interviewed Cycle 4’s Noelle Staggers following her appearance and elimination from Top Model. Read on to find out how she felt about missing her son, growing up and how she fell into modeling. Here is the text from the article (written by Girl Posse Staff):

The Interview

Noelle’s journey to America’s Next Top Model began like many others: as a fluke. Her mom had heard about a modeling competition in Reno and encouraged Noelle to go for it. She did, and won. As part of the prize package, she was then flown to Houston to meet with the casting director for ANTM. The rest, as they say, is history.

Noelle credits her childhood for her outgoing personality. “I moved around a lot as a kid. It made me sociable.” She says her life was fairly typical. She went to high school. Met the man of her dreams. Then had a baby. Noelle’s motherhood played a very big role in her stay with the other models. “I was like a big sister. The momma coming out. I wanted to take care of everyone. And they’re older than me!” she laughed.

Noelle’s separation anxiety from her son was difficult to deal with, and she believes it played in a role in her elimination. “They come hand in hand. Missing my son didn’t allow me to focus on the competition. Not that I didn’t give it my all. But that last photo shoot … working with the kids. I tried my best, but that was sooo hard.”

Tyra Banks helped alleviate some of Noelle’s fears about being a mom AND a model. “The industry is more lenient now. She really reassured me.” Noelle explained that today you can bring your kids to photo shoots, and still have them be a very big part of your life. “I had to ask, is this OK for my child” and she feels more confident than ever that it is.

SO what was it like to meet Tyra? “I love Tyra Banks!” Noelle exclaimed. “It was odd to meet Tyra. I’m half black, and grew up in a white neighborhood. I remember being a kid looking at magazines and thinking ‘wow – she has a big butt like I do.’ She looked more like me. It made me idolize her.” Growing up with a role model like Tyra was an inspiration to Noelle.

So was modeling harder than Noelle thought it would be? “It sounds like a cliche, but models have to work!” she laughed. “The faces are not as easy as it looks either. The hours are horrendous. I’m glad to have found that out.” As hard as the work was, and as much as Noelle missed her son, she would do it again “in a heartbeat!” Any regrets? “None. How scary is that? As much of a dork and as whiny as I was….” She added “I had a lot of fun. We would play around. We played MASH a lot. You know, the game from high school.” OK – now I’m trying to picture this group of women sitting around a decked out loft playing MASH. And somehow – I can just see it.

What is next for Noelle now? “Everything. I love to act. This introduced me to what I want to do.” I’m also going to keep Noelle’s promise of giving a shout out to the Girlposse crew when she accepts her first Oscar! We’ll be cheering her all the way to the Red Carpet!

Advice for future America’s Next Top Model Contestants:

“Be comfortable with who you are. Don’t change who you are for what you think they want. Be yourself.”

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Noelle Staggers, visit her bio page here.

Photo:  CW