In September of 2010, Reality TV Games interviewed Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by “aga”):

Reality TV Games participated in a post-elimination phone call with America Next Top Model 15’s Sara Blackamore.

How old are you?

Twenty-one. (Height?) 5’10” (Ethnicity?) Caucasian. (Hometown?) Menifee, California (What part of California is that?) Riverside County in southern California. (later) I lived in Riverside County my whole life.

I hear noise in the background, is that who I think it is?

That’s my son, [Kaiden]. (How old is he now?) He’s a year and a half. (How would you describe him?) He is the most energetic little boy I ever met in my whole life! He’s really athletic already and has a really, really outgoing personality.

You mentioned in your video interview that some of the other competitors may not be serious about modeling, can you elaborate on that?

Some girls [applied] because their friends told them to try out and if they made it, they made it and if they didn’t they didn’t. So for us girls that would give anything for it that sucks. If [these finalists / contestants] did not make it on Top Model, they were not even going to try to go out there… try to go agencies on their own and if they lasted longer than me then that would be something that’d hurt.

How did your interest in modeling develop?

When I was in high school I was more focused on sports and a lot of people would say, “oh, you should model,” but I was bigger than I am now and then I graduated and decided that that’s what I really want to do and I got into better shape. (You tried out for Top Model before, right?) Yes, I tried out for Cycle 11 (How far did you get?) I got a callback and I went in and made a video for Tyra but I [didn’t get called back after that]… I went in nervous, I did not have the confidence that I do now. When I didn’t make it, I decided that I would keep preparing myself, then I had my son and once I got back into shape I decided that I was going to try out for Cycle 15 and if I didn’t make it then I was going to go to agencies, but I made it (chuckles). (How long did it take to come up with your rap?) I  did it in like an hour.

How do you feel about your makeover… then and now?

When they gave me that makeover, I thought that it was going to totally help me a lot because you can see how they kept telling me that I was too pretty but what you saw was just a little bit… that was all I heard the whole time, “you’re too California,” “you’re too pretty,” they kept saying it over and over… they picked me and they knew that’s what I looked like. So when I got the makeover I was like, “Finally, now they’ll stop calling me pretty!” and it will take me to the high fashion level. So I really did like the makeover but since then… after watching it, I really don’t get the makeover… I don’t get it whatsoever and if anything the makeover will hurt me when I go to agencies. (Do you still have your makeover look?) I definitely did not keep the makeover, I have dyed my eyebrows back and I have darker hair and I am growing my hair longer. I did keep it for a little while when I got home, cause I took Tyra’s advice and every time that I went anywhere people would make comments like, “why do your eyebrows look like that?” Usually I would not care but then I was like no one really gets it… even some designers, they really did not get it either. (You mentioned designers, were you trying put for fashion shows or something like that?) From the show… just from the show.

Do you agree with your elimination?

I knew that I did not do well on the photo shoot… I went into the photo shoot with not the right mind set and then I did not do a good job so I knew that I was going to be in the bottom two. I don’t know… I was so lucky to be on the show but I was already the girl who was too pretty… I was already the California girl and I don’t think that there was much I could do to change their minds, they already had me in that category. When I went in I thought I was totally winning but then all I heard was negative critiques, I never heard anything good, like even after the runway show I was shocked when I watched it last week and the Jays talked about how I did such a good job because I never heard one good critique when I was there, I only heard negative things. Before I got on the show I thought I was going to win but when I got there and all I heard were negative critiques… I did not have that confidence.

What is your plan when it comes to modeling?

I am going to agencies with my new look which is more like me, what they gave me that wasn’t me. I have some photographers lined up to help me build my portfolio and I am just going to go to agencies until someone likes me. (What type of modeling are you targeting? What appeals to you?) You know, after doing the show I realized that I don’t really have a high fashion, quirky look… I am just going to go and see what my look will get me. I really don’t see it going high fashion, but if I get there then I get there but [I am going to pursue whatever I can get.

How did you like living in Los Angeles and the Top Model house?

I had never actually been to Venice Beach so that was cool… I wanted to go to New York but LA was fun too. [LA is an hour and a half to two hours from my hometown] and I had only been there a couple of times before… I was excited.

Was the bullying shoot meaningful to you?

Yeah it was something that meant something to me, when I was in high school some girls posted stuff on the internet about me. (So you mind sharing what they said?) They said that I looked like a manly dyke. They had this little group that would make fun of me… it was something that hurt me.

Who were your closest friends in the house?

Chelsey was definitely my closest friend. We had gone through the whole process together, we were in LA for the initial tryouts [where we met the Cycle 15 casting directors] after we sent in our applications. We sat next to each other… after that we kept in contact through Facebook and ever since then we have been friends. I was [also] friends with Chris and Liz. I actually got along with everyone except for Esther, Esther was the only person that I never really connected with… we are just completely different people and she was just one of the people who I felt really did not care about modeling enough to be there… and maybe she did but I never really felt it from her. (Did something happen or was it just the not connecting thing?) I got along with her… I got along with everyone but I just did not connect with her as much.

Now that you are out of the competition, who are you rooting for to win?

Chelsey for sure. I think that she is the most deserving, she more than anyone left in the house will make a career and she has experienced everything in modeling. She’s been modeling for a long time and really knows the industry more than anyone else and I know that she will stick with it when the show ends. (I have to say, I was bothered by the gap widening thing.) It really wasn’t that bad you couldn’t really tell that she got it changed.

I know that you weren’t on the show long, did you meet anyone – designers, photographers, guests judges or others who made a lasting impression on you?

I loved Cynthia Rowley! Also the photographer for the first photo shoot, the one where we had the words written on us, she was really nice she gave us all a book of hers.

Who are your favorite designers?

Proenza Schouler and DSquared2.

Had you watched Top Model before?

Yes, I think that I have seen every single episode. (What is your favorite cycle?) This cycle! (laughs) (Other than this cycle?) I like the short cycle… Cycle 13.

Not counting any of the Cycle 15 cast, who are your favorite ANTM competitors?

I like Bianca from Cycle 9, she’s my favorite, a lot of girls didn’t like her, but I liked her. (I have to admit to liking her on the show, but some of the things she said are memorable and part of the Top Model lexicon.) I am sure that she is not that bad… that happens… it all gets edited, we all say bad things… without thinking. I liked Danielle too.

Do you have any regrets, would you do anything differently?

I would have been more confident, I think that hearing all of the negative things broke me down, I know that they don’t show it, but I was one of the girls who was constantly practicing in the mirror and I was always on the runway. I felt like when I got in front of Jay for the photo shoots… I felt like he did not like me, so I never felt like I could give 100% because they already had their opinion of me.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or some other social network?

I am on Facebook.

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Thank you to everyone that supported me and were rooting for me… and I love all my fans!

To learn more about Cycle 15‘s Sara Blackamore, visit her bio page here.

Source: RTVGames
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