To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

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To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.


You’ll find her at 3:43.

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In January of 2010, Cycle 5′s Bre Scullark posted an article in HoneyMag Magazine. Here is the text from the article (written by Bre Scullark):

The Swarm: Bre Sounds Off

While watching the news and reading a variety of blogs over the past few days, I noticed a familiar theme taking shape.  One headline read:CNN’s Anderson Cooper Rescues Boy from Looters in Haitianother read: Looting Flares Where Order Breaks Down,” while yet another media outlet reported:  “Troops Take on Looters in Haiti.”

It’s starting to sound very much like the picture that was painted about victims after the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe: starving men and women of a natural disaster being described as nothing more than criminals by the press. Hearing these victims referred to as looters feels both hurtful and confusing.  Are these people thieves or are they just hungry?

I can only image how someone who has just lost everything – family, friends and all material possessions – might feel. They don’t recognize anyone or anything around them and have likely not enjoyed basic necessities like clean water or food for days.  If by some chance I were in their shoes and happened to stumble across food and water, I would not hesitate to take whatever I could.   This is common sense, is it not?  I would not consider my actions to be wrong in light of the situation.  How could anyone blame me? I’m disoriented, exhausted, emotionally crippled and starving! To find out later I was labeled a looter in global newspapers would not only be unimaginable but leave me feeling distraught.  I would probably wonder if the people labeling me a looter spoke the same language. What’s the benefit in misrepresenting my actions? Who does it help for me to be viewed this way?  Could it be that the word “looter” is more provocative and enticing? Whatever the answer to these questions,  I’m just not sure how I could rationalize them labeling me as such.

It’s no secret that media outlets have long made inaccurate assessments and embellished situations in order to increase their audience and earn more advertising dollars.  In today’s economy, where media outlets like Air America go bankrupt  every day, who could blame them for feeling that publishing racy headlines is more compelling.  As a victim in Haiti, taking food that I didn’t pay for, because without it I would die, is no different than a media outlet creating sensationalized headings in order to sell more newspapers.  They too are trying to survive. These are both acts of desperation; but because the media’s voice is bigger, their tactics of survival are overlooked while Haiti’s sick and starving are being perceived as criminals. Personally, I believe it’s time to turn the light on and place blame where it belongs: the press.  We need to continually question not just what is being written and shown in the media, but why.  We need to ask deeper questions like, who gains from these types of negative labeling and at what cost? Honestly, it is purely inhumane to use someone else’s misfortune and then manipulate it for monetary gain. This is exactly what these media outlets are doing with Haiti coverage. I’m really saddened and embarrassed at how we treat our fellow man.


To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

Source: HoneyMag

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

In the Part 1 segment of Ask Bre, produced by Ford Models, Bre answers a few questions sent to her by fans. She talks about why New York is called the Big Apple and addresses who might have really stolen her granola bars on the show. (She thinks it was the production crew of the show – with the purpose of starting drama.)


(video was made “private” in June of 2010. Part 2 was removed.)

In 2007, posted an article/ad regarding Cycle 5‘s Bre Scullark and her participation and host of the Pantene Sisters of Shine Tour. Here is the text from the article (Written by EbonyJet Staff):


“Succeed in stepping stones. Never expect longevity in this career overnight or it will not be well deserved.” – Bre

Born to a loving family in Harlem, NY, Brittney Bre Scullark showed an aptitude for modeling before she could even talk.  As a young girl, she would always pose for the family pictures with the widest grin.

During her high school years, Bre grew a new found love for fashion.  She began to feel fashion could be her calling and true passion and decided to get a job after school in a clothing store.  This was Bre’s “real” introduction into fashion trends, designers and much more.

In the spring of 2005, Bre auditioned for the Tyra Banks/UPN hit reality television show America’s Next Top Model (cycle 5).  Competing against 36,000 females, Bre made it into the house along with twelve other females and landed in third place in the competition.  Most memorable for the girl whose personality shined the brightest, Bre has been moving forward to other endeavors since the shows ending.  She has also appeared on recent episodes of the show as well.

Since the show, Bre has been adamant about going to auditions and casting calls to pursue her dream of becoming a model and branding herself as a household name.  She has since participated in many fashion shows and television and print appearances including:  BET’s Rip the Runway, Good Morning America, Valentino, Nicole Miller, US Weekly, Elle Girl, InStyle and more.  Bre’s commercial campaigns include:  Pantene and Vaseline.

Bre is also involved in several community service projects in her hometown on New York City.  She loves to speak to middle and high school students throughout the city about self-esteem, education and career oriented topics.

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

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In January of 2006, posted an article regarding Cycle 5‘s Bre Scullark following her appearance and elimination on the show. Here is the text from the article (Written by Jackie Helm):

Interview with Bre from Cycle 5 of America’s Next Top Model

America’s Next Top Model fans stay tuned!  Cycle 6 is right around the corner.  In the meantime check out the scoop o n the last three standing competitors of Cycle 5.  Beautiful Bre was the first of the last three to go home.  But she is still a # 1 stunna in our eyes!

Hi Bre.  Congratulations for making the final three!

Thank you!

Did you know it would be you to go?

I knew that they didn’t like my picture that much.  I also knew that I had a really bad commercial.  I pretty much had an idea that I was going home and I had already prepared myself for it.  So when Tyra didn’t call my name I was okay with it.  I have to be more appreciative than anything else.

You did great o n that impromptu chocolate commercial at panel so it surprised me to see you struggle with the commercial for Cover Girl.

Thats what happens when you see the first take.  Don’t think that I did awful the entire time.  That is what they chose to show.

It’s all about the editing huh?

It’s all about it.  No worries though.

Do you think that Tyra came down hard o n your for the red bull incident?

I don’t think that she came down hard o n me.  If she knew what happened in the house everybody would have gotten it the same.  If she knew that Lisa had peed in a diaper Lisa would have gotten it the same.  Whatever was going o n in the house it must have been “something” because it made it all the way into the elimination room. It went from the house to the photo shoot to the elimination room so it needed to be addressed and stopped right there.  As well as give a lesson o n retaliation.

If you could do anything different what would it be?

Honestly I don’t think that I would have done anything differently except buy another box of granola bars.  That way if someone would have eaten them then I would not have cared.

What girls are you still in touch with?

I am still in touch with Nicole, Nik and Jayla.  Every o nce in a while I talk to Coryn.  I would love to keep in contact with Kim.  Every o nce in a while I speak to Ebony also.

What was your favorite photo shoot?
My favorite shoot would be the o ne in black and white.  The o ne that Tyra did with Vaseline.  It gave me an edgy and raw look.  It definitely added versatility to my look in the competition instead of them always thinking that I am “commercial”.  It gave me more of a high fashion, editorial model look.

Will you continue to pursue modeling?

Absolutely!  Right now I am looking for an agency.  But I am looking for a home also.  I am looking for an agency that can represent me the way that I need to be represented as far as being a positive image to teenagers and appeal to adults also.  I am looking for that.  I am also looking for endorsements.  I would love to do beauty, hair and make up.  I am looking for a lot right now so hopefully I can find something that can accommodate me.

What is your advice to anybody going into a competition like this?

My advice would be more self-related o nly because I can o nly speak for what I have done.  The thing that worked the best for me was to really be myself.  I struggled a little bit with the judges as far as my accent and my aggression.  Just me being a New Yorker.  It wasn’t necessarily where I was from in New York but mostly just being a New Yorker.  I kept that because it added a little flavor to me and my whole style.  I continued to be myself and even though I didn’t win I made it 13 episodes, I did a wonderful job and I have a great portfolio.  So, it must have been something positive.  That is the best advice I can give other people is to just be themselves.

Any last words or shout outs?

No words or shout outs but I want to thank you for this interview.

My pleasure Bre – take care and good luck!

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

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On August 7, 2007, The Hilltop Online (The Daily Student Voice of Howard University) posted an article regarding Cycle 5‘s Bre Scullark and a visit she made to The District. Here is the text from the article (Posted by Courtney Battle):

‘Top Model’ Bre Makes a Visit to the District

Taking a break from the catwalks of Valentino and Prada, “America’s Next Top Model” star Bre paid a visit to the District on Thursday night.

“We’re opening a new club called Elevation and Temptation at R n R Bar and Lounge,” she said.

The model also plans to make an important announcement concerning her career.

“We’re just gonna have a good time tomorrow, have a couple of cocktails and enjoy ourselves,” she said.

Recently, she was signed to the major modeling agency, FORD Models. In addition, she has shot a commercial for Pantene Pro-V, which will air in September and completed a photo shoot with CosmoGirl  Magazine in August. She also returned to her roots with “America’s Next Top Model” when she did a photo shoot with Jocelyn for the eighth season of the program.

Born Brittney Scullark in New York, the model and actress has been blazing a trail for herself since her worldwide debut on the Tyra Banks’ hit  television show. As a little girl, Scullark started her path on the road to success by posing for family pictures and swimming competitively.

At the age of 12, she started to do runway fashion for the likes of Twist Magazine and Cosmo.

However, it was not until high school that she truly fell in love with fashion. She worked in retail and realized that she had a talent for putting clothes together. At Sullivan College Upstate New York, she studied international sales and interned with Vincent Nessi’s Showroom. By 2005, she found herself on cycle 5 of “America’s Next Top Model,” beating out 36,000 girls for a spot in the house.

“I have to say that I’m truly blessed. The show itself was phenomenal. It was really a stepping stone for my career,” she said.

After winning third place, she has kept the ball rolling, despite the trend reality television stars often face.

“A lot of times reality television stars have their 15 minutes of fame and then they fall off the map. I would hate to be on reality TV,” said sophomore finance major Kellen Sims.

According to Scullark, it takes time.

“What happens a lot of times with reality celebrities is that you’re so excited to be in the industry,” she said. “When you pace yourself it takes you from being the jack-of-all-trades to becoming a master at something,” she added.

Scullark’s patience has paid off. In March, she was featured on BET’s Rip the Runway and New York radio station HOT 97’s fashion show. She has also been featured in several magazines including Essence, Vibe, and Hype Hair. She has a print deal with Soft Sheen Carson, as well as a commercial with Dark and Lovely hair line. To top it off, she will be hosting Music Choice’s first interactive music video show titled “Certified,” airing on cable television.

“I think it’s nice that she’s trying to continue her career, I just hope that she doesn’t end up like everyone else,” Sims said.
Scullark knows the importance of remembering where home is.

“Most of all, I’m always gonna be humble,” she said.

Content with her career, Bre does not have any complaints about her status. If there is anyone to compete with, “I’m in competition with myself,” she said. “I’m in a good space right now.”

To learn more about Cycle 5’s Bre Scullark, visit her bio page here.

Source: The Hilltop Online
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