Sara Longoria was a contestant during Cycle 16 of ANTM.

This Edinburg, Texas native was 18 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 16.  Sara was one of three girls in the competition from Texas.

Source: The CW / Troy Jensen / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Russell James / Pottle Productions

Source: The CW / Mike Rosenthal / Pottle Productions

To view more photos of Sara, click here.

50 Responses to “Sara Longoria”

  1. tamo Says:

    I love Sara.

  2. Sarah Says:

    She reminds me of Ann Ward but uglier.

    • Zoe Says:

      I liked Ann! She wasn’t all “pageant beauty queen”, she was the gawky wizard-lover nerd. She totally sets an example for nerdy girls all over. 🙂 However, I don’t like Sara that much.

    • Gillian longoria Says:

      Hey jerk that’s my sister so shut up

      • kiki Says:

        You came to a site that talks about america’s next top model. You can’t expect that people won’t talk about her in negative and very harsh ways. I like Sara, she seems like a cool chick but others hate her and you just have to deal with that.

      • Ed Says:

        Sorry Gillian but once someone goes on TV they become a public figure and they are open to such critique. You gotta live with it.

  3. Echo Says:

    I love you Sara! You should have won ANTM!

  4. sarah Says:

    If you are going to be “ugly pretty” YOU BETTER WORK.

    • Gillian longoria Says:

      Again that’s my sister so if ur gonna say crap u better be freakin beautiful instead of hiding behind ur computer

  5. some dude Says:

    I find this season to be one of the more interesting seasons as in I find most of the girls tolerable. I don’t care for Alexandria whatsoever, I find her to look older than Nicole did. But I understand the decision to cut Sara. She’s simply doesn’t understand her strength and how to model, despite her preview photo being one of the strongest. I wish Sara all the luck because it isn’t a lie that her potential is strong in high fashion.

  6. boo Says:

    Yeah, I had a feeling she was going to be eliminated early. People, not everyone will get to have long hair; get over it. Ugh, very annoying.

  7. sara's boyfriend Says:

    Sara is amazing. She’s my world. If anyone has any questions about her, feel free to ask me on my facebook page. [andrew cook mcallen, tx, 17 yr old]

  8. ambar Says:

    I heard that she’s the only one contestant who don’t really get into modeling.

  9. gerald Says:

    Sara had the looks of high fashioned almost boyish I thought she will make it this far with her looks just like Ann but sadly not….

  10. ngluvjj Says:

    she looks older than her age but, she has very unique ugly pretty thingy and high fashion genetics, but not sure that she’ll go far

  11. speedyke Says:

    I wish there was more pictures of her.

  12. Leona Says:

    I dont think she is pretty. At all. She just has a diffrent face, but that doesnt make her a model…

    • Gillian longoria Says:

      Um ur a geek who hides behind the computer since when does that make u a judge of what’s beautiful? Btw that’s my sistet

      • kiki Says:

        You are so annoying we get it that’s your sister but no really cares so shut up and let people say what they have to say. And stop mentioning in every single post that she is your sister we get it all ready.

      • Ed Says:

        You are a comment Nazi who hides behind the computer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the expression of it. First Amendment, etc.. Yes, we get it that she’s your sister. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

      • startledbylightening Says:

        People are entitled to their opinions and since we went on a national TV show as a contestant, that subjects her to being judged. You’re being a bit ridiculous following everyones comment announcing you’re her sister and that we’re wrong for speaking our minds. Sara is very lucky to have a sister who cares enough to stand up for her, but you’re taking it way too far.

  13. andrea Says:

    there are, on her facebook. shes beautiful now

  14. Jerry Sable Says:

    Ugh. I really thought Sara had a lot of potential. And her with short hair was like BOMB xD. Sara like didn’t really embrace the fact she could be a real nice model…but whatver~

  15. ignacio Says:

    i never liked this girl. she always looked dorky, and like she wasn´t there… she was on the moon all the time… besides i think is really ugly!

    • Gillian longoria Says:

      Um ur stupid beauty is more than skin deep and she is beautiful

      • Mia Longoria Says:

        yes !!! she’s not only absolutely stunning !! she’s also smart and a great person !!! u are a jerk .. ¬¬

      • Ed Says:

        Beauty is skin deep in the Special Olympics. On the other hand in the shallow world of modeling it’s all that matters.

  16. Frida Betán Says:

    hey Sara !!!

    I just wanted to tell you I thought you were going to win ANTM !!!! you’re really pretty and funny and one of the most authentic and real girls who have been in ANTM !!! I admire you a lot … you inspired me to be a model … everyone tells me I’m ugly and that I look like a boy ¬¬’ but now I know it’s not true !!! you helped me a lot !!! I LOVE U !!!<3

    P:D also in art class I made a drawing of you !!!

    with love
    your Fan # 1

  17. Gillian longoria Says:

    Sara is my sister!!! She is in Italy right now

  18. Gillian longoria Says:

    Btw she is doing great in Europe right now

  19. Darko Donnie Says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure someone needs to update this page because she seems to be doing quite well now! I love how much she’s grown into such a natural, very glad to see her doing well

  20. nicholas Says:

    she was really successful after the show!

  21. Mia Longoria Says:

    I personally think Sara is one of the most beautiful girls that have been in ANTM in all the seasons !!! she is so real , she is not the “daddy’s little girl princess” or something like that , she is just a beautiful and real woman !!!

    i totally agree with Gillian and Andrew … SHE’S THE BEST !!

    something I find funny is that my last name is Longoria , too !! haha .]

  22. Kim Says:

    She didn’t seem to take the profession seriously. Or so it was edited to seem that way. You can’t risk a person like that alienating clients. But I wish her well and applaud her unusual beauty.

  23. Jaclyn Says:

    Gillian, you’re an idiot. Shut up. You and your sister are both ugly.

  24. joejoe Says:

    you mean, he’s your brother.

  25. kenth Says:

    I love her with long and blonde hair. She looks like lady gaga. 🙂

  26. Yari Says:

    I was in love with the show americas top model , when I heard you came out in that show I was like wow no way I have to google it so I did , it was amazing to have met you at the hospital you have such a great personality wish you the best!!!

  27. Kayla's fan Says:

    She is such a beautiful girl and she seems like a great person too! She was sent home too early, she is just so unique and special ❤

  28. Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if
    it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.
    My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this
    is completely off topic but I had to share
    it with someone!

  29. Katherine Says:

    This girl has loads of potential. Her performance on ANTM was not stellar, but I think she has a promising future ahead.

  30. Liz Says:

    I think she is absolutely ridiculous.

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