In August of 2006, BinsideTV posted a video of Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton walking the runway for Antik Denim during the Spring/Summer 2006 show.


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In January of 2007, posted an online article about Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton visiting Fresno’s RedWave Tattoo shop. Here is the text from the article (written/reported by Famous Whitewater):

Michelle , Just turned 21

America’s Next Top Model/Reality TV Star

Spotted at: RedWave Tattoos

Occupation: Reality TV star/model

The ensemble: Hair and makeup: Montage Hair Studio; Shirt: Sinful, from Skully Bros.; Jeans: The Buckle; Shoes, she hasn’t the slightest, but they’re hott.

What’s your fashion philosophy?: ‘It doesn’t matter who made it or where it’s from if it’s hott.’

Where is your favorite place to shop?: Forever 21

How much would you pay for shoes?: $200

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In January of 2008, posted an online article about Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton and Jonny Fairplay from Survivor – and the news of the birth of their daughter, Piper. Here is the text from the article (written/reported by Jessica Herndon):

Jonny Fairplay & Michelle Deighton Welcome a Daughter

A new reality star is born!

Former Survivor star Jonny Fairplay and his fiancée, ex- Top Model contestant Michelle Deighton, have welcomed a daughter, reports.

The little girl, named Piper Addison, was born Wednesday. Mom and daughter are doing well, according to the report.

Up next for Fairplay, aside from the inevitable diaper duty, is another stint on reality TV. He stars in Survivor: Micronesiaas part of its fans vs. favorites edition, which premieres Feb. 7.

Asked about how fatherhood would influence him, Fairplay told PEOPLE at a press day for Survivor recently: “It definitely changes the way you go into the game. The last time I went in I was playing for me. Now I’m playing for my little girl.”

Still, he says that fans can still expect him to be the guy they love to hate. “Motivation wise I’ve got to do the best thing for my little girl, but at the same time I’m still the same scumbag as I was before,” he said.

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In September of 2007, posted an online article about Cycle 4‘s Michelle Deighton and Jonny Fairplay from Survivor – and the news of their pregnancy. Here is the text from the article (written by TMZ Staff):

“Survivor” Fairplay and “Model” Michelle: Baby Reality

Wrestler/reality villain Jon Dalton — “Jonny Fairplay” to “Survivor” fans — tells TMZ exclusively that he and “America’s Next Top Model” contender Michelle Deighton are expecting a little bundle of reality joy — their first, and it’s already 17 weeks along!

And we’re pretty sure he’s not fibbing: “Michelle and I couldn’t be more happier [sic] and I wouldn’t LIE about that!” says Jonny, who’s perhaps most famous for concocting what “Survivor” host Jeff Probst called “the greatest lie” in the show’s history. He came third in the seventh season.

The sweethearts have been dating for two years. Where’s an island when you need one?

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To learn more about Cycle 4’s Michelle Deighton, visit her bio page here.

In March of 2006, Michelle posted the beginning excerpts of a ‘book’ she was writing.

Here is her forward:

“This is the beginning of the story/book/whatever that I’m writing. It’s called self-help and I’ve worked long and hard on this and am quite proud it. Enjoy!”

Here is the text from her post:

She stopped to look in the oval mirror in the vast hallway of her home to add a few finishing touches to the features that were so delicately etched onto her face. She stepped back from the mirror to consider her appearance of flawlessness. Her dress was Valentino, very expensive. It flowed down her body catching every curve of her well toned figure that the crimson haired splendor constantly tried to preserve. She turned to view the back of the dress that stopped at her knees to expose the silky bronze of her legs. She had up tined the classic look of beauty in only one hour. In the final moments before the young starlit, in all her dazzling glamor, would be unveiled to the world, she took one last look around her home drenched in shadows and went through the list in her mind to make sure she had not forgotten anything. She locked the door from the inside as she always did and stepped into the night. She took three steps toward the driveway when the night sky caught her eye. She stopped for a moment to gaze into the beauty of the night sky as she inhaled so deeply, she could taste the crisp, clean night air. With her bag over one shoulder she continued, with an extra bounce in her step. Suddenly she stopped again, a noise from the other side of the yard scared the gentle creature from her pleasant stroll. Her body now completely ridged, as she viewed the far side of the yard. Standing there stiff as a board until the hair on her arms began to settle and her mind convinced it’s self that an animal was just playing it’s games she turned back to her former thoughts. The bag on her shoulder was slung onto her raised knee that was now up against the car and she began to dig through the massive cavern to find the keys to her car. Her search was interpreted by another noise from the other side of the yard, this time it was louder and caused the young women to drop her bag and turn with hast to yet again try to find the source of the noise. As she looked about the yard, the contents of her bag lay on the ground to roam free. “Hello?… anyone there?” She heard another noise in bushes and trees that covered half the area that she was investigating, as she prayed for a racoon to run out of the bushes so she could continue with no worry. “Hello?” She slowly bent down to gather her belonging as quickly as she possibly could, “whoever it is, I hope you’re having fun.”

“The fun has only begun.” That was the last thing she heard before the side of her head bounced off the concert of the newly poured sidewalk with deadly force.

Her eyes fluttered open like two butterflies taking flight into the sky as she lifted her head a sharp pain shot through the helpless beauty’s head causing a weak moan to escape from her dry, cracked lips. Bewildered by the pain and lost in the confusion of what was happening, her eyes probed the surroundings in search of answers. The blur of her vision proved a formidable enemy which made the damsel tear a little. Fear was trying to catch her in it’s web. She sat there for a moment trying to let her mind settle and allowing her eyes to adjust to the absence of light in the area. She tried to bring her hand up to clear her face of some random strands of hair but when it refused to come to her aid, she began pulling and tugging as she realized her arms were tied down to the arms of the chair she occupied. Her feet were also tied tightly to the wooden legs of her sit.

“What?…what the fuck? Oh my god.” Tears started racing down her face as her words became engorged with emotions she never imaged existed as her mind lost all control. “Oh my god, no please, god please help me. Help me please! No god please don’t do this to me…please!!…..Hello?…Hello?! Is anyone there? Someone please, for the love of fucking god, HELP ME!! Please don’t let this be happening god, please don’t let this happen, please, Please!”

The tears on her face helped her get no reply but still they ran their course following the curves of her face down to mix with the dried blood and makeup that stilled coated it’s elegant features. Her screams offered no warmth from the cold, relentless fear that enveloped her mind and abused it. The ropes that tied her down only caused the terrier in her to spread to every inch of her body as it flowed through her veins and the darkness…the darkness offered her nothing, only what her imagination could produce.

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To learn more about Cycle 4’s Michelle Deighton, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 4’s Michelle Deighton, visit her bio page here.

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