Simone P. Lewis was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The 19-year-old Lenexa, Kansas, native  is a graduate of Shawnee Mission West High School. She participated in track, earning two varsity letters, and debate, where she was recognized for her outstanding talent with the Debater of the Year award.

While also anchoring and producing her school’s monthly television show, Simone spent countless hours volunteering, tutoring, and working as a hostess. She is currently a sophomore at Duke University, majoring in international comparative studies.

During her initial interviews with the panel during episode 1 of Cycle 14, Simone revealed that she was the only African-American girl in her sorority, Delta Gamma. She also said that often her friends refer to her as an “oreo” – meaning she’s white on the inside and black on the outside.

She described herself as a real over acheiver. She was either going to grow up to be Hillary Clinton or a Victoria Secret model.

Simone began the competition as one of the strongest models on the show, despite her limited experience before auditioning. She was called 5th following the nude photo shoot with Jonathan Mannion and 5th following the perfume shoot with Brian Edwards. During episode 3, Simone was called 8th – and she won the go-see challenge at She won a $2,500 gift card to, as well as a place in’s national spring campaign.

During episode 4, Simone failed to produce an impressive ‘vampire’ photo for the judges. Tyra described her photo as “too mannequin-like.” She said that Simone could have been more sensual, which caused Tyra to not like it.

Due to her poor performance during the photo shoot with Sarah Silver, Simone landed in the bottom two with Anslee. Tyra said that Simone had strong potential, but when given the critique to push her abilities, she wasn’t portraying that effort in her photos. She said that Simone couldn’t “portray on the outside what she was feeling on the inside.”

Simone was the 4th girl eliminated from the show.

Upon leaving, Simone said the following:

“We all come here with the intention to win; we’re given the tools to be successful, but I guess I didn’t use those tools to the fullest.”

Upon leaving, Simone said she wanted to pursue modeling; she just needed to get more comfortable with her body in front of the camera.

To read Simone’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show, Simone has signed with an agency in Kansas City, Missouri while continuing her education at Duke University.

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To view more photos of Simone, click here.

19 Responses to “Simone Lewis”

  1. thatbrutha Says:

    Best looking DG in the house HANDS DOWN

  2. FireMadeFlesh Says:

    Simone is a GORGEOUS girl. That pic, on the couch with the purple blazer, looks like it should be in Times Square. We’ll definitely be seeing more of her.

  3. GEGI Says:

    Smart, beautiful and graceful best describes Simone. We met last year on a photo shoot for my label GEGI and I was impressed with her look and her versatility. A talented model!

    Gina Boyce
    Fashion Designer

  4. shaley Says:

    She’s my favorite and I think I should have her hair. I hope she’ll pursue acting as well.

  5. neesy Says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVED her! She is so beautiful and has such a great personality! I hope she does well!

  6. matt Says:

    I went to school with Simone and we were fairly good friends. She’s an extremely genuine girl and she’s absolutely GORGEOUS!

  7. Особо она не выделяется…)

  8. Grace Says:

    She was somewhat pretty before but gorgeous after the make over. Sometimes ANTM does get it right! Her features appear rounder before and especially when she smiles, but the haircut seemed to bring out more angular points of her features.

  9. Amber Says:

    She should pursue only athletic modeling or commercial modeling. Her look is not suited for the European market.

  10. Tamsynne Says:

    Her post-antm photos are stunning!

  11. jackie haines Says:

    Oh my gosh Simone!!!! you are so beautiful. I went to high school with you!!! that is amazing. I remember telling you that you could definitely be a model and you were so modest about it. I admired you because you were so sweet and nice and caring and smart and so beautiful and so tall. It is amazing to know that you made it that far on America’s Next Top Model! that is just so amazing!! Im proud of you girl and wish you all the best in your studies and your future careers!

  12. mikey Says:

    She’s so pretty!!! I like her haircut!

  13. Sophia Says:

    Her face is SO pretty 🙂

  14. boo Says:

    omg she’s so annoying she reminds me of jaeda from season 6 or 7 ugh…..annoying….

  15. hermom Says:

    Educated, Beautiful, Talented and she will go very far

  16. Lolani Says:

    Is it just me, or in that picture with the white bathing suit, is her pubic hair sticking out?

  17. Anita Brown Says:

    Simone is currently being Managed by Casl Entertainment

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