In September of 2010, Wet Paint interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Lauren Bull):

Exclusive Interview: Top Model Castoff Sara on What Surprised Her About the Show

After getting bleached blond eyebrows and chocolate brown hair, Sara packed her bags on last night’s America’s Next Top Model episode, failing to woo the judges with her seductive angel poses. Find out what Sara has to say about her son, her rap skills, and the surprising lack of drama in this exclusive Wetpaint interview.

You had a pretty dramatic makeover last night. Have you kept up the look?

No, I said I would keep it up, but after I got home, no one understood it whatsoever (laughs). I kept my hair dark and my eyebrows are darker.

Did you suspect after the fallen angels shoot that you might be going home?

Even before the fallen angels shoot, I didn’t feel that confident. I kept getting that critique, “You’re too pretty.” Then I went into the fallen angels shoot, and all with all the different element of the shoot…I didn’t go in there with a good mindset. My male model was a jerk, too. I knew I would be in the bottom two, but I told myself, “If I’m in the bottom two with Lexie, I’m not going home.”

Based on what happened last night, it definitely seemed like it would be Lexie.

I know. Even watching it yesterday, I thought she was going home! (laughs) No offense to Lexie.

You said after being eliminated that you were feeling guilt over leaving your son. Do you regret going on the show?

I said I felt guilty at that moment. But I definitely think it was the best choice for me to go. My son was fine while I was there. I’m definitely glad I did it.

The rap you performed was one of the highlights of the interview process. Did you think doing something fun might give you an edge?

I really just did it to show off my personality, just to get some attention. I obviously can’t rap, I have no rhythm, but it was just for fun. I know there’s no future in rapping for me.

What was it like living in the house with group of girls competing against one another?

Really, compared to other cycles, there was not a lot of drama. While I was there, everyone got along. While we were there we kind of put the competition behind us and brought it when we needed to.

Was there anything that really surprised you about the process?

When I went into it, I looked at it as more of a whole modeling competition. I didn’t realize how much of a reality show it was.

Are you still planning to pursue modeling?

Yeah, definitely. I have some photographers lined up to build up my portfolio. Then I’ll go to a bunch of agencies and hope one of them likes me.

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: Wet Paint
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