Sundai Love was a contestant during Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The 18-year-old Bakersfield native did some modeling before her stint on the show, but mainly spent her time going to school.

Sundai was a dynamic competitor, but didn’t have the strongest photos of the competition. She was consistently called in the bottom five, even though she was the ninth girl eliminated from the show. She had the weakest photo following an underwater photo shoot with Russell James. She couldn’t pose underwater and made excuses about her asthma when asked to keep trying. Sundai did win one reward challenge in episode five.

Since the show, Sundai has taken a few more shots and has photos from modeling before her appearance on the show. She is not yet with an agency.

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41 Responses to “Sundai Love”

  1. amanda Says:

    Absolute stunner. Rihanna’s hotter sister? I love her look. 🙂

    • T Says:

      I liked Sundai. She also reminds me of a different coloured Hayden Panettiere; is that weird? Haha. She really reminds me of her. Like sisters from other misters!

  2. brit Says:

    Too short for modeling.

    • Belize Says:

      And you’re too close minded for art or “the industry” itself. And yet she’s still modelling and you’re still commenting. Funny, no?

  3. Ty Says:

    Not too short for modeling. Not tall enough for high fashion. She can do commercial / catalog work.

  4. kiki Says:

    Being 5’3” in the modeling world is hard, but it doesn’t mattter in pictures if she can look taller than Aminat. Ms. Jay said, “Walk with confidence and people won’t even notice that you’re short.”

  5. mark Says:

    I would LOVE to put some topping on that SUNDAI!!

  6. neesy Says:

    Why can’t I see it?

  7. anastacia Says:

    Personality galore, but not a model! I’d watch a TV show if she were on it! Has the CW “it” factor and could make it in acting.

  8. kiki Says:

    Erin should have gone home instead of her because Sundai’s photo was way stronger.

    • jennifer ottes Says:

      yes girl speak the truth. Sundai has a better attitude than erin and better model skills than erin. Erin deserved to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Janna Says:

    The face of a doll. Very pretty!

  10. Marts Says:

    Sundai was by far the prettiest girl of the cycle. Her bone structure was just amazing. Too bad that in the real modeling world, she’s stuck with the height handicap because she could’ve go really far with an extra 4 inches.

    Too short for high fashion, but not too short for commercial. But then again, you have so many commercial models that height is slowly becoming a factor there as well.

  11. SLC Says:

    At the beginning of every season, I pick two or three girls I think will be in the final two/three. LOL. And of course, I’m usually wrong lol!! Sundae was one of those girls because I think she has such a stunning face! HELLOO, skin care campaign. 🙂

  12. boo Says:

    Really, she went that far in the competition. She only had one look on her face in every picture. Nothing special. And yeah, she won’t be able to model anything except for little kids clothing.

  13. kiki Says:

    I think Sundai is absolutely amazing. I don’t think that it is fair fof Nigel to yell at her for only doing the 3/4 shots because Sundai did have straight on shots but Tyra didn’t choose them.

  14. bunny Says:

    Yeah, boo!!

  15. Linda Says:

    The only-one-look girl still looks like a child to me. There’s nothing special about her.

  16. Khatarina Says:

    Such a personality. Good things come in small packages =)

  17. caroline Says:

    Haha Sundai’s funniest moment when she’s on the show when she says “if i make it past this week I’ll tell you my whole story, so em … you better get tissues.” Hahaha, like she’s the only one with problems, play the victum much ?? Imagine feeling that sorry for yourself, pathetic! 🙂

    • Bigger Person than You Says:

      @caroline…Glad you had/have the perfect life. I know where she comes from, and I applaud her for her spunky, upbeat attitude.

      Her personality alone will book jobs, you snob.

  18. panda Says:

    I loved her!! Too bad she didn’t do that much after ANTM…

  19. jennifer ottes Says:

    I LOVE SUNDAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  20. Terri Says:

    I really hope she doesn’t pigeon-hole herself with rap videos. She can do so much better!!!

  21. Sundai has exceptional bone structure, and I think she has a chance in the industry. She does a helluva beauty shot!

  22. vickz Says:

    She looks just like a shorter version of cycle 6 winner Dani. She is supercute (:

  23. fifa Says:

    How is 5”3 short? For a modeling career I’ll buy but don’t come and say that this woman is short. I’m almost 18 and I’m 4”9. Now this is short.
    I’m still waiting to see ANTM with models that have the height of Snooki. -__-‘

  24. kk Says:

    if you go on you see sundai modeling the clothes check it out

  25. Sammia Says:

    Woaaah. why do so many people not like her?
    Jealous, or something?
    She’s beautiful and had an amazing personality, leave her alone. If you don’t like her keep it to yourself; simple.
    She clearly is good enough to be a model, otherwise Tyra wouldn’t have chosen her to get as far as the final 5!

    • queenlr Says:

      Got that right leave her alone. I’m one of those lil’ girls. At least she tried sumthin. I believe if she continue to go to those agencies she will make it.

  26. hannah Says:

    how tall was she??

  27. Tempe Says:

    This is the only cycle ive watched so far. I though she looked cool, I liked her style and she is the sort of girl I would want to be mates with but she doesn’t look like a model. Im sorry, I know this cycle was about “being a model should have no limits” but in reality, a high fashion model would never be 5’3″, even if they can look “tall”. Im glad Nicole one this cycle. She is 5’7″ so is realistically more suitable, really (I know its harsh) also, i loved Nicoles personality and quirkiness. She was easy to relate too and seemed like a nice girl, I hope she’s doing well 🙂

  28. rawtruth Says:

    Sundai, I love your California accent. You were so proper. You were the most memorabe one on this cycle. My family loved you. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

  29. Jessica Says:

    I loved Sundai’s look and personality. I hope she gets signed somewhere soon, or maybe gets into acting. She definitely has an ‘IT’ factor and perseverance. I thinks she’s awesome!

    • Barb Says:

      I agree. Sundai’s beauty and personality can take her far. I see her doing beauty campaigns since she is naturally pretty w/ little or no makeup. Hard to believe no agency has signed her yet! I hope she does more close-up shots for the agencies, and will seriously consider acting as well… she can portray younger than her age for a very long time.

  30. Hope Says:

    She is so sweet and lovable ❤

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