In May of 2006 conducted an interview with Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the article (written by Jackie Helm):

Interview with Nnenna, the 8th eliminated lady from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 6.
By Jackie Helm

Hi Nnenna!  I can’t believe you were eliminated.  You had the face, walk, talk that the judges ask for.  You won several challenges and received most compliments and praise; I just can’t believe you were sent home.

“Oh it happens.”

What is your interpretation of why you were eliminated?

“My interpretation is that the season was about transformation.  I feel like the judges did not see that much transformation from the first time I came into the competition -as opposed to some of the girls that showed growth.”

Are you going to continue to pursue modeling?

“Yes definitely.  I plan o n moving out to New York next month and visiting the agencies and see what the response is.”

Are you going to keep the bald look?

“Yes.  The bald look seems to work for me.  My hair has grown out a little bit right now.  It depends o n whoever is interested in working with me.  If they want me to go bald again then I will go bald.”

Do you mind if I ask if you and John are still together?

“We are sorting that out right now.  We are working o n things.”

As viewers, we really were not “feelin” John.  Instead of being your strong solid rock he seemed to whine a lot about himself.

“The competition was a stressful time for both of us.  I think editing increased actually what happened.  A lot of our conversations were taken out of context.  Both sides of the story were not actually heard.  You just see us arguing.  You don’t know what we are arguing about.  It was bad timing.”

Do you feel like you would chose modeling over John?

“I don’t think it will come down to choosing modeling over John.  There are lots of models that still keep relationships going.  I don’t think it’s about John vs. modeling.  I can have a relationship and still remain focused o n a career.”

Hopefully John can be a little more secure.  You are a hot mama and if he was worried about you while you were in the house then he will have lots to worry about as you continue modeling.

“John is a very secure person.  I know we had the scene with the male model and a lot of people questioned my morals.  The relationship has been strong and I have never done anything for him to question me or not trust me.  We have never cheated and we have a lot of trust.  We have other issues that the show didn’t reveal.  It was just taken out of context a little bit.”

I don’t think you cheated with the male model.  That was just a hot shot.

(Nnenna Laughs)

Nnenna don’t be mad at me because I didn’t say very nice things about John in my recaps.

“I am mad at you.  Watching the show, I don’t expect people to think differently because they o nly have what they have been presented with.  Judgments are being made by what was TV so I can’t expect anything different.”

How did Nigel find out about you and John being o n the phone every night?

“I have no idea because I remember the judges saying something like they are not aware of what goes o n in the house.  So, I really don’t know.  I was in shock; they caught me off guard with that question.”

What girls are you still in touch with?

“I am still in touch with pretty much all of the girls, if not by phone, by email at least.  I became very close friends with Furonda and Jade.  I am really close friends with Gina.  I email Sara…emailed Brooke a couple of times…so I’ve kept in touch with all the girls.”

Speaking of Brooke, she told me that she apologized and that you two made up.  Do you feel that you were wrong or being selfish with the phone?

“Yes, definitely.  When I look at myself o n television I feel like I made a lot of mistakes.  There are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently.  But it’s a lot easier said than done in a high stress environment where you have a lot of things going o n.

A lot of people ask why didn’t I stop talking to John.  John was my o­nly communication to the outside world.  I had a job that I left with very short notice.  I had to have him contact my job to make sure I had it when I got back.  My apartment, my car…I had bills to pay, I had to keep in touch with him.

A lot of things were going o n at the time and I probably didn’t step outside of myself and see the big picture.  I didn’t think I was 100% right in that situation at all.  When I came home I wrote Brooke and apologized.

There were several scenes that showed me laughing when Brooke was making mistakes.  But they didn’t show that Miss J. always made faces.  I am the kind of person that laughs easily.  I am the first o ne to laugh at anything and sometimes it gets me in trouble but I never laughed at Brooke. It was nothing malicious or intentional.  If I knew Brooke was sensitive to it, I wouldn’t have done it.  I wasn’t laughing at Brooke.  Whenever we went before the judges, he always made faces and they never showed it and I don’t know why.  The other girls laughed too and I was kind of hurt that they o nly focused o n my face.”

Thanks for clearing that up.  Do you have any last words or shout outs?

“I was excited to be o n the show.  It was a good opportunity for me to do something that I otherwise would not have had the chance to do.  I am happy with the outcome.”

Thank you so much for talking with me Nnenna.  Although I was certain that I would interview you last in hopes that you would be the winner!

“Thank you.  It is surprising that people think that of me so it’s quite flattering, thank you.”

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

Source: The CW