Sandra Nyanchoka was a contestant during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

Born and raised in Nairobi, Sandra began her modeling career at age nine upon winning a competition and was featured on Coca Cola billboards internationally. At age twelve Sandra, her seven siblings, and her parents relocated to the United States following the 1998 bombing of the United States Embassy in Kenya.

Following the loss of her older sister, Sandra was encouraged to follow her dream of modeling. She also enrolled in Montgomery College, balancing her modeling career and education. Sandra was working with modeling agencies in Washington, D.C. and New York City doing commercial, catalog and runway modeling when she was selected to be on Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model.

Sandra took strong photos during her appearance on the show, but was constantly told by the judges that she needed to take more photos straight foward, instead of profile. It was because of this weakness that the judges chose to eliminate Sandra from the show during episode six. She did win one reward challenge with Aminat during episode three. During the show, Sandra was seen frequently arguing with other models in the house.

Sandra is currently represented by Major Models, with experience in runway, catalog and commercial print modeling. She’s been featured on Hamptons magazine and has had a billboard in Times Square for the environmental organization “Perf Go Green.”

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35 Responses to “Sandra Nyanchoka”

  1. unknown Says:

    Sandra is so ugly, as well as her attitude.

  2. mary anne Says:

    I think Sandra is a beautiful model. Her skin is creamy, her head is small and her facial features are soft. She has beautiful lips that, when forming a smile, it makes her face look commercial. She’s an example of what a model who goes to Europe would look like. There’s a difference between ghetto-looking models and black fashion models. A black fashion model would look like Sandra. Her bone structure in the face is not intimidating and the body isn’t toned.

    • drea Says:

      “ghetto-looking models”? really?!?! it’s called “urban modeling” does that mean every black girl looks ghetto unless they have high fashion features? ignorance makes me ill. think before u talk or stfu & go sit down somewhere. that was an extremely offensive statement.
      as for sandra, yes she def has high fashion potential, unfortunately she has NO clue how to model which sucks. beautiful girl though.

  3. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She did the same pose she did on ANTM when she played hide-and-go-seek. She just stands there; no range. Go back and look at the pictures. Weak. And she said on the show that she was going to knock the b*tches down one by one. Not with the crap she did then and is still doing. Buy a fashion magazine, Sandra.

  4. reeree Says:

    She’s ok.

  5. neesy Says:

    Beautiful skin, but an ugly personality.

  6. kiki Says:

    Beautiful on the outside (not ugly, but not that attractive) a mean and hateful b*tch on the inside.

  7. Donald Says:

    Simply Beautiful!

  8. mary anne Says:

    She has an AMAZING body and face that will carry her further in her career. Her advantage is being from an African country and Europe LOVES African models. It don’t matter if you’re from Ethiopia, South Africa or Ghana, any African model can have a career in Paris. Her facial expressions in photos after the show are beautiful. I am impressed with her ability to use those facial muscles. She knows how to model. There’s a great pose that works in fashion which is a light dress filling up with air as the girl moves. Veruschka did that for her photoshoot with Richard Avedon. Sandra is doing something similar in one of her post-ANTM photographs. I would love to see photos of her in French Vogue or Vogue Italia.

  9. Jaamgirl Says:

    Oh, thank GOD for rhinoplasty. Cuz I love my black sistahs and all…but she was NOT attractive in the beginning. That nose job saved her career!

    • joejoe Says:

      I had to go back and look at the pics after you made that comment. You’re right. She did do some work. She looks better. You know who else did work after this season? Natalie. Breasts. Look at her ANTM photos and those that came after the show.

  10. boo Says:

    OMG, she was f*n annoying. She reminded me of Fatima, Dominque, Robin and Eugena.

  11. august Says:

    Beautiful girl, beautiful model, beautiful skin, beautiful body. So sad she has such and ugly personality.

  12. Dotun Says:

    Oh wow. It’s annoying to see some of you guys saying mean things about Sandra. I shot her before she went on ANTM and only if you knew her you would know she’s not the personality ANTM made her look like. She is beautiful on the inside and outside.

    • Catz Says:

      Sandra is a very pretty girl in her pics but in person she has the worst attitude ever. And yes i know her personally well use to. Had to drop her as a friend because of that nasty demeanor.

  13. Bob Says:

    Sandra is a beautiful woman–both outside and inside. She was misunderstood on the show. She actually ahs much integrity.

    • Jenn Says:

      OK Bob, you obviously know this girl, so perhaps you know a side to her the rest of us don’t. I’ll give you this – these shows edit to make the episodes “interesting” – even if it casts participants in a bad light. The problem, as I see it, is that Sandra isn’t too bright. An editor could quote me out-of-context, but no one would ever catch me saying some of the perfectly dim-witted things she said.

      She didn’t “get” what the judges were saying – not once – and to this day, probably still doesn’t know that this wasn’t simply a beauty pageant – right down to her last minute on the show she couldn’t understand why she was voted off since “I’m the prettiest girl here!” But that’s why it isn’t called America’s Next Top Pretty Girl.

      The consistency of the comments here is quite revealing; there aren’t many contestants in all the cycles of ANTM that have such consistently negative comments. And even many of these people are admitting she was physically quite lovely; it’s her personality that stinks.

      It’s admirable that you’re making a stand for your friend, but the truth is, that people are judged on their merit. Sandra may have integrity – but integrity only means you aren’t phony. There’s lots of perfectly hateful people that nonetheless have integrity. I don’t think Sandra’s truly hateful, though. Just dumb. So some of her mean-spiritedness must be forgiven.

  14. Debra Says:

    I can’t stand Sandra. She is not pretty and she has the nastiest attitude ever on ANTM. She thought she was all that and damn girl you ain’t. I don’t care what others say about her before she went on the show it is what you do when you are on there that makes you who you are. If you are nasty and rude all the time then you are that person. You don’t just become rude and nasty overnight. And with all the crap with Talia, Sandra sat right there eating up that conversation then took it upon herself to stir it up even further by stating she didn’t know that they would for sure do it. If you thought it was wrong you should have said something then. You didn’t have a problem being a bitch before that point.

  15. maya Says:

    She reminds me so much of Angelina Jolie. She is stunning, but not photogenic, so she has to work a lot harder. I don’t think she was a b*tch. She was very serious; somewhat cocky, but mostly she was just different than the other girls. They came down hard on her for no real reason.

  16. Dotun Says:


    Do you realize this is just a show? The only thing real about this reality show is you watching it; it’s not that serious.

  17. Anna Says:

    I see that she’s been practicing her head on shots.

  18. hotlegend Says:

    My girl can pose straight on I’m totally impressed by her photos came across as self obsessed….hopefully her attitude has changed.

  19. Anya Says:

    Isn’t it obvious why she wouldn’t face the camera full on? She’s fucking hideous. I have no idea why she got so much print work – the amount of retouching is painfully obvious (even with the nose job). Why not save all the touch-up fees and get a better model, for pete’s sake?!

  20. Heather Says:

    WORST ANTM CONTESTANT EVER. She may have been pretty, but that attitude made her REALLY ugly. I wanted her gone in the first week. UGH. I hope she has become more humble, but I doubt it.

  21. Rianna.Xu Says:

    I don’t like her,either

  22. Sue Wonda Says:

    I looooooooove African models. Sandra has that upturned lip which is unique.

  23. hannah Says:

    on just go with it, is she the girl in the background behind sandler in the pizza hut scene? it looks familier, either her or tiana, but i feel like they would have listed tiana in the credits, and they didn’t

  24. Londres Says:

    I severely disliked her demeanor. No charm and extremely vain!

  25. Estrelita jones Says:

    Essy says,
    I dint know Sandra was this pretty! Wish she pulled some this cute photos in ntm and did away with the att that made her uglier than OLD but TRENDY Celia. Sandra is the worst representation of Kenyans(and im ONE). Hope she has changed coz with that attitude, who wants to hire her???????

  26. Catz Says:

    No one on here can really say what she is like because none of you have ever met her or experiened her for more then 24 hrs. Her attitude was nasty 6-7 yrs ago and probably still is. Thats her weakness. If that doesnt change then she is doomed in this business.

  27. Chuk Says:


  28. cherise Says:

    just because you dont like her you cant say shes ugly because she is clearly not 🙂

  29. Pami C. Says:

    She is the most snobbiest and ugliest girl on every singel cycle thats right I said she is the ugliest girl on the whole entire show!!!!!

  30. Suzi Says:

    I found Sandra to be one of THE most nasty, mean, self-absorbed contestants EVER on ANTM. Her nasty, mean, and rotten personality & attitude overshadowed any beauty she might have visually, because she is just plain ugly on the inside. And TRUE beauty comes from the inside. Therefore Sandra is just ugly, and the photographers lens will only bring the ugly outward. I DOUBT that Sandra is working much as a model. I know that i have NEVER seen her ANYWHERE! Thank goodness! However, I HAVE seen several of the other models that were her competition on this cycle, and they are definitely booking jobs & looking as beautiful & fabulous as ever. Too bad Sandra. Hopefully SOMEONE has gotten through to you, and you can work on the ugly anger inside you. You are just far too angry a person to exude any true shine & beauty of a REAL model. Much too “hard” of a person Sanfra.

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