In October of 2005, posted an article regarding Cycle 4’s Lluvy Gomez landing a clothing campaign for JEM Sportswear. Here is the text from the article (written by Julio Martinez):

JEM Taps America’s Next Top Model, Lluvy Gomez for Clothing Campaign

San Fernando, CA — San Fernando based JEM Sportswear, which specializes in finely crafted tee shirts for women chose America’s Next Top model participant Lluvy Gomez to spearhead their promotion of the company’s new red hot line of retro Vintage Peanuts tees, available at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and other specialty stores nationwide.

It was not so long ago that the nation’s fashion industry thought of Latinos and other minority groups as niche consumers that had to be targeted with clothing styles and marketing campaigns that were different than their mainstream focus. “That is absolutely not the way the fashion industry works today,” affirmed Randi Kagan, Vice President of Marketing for the San Fernando-based JEM, which specializes in finely crafted tee shirts for women.

“This such an important time for the growth of the fashion industry into all areas of our population,” says Kagan. “Latino teens and young adults are on the brink of being leaders in pointing the way for the fashion trends of the future, both as creators and consumers. JEM Sportswear expects to reflect those trends.”

Since Peanuts creator Charles Schultz always utilized the Peanuts strip to underscore the major holidays, JEM plans to market Vintage Peanuts tees to reflect the Peanuts characters reveling in their enjoyment of these seasonal events. In honor of the current holiday, Lluvy sports a Vintage Peanuts tee while popping Halloween candy into the mouth of Entertainment Tonight host, Mark Steines.

“There is nothing more Americana then Peanuts,” affirms Kagen. “And this particular line celebrates the cartoon series drawings from its first decade, the 50s.” The JEM line of Peanuts tees is also being promoted by the mirror image Latino Doublemint twins.

When asked to comment, all Charlie Brown could say was, “Good grief.”

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Lluvy Gomez, visit her bio page here.