Sarah Dankleman-Dore  was a contestant during Cycle 4 of ANTM.

Sarah Dankleman is an aspiring model originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Sarah already gained some modeling experience from her work in Stuff Magazine.

When she tried her luck in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4, Sarah was complimented for her first photo shoot. However, runway coach J. Alexander came in during the third week to teach the girls how to walk properly, it was pretty clear that Sarah was the one who experienced the most difficulty. The way she walked was awkward and lacking in poise, and the judges were quick to jump at those flaws. The judges sent Sarah home after only three weeks, making her the second finalist to be eliminated.

Right after she was eliminated, Sarah expressed her shock and disbelief, saying that she felt she had much more potential than most of the other girls in the competition. She eventually recovered from her disappointment and went on to appear on Spike TV and in various fashion catalogues. She also spent one summer traveling and worked as a make-up artist for MAC cosmetics.

Her and her husband live in Hackensack, New Jersey, where they both work as bartenders. Sarah has not pursued modeling actively but has been featured in Stuff Magazine.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: BuddyTV
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Source: BuddyTV

Source: ANTM

Source: BuddyTV

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: BuddyTV

Source: ANTM / Nigel Barker

Source: ANTM / Danielle Levitt

Source: ANTM / Danielle Levitt

To see more photos of Sarah, click here.

6 Responses to “Sarah Dankleman-Dore”

  1. Brunito Says:

    And that’s it? Not a single picture post antm?

  2. andrea Says:

    I still don’t see how she was eliminated before Brandy…

  3. Hazel Hyuga Says:

    Tattoos are bad to the bone!

  4. SL Says:

    They gave her a terribly awkward haircut. And I like short hair, a lot of the time. Something about it wasn’t quite right. It looked a bit mullet-y in the back. Should’ve been shorter and cleaner back there–messed up her whole image and made her look kinda slouchy. She looked 10 times better with her long hair…

  5. DuJour Says:

    Posteriormente todas las fotos son terribles y en dos de ellas parece que le duele el cuello.

  6. bandi Says:

    why do they give them such ridiculous haircuts which dont suit them. they couldve chosen something more stylish for sarah

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