I think I have a lot more confidence now that I’ve done the show. When I applied, I thought I could be a model, and now I know that I can be one. Maybe I’m not high fashion, and that’s not what I’m looking for. I know I can make a name for myself out there in modeling, and I can just do it my way.

RNO: Do you feel had you been given more time in the competition, that you could have molded into what the judges were looking for, or do you feel your look never would have measured up to what they were looking for?

Sara: The whole time I was there, I was told that I was too pretty. They used it against me every second of every day. Maybe in a previous cycle, I could have made my looks work to my advantage. This cycle they wanted unique girls that don’t have the whole all-American look, and I get that. I just wasn’t what they were looking for, and there was no way I’d be able to become that.

RNO: There doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot of drama going on at the house this season. Is that a fair statement, or editing not showing us all the good stuff this cycle?

Sara: No, it’s so true. The drama that they are showing you is really what happened, and no other. The stakes were higher this cycle, and we all knew that. All the girls this season were there to become models, not to be on TV.

RNO: So what is the plan from here? Are you going to focus on being a mom, or do you still want to go after modeling?

Sara: My son comes first, always. I do want to go to agencies, though, and I’m lining up some photographers so that I can build a portfolio. Prior to the show I had no modeling experience at all, so I have to start from the bottom, but I’m going to get there eventually!

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to fans of the show?

Sara: Just thank you so much for all the support and for those that were rooting for me. It means a lot and I’m really enjoying all the love!

RNO: Thanks, Sara!

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: Reality News Online
Source: The CW / Deborah Anderson

In September of 2010, Reality TV Games interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by “aga”):

Reality TV Games participated in a post-elimination phone call with America Next Top Model 15’s Sara Blackamore.

How old are you?

Twenty-one. (Height?) 5’10” (Ethnicity?) Caucasian. (Hometown?) Menifee, California (What part of California is that?) Riverside County in southern California. (later) I lived in Riverside County my whole life.

I hear noise in the background, is that who I think it is?

That’s my son, [Kaiden]. (How old is he now?) He’s a year and a half. (How would you describe him?) He is the most energetic little boy I ever met in my whole life! He’s really athletic already and has a really, really outgoing personality.

You mentioned in your video interview that some of the other competitors may not be serious about modeling, can you elaborate on that?

Some girls [applied] because their friends told them to try out and if they made it, they made it and if they didn’t they didn’t. So for us girls that would give anything for it that sucks. If [these finalists / contestants] did not make it on Top Model, they were not even going to try to go out there… try to go agencies on their own and if they lasted longer than me then that would be something that’d hurt.

How did your interest in modeling develop?

When I was in high school I was more focused on sports and a lot of people would say, “oh, you should model,” but I was bigger than I am now and then I graduated and decided that that’s what I really want to do and I got into better shape. (You tried out for Top Model before, right?) Yes, I tried out for Cycle 11 (How far did you get?) I got a callback and I went in and made a video for Tyra but I [didn’t get called back after that]… I went in nervous, I did not have the confidence that I do now. When I didn’t make it, I decided that I would keep preparing myself, then I had my son and once I got back into shape I decided that I was going to try out for Cycle 15 and if I didn’t make it then I was going to go to agencies, but I made it (chuckles). (How long did it take to come up with your rap?) I  did it in like an hour.

How do you feel about your makeover… then and now?

When they gave me that makeover, I thought that it was going to totally help me a lot because you can see how they kept telling me that I was too pretty but what you saw was just a little bit… that was all I heard the whole time, “you’re too California,” “you’re too pretty,” they kept saying it over and over… they picked me and they knew that’s what I looked like. So when I got the makeover I was like, “Finally, now they’ll stop calling me pretty!” and it will take me to the high fashion level. So I really did like the makeover but since then… after watching it, I really don’t get the makeover… I don’t get it whatsoever and if anything the makeover will hurt me when I go to agencies. (Do you still have your makeover look?) I definitely did not keep the makeover, I have dyed my eyebrows back and I have darker hair and I am growing my hair longer. I did keep it for a little while when I got home, cause I took Tyra’s advice and every time that I went anywhere people would make comments like, “why do your eyebrows look like that?” Usually I would not care but then I was like no one really gets it… even some designers, they really did not get it either. (You mentioned designers, were you trying put for fashion shows or something like that?) From the show… just from the show.

Do you agree with your elimination?

