Shandi was a contestant during Cycle 2 of ANTM.

Shandi Sullivan was born in Kansas City, Missouri and used to be a Walgreens Pharmacy clerk, but left the job in order to pursue a modeling career in New York City. Her luck in NYC was quite good, as she was able to balance working as a DJ and taking on small modeling jobs.

As a finalist on the second season of the show, Shandi’s warm and kind personality gained the approval of not just her fellow finalists, but the viewers as well. She started off as one of the weakest models in the bunch, but gradually worked her way up to the Top 3. Her popularity intensified when she passed out due to her low blood sugar level during the third week. She is not without mistakes, however, as she slept with an Italian boy during a photo shoot in Milan. Shandi came clean to her boyfriend about her infidelity, but the guilt and emotional burden were enough to spoil her performance, and on the tenth week, she was eliminated from the competition.

Since appearing on the show, Shandi reportedly has gone back to working as a DJ in New York. Shandi was signed with Trump Model Management but has left the industry. She has taken test shots and done some print work.

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To see more photos of Shandi, click here.

65 Responses to “Shandi Sullivan”

  1. SLC Says:

    LOVE Shandi!! She was like a butterfly; watching her journey was heartwarming. She is one of the characters on ANTM that I’ll always remember.

    That Garden of Eden shot of her is fantasticals!!

    • JDH Says:

      Don’t forget that amazing sunglass photoshoot in Milan. By far she had the best photos and was truly the only contestant that season that actually LOOKED like a model. She totally should have won! However, I wonder if because of the way she handled the Italian-hottie temptation if the judges were perhaps afraid she was not ready to deal with the pitfalls of a model’s lifestyle.

    • Timon Says:

      U read my thoughts I guess as I am of the same opinion!

  2. kiki Says:

    They couldn’t let Shandi into the top two because we all would know that she would have won.

  3. collette Says:

    Seriously jaded opinions! Yoanna House has such a classic beauty with such strong features! Shandi totally pales in comparison!

  4. dee Says:

    I love Shandi, too. She’s the only one unforgetable ANTM contestant.

  5. kiki Says:

    Kiss my butt, Collette. Shandi’s body and face were amazing while Yoanna only had a pretty face. Plus, Shandi always stands out in a crowd becasue she is pretty, sweet and nice.

  6. Jenn Says:

    She is very beautiful. Sometimes she look like Avril Lavigne.

  7. Corrine Says:

    I’m very disappointed in Shandi. I was looking forward to her making a splash in the industry. Instead, she LEFT! Are you kidding me?! She still stands amongst the most gifted contestants! She definitely belongs in cycle 15! SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP TWO WITH ANN! Well, in my opinion!

    • Michelle Says:

      She had a lot of “issues”. Her confidence came from being in an environment where the positive was constantly being reinforced. I’m guessing she got back to reality, the negative took back over, and she stopped dreaming again.

      • Cheryl Says:

        How wonderful for her that she followed her own dreams. Maybe it was fear, but it may also have been strength. Kind of rude to guess.

  8. boo Says:

    I liked her on the show, but I knew that she was one to give up on modeling. How sad.

  9. Adopt me! Says:

    How someone can go from having all that potential and beauty and then end up looking like a gutter rat with all those tacky tattoos, I don’t get it. But if it makes her happy…

  10. Makister Says:

    A great model; it’s a pity that she did not go on.

  11. Genevieve Says:

    This is the only girl fromt ANTM who looks like she belongs in Gucci, Dior, Chanel, and Versace ads. She just had that unforgettable high-fashion look.

  12. sweegle Says:

    Tyra prosecuted her when she aired her jacuzzi affair. There was no need to air that as that happened during her off day hence private time and not part of the tasks. Knowing her dirty linen would be aired must be traumatizing for her, especially since she was honest and came clean about her past. Tyra should have known better than anyone else that she didn’t need that kind of scandal.

    That spoils her chance of getting booked by agents. If that affair was committed by a well-educated contestant from a stable background (say April or Yoanna for example) Tyra and Company might have been more restrained.

