In May of 2006, conducted an interview with Cycle 6‘s Nnenna Agba following her appearance and elimination from the show. Here is the text from the interview (written by Latoya West):

Nnenna Says Top Model Editors Focus On The Negative

Nnenna, the latest contestant eliminated from America’s Next Top Model, tells me the editors of the show “definitely try to pinpoint the negatives.”Take her relationship with her boyfriend John as an example. When I asked Nnenna if they were still together after fighting so much on the show, she told me “We’re still working on our relationship. Some of the arguments that we had had absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, like the kiss with the male model. Those arguments started but they didn’t last long. They didn’t last as long as it seems…It wasn’t as serious as they seemed. I cared more about them when I saw them on TV than I did when they actually happened.”

I also asked Nnenna how she was able to form a close friendship with Jade, who has a reputatation of being the mean drama queen. “The interviews you see and the confessions that you see are a different point of view from what we see in the house,” Nnenna said. “There was never a dull moment with Jade. She was just a fun person to be around. Me, I just was always laughing when she was around. I didn’t see that mean streak. I’m not a mean person so I wouldn’t be friends with someone who is.”

Though the former judges’ favorite says her final picture wasn’t the best, like most of us, Nnenna was surprised by her elimination from the show. “It suprised me because when you are on the show, you get a different vibe from the judges. Behind the scenes, it’s quite different. It’s a total 180 what the audience sees from what I see.”

Nnenna is back on the job as an analytical chemist. “It’s a big transitition [from the Top Model experience],” Nnenna said. “I’m an analytical chemist. I have a lot of incoming raw materials…”

But maybe Nnenna will have a lot of incoming modeling offers soon. She is moving to New York City next month to pursue modeling full time.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Nnenna Agba, visit her bio page here.

Source: The CW /  Richard Reinsdorf