Stacy Ann Fequiere was a contestant during Cycle 10 of ANTM.

Stacy Ann was the 22-year-old student from Miami, Florida. During Stacy Ann’s appearance on the show, she won two challenges and was featured in a shoot for Seventeen Magazine as a prize for one of those wins. Even though her performance progressed quickly from average to exceptional, Stacy Ann ended up being eliminated in episode nine. She lost the top spot to Fatima, who didn’t participate in the shoot due to travel document mishaps.

After her elimination, Stacy Ann admitted in an interview with BuddyTV that Dominique annoyed her. “She was the one person in the house that I didn’t really like,” said Stacy Ann. “Everybody else in the house I got along with.” Working under pressure, she tried to remain neutral between all the drama and all the fights.

Stacy Ann also believed Fatima should have gone home instead of her. She thought girls should be eliminated immediately once they miss a photo shoot. So when she was standing next to Fatima, she was convinced and confident that she’d be staying on the show. However, the judges chose to retain Fatima. “I can’t believe they’re going to send me home even though she missed the photo shoot and she didn’t have her papers, which was totally unfair,” Stacy Ann explained.

Since the show, Stacy Ann has walked for various designers, such as Miami Funkshion fashion week and Toronto Fashion Week. She has modeled for Cooyah Clothing and appeared in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2009 Calendar. She also made it to the semi-finals of the Victoria’s Secret model search

Stacy Ann is currently signed to Ford Models in Miami.

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15 Responses to “Stacy Ann Fequiere”

  1. Mariane Says:

    Стейси-Анн просто супер! я ее обожаю она такая милая и смешная и у нее отличное портфолио!

    Rough Translation: “Stacy Ann is simply super! I adore that she’s so lovely and has an excellent portfolio!”

    • KriStina Says:

      А по-моему она стрёмная. И у неё просто отвратительный голос.

      • Fe Says:

        Dumb and ugly voice?!

        I can understand the ugly voice but not the “dumb” part. I personally don’t think her voice is ugly either.
        Anyways, I think she’s such a sweet heart.

  2. Mal Says:

    Why oh why did they cut her hair like that? Horrible 😦 Her newer pics look much cuter. Especially the ones with her hair in the shorter ringlets. Tyra should have given her that type of cut.

  3. Linda Says:

    I’ve seen her in a Hennessy ad in several magazines.

  4. sher Says:

    i knew she would be busy working…she has that bone structure the model world loves. she may have had the sqweeky voice but certainly one of the smart girls.

  5. Leah Says:

    She was cute.

  6. AyDaN Says:

    I love her:)

  7. ronny Says:

    Hey Stacy it’s Ronny, how are you?

  8. ronny Says:

    hey stacy-ann, whats up, you good?

  9. ???? Says:

    What happened to her hair? In episodes 1 and 2 of the show she had long hair, then in episode 3 it was shoulder-length even BEFORE the makeover. What happened?

  10. Chris Says:

    Hey sis. Just looked you up on the net. Didn’t know you got so big out their. Love you


  11. Katherine Says:

    I loved Stacy Ann! She had a great personality, and she did well! Glad to see her career go places!

  12. Massi Says:

    Yes, it totally thought that it was unfair for Stacey Ann to be eliminated. It should have been Fatima the one to be eliminated. Certainly, Tyra Banks did have a preference on Fatima…because Fatima looked like other models of Tyra’s era…that was totally unfair. I am happy to see Stacey Ann continued modeling after all. 🙂

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