In April of 2006, Top Model Live Journal interviewed Cycle 6‘s Mollie Gondi following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Galactic):

Mollie Sue’s Q & A Session

So some other bloggers and I had the chance to ask Mollie Sue some questions. Let me just say that she is very well-spoken and nice and exhibited no “lack of persona.” And I’m still mad that she was eliminated so early.

On whether her elimination was fair:
Mollie Sue said she wondered the same thing. Deep down, she felt the elimination was coming (I guess that would explain why she started crying as Tyra got down to the bottom three). She says she is okay with her elimination now. And she’s particularly happy that she didn’t come off as foolish.

On her personality not coming through:
She was very intimidated by Tyra and the judging panel, so she generally froze up. The judging sessions are quite intimidating. She said she was happy that Nick Cannon said she had a huge personality.

On getting the haircut meant for Cassandra:
Mollie Sue thought it was fair. She was VERY happy with her haircut. She was even excited at the prospect of going bald when Jay faked them out. She still has the same hairstyle now.

After ANTM:
She bought a ticket to New York City. She’s going there this week, in fact.

On previous cycles:
She watched them. She likes Cycle 1 the most. And she particularly likes Adrianne and Elyse.

Hopes and dreams in NYC:
She wants offers, of course! And she’s going to try to get a modeling agent.

On Jade:
She thought Jade was a threat in the semi-finals but not so much in the house. She said Jade behaved very differently in the house. She believes that CoverGirl would not represent such a person.

On music:
Okay, at this point, she started rattling off so many names that I couldn’t keep track! She mentioned she likes The Shins and Jawbreaker and just indie rock in general.

On who she thinks will go far:
She thinks Danielle will go far. She said we didn’t get to really see this on the show, but she was very close to Danielle (I remember Danielle was crying when she hugging Mollie Sue). She thinks Sara is good but her walk and personality don’t compare to Danielle’s.

On how she and the others were portrayed on the show:
She said Brooke is the sweetest person ever. Mollie Sue said she cried in every episode, and she’s not normally the type of person to cry a lot. It was an intense experience. She thinks that Jade wasn’t real– she wondered if Jade was crazy or if she had a good game plan.

Also, she and the other girls waited for Nnenna to get off the phone until 2:00-3:00 in the morning. When they woke up at 6:00 AM, Nnenna would be on the phone.

On her previous modeling experience:
She modeled when she was sixteen years old in Miami, LA, and NY. It didn’t really work out at any of those places for financial reasons and the fact that they weren’t really into her look.

Her favorite designer(s) and models:
She loves Marc Jacobs. She also said Twiggy was her inspiration. She’s also a fan of Kate Moss.

Advice to others:
Be yourself. No facades.

Most challenging and favorite photo shoots:
Most challenging was the falling fairytale character photo shoot. The bald shoot was her favorite one.

The type(s) of modeling she wants to do:
Mollie Sue said she’ll do anything. If there is any open door for her, she’ll be there. She would like to do runway and editorial in particular.

On girls she didn’t know or didn’t get along with:
She barely knew Kathy and Wendy because they were the first two to go. She also said she didn’t know Leslie at all in the house. She didn’t get involved in any feuds. She did try to give Jade advice when she could.

To learn more about Cycle 6’s Mollie Gondi, visit her bio page here.

Source: TMLJ
Photo:  The CW