In June of 2006, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette posted an article regarding Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans following her win and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the article (written and posted by Phyllis D. Brandon):

Little Rock lauds its Model

“You go, girl,” Danielle Evans’ mother, Deatra Evans, told her at a reception Monday in the Riverview room of the Peabody Little Rock hotel.
Danielle, 21, has been named America’s Next Top Model and in a couple of weeks will be moving to New York, where the Ford Models Agency will be arranging her bookings.

Her parents, Deatra and Ed Evans, spoke at the party. Her father took credit for her height, with a bow and a smile. Danielle is 5-foot-11, plus the 4-inch heels she was wearing. She tips the scales at a very slim 125 pounds.
Other speakers included Mayor Jim Dailey, who named the day as Danielle Evans Day and presented her with a crystal trophy officially making her a “Hometown Hero.” Master of ceremonies Donna Terrell noted that America’s Next Top Model is being re-run on KASNUPN, Channel 38, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. The show was taped six months in advance, so Danielle had to keep her win a secret during that time.

Lawrence Hamilton serenaded her as she entered the room with “It Had to Be You” and “You Are So Beautiful.”

The tributes kept coming. Chuck Spohn, general manager of Clear Channel, told the crowd how pleased he is to have a hometown girl on his station during ratings week. Nancy Rousseau, Central High School principal, told Danielle that she was a topic of the school’s morning announcements the day after her win was televised. “You’ll always be a Little Rock High School Tiger,” Rousseau told her. Justice of the Peace Mary Louise Williams told of the parties that were held every week to watch the show. Rep. Linda Chesterfield, who said she had known Danielle since she was born, read a certificate from Secretary of State Charlie Daniels. Darren Peters of Power Play magazine showed her that his magazine would be the first to feature her on the cover.
Looking to the future, Danielle said, “My dream is to walk that runway.”

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

Source: Television Without Pity / Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Photo: CW

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.


February of 2007, the New York Post interviewed Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans some time following her win and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by New York Post Staff):


Despite starring in a show known for its “b$%*& poured beer on my weave!” diva behavior, it’s hard to find a model nicer than Danielle Evans. The winner of “Cycle 6” of “America’s Next Top Model,” Evans charmed the judges with her down-home Arkansas drawl and refusal to be drawn into catfights.

Now comes the tough part: Convincing the fashion industry that she’s not just a reality show contestant. After spending the day modeling lingerie for The Post’s Valentine’s Day feature, the 21-year-old talked about life after “Top Model.”

You walked in the Baby Phat show Friday night. What was that like?

That was my very first show, and it was a very big deal for me. There were a whole bunch of emotions going on. It’s important for me to separate myself from “Top Model.” Not in a negative way, but I don’t want to be defined as by “Top Model.” I just want to be Dani, the model.

Were you nervous?

I wasn’t nervous. I always say a little prayer before I go out.

What did you think of the nightlife? Did you go out and party afterward?

No, I went home and go to sleep, not a party. I only go to a party when I have to. I’m a homebody.

That’s a rare thing among models.

I’m a very rare model!

Are you walking again this week?

Yes. I’ll be in the Zang Toi show, on Friday.

Is winning “Top Model” an advantage or stigma?

It works both ways. Among the general public, it’s a good thing. You’re recognized, and people are nice. But when it comes to fashion industry, it’s like a joke. You have to break down a lot of barriers.

Some previous winners have complained that Tyra Banks doesn’t do enough to help afterward.

It’s different for different people. But everything I’ve gotten being in New York is totally on Danielle, nothing on Tyra. The show is just that cracked door. We have to work twice as hard as everyone else. Most models pick an agency. I was given my agency, and I have to prove myself every day. I’m not looking to get a handout from Tyra.

Any good stories about what goes on behind the scenes?

A lot of goes on back behind the scenes. America only sees the edited version. I’m not going to say it’s harder than it looks. But the challenges, they didn’t tell us anything. It’s spontaneous, and it builds up a lot of anxiety between the girls. That’s reality television though. That’s what people want to see.

Is Jade that bad in real life?

Really have to understand Jade as individual, she’ll stop at nothing to be a model. She’s a real go-getter, which comes off kind of wrong. But I don’t have a problem with Jade.

Is Jade really a man?

What? (Laughs). No, she’s a female.

Since this is a Valentine’s Day shoot, what’s your own taste in lingerie?

Anything that compliments my skin tone – red, burnt oranges, really sexy and sensual. [At the shoot], I wore a Kiki De Montparnasse that was amazing, yellow and black. Two thumbs up for that one.

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

Source: New York Post
Photo: CW

In March of 2007, AOL Style Blog interviewed Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans two years following her win and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by AOL Style Blog Staff):

Tyra Banks’ Protegee Distancing Herself From ANTM

“I wanna separate myself from ‘America’s Next Top Model,'” season 6 winner Danielle Evans said as stylists prepared her for her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week debut on Feb. 2, 2007. “No disrespect to anybody,” the Arkansas import interjected, careful to note her effort to carve out an identity outside of ANTM is nothing personal against show creator Tyra Banks.

“I called Tyra actually a couple of days ago just to check in with her and see how things are going,” Evans explains.

For Evans, this distance is necessary to establishing a real career as a model — a reality she says wasn’t conveyed on the show. “On the show it’s so dramatic and it’s so overly played and it’s so different than what it is in real life. Now that I’m in the industry I’m finding out what a real model is about,” Evans continues, no doubt referencing the show’s gimmicky challenges and the pressure of the contest dynamic. Real modeling, Evans, 21 says she is learning, is made up of “regular, normal, calm day[s].”

The only challenge she’s facing right now is proving that she isn’t a gimmick. “In a sense the real world feels like the obstacles that we went through on the show were set up for us to go through,” Evans says, but she’s ready to topple these perceptions.

“I wanna prove myself to the designers and everybody in the industry that I am cut out for this,” she says through a mist of hairspray, a hairstylist elevating her hair in a pompadour for Kimora Lee Simmons’ urban-empress-themed Baby Phat and KLS show. “I can be a legitimate model so book me for the shows, book me for your photo shoots, book me for your editorials.”

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

Source: Television Without Pity
Photo: CW / Jim De Yonker

To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

Source: Ford Models.

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To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

“Fashion designer Tracy Feith hangs out with Cycle 6‘s winner Dani Evans and shows us how his surfer lifestyle turns into flawless designs.”


To learn more about Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans, visit her bio page here.

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