Sara Blackamore was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

This mother from Menifee, California was 21 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

During her initial interviews with the panel, she opened with a self-written rap. She then shared with the judges that she is a mother of  a son.

Mr. Jay felt that Sara was the kind of girl that could transcend the high fashion runway, just as Gisele Bündchen did.

Sara was called 8th during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode two, Sara performed extremely strong during the four-stories-high Diane Von Furstenberg runway challenge. Mr. Jay said that Sara “looked the most believable getting up, posing, walking and exiting as an entire performance.”

During the Teen Bully photo shoot, photographer Deborah Anderson felt that she had a “safe” face; she just had to take it to the next level.

When time to review her photo in panel, Andre Leon Talley (ALT) commented that he didn’t like her photo; he didn’t like the hand on her stomach or the muscle [she displayed]. Tyra mentioned that she didn’t know that anyone would remember her face. While deliberating, Tyra added that she looked like a beautiful barbie doll, but she wanted more. She wanted a high-fashion barbie doll.

Sara was called 12th during elimination.

In episode 3, Sara and the girls received their makeovers. Tyra wanted to “take the California beach blonde out of her hair.” To remedy that, Sara received chocolate colored hair and her eyebrows were bleached to edge her out. During the photoshoot following makeovers, Mr. Jay said that she was not taking on the makeover. He also added that she looked uncomfortable while shooting.

During the “Fallen Angels” photo shoot with Anne Menke, Mr. Jay commented that she didn’t bring her “A” game.

Before elmination, Sara shared with the cameras that it was difficult leaving her son, Cayden. She said she realized that she performed horrible during the shoot and expressed that she needed to find her signature look to succeed.

In panel, the judges commented that her pose looked more like an amateur ballet dancer, rather than a model. The character Sara was trying to portray was “seductive,” yet Nigel didn’t see that in the photo. The judges said there “was no fire”  in her photo.

Due to her weak photograph, Sara ended up in the bottom two with Lexie. In the end, Lexie was asked to stay, while Sara was eliminated.

Upon eliminating Sara, Tyra said:

We took the California blonde away and gave you luscious brunette locks, so nobody could say, “Oh, she’s not editorial; she’s just an LA girl. But you got lost behind it. So as your job, go home and practice and push through.

During her exit interview, Sara had this to say:

The only emotion I have running though my body right now is guilt for leaving my son for something that didn’t even happen. I know I have it in me to be a model I just couldn’t do it. But I 100 percent trust  Tyra’s opinion on my look and I’m definitely going to use it when I get out there and try to find an agency. Modeling doesn’t stop here for me.

To read Sara’s post-elimination interview with Wet Paint, click here.

Since the show, Sara has begun building her portfolio to pursue a career in modeling.

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To see more photos of Sara, click here.

16 Responses to “Sara Blackamore”

  1. neesy Says:

    UGH hated her bleached eye brows!

  2. Bonjoss Says:

    I agree. Eeeww.

  3. maddie Says:

    She looked so much better before her makeover.

  4. rey Says:

    I liked her more as a blonde and with the bleached eyebrows. She would be very similar to Lara Stone.

  5. dda Says:

    I think she’s GORGEOUS! She’ll definiteley have a career! Worst makeover ever, might I add.

  6. Kenta Says:

    Sara’s makeover is so high fashion. It’s such a challenge to have that look. It could have been better if they made her hair darker, jet black. Similar to Adriana Lima’s photo for Givenchy. Bleached eyebrow is so fierce and edgy, only very few can pull that look.

  7. Makister Says:

    She was not present. I only noticed her when she got eliminated.

  8. Creen Says:

    I liked her.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    I thought she was so pretty in the high runway challenge. I don’t know what they did too her hair and her eyebrows afterwards, it looked horrible.

  10. gerald Says:

    I would say that she look better in runway than pictures.

  11. Heather Says:

    Loved her new hair color, but what was up with the bleached eyebrows?? I hope she goes on to have a great career though.

  12. megan b Says:

    i liked the brown hair, but the bleached eyebrows?? :S didnt make any sense to me :S

  13. IMRAN Says:

    Love To See More Of Photos

  14. Brunito Says:

    well agreed, her makeover was one of the worst on ANTM, if not the worst ever

  15. Katherine Says:

    What the hell was up with her eyebrows? They butchered her!

  16. Katherine Says:

    They should have never bleached her eyebrows. She reminds me of Giselle. And she had a fierce runway walk.

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