In March of 2005, Reality Shack interviewed Cycle 4’s Sarah Dankelman-Dore following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses her runway walk, photo shoot challenges and her plans for pursuing modeling in the future. Here is the text from the article (written by Cori Linder):

Interview with Sarah from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 4

Her runway walk didn’t impress Miss J (or anybody else); but Sarah, a waitress from Baltimore and the second girl eliminated from the fourth cycle of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, didn’t let a walking style prevent her from making one more step towards her goal as a model.

You were chosen among thousands of girls to appear on the show. What do you think the judges saw in you?

I think it was a combination of strong facial features and an outgoing, fun personality. They saw that I was somebody who was easy to work with and really interested in pursuing the industry.

You had some problems with your runway walk, and the girls tried to help you improve it. Do you think their motives were sincere?

Honestly, I really think they were sincere. What people in America don’t see at home is that we all get really close on the show and care about each other. I mean, we talk all day and night and get to know each other. We care about one another, and I don’t believe that in this season there are any backstabbers. Everybody is really genuine.

At the shoot, you didn’t want to give out tips to help the other girls. Was this because you didn’t want to give them a competitive edge, or is it just because you plain didn’t like them?

It had more to do with everybody having to go into the shoot without knowing what to expect. I mean, I had no idea what to expect before I took my pictures. Because this is a competition, it’s only fair that each girl experience the same thing. This is different than somebody helping me with my walk.

During the judging, Rebecca collapsed. Did you know about her condition beforehand? Do you think this will hinder her later on in the competition?

Some of the girls and I definitely knew about her condition and we had discussed it earlier. As I said, we were a close group and talked all day and night for weeks. It’s actually a good thing we knew because when the paramedics arrived, we could share the information with them. I don’t think her condition will hinder her at all.

Tyra said, “We feel you melting. We see such a strong face. We wonder if this girl can see her loveliness, if she believes in it…” What would you tell her?

I honestly think it was very presumptuous of her to say that. When I heard it, I thought it was ridiculous, and so did the other girls. I do believe in myself. I mean, I moved 200 miles away to pursue this career because I believed in myself. It’s interesting; I always thought Tyra was a model, not a psychiatrist.

In your closing statement, you said you had more natural talent than the other girls but felt once again you weren’t good enough. Have you changed your opinion about yourself since the show?

It was actually shocking to hear Tyra say that, and it hurt my feelings. I do believe I have more natural talent than some of the others. With the girls, like Michelle and Brittany, I felt that the show was trying to pull talent out of them. As for me saying that I didn’t feel good enough…A lot of things I said were taken out of context. I actually do believe in myself.

What’s next for you? Are you still going to pursue modeling?

Absolutely. I see this show as the biggest stepping stone for my career. I’m living in this area and starting to make connections.

Miss J tried to help you on your runway walk. What would you tell him about his walk?

Miss J has a fabulous walk and is the best teacher out there. He was the only one to actually sit down and talk with us on a conversational level for almost 4 hours because he really wanted to help us. He was just very personal that way.

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Photo:   CW