To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Leah Darrow, visit her bio page here. Source:

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Leah Darrow, visit her bio page here.

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To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Leah Darrow, visit her bio page here. Photo credit: Perry Hagopian.

In October of 2004, interviewed Cycle 3’s Julie Titus. The interview summarizes her experience in the Top Model house, as well as her feelings regarding the other girls. Here is the text from the article (written by Girl Posse Staff):

The Interview

The next time you’re walking down the road and see someone that looks just like that Julie girl from America’s Next Top Model – look closer. It may just be her.

“I feel weird. People recognize me. Well, they say ‘you look exactly like that girl from Top Model.’ Hmm. Maybe it is because Iam that girl.” Julie laughs.

Julie, best known for her Indian heritage and her deep voice (“I sound like a man!”), was the 3rd girl to be eliminated. After talking with her, it seemed like she was ready to go.

Girlposse: Were you glad to leave?
Julie: Yes. In some sense I thought if I wasn’t what they were looking for…. Yes.

Although she had never modeled before, Julie had been in a pageant “I was Miss Teen Seattle. My mom wanted me to be girlier. She would chase me through the house with make-up.” Despite her mom’s best efforts, Julie may have won, but didn’t become girlie.

Her journey to the Top 12 was encouraged by her best friend, who “watched since day 1. He called and said ‘there’s a show made for you. You have to be on the show.’ I wasn’t sure.” After much debate she “moved by to Seattle and said I’d see what it was about.”

Being chosen put her in a house with 11 other women (“I’m not a fan of living in an estrogen house. I have… all my friends are guy friends. I was dealing with all those stupid girl things. I was annoyed with a lot of the girls.”), cameras (“The TV thing really grew on you after a while. You would have a conversation, turn, and there’s a camera right there.”) and a competition (“The competition itself – craziness.”).

And what does she think of the women remaining in the house? We asked her to describe each of them with one word:

Amanda: “hippy”
Ann – “stupid”
Cassie – “genuine”
Eva – “Diva”
Jennipher – “funny”
Kelle – “annoying. No – whitegirl-ism”
Kristi – “real”
Nicole – “hilarious”
Norelle – “innocent. No no. She’s not. What am I saying? Fun.”
Toccara – “loud”
Yaya – “regal”

And if she had to guess how they would describe her? “Indian”

We have heard from other eliminees that Julie was extremely funny, and a lot of fun to be around. Did she wish they had shown that more? “I really, really wish they would have. I wish the girls would’ve been happier to be there versus all the cattiness.”

In her elimination episode, all of the girls received a makeover. Some were drastic, Julie’s wasn’t. At first she felt a little cheated. But that feeling quickly went away. “I think… I liked how I looked. Everyone’s getting stuff done and yeah, at first I wondered why I wasn’t. But [after] they didn’t look like them. I thought maybe I didn’t have to change to look like a model.

Julie wants to be remembered for “my goofiness and as someone that is genuine”. But she will probably be remembered most for her elimination. When asked why she wanted to be a model, Julie replied that she was using it as a stepping stone to get into the business… as a manufacturer.

Girlposse: Any regrets?

Julie: No. Because it’s truly …. I could’ve worded it better. I wanted to be a model and then get into apparel manufacturing.

Would she do it again? “No. Too much big brother watching me.”

So who does she think will be eliminated next? “I hope Kelle gets out of here.”

The winner? “The prettiest.”

What’s next for “Curry Mama”? “I’m going to finish school. Hopefully move to New York.” This business major has great plans to see her career take off.

Final note to her fans: “Keep it real.” 

Julie’s Beauty Tip

The only thing you need in life is bronzer.

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Julie Titus, visit her bio page here.

Photo: CWDaniel Garriga

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Julie Titus, visit her bio page here.

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Jennipher Frost, visit her bio page here.

In October of 2004, Reality interviewed Cycle 3’s Jennipher Frost. The interview summarizes her experience in the Top Model house, as well as her feelings regarding her elimination. Here is the text from the article (written by “Aurora”):

Jennipher was fun to watch on ANTM! From her spunky move last week where she wrote “ANTM” on her booty to her feisty arguments with Ann and Eva, Jennipher added a very human element to the show. Find out how she feels about her shorter hair, her tiffs with the other girls, and much more!

Hi Jennipher! Going into the competition, what did you feel was your strongest asset physically?

My height and my bone structure in my face.

Once you moved in, were you surprised at the amount of drama going on in the suite?

No, I wasn’t at all! You take 14 girls and put them together, and there’s going to be drama! Especially when we’re all competing for the same thing.

Has it been difficult to adjust to the new shorter haircut?

A little! I haven’t had hair this short for 4 or 5 years. The maintenance level is nice though, and there are so many more things I can do with it now.

Did you know they would end up cutting your hair?

Oh yeah, I knew from day one. I knew it was coming. I thought it would still be longer though, like the middle of my back. I didn’t think they’d go right to my shoulders. They were joking the whole time though that they were going to shave my head bald.

Watching the show on television, has there been anything that’s surprised you? Anything that was going on that you weren’t aware of?

Not really. The only thing was Tocarra – I knew about her problems with her family, but I was surprised at the emotional breakdown with Tyra. She never mentioned that. But that’s the only thing that surprised me. I pretty much knew what was going on.

When it came down to you and Kelle, did you think that you’d be the one leaving?

I had that feeling, I just knew I was going home. I knew it all day, that I was leaving and there was nothing I could do about it.

Were you surprised at the judges’ reactions last week when you wrote ‘ANTM’ on your butt?

I actually was! They made it seem much worse on TV than it actually was. They made it seem like it was some sort of prank, that I wasn’t taking things seriously.

What prompted you to do that in the first place?

They kept asking me to show more of my personality, to have more spunk. And that was me being me. I figured the dress didn’t cover my booty, so I’d do something with it!

The judges and photographers kept saying they felt you weren’t ‘working it’. Do you feel that you had enough direction from them so you could give them what they were asking for?

A lot of the time they’d tell us something like “hold your chin up” or little things like that. But no, we got very little direction. I think the whole idea was to see what we could do on our own, what kind of raw talent we had. They asked us a few times to look at fashion magazines and try to copy what the models were doing.

Do you feel you were edited fairly?

Honestly, no. They cut so much out that the audience can’t get the full idea of what I am like, or any of the other girls for that matter. Like the booty thing – they edited that to make it look like I was pulling a stunt rather than letting my personality be seen.

What about the other girls? Is anyone getting overly positive or negative editing, in contrast to the way they really were?

I think so. Eva gets props for everything she does. And Amanda doesn’t complain at all about her eyesight. She never uses that as an excuse for anything, but they made it look like she did.

You and Ann had quite a battle on the show last week. Have the two of you resolved your differences?

With Ann things are cool, yes. It was just a matter of us being under pressure and we let off some steam. It was miscommunication in the heat of the moment. We sorted ourselves out the next day and we’re cool with each other.

With Eva, I really don’t care. We’ll never really get along with each other.

Will you stay in contact with any of the girls?

Yes, quite a few of them. I talk to some of them every day, and some of them every week. I made a lot of good friends there.

Are you still planning on modelling?

Definitely! In fact I’m moving to New York soon and I’ll be living with Leah.

Anything else you’d like to add about the experience?

I really enjoyed my time living in luxury!

Thanks for your time Jennipher, and good luck with your career!

Thanks a lot!

To learn more about Cycle 3‘s Jennipher Frost, visit her bio page here.

Photo: CWTroy Ward