In April of 2005, Reality News Online interviewed Cycle 4’s Brandy Rusher following her appearance on the show. The interview discusses her attitude on the show, her makeover and her feelings on being eliminated. Here is the text from the article (written by Phil Kural):

I’m Much More Self-Conscious About the Way I Act Now”: An Interview with America’s Next Top Model 4’s Brandy

Although Brandy was the third girl eliminated this season on America’s Next Top Model, she managed to cause quite a bit of controversy. Find out right here why she applied for the show, how she feels she was edited and what she could have done to stick around.

We all know that the first four episodes of this season all basically revolved around Brandy’s attitude. I didn’t mind though. She brought some controversy and drama to the group, she took nice pictures and kept it real. However, the attitude caught up with her, and Tyra let her go.

I had a chance to talk to Brandy, and she came off very articulate. I think the best thing about her is that she realized how she was coming off, and has made a conscientious effort to change that. Brandy gave me the scoop on a number of topics, and just like she did on the show — she told it how it was.

RealityNewsOnline: Why did you originally audition for the show? Did you send in a tape or go to an open call?

Brandy: Let me tell you, I was a big fan of the show before I applied. I had gone to an open call audition because one of my friends had told me about it, and before I knew it, I was on the show!

RNO: Did you feel there was tension between yourself and some of the other girls right away, or did it not show until you all moved in together?

Brandy: Oh, there was tension with me and some of the other girls from the semifinals. Everyone was there trying to portray a character. When the final 14 girls were chosen though, that’s when it really started. I think had we not all lived in the house together, there would have been a lot less tension, since we wouldn’t have had to put up with the ways of the other girls.

RNO: Was there a connection with any of the other girls besides Tiffany?

Brandy: The first girl that I actually connected with was Noelle, however, once we moved into the house, we had drifted apart. That was probably because I didn’t like the style of the girls that she was hanging out with. I still love her, but at the time, it was hard for us to connect with all the other girls’ around.

RNO: Were the judges wrong to associate you with having a bad attitude, or do you think they were right in their perception?

Brandy: No, I wouldn’t say that they were wrong to associate me with having a bad attitude. I just didn’t know that I was exuding this horrible attitude that they were seeing. I see now, by watching it on TV, that I was serving it out that way, but that wasn’t my intention. I realized that people’s perceptions of me are much different than the way I see myself, and I’m working on fixing that.

RNO: Had you done any modeling before the show?

Brandy: I had actually never done any modeling in the past, and just jumped right in feet first!

RNO: In your opinion, do you think it’s fair that someone that takes sub par pictures is advanced in the competition, while someone that is photogenic is eliminated for her personality?

Brandy: At first, yes, I did think it was a little unfair, but now I look back and figure that what happens — happens. I thought the competition was based on pictures, but I guess they wanted someone with personality as well. I’m not going to sit here and lie though — I was pretty upset at first.

RNO: It seemed as though you were very happy with the weave you had when you started the show, but got upset when you weren’t going to get a makeover. Was there something we didn’t get to see?

Brandy: See, the afro was matted. I said that if it was matted, I wanted to get a whole new look, but if it wasn’t, then I wanted to keep it. After all, that’s the reason Tyra picked me for the show! Since I’ve been eliminated, I’ve actually let my hair grow out, and now I have a mini-version of the afro that I had when I started the show, but this time, it’s real!

RNO: Looking back, is there really anything you could have done to stay longer in the competition?

Brandy: If I had just paid attention and listened, and learned that I was coming across as having attitude, I would have been around much longer than I was. It’s the little stuff that I didn’t realize I was doing that was turning people off. Like I said though, I’ve realized all these things now, and I’ve done a lot to change it. I think I’m much more self-conscious about the way people see me now, and I don’t try to give off the attitude I was displaying in the past.

RNO:Every girl I talk to always says she knew she was going to be eliminated. Did you?

Brandy: Let me be honest — I had no clue that I was going. I was so confident, that when I was eliminated I was in utter shock, and that’s why I didn’t hug any of the girls. I was more like ‘Damn, I was just eliminated.’ I just didn’t understand why I was leaving. I was happy with my pictures, I didn’t fight with any of the judges or the photographers for the shoot. It was such a total shock.

RNO: As a person, do you think the experience changed you, the way it changed Tiffany?

Brandy: Yes, I would say that as a person, I’ve changed. My perceptions of myself have changed, and I don’t want to be known as “the bitch” because that’s not me. I’m working it out though.

RNO: Do you feel that any of the judges were on your side or rooting for you?

Brandy: The only judge that I felt ever wanted me there was Tyra. I never really felt connected to any of the other judges, and they never showed me any kind of sign that they were rooting for me.

RNO: What have you been doing since the show has ended? Do you still want to continue on the modeling path?

Brandy: I definitely want to continue on the modeling path, but I’m being realistic and realizing that this is just the first step for me, especially since it was the first time I had ever modeled. I would love to get into fashion design as well though, so we’ll see where it goes from here!

RNO: While watching the show, has anyone’s actions surprised you, or are all the girls being edited pretty accurately as you remember them?

Brandy: Well, seeing that the first couple episodes focused on me and my bad attitude, I can’t really say. Based on what I have seen of the other girls, I’d say that they are being edited how I remember them. I guess we’ll have to see now that I’m gone and they start featuring some of the other girls.

RNO: What would you say was the hardest thing to adapt to on the show — the lack of sleep, the other girls, or the cameras?

Brandy: The hardest thing for me was living with the other girls. I got used to the cameras being around and the lack of sleep wasn’t a big deal for me. I lived with my two sisters growing up, and figured it would be just like that, but boy was I wrong! Once we got to the house, everything changed. Nobody was all that friendly anymore, and it was all about just being there, being ready and this being a competition.

RNO: What do you wish the viewers had seen about you that the editors didn’t show?

Brandy:I wish the editors would have shown be being nice every now and then. I used to cook breakfast all the time, and when Brittany was almost eliminated, I was the one right there to hug her and lend her my Bible. I just wish they didn’t make me out to be this angry girl all the time, since that’s really not me.

RNO: Thanks, Brandy! You’re going to do great!

To learn more about Cycle 4‘s Brandy Rusher, visit her bio page here.

Source: RealityNewsOnline
Photo:  CW