I knew that I did not do well on the photo shoot… I went into the photo shoot with not the right mind set and then I did not do a good job so I knew that I was going to be in the bottom two. I don’t know… I was so lucky to be on the show but I was already the girl who was too pretty… I was already the California girl and I don’t think that there was much I could do to change their minds, they already had me in that category. When I went in I thought I was totally winning but then all I heard was negative critiques, I never heard anything good, like even after the runway show I was shocked when I watched it last week and the Jays talked about how I did such a good job because I never heard one good critique when I was there, I only heard negative things. Before I got on the show I thought I was going to win but when I got there and all I heard were negative critiques… I did not have that confidence.

What is your plan when it comes to modeling?

I am going to agencies with my new look which is more like me, what they gave me that wasn’t me. I have some photographers lined up to help me build my portfolio and I am just going to go to agencies until someone likes me. (What type of modeling are you targeting? What appeals to you?) You know, after doing the show I realized that I don’t really have a high fashion, quirky look… I am just going to go and see what my look will get me. I really don’t see it going high fashion, but if I get there then I get there but [I am going to pursue whatever I can get.

How did you like living in Los Angeles and the Top Model house?

I had never actually been to Venice Beach so that was cool… I wanted to go to New York but LA was fun too. [LA is an hour and a half to two hours from my hometown] and I had only been there a couple of times before… I was excited.

Was the bullying shoot meaningful to you?

Yeah it was something that meant something to me, when I was in high school some girls posted stuff on the internet about me. (So you mind sharing what they said?) They said that I looked like a manly dyke. They had this little group that would make fun of me… it was something that hurt me.

Who were your closest friends in the house?

Chelsey was definitely my closest friend. We had gone through the whole process together, we were in LA for the initial tryouts [where we met the Cycle 15 casting directors] after we sent in our applications. We sat next to each other… after that we kept in contact through Facebook and ever since then we have been friends. I was [also] friends with Chris and Liz. I actually got along with everyone except for Esther, Esther was the only person that I never really connected with… we are just completely different people and she was just one of the people who I felt really did not care about modeling enough to be there… and maybe she did but I never really felt it from her. (Did something happen or was it just the not connecting thing?) I got along with her… I got along with everyone but I just did not connect with her as much.

Now that you are out of the competition, who are you rooting for to win?

Chelsey for sure. I think that she is the most deserving, she more than anyone left in the house will make a career and she has experienced everything in modeling. She’s been modeling for a long time and really knows the industry more than anyone else and I know that she will stick with it when the show ends. (I have to say, I was bothered by the gap widening thing.) It really wasn’t that bad you couldn’t really tell that she got it changed.

I know that you weren’t on the show long, did you meet anyone – designers, photographers, guests judges or others who made a lasting impression on you?

I loved Cynthia Rowley! Also the photographer for the first photo shoot, the one where we had the words written on us, she was really nice she gave us all a book of hers.

Who are your favorite designers?

Proenza Schouler and DSquared2.

Had you watched Top Model before?

Yes, I think that I have seen every single episode. (What is your favorite cycle?) This cycle! (laughs) (Other than this cycle?) I like the short cycle… Cycle 13.

Not counting any of the Cycle 15 cast, who are your favorite ANTM competitors?

I like Bianca from Cycle 9, she’s my favorite, a lot of girls didn’t like her, but I liked her. (I have to admit to liking her on the show, but some of the things she said are memorable and part of the Top Model lexicon.) I am sure that she is not that bad… that happens… it all gets edited, we all say bad things… without thinking. I liked Danielle too.

Do you have any regrets, would you do anything differently?

I would have been more confident, I think that hearing all of the negative things broke me down, I know that they don’t show it, but I was one of the girls who was constantly practicing in the mirror and I was always on the runway. I felt like when I got in front of Jay for the photo shoots… I felt like he did not like me, so I never felt like I could give 100% because they already had their opinion of me.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network?

I am on Facebook.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you to everyone that supported me and were rooting for me… and I love all my fans!

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

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Source: The CWJessica Brooks

In September of 2010, TV Guide interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Greg David):

Que Sera Sara

What is Sara Blackamore’s advice for budding models who want to get a leg up in the industry? Don’t go on America’s Next Top Model. Though the mother to a young son appreciates the experience she got from Tyra et. al., she thinks the best route to runway success is through agencies.

Here’s what the California girl had to say about the male models, leaving her son behind and how her eyebrows caused a fight between the two Jays. Emotions always run high at elimination. Do you regret saying that you wasted your time by being there for two months and leaving your son behind? Did you still feel that way a couple of days later?
Sara Blackamore: No, definitely not. It was the emotions at the time. I definitely think it was worth it. Right after I said it, when I went home, I knew I didn’t feel the same way. I’m sure that everyone understands that I have this baby that I love.

