In November of 2004, TV interviewed Cycle 3’s Cassie Grisham. The interview summarizes her experience with America’s Next Top Model, as well as how her eating habits were portrayed on the show. Here is the text from the article (written by Daniel R. Coleridge):

Yeah, you read that headline right. And if you’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model (Wednesdays, 9 pm/ET on UPN), this declaration from the recently rejected Cassie Ann Grisham might be a touch hard to buy. Let’s examine the evidence: Cassie admitted to self-induced vomiting, saying, “If it makes me happy to do this, then they shouldn’t have a problem.” She also called boyfriend C.J. to inform him that Top Model‘s shrink confronted her about “you-know-what.” C.J.’s telling response: “Do they want you to get help?” Hmm… Here, the 20-year-old Oklahoma native tells her side to TV Guide Online.

TV Guide Online: Top Model seemed rough. Especially when Ann vandalized your low-carb brownies and then lied that it wasn’t her.
Cassie Ann Grisham:
Ann and I are actually friends now. I’m frustrated with the show. I don’t feel I was portrayed correctly. They took a few moments of frustration — where I was saying I was so unhappy, I hated everybody and I wanted to go home — and made me seem so horrible, like I was that way the whole time. When people are upset, they say things that they don’t mean. Any girl would give an arm and a leg to be onTop Model. I wanted to be there.

TVGO: Did Tyra Banks boot you because you were distracted by your sick uncle?
It was not specifically my uncle. I had just made honest comments about being unhappy at times. You really can’t say that stuff in a competition. A lot of girls came up to me during the show and said, “We’re unhappy, too,” but they didn’t say anything about it. All I can be mad at is myself. I should never have said anything.

TVGO: Fashionista Marc Bouwer said your thighs and hips were too big. Ouch!
Marc Bouwer has a preference for girls with skinner thighs and hips. What’s frustrating is that I wasn’t the only one measured, but [the show] had a hang-up on my body, so I was the only one showngetting measured.

TVGO: Guess you won’t be stocking up on Bouwer’s clothes on your next shopping spree.
[Laughs] No, I won’t be. It never feels good to be told you’re too big, but Marc Bouwer is entitled to his own opinion. What he has to say about me isn’t going to ruin my dream of becoming a model.

TVGO: UPN’s website says you’re 5-foot-10 and 130 lbs. Doesn’t sound “big” to me!
That’s actually under average for my height. I can’t help that my hips are wide set. Women do have curves. Maybe I can lose weight, but I can’t change my bone structure.

TVGO: Anything you want to clarify about the food issue?
Just for the record, I was portrayed as a girl with an eating disorder that was so unhappy. That was blown out of proportion for reality TV. Everybody has skeletons. I blame myself for making the mistake of telling Amanda that I had thrown up in the past, about three years ago, when my stomach was so full it hurt. I just needed to throw up to feel better. I had only done it like twice. She turned it into this huge ordeal where I’m bulimic and need therapy. I don’t want my name and my face to be associated with bulimia because it’s not an issue in my life.

TVGO: So you feel you have healthy eating habits?
Yeah, I do the low-carb thing and eat what I need to. I run every day and I’m an athlete. I used to play basketball. How am I so bulimic that Marc Bouwer tells me I’m too big? There’s a contradiction there. Please let your readers know that I am not bulimic. I wish the show had portrayed me in a happier way.

TVGO: What’s next for you post-Model?
I have no intention of giving up my dream to be a model. I will drop everything in my life, like school and things of that nature, to move to New York. I’m a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma majoring in international area studies. But I can’t wait to see the world. I won’t be 100 percent happy unless I’m a model.

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