    Shame Tyra didnt take that poor girl’s vulnerability into consideration, especially since she only got back her confidence from been in the house.

    Hope she stays strong and puts her bad experience, including being treated badly by Tyra (in my opinion anyway that Tyra victimized her) behind her and get on with life and be happy. She deserves it after her courage to come clean on national TV viewed by billions all over the world.

    • ClearlyNotAsDumbAsYou Says:

      Sweegle, Tyra “prosecuted” Shandi? What on earth are you talking about? Shandi didn’t violate any law and Tyra didn’t prosecute her for anything. What show were you watching?

      And you say the “jacuzzi affair” happened “during her off day hence private time.” What makes you think it was on an “off day”? When you are living in the home of a television studio with cameras in every room running 24/7 plus camera operators with hand-held cameras pointed at you, there ARE no “off days” nor are there any “private times.”

      And as for “traumatizing,” if the hot tub situation was “traumatizing” for Shandi, she shouldn’t have done it. Shandi was an adult and responsible for her own decisions and actions.

      Then, you went on to suggest if the “affair was committed by a well-educated contestant” that Tyra wouldn’t have aired the footage, and then you gave April and Yoanna as examples of those “well-educated” contestants.

      Exactly what was the education level of Shandi at the time of her ANTM appearance? And for April and Yoanna – what were their education levels at the point of their appearances?

      What do you possibly know of the education levels of any of the contestants of ANTM, except for the few who make it a point to include their education in their profiles, like Elyse, who made it such an issue to be vocal about being pre-med?

      And what do you really think a few sexy moments in a jacuzzi do to “spoil (Shandi’s) chance of getting booked by agents”? Under what rock do you live? If agents didn’t book models because of little indiscretions in jacuzzi tubs, then there would be nothing but blank pages in fashion magazines.

      And you think Tyra “victimized” this girl? How did Tyra possibly victimize Shandi? By picking her out of tens of thousands of other girls and giving her the chance of a lifetime to completely alter the course of her life?

      Sweegle, it’s been a while since I’ve read a post anywhere from someone who rambled on and on about something they knew less about, starting right from the beginning, saying that Tyra “prosecuted” the girl, as if Tyra sent her to jail.

      Friend, you might want to consider keeping your thoughts to yourself until you have at least a passable knowledge of your subject. I was embarrassed for you. Good luck to you.

  13. Seilen Says:

    Shandi es la inolvidable del ciclo 2. A pesar de que no gano, siempre la recordare. Sabia como destacarse a diferencia de otras de la competencia.

  14. Hayley Says:

    She reminds me of Crispin Glover.

    • zsaaa Says:

      Ha ha that is funny. Especially since she chopped off her hair in the same style as his. (Hate when girls do that, it’s like they are sooo pretty they can cut their hair like a man)

  15. karen Says:

    I love shandi. As long as she’s happy, I am happy for her. I don’t think a fan’s happiness is more important than her own happiness. I hope to her all the best and be happy everyday. And I think it’s much cooler to be a DJ than a clotheshanger. Up til now, she is one of the most inspiring contestants of the show.

  16. james Says:

    she’s actually quite similar to ann cycle 15, with the glasses & big ears, & her quiet personality 🙂

  17. datum pi Says:

    I don’t like how she treated her boyfriend over seeing movie with a female friend and then it turned out that she couldn’t be the one to be trusted. She has that typical Arian selfish mentality to be honest. Plus she said in an interview that at a casting someONE said “you should stick to television” so she quit. She didn’t say that she heard it over and over but that one person said it. You have to be strong to be in the industry and I know it’s a harsh industry but to bow out from ONE person… no respect.

    she looks like Molly Ringwald with that red hair. I just didn’t like this girl at all and I’m so glad that Yoanna won (would’ve been happier with Mercedes but Yoanna is SO much better than Shandi). At least Yoanna is still in the biz. 🙂

    • zsaaa Says:

      I think that was why she cheated because she was afraid he was cheating on her. Screw or be screwed shall lwe say. But Arian? Why because she is white with blonde hair? I hope you are not pulling a reverse Hannah.

