In September of 2010, Reality TV Games interviewed Cycle 15‘s Terra White following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by “aga”):

Reality TV Games Exclusive Interview with ANTM 15’s Terra White

Reality TV Games participated in a post-elimination phone call with America Next Top Model 15’s Terra White.

How tall are you?

5’9″ ( hometown?) Arlington (a suburb of Dallas Texas). (Any siblings other than Chris?) It’s just us two.

Are you a student or do you work?

I work… I am an assistant manager at a [shoe] store. (Do you like shoes?) Yes, I love clothes, fashion all of it. (What are your favorite shoes?) I don’t know what they’re called, some people call them the Janelle Monae shoes, they’re black and white flats… I like any type of flats, heels I don’t necessarily deal with but any type of flats and sandals, I love. (Who is your favorite designer?) I don’t really have a favorite designer, when I was on the show I got to learn about some but before the show I did not know a lot about designers because for me fashion was whatever I felt looked right or what I liked in a magazine. I am starting to like Alexander McQueen and the creativity that he has. (How would you describe your personal style?) I am very fashionable, I wear whatever I feel is right… I don’t copy anyone else or care what other people say, I just do me.

How did your interest in modeling develop?

I was really into sports and not into the really girly stuff and the older I got the more that I started to look at magazines and stuff and I started to like fashion and then I started watching the show. I liked how you can mix fashion and photography… or you can mix fashion with runway. Me being athletic I never really walked in heels but then I started to walk in heels and that is when I formed a walk and I really, really love the runway, it’s one of my [favorite things]. I would like to continue modeling whether it is runway or print ad or other things in the industry. (What sports did you play?) I played soccer and basketball. (What position did you play in basketball?) I started out as a post, like a four or a five, and once I got a little better I started doing [inaudible] basketball and then they pretty much put me where they needed me. (later) I have not taken a lot of pictures before… well I did when I was in college, I had a friend who was a photographer that always loved to shoot me and we would do stuff whenever he had a bright idea and he took my graduation pictures.

How did you come to be cast on Top Model? You tried out before, right?

I don’t remember the cycles, but I tried out three times before. (How far did you get?) I always made it to the part where you have to make a tape for Tyra.

Did you and your sister have a strategy when it came to being cast and competing on Top Model?

The strategy was to make the girls think that [we] are not intimidated… to be very confident in yourself and not worry about anything and just be ourselves and that is basically what we did. Having the pair of us there was even more intimidating but you have to make people think that you are confident and you are not going to let anything stop you.

How was it for your mother going through this? Was she nervous?

She’s always nervous… every time the show comes, she’s like, “is there anything that you need to warn me about before I watch the show… is there anything that is going to make me upset or sad?” She’s always concerned about us but in a good way, she does not want us to be hurt or to be sad or anything like that. Going through this… she has always been nervous from day one, dropping us off at the first audition, she was nervous.

When you found out that you would not be continuing in the competition, what thought(s) went your mind at that moment?

[The thought that crossed my mind] was basically that I let them cut my hair for nothing. You give someone a makeover to improve their look and see how they work with that look, yeah we took pictures after the makeover and I did exceptionally well… I did very well but I don’t feel that I was given the chance to do a real photo shoot with my makeover so the whole time I was thinking that, “they didn’t even see what I can do with this makeover… they saw nothing.” I kept trying to figure out their reasoning behind it and even when I got home I was like, “I just don’t understand… I don’t understand.” I then came to the realization that I won’t probably understand… but they must’ve cut my hair because they thought that it was a look that best for me and they gave it to me for a reason so I am just going to take the look they gave me and run with it.

When you were shown being upset over your makeover, was that a momentary thing? It appeared like they wanted to get a reaction out of you and then when you reacted, they used that as reason to eliminate you.

It depends on who you are, if your hair means nothing to you and you go and get it cut one day and love it, that’s fine and that’s you… when I go to the salon I get the same thing done, I get it washed blow dried and flat ironed… if it was up to me I would never walk into a salon and say, “cut my hair,” I would never do that. I have been going to the same beautician and I would never hand her a picture and say cut my hair this short, if I did she would say, “stop playing.” [However,] I am not the type of person who is going to complain every single time they touch my hair… “OK, stop cutting my hair… don’t perm my hair… don’t color my hair… you’re messing up my hair.” They permed and colored my hair twice and damaged my hair horribly and I didn’t say anything about them doing that. If I did not want it cut at all I would have said, “I don’t want to be here, eliminate me before you even cut my hair.” They showed me what they were going to do to my hair before they did it… I said nothing I chose to sit in the chair and have them cut my hair. I am not going to let [them] try to blame me, like I said there was a reason for them doing it… to try an better me in the modeling industry so I had to accept that.

Do you think that your elimination was fair in terms of the reasoning and your performance? If someone had to be eliminated were you the right person?

No… yeah, I was upset that I got my hair cut, it was difficult for me to get it cut but to me there were other people there who I felt maybe deserved to get cut more than me. but like I said they have their reason for it and it had to be a pretty good reason.

What is your plan when it comes to modeling?

[I]Wherever doors open to me is where I will go. I am going to pursue every opportunity that I can, I am going to make my portfolio and present it to different people… I am going to exhaust [all options] until there are no more and once I do that if it does not work out for me I have a degree in health and I will become a health teacher.

Where did you go to school?

It’s a historically black college, Prairie View A&M University about forty minutes outside of Houston. (Aren’t they known for their band or something?) Yes this weekend is the Grambling and Prairie View game, it’s the biggest game of the year and it is called the Battle of the Bands because they are supposedly the best bands in the nation and when they go head to head it’s a really big deal. (Is it one of those situations where more people are there for the band than the game?) I go for the football game, but yeah some people don’t even come until the second quarter when the band is about to come out.

How did you like living in Los Angeles and the Top Model house?

I love LA, it was very beautiful and I loved the people. Our house was very, very beautiful… the view that we had with the big opened window, we all just enjoyed waking up in the morning and looking out the window. (What did you do to keep yourself busy in the house?) There really wasn’t much to do, we would try to create things to do, play on the runway… and act goofy and have our own runway shows with commentators and then with our big open window… we would look at the people when they walked by… and the little puppies and things like that, we would find ways to enjoy each others company.

My favorite experience was the runway… being able to present Diane von Furstenberg’s clothes was a very good experience. She’s very, very very sweet… it was just a good experience for me. I really did not like the first photo shoot at all, with the first photo shoot there were two different views between what the photographer wanted and what we were told. When Tyra and Jay were explaining it, the message that I got was to be empowered – you’re not that worried anymore, you are [overcoming] that word, so be strong, show what you are now. So I had the mentality that I am going to show that this is not what defines who I am now. and then when I get on set, the photographer is like, “show that you’re sad, show that you’re emotional and that the word hurts you… go back to that moment when the kids were making fun of you.” I got confused and I am trying but I am confused because I wanted to be empowered because I am not that word anymore, I am something new. It was confusing and when the judges are looking at it and they’re confused… that whole photo shoot… I did not like at all.

What does your bully word mean?

My bully word was soup cooler which basically means that I had big lips… it was more of the guys than the girls and when I was coming up I stayed away from guys… I worried about myself and doing well in school and playing sports. It wasn’t comfortable and I was not comfortable with them at all… I was looking at my lips and not in a good way… I tried to hide my lips or cover them up and even today sometimes I do that because I don’t like the attention they get because I don’t want to be looked at for my lips, I want to be looked at for my personality… that’s why it was harder for me. I accept them, they are a part of me, I just don’t try to make them standout more that they already do, like I don’t wear colored lipstick, I just do something nude… I accept them because they are a part of me but I don’t accentuate them.

Who were your closest friends in the house?

My sister of course, and Kendal, I got along with Kendal very, very well because we are around the same age and we have a lot of things in common. I pretty much talked to everyone, there were some people that were standoffish or didn’t talk that much, I wasn’t there that long but I got along with all the people who were there but Kendal was the one that I got along with the most

Now that you are out of the competition, who are you rooting for to win?

My sister of course… and I really like Rhianna and Kendal. Rhianna has this kind of face, I don’t know how to describe it… she just has this little doll face, I just love how her face is. I like Kendal’s structure and she knows her body.

What few words pop in your mind about…

Jay Manuel – He’s an opinionated person… very opinionated.

Jay Alexander – He’s hilarious to me… He’s like my sister and I can just sit back and laugh at him all day, anything he says is guaranteed to be funny.

Andre Leon Talley – I did not get a chance to experience him either, just don’t wear anything unfashionalble around him because his comments are the truth.

Nigel – I just met him that one time so I can’t really comment on him. He is just as cute in person as he is on TV.

Tyra – Very energetic and vserious about everything she does. How we see her is how we see her every day.

Diane von Furstenberg – She is the sweetest thing I have ever met in my life, I would not mind working with her again. She is not over the top, she knows what she likes, she says what she likes… she’s just sweet – I don’t know much about her, but I love her already.

Cynthia Rowley – She’s sweet too and she’s so little, she’s itty-bitty especially around all of us models. She was just talking like she was a normal person… and we were just having a picnic.

Not counting Cycle 15, what is your favorite ANTM cycle?

I did watch Top Model before and I really liked all the cycles, but I really liked the short cycle because it [demonstrated] that not all models are the same across the board, it shows that you can be short and make it in the industry. It was a good message to me… that not all models have to be tall, skinny they can be short and still be able to work it.

Not counting any of the Cycle 15 cast, who are your favorite ANTM competitors?

I liked Eva because she grew from the person that she was when started on the show… not knowing who she is and look at her now… and being very humble about it though. I also really liked Krista, she never changed. [Even though she got eliminated early, I like Courtney from the short cycle], she had a cast on her foot and she still worked it.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network / blog? Do you have a Model Mayhem page?

I was on Facebook but I deleted it, I will probably get back on that and other social networks when things die down. I was on Model Mayhem until the show and I have not gotten back on yet.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

I appreciate everyone watching and continue watching my sister and this is not the end of me, you will see me in magazines or television because I am going to be somewhere, I am not going to stop.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Terra White, visit her bio page here.

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Source: The CW / Deborah Anderson