In March of 2006, interviewed Cycle 6‘s Kathy Hoxit following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Latoya West):

Kathy Talks About Her Top Model Elimination

Kathy, the first girl eliminated from America’s Next Top Model 6, is really disappointed about one thing — she didn’t stay in the competition long enough get a fab Top Model makeover. “I was all about the makeover,” she joked in an interview the morning after her elimination. “And I was the only one who didn’t get one.”

The judges believed the 21-year-old housepainter from Brevard, N.C. lacked supermodel potential, but she isn’t giving up. She plans to hit the modeling agencies in New York as soon as she could save up enough money. Good for her! Here’s what else Kathy shared with me during our interview:

You’ll be happy to know that she is still “dropping it like it’s hot.”

Looking back, she is glad that she didn’t go topless in the hot tub. She says the other girls did have “much bigger boobs” and she didn’t want to embarass her parents.

She is still painting houses, though she has become a small celebrity in her hometown.

What about Kathy’s thoughts on some the other girls in the competition?

Her thoughts on Jade: “She’s very strong. She’s my girl. I admire her strength. I saw the humble side of Jade.”

Her thoughts on Gina: “She’s a sweetheart and she’s kind of a ditz. (laughs) I could see where Jade thought she was like unsure of herself. ”

Her thoughts on Nnenna: “Oh, God! She is beautiful…so intellegent…”

Her thoughts on Forunda: She was my girl at first… But then she would do things like not let someone borrow her makeup.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Kathy Hoxit, visit her bio page here.

Source: The CW / Pascal Demeester