Samantha Potter is an American fashion model, most notable as the runner-up during Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model.

During the fifth episode, Samantha landed in the bottom two and was almost eliminated after offending Jeremy Scott, a designer, for lifting her skirt during his runway show. The following week, Samantha received a first call out for her natural disasters shot, and received another first callout for her simplistic and dramatic shots in the eleventh episode. In the previous week, Samantha won two reward challenges consecutively in the same episode. Throughout the competition, she was part of various feuds in the Top Model house, specifically with Elina Ivanova. She ultimately became runner-up to winner McKey Sullivan.

Since the show, Potter appeared in The Big Bang Theory in the episode “The Panty Piñata Polarization,” along with contestant Analeigh Tipton, but her role was a non-speaking one.

Samantha has walked for designers Individuals by AMFI, EиD by Eva and Delia, Ready to Fish by ilja and Addy van de Krommenacker at Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009 as part her prize in episode 10. She has also appeared as one of the “Top Models in Action” during Cycle 12.

Samantha is currently signed with L.A. Model Management.

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64 Responses to “Samantha Potter”

  1. Marts Says:

    … That’s it?


    Yeah. Is that it?

    • Lian Says:

      tottally BUMMER!!! I knew she wasn’t top model material…look what other contestants acomplished and she (being so “aclaimed” by the judges) is doing almost nothing!…ANALEIGH SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT LEAST THE RUNNER UP FOR THIS SEASON!!!

  3. kiki Says:

    I want more pictures.

  4. Marts Says:

    Are there more pictures of her?

  5. She is stupid.

    (а по русски – она тупая)

  6. Kira from Russia Says:

    She is very stupid. I would say, she is a typical dumb blonde. It’s the truth.

  7. Nastya Says:

    NO! Tyra said that short hair only was for THE BEST!! She is NOT STUPID! You are just envious.

  8. Linette Says:

    I love Sam!

  9. Angel Allan Says:

    I love Sam, too. She was my bet for Cycle 11.

  10. kiki Says:

    I didn’t like Sam at all. She was so mean to Marjorie because Marjorie was different to Sam. Plus, she was such a ham. She can take a beautiful picture but she hates people who are different and I don’t like that at all.

    • roberta Says:

      If you are going to say that about Sam, the same could be said about Marjorie and Elina! Just because they weren’t born in the states, they seem to think they are better then anyone else!

      • Tricia Says:

        The reason why Majorie and Elina were like that was because people like Samatha were rude and negative. Annaleigh was nice. “Majorie over thinks things” – it is because Sam doesn’t think. And seriously to have given Elina crap about doing a photo shoot for a holiday spread that “it’s unfair because you don’t believe in holidays” – that is rediculous! Because the holiday season are Only for “religious” people? Because models only pose for things that are inherently “them”?

      • taleisha Says:

        I totally agree with Roberta, Elina and Majorie were total idiots in this season! Sam was never mean to them when she asked Elina questions and was never condescending about it, Elina just took everything the wrong way because she genuinely didn’t know how to handle the questions that were being thrown at her.

      • taleisha Says:

        Also it wasn’t Sam that brought up the holiday spread issue it was actually Sheena and again they were just genuinely interested asking Elina whether it was a conflict of interest or not they weren’t being rude or mean at all! Plus Elina said herself if it was for meat or milk (2 things she is definitely against) then she wouldn’t have taken the job, so yeah I suppose some models do pose for things that are inherently ‘them.’

    • fernanda Says:

      si sam era una estupida 😛

  11. Paul K Says:

    She does not look like a model at all.

  12. boo Says:

    She wasn’t mean to Marjorie; Marjorie was just boring and annoying and cried too much. She chose to play the pity-victim-sad-nervous card and that’s why she was annoying. Love Sam. She was cool, funny, and relaxed on the show.

  13. chase Says:

    Sam was clearly xenophobic, not to mention a complete bore, which is exemplified by the fact that she hasn’t had any REAL work in her exposure on ANTM.

  14. Ashley Says:

    I’m sorry, but i think she is the most forgettable runner-up in top model history. Annaleigh should’ve been in the final two.

  15. Gina Says:

    Sam looked like a mall girl at the beginning of the competition, but once Tyra cut her hair, she turned into someone completely different! She was absolutely beautiful and she should NEVER grow her hair. To me, most blonds that model these days (especially couture models) tend to look a lot alike, as if they’d been cut from the same cookie cutter. But Sam definitely has her own look and it’s really fresh and natural. She also has a retro quality about her that’s very 60’s. She REALLY looks like those models from the 1960’s mod-era like Twiggy who waaayy over-posed but made it look good. Sam’s black & white warehouse pic is a killer. It’s very Austin Powers. And her Calvin Klein pic is stunning.

  16. princess tipo 969 Says:

    Samantha Potter was the best runner-up in top model history. She is very pretty, smart and competitive as well. I wish her all the best.

    • Belize Says:

      Smart? The girl is bigoted and judgmental–how can that translate to smart? Such ignorance coupled by her assertiveness only makes her seem intelligent to people who don’t know any better… AKA, people like you.

  17. linny Says:

    Very pretty girl, but a lot of the things she said made me dislike her. I wouldn’t have said she was stupid, but certainly ignorant.

  18. hotlegend Says:

    She’s not a natural infact looking at her images she’s trying tooooo hard that it looks fake.

  19. Niki b Says:

    Is that her body of work???????? :O

  20. I couldn’t stand her!! She was such a b****!!! Very insensitive and cocky, and didn’t look like a model at all. I couldn’t believe she made it to the top 2.

  21. Amanda Says:

    “I’m sorry, but i think she is the most forgettable runner-up in top model history. Annaleigh should’ve been in the final two.” x2

    I couldn’t agree more. Nothing special about this girl.

  22. k.ate Says:

    I think that she should not have been in the final two it should have been annaleigh.

  23. Holiday Says:

    I LOVED SAM!! Her black and white photos are STELLAR! Plus, she was so positive and funny, which is why I think she clashed with Marjorie so much, because Marjorie’s also funny,, but she handled everything with a negative attitude. I love them both though.I love Sam!!

  24. Andie Says:

    Samantha is a very smart girl. She’s really sweet and she can have her moments but she’s honest and she’s very encouraging of others. She is not a “typical” blond chic. She’s a goofball but she’s awesome not to mention beautiful and talented.

  25. Estella Says:

    The photo where she is covering her eye… I’ve got that picture hanging on my wall hahahaha : D

  26. Tess Says:

    If you look at the successful girls in the industry today, she’s too big for high fashion and too small for plus size jobs. With her weight she looks like the girl next door, but not in a model kind of way. It’s the harsh truth. Can’t believe she finished second. Does the jury want the girls to be dellusional?

  27. Ms. Kathleen Says:

    Samantha was my overall favorite – one of the most memorable of all the episodes. She has amazing smile and eyes and was by far the most ‘real’ – Love her personality. Sorry she didn