In March of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Sarah Dankelman-Dore following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses her past modeling work, her audition experience and feelings regarding her elimination. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

“People Got To Learn Nothing About Me” — An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 4’s Sarah

Sarah was the second girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model. What did she think of the experience? How many people cared when Michelle “came out?” Why was Sarah eliminated? Phil Kural tackles all these questions right here!

Like I said last week, I love interviewing the first few girls eliminated, since they don’t mind dishing the dirt. Just like Brita, Sarah had some gripes, and in my mind, they were pretty justified. Find out right now why she applied, what she thought of her walk, and what’s in her future.

RealityNewsOnline: Why did you originally audition for the show? Did you send in a tape or attend an open casting call?

Sarah: I had went to an open call in NYC. It had always been a dream of mine to be a model, so I figured ‘what the heck,’ and here I am!

RNO: What do you think you had that made you stand out from the rest of the girls?

Sarah: It was a mix of look and personality. I think the judges like my natural look, and I wasn’t shy about who I was. I think they figured I would be good for reality TV.

RNO: Michelle had said that she was scared to tell the girls she was gay for fear of people judging her. Did anyone seem to have a problem with it?

Sarah: No, nobody had a problem with it. I mean, in today’s society, it’s not a shock if someone is gay like it was years ago. When we first heard that she had this “big secret,” some of us thought she was going to say she used to be a man. Now THAT would have been entertaining! But no, it was no big deal at all.

RNO: When you were eliminated, you had said that you had more talent than some of the other girls, Brittany in particular. From what we were shown, though, you do realize that your walk was one of the worst, right?

Sarah: Basically, the two-second phrase that I said was taken out of context. First, I said I had more natural talent than some of the other girls. I mean, seriously, all the girls’ walks sucked. We had to walk about 25 times before the judges, and you only got to see one time. I think that all the girls had potential to be great models, but I feel that stripped down, and without all the makeup, I was one of the most natural beauties there.

RNO: Did you have any kind of modeling experience before you were on the show?

Sarah: I had done some little things in the past. I had modeled in Stuff magazine and did a few catalogs and minor runway shows. Nothing all that extravagant though.

RNO: How long after Rebecca collapsed did it take for the panel to continue with judging? Was Noelle the only one that knew of Rebecca’s condition prior to the incident?

Sarah: It took about four hours for everything to start up again. I mean, you have to realize that the girl went to the hospital and came home! The only girls I think that knew about her condition were Noelle, Lluvy, Kahlen, and myself. Us five girls were pretty close.

RNO: In retrospect, is there anything you could have done to stay around longer?

Sarah: You know, I think I did okay! Yes, I know that on TV I might have looked a little bad, but once again, you don’t get to see everything. The one thing I will say, and this is advice to girls that apply in the future, is be yourself. Know who you are and exude confidence. If you have any bit of doubt in you, the judges will see it and eat you alive.

RNO: Most of the girls I have interviewed from seasons past have said they knew when they were going to be eliminated. Did you know it was going to be you, or were you blindsided?

Sarah: Oh, I knew it was me going home. Before the judging began, I didn’t think it was going to be me, but when they were doing their evaluations, they had nothing nice to say to me, so I knew it was going to be me going home. You have to prepare yourself so that you don’t turn into a mess when you are eliminated.

RNO: Do you think it was fair that Rebecca got to pick five girls to share in her reward, when some of those that had the best walks weren’t rewarded?

Sarah: It was absolutely fair. It’s a reality TV show, and they are all about the drama. Progress should be rewarded, I agree, but Rebecca could have chosen any five girls, so I didn’t feel bad.

RNO: Knowing what you do now, when it comes to modeling and the industry, do you still have a desire to be involved with it?

Sarah: Absolutely. I moved to NYC from Baltimore a few years ago in order to follow my dream, so my goal is to use the show as a stepping stone into a modeling career.

RNO: What was the reason the judges gave you for your elimination? On TV, it was very unclear as to why you were being let go.

Sarah: They told me it was a confidence issue. I mean, I had a bad walk, that was pretty apparent, but we were getting no feedback. I doubt that Tyra Banks was born onto a runway. She had to practice, and she got feedback. When it came to telling us what was wrong, they had no problem doing it. However, there was no advice on how to get better!

RNO: Was it a shock to you that Brita was the first girl eliminated, especially since Brandy was so hard to work with on the first shoot?

Sarah: Oh, I was shocked! As were most of the other girls. Brita was a beautiful girl, and how Brandy got to stay before her I’ll never know. They told Brita she wasn’t photogenic, which is crap. I’ve seen Brita’s portfolio and the girl is amazing. Her body is rock solid muscle. Her clothes, makeup and pose in her photograph should all be blamed on the crew. They knew they were setting her up for failure. That girl is VERY photogenic, and to compare to someone as mediocre and bitchy as Brandy is just wrong.

RNO: Who is your pick to win the competition now that you have been eliminated?

Sarah: You know, I have no clue. The judges confuse me all the time with what they are looking for. Brita going home first and me leaving second proves that. I have no clue who will be eliminated next.

RNO: Do you feel that you were edited fairly, or was there another side of Sarah that the viewer didn’t get to see?

Sarah: America didn’t even really get to know me! I feel like I was only shown for like two seconds. I mean, I can’t say that I was edited poorly, but it wasn’t accurate either. There is only so much you can show or portray on TV, and I just feel like enough of me wasn’t shown.

RNO: What are your plans now? Do you want to continue on the modeling path or are your ready to pursue something new?

Sarah: Well, like I said, I do plan on using the show as a stepping stone. A few people have asked me about acting, and I love being in front of the camera, so I guess we’ll see where it all leads to!

RNO: Thanks again, Sarah!

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Sarah Dankleman-Dore, visit her bio page here.

Photo:   CW