TVG: Did you have any hesitation about being on the show in the first place, and leaving him behind?
SB: Yeah. When I first tried out, I didn’t think about making it into the house and leaving him. So, once I did find out that I’d made it, I was really worried. But my boyfriend was 100 per cent supportive of me going on the show and he constantly told me that everything was going to be OK.

TVG: I spoke to Terra (White) about her makeover, which she didn’t like. What about you? You seemed to like yours.
SB: When I first got it, I really liked it. But then when I watched the show, I thought the makeover was absolutely horrid. I haven’t kept it.

TVG: Did you darken your eyebrows?
SB: I did. I actually dyed my hair darker, and I want to keep it dark. I dyed my eyebrows darker, and I’m going to grow my hair out again.

TVG: What’s your opinion on the eyebrow bleaching? I don’t understand it.
SB: I really have no idea. When they told me they were dying my eyebrows, I thought they meant darker. And then they told me they were bleaching them. Then after they did that, the Jays got in this huge fight about how that didn’t work and how it was a one-picture or one-runway thing. I think, from the get-go, they didn’t like it but they kept it. When I went home and would walk around, people would look at me like, “What’s wrong with this girl?”

TVG: How painful was the harness that you had to wear in the angel photo shoot?
SB: It was pretty bad, but I think it was worse for Liz. She had bruises and welts afterwards. We were harnessed in the runway shoot and that was pretty bad, too.

TVG: It must be hard to make a connection with the male models when you’re up in the air like that.
SB: It looked like we were talking to the male models a lot, but we were in hair and makeup, so it’s not like we connected with them. They were cocky as heck, so it’s not like we could connect with them.

TVG: Cocky? What else did you not like about them?
SB: My model was the worst. I trusted his opinion because he has a lot more experience than me, and before the shoot I told him what our word was. I asked him what we should do for the look and he told me not to worry about it because the photographer would tell us what to do. He screwed it up for me. That was a bummer.

TVG: What have you learned about the industry from ANTM?
SB: I learned that modelling is a lot harder than it looks, and it’s a lot more than just taking pictures.

TVG: What would you say to a girl that wanted to sign up for ANTM?
SB: Go to agencies instead.

TVG: Really?
SB: Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the show. It has opened so many doors for me. But you have to realize its reality TV too. I wouldn’t have left my son if I had known that. For some stupid reason, I thought it was all about modelling. I think if there are girls that really, really want to model, agencies are the way to go.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: TV Guide
Source: The CWKeith Major

In September of 2010, Wet Paint interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Lauren Bull):

Exclusive Interview: Top Model Castoff Sara on What Surprised Her About the Show

After getting bleached blond eyebrows and chocolate brown hair, Sara packed her bags on last night’s America’s Next Top Model episode, failing to woo the judges with her seductive angel poses. Find out what Sara has to say about her son, her rap skills, and the surprising lack of drama in this exclusive Wetpaint interview.

You had a pretty dramatic makeover last night. Have you kept up the look?

No, I said I would keep it up, but after I got home, no one understood it whatsoever (laughs). I kept my hair dark and my eyebrows are darker.

Did you suspect after the fallen angels shoot that you might be going home?

Even before the fallen angels shoot, I didn’t feel that confident. I kept getting that critique, “You’re too pretty.” Then I went into the fallen angels shoot, and all with all the different element of the shoot…I didn’t go in there with a good mindset. My male model was a jerk, too. I knew I would be in the bottom two, but I told myself, “If I’m in the bottom two with Lexie, I’m not going home.”

Based on what happened last night, it definitely seemed like it would be Lexie.

I know. Even watching it yesterday, I thought she was going home! (laughs) No offense to Lexie.

You said after being eliminated that you were feeling guilt over leaving your son. Do you regret going on the show?

I said I felt guilty at that moment. But I definitely think it was the best choice for me to go. My son was fine while I was there. I’m definitely glad I did it.

The rap you performed was one of the highlights of the interview process. Did you think doing something fun might give you an edge?

I really just did it to show off my personality, just to get some attention. I obviously can’t rap, I have no rhythm, but it was just for fun. I know there’s no future in rapping for me.

What was it like living in the house with group of girls competing against one another?

Really, compared to other cycles, there was not a lot of drama. While I was there, everyone got along. While we were there we kind of put the competition behind us and brought it when we needed to.

Was there anything that really surprised you about the process?

When I went into it, I looked at it as more of a whole modeling competition. I didn’t realize how much of a reality show it was.

Are you still planning to pursue modeling?

Yeah, definitely. I have some photographers lined up to build up my portfolio. Then I’ll go to a bunch of agencies and hope one of them likes me.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

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