  18. Melissa Says:

    Hey Sweegle? It’s “persecuted”, not “prosecuted.”

    I always thought Shandi looked like Molly Ringwald after a really, REALLY, bad heroin binge.

  19. caroline Says:

    Some funny tv when she’s on the phone to her boyfriend. I tell you if my man ever cried like that on the phone, I’d cheat on him twice! Hahahaah!

    • Pissed off guy. Says:

      You filthy b*tch. You girls have no heart, it’s us men, who are accused of being unfaithful and shallow. But by that accusation you let your self do more stuff that men would let themselves, i.e. cheating, lying and betraying.
      I`m confident like never before, that in situation: beautiful girl/men craves for boyfriend/girlfriend; there is more possibility that the girl will cheat on you, not men. Men are more principled and cold blooded, logic and mind over all. Girls think with their feelings and their vagina (ego).
      If I ever get cheated by my girlfriend (I don’t care how strong she would regret that) I would have sex with every girl I have an opportunity, just to make myself feel better. And in any situation she would really piss me off, I would dump her. As she wouldn’t even have a right to argue with me about really forgiving her or behaving to her coldly. Because by her act she gave me all the right I want, and that karma really works, nothing just passes away, you have to pay for your mistakes, and suffer for it accordingly, because she earned it.

      So that is why (imo) if your beloved person cheats on you, that relationship will never work, EVER! I wouldn’t trust not even one bit after that. So all of you bitches don’t even try to find a boyfriend, just don’t! You have to fuck with each and everyone, give everyone free sex/blowjob (that what you like to do). But don’t try to create a PAIR or FAMILY. You don’t have a right to break their heart!

      • Aloma Says:

        I hate it when people turn gender into an us VS them situation. I’ve met plenty of terrible men and plenty of terrible women, it’s just not as simple as you’re making it out to be. Why so much righteous indignation?

      • Moho Says:

        “Men are more principled”? You sir, are clueless and incoherent and the perfect example why some women go lesbian.

      • Stop Says:

        You sound bitter as hell.

      • Aloma Says:

        Christ. SOMEONE’S bitter. And you’re justifying cheating just like Caroline is, only you’re pathetic instead of funny.

      • rechelle vaughn Says:

        Your screen name suits you, (pissed off guy), why is that I wonder?

  20. panda Says:

    It’s amazing how she can look pretty ugly when they’re in the house and yet in the pictures she looks amazing. I can see why modeling industries would like her bizarre look

  21. Katherin Says:

    I never thought that such girl can become model, but…

  22. Leah Says:

    I hate to say this Caroline but that is too funny. Poor them lol.

  23. Dark_Goddess Says:

    Oh my, Thank you. I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought the boyfriends “girly-cry” was more embarrassing than a sexual fling on t.v. Although I do believe it was distasteful. One of the major points pressed on these girls is that they are to be role-models, and that is not what I’d want my children (if I had children that is) to look up to. But that “Wwwwhhhyyyyyy!!!” was just priceless.

  24. Pity she didn’t stay in the biz. She could have gone far.

    • Deanna Says:

      I don’t understand all of the praise for this girl. I knew her and her friends in high school. She didn’t live in Kansas then, she lived in Pekin Indiana, and was one of the biggest druggies I’ve ever met. Always high as kite. She prided herself on being a candy kid, and spinning music. I’m not surprised she chose being a DJ over being a model. I was happy when I heard she was on ANTM, but to find out she dropped modeling to be a DJ just tells me she went back to being a club rat. Hopefully she’s changed and is at least clean :-/

      • hollisss Says:

        That is too bad. Her dorkiness made her appear to be somewhat delicate and innocent (even though it was mentioned that she formally did drugs). Oh well.

      • Honey Monroe Says:

        What a negative comment. How long ago was high school?? What are you doing with your life?? Have you modeled?? Traveled to Milan?? Anything?? Maybe DJ’ing is her true calling. Her passion. Who are you to critique that or her???

      • Cheryl Says:

        Jealous much? Club rat? Druggie? Sounds like a teen movie. She’s in NYC and living it up. I’d hardly say she has ruined her life for not staying in Podunk Kansas or Indiana, lol.

  25. Penny Says:

    well definitely personal opinion and I have one too – Yoanna sets my teeth on edge like fingernails on a blackboard and I would have much preferred to see Shandi or Mercedes win, but after the phone call Shandi retreated way inwards and it seemed reasonable enough when she was eliminated. She’s so much more gorgeous with the long hair than the short hair pictures. I would have LOVED to see Shandi and Mercedes come back for the All Stars. Funny looking back on earlier seasons – Tyra didn’t seem quite so out of her mind back then, and Shandi was definitely a great call on Tyra’s part, watching her transform was a TV joy. I wish Shandi all happiness whatever path it takes.

    • mzoverit Says:

      I agree with you about Yoanna but it seems pretty fishy to me that she was the one who invited the male models over. I believe she set Shandi up because she knew that it would affect her performance in the photo shoots. The girls in the episode with the jacuzzi seemed to have gotten along fine so why didn’t they look out for Shandi. Unlike Mckey she threatened the male model if he did not leave because he was trying to take advantage of Marjorie while she was drunk even though they were not part of the same clique.

      • Andy Says:

        I’m sorry, “set her up”? So Yoanna forced Shandi to drink and have sex with a guy in a hot tub? Yoanna knew that Shandi was going to cheat on the boyfriend she loved? That’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

  26. Joanna Backman Says:

    i saw her mug shot on some site. what’s the deal with that.

  27. She was one of my ultime favourites, I cried when she cheated on her boyfriend, but she’s only human, and we make mistakes. It’s a shame she didn’t continue her career in modelling, but the top three of this cycle were all lovely. I really see the likeness with Ann too from c15. She was my favourite in that cycle too.

  28. Marco Says:

    I love you Shandi! I admire you so much, keep goin strong. And please make your life happy..

  29. La historia de Shandi me ha conmocionado. Es una pena ver como una persona tira toda su vida en unos minutos, pero hemos de asumir la responsabilidad de nuestros actos.
    Shandi me enamoró por su sencillez y su candidez, y también me sentí traicionado por lo de Milán.
    Le deseo toda la felicidad del mundo, y estoy seguro que ha aprendido la lección, pero a un coste muy alto.
    Besos Shandi.

  30. Daphne Says:

    Always thought there was something special about her but couldn’t quite say it was top model quality. She is horrendous with short hair, while totally cute with long hair. She just didn’t have the it factor for me I guess.

  31. Callida Says:

    It’s really unfortunate that she left the industry. Still can’t believe she did. She had the most potential in that cycle and I would have loved to see her success in the industry. I just don’t understand how someone with so much potential could just throw it away… All I can leave it down to is it being personal or something. Just sad though.

  32. Katie Says:

    She has high fashion potential.

  33. Stop Says:

    Wow, makeup surely works wonders because she isn’t attractive at all. The quirky, nerd girl look is played out.

  34. renee robinson Says:

    Good shots she should stay in modeling

  35. Joy Says:

    Shanti looks better with long hair and it is too bad modeling is not her first passion. However, whatever she does, I hope she will be successful and healthy. (out of all the gals in ANTM) she still IS my favorite model.

  36. Cheryl Says:

    One of the few contestants I remember over the years. Wish the best in whatever endeavors!

  37. Katie Says:

    Beautiful. I loved her. She is so high fashion. She kinda reminds of Kristen Stewart.

  38. channey Says:

    She definitely had a different look but *yawn* to me, and the photos toward the end…yikes

  39. Landon Says:

    Ѕatellites are little object orbiting around bigger obʝects.

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