In September of 2010, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Phil Kural):

Maybe I’m Not High Fashion, and That’s Not What I’m Looking For” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview With America’s Next Top Model 15’s Sara

Sara was the third girl eliminated this cycle of America’s Next Top Model when the judges felt that she simply could not shake her “California Girl” image. Does she feel she was ever given a chance? What does she think about being simply a “pretty girl”? Does Sara stand by her elimination comment that doing the show was all for nothing?

I have to admit that as Episode 3 started and Sara was one of the first girls talking, I knew she was going to do either really well or really awful that week. Reason being is because she was nonexistent in the first two episodes and all of a sudden they are focusing on her. Well, she was sent home, all because the judges felt that she was just “too pretty.” What does Sara think about that comment and her time on the show? Read on!

RealityNewsOnline: Well, hello there, Sara! Thanks for chatting with me today. How much of previous cycles of the show had you seen, and why did you decide to apply in the first place?

Sara: No problem at all! I’ve seen almost every episode when it has aired, and if I didn’t see it then, then I’m sure I’ve caught it on a marathon. I tried out for Cycle 11 a few years ago, when I was first interested in modeling, and then I tried out again this year thinking that if I didn’t make it, then I was just going to start knocking on agencies’ doors! Thank goodness they picked me!

RNO: The judges said several times that you simply looked like a “blonde California girl.” Why do you think they chose you then for this season, especially since it was geared towards high fashion?

Sara: That was my one question the entire time. I think that the judges thought after makeovers that it would make me more high fashion. I think they used me being pretty the whole time against me. It’s as if they were saying that being pretty was my downfall!

RNO: Although the judges did change your hair color, do you feel that you were ever able to step out of the stereotype they had already formed over you?

Sara: I felt like the whole time I was there that I was constantly being reminded of the same thing over and over. I really don’t feel like I was given a fair shot since they had this stereotype of me. In my opinion, their mind was made up well before I was actually sent home.

RNO: We saw this week that one girl was sent home after the makeovers. Did it ever run through your mind that it was going to be you?

Sara: I was worried, but, I mean, I felt like I was taking my makeover great and I never felt bad or voiced anything negative about what they were doing. Even when Mr. and Ms. Jay got in an argument over my look and how they weren’t crazy about it, I told them that I liked it and I was open to it. I was shocked that someone went home, but I had a feeling it was going to be Terra since she did have an epic meltdown during the whole thing.

RNO: After your elimination, you stated that you left your son for something that never even panned out. Do you feel going on the show was a waste of time?

Sara: No, I don’t. I said that at the time because I felt really bad and I was upset. I’m so thankful for the show and I think that it’s definitely going to take me somewhere. I don’t feel guilty at all for leaving, and I do think that it has opened up doors for me that would have never been there.

RNO: How about your look that Tyra gave you? Were you happy with it and did you end up sticking with it?

Sara: At the time I actually felt that it did make me look high fashion, but watching it on TV, all I could think about was how horrible it was! I am growing my hair back as we speak, and although I do plan on keeping it somewhat dark, it’s not going to be anywhere near as dark as it was on the show.

RNO: One controversial moment this week was the list that Lexie, Ann, and Rhianna cooked up over the makeovers. Were all the girls really that naïve to believe it would just be lying on the floor?

Sara: You know what, I think we really were! It had just come out as far as what was going on with our makeovers, and the paper had all the right lingo on it since Lexie had worked at a salon, so all the technical words were there. They made it look really legit! We did realize, though, that they had spelled some of the girls’ names wrong, so by the time we had actually gotten to the salon, I think everyone figured out that it wasn’t real.

RNO: Looking back at when you were in the bottom two with Lexie, and the negative reviews she had gotten from the panel, did you feel like you had a good shot at staying over her?

Sara: I really did think that I was staying. I even remember thinking that had I been in the bottom two with anyone else, I knew I would go home, but with Lexie, I figured that I had a great chance of staying. I mean, her critiques were way worse than mine, so I thought that I was going to remain in the competition. I was confused and shocked that I went over her.

RNO: Have the actions or words of any of the girls shocked you, now that you know what is said behind closed doors?

Sara: No, not really. Nobody really said anything negative about me, and I think we all talked about it after the fact and apologized. It happens – at the moment you vent sometimes, but you have the sense to go and make things right again down the line.

RNO: Do you feel that there is something you have learned about yourself that you are able to take away from the experience of being on the show?

Sara: I think I have a lot more confidence now that I’ve done the show. When I applied, I thought I could be a model, and now I know that I can be one. Maybe I’m not high fashion, and that’s not what I’m looking for. I know I can make a name for myself out there in modeling, and I can just do it my way.

RNO: Do you feel had you been given more time in the competition, that you could have molded into what the judges were looking for, or do you feel your look never would have measured up to what they were looking for?

Sara: The whole time I was there, I was told that I was too pretty. They used it against me every second of every day. Maybe in a previous cycle, I could have made my looks work to my advantage. This cycle they wanted unique girls that don’t have the whole all-American look, and I get that. I just wasn’t what they were looking for, and there was no way I’d be able to become that.

RNO: There doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot of drama going on at the house this season. Is that a fair statement, or editing not showing us all the good stuff this cycle?

Sara: No, it’s so true. The drama that they are showing you is really what happened, and no other. The stakes were higher this cycle, and we all knew that. All the girls this season were there to become models, not to be on TV.

RNO: So what is the plan from here? Are you going to focus on being a mom, or do you still want to go after modeling?

Sara: My son comes first, always. I do want to go to agencies, though, and I’m lining up some photographers so that I can build a portfolio. Prior to the show I had no modeling experience at all, so I have to start from the bottom, but I’m going to get there eventually!

RNO: Is there anything you would like to add or say to fans of the show?

Sara: Just thank you so much for all the support and for those that were rooting for me. It means a lot and I’m really enjoying all the love!

RNO: Thanks, Sara!

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: Reality News Online
Source: The CW / Deborah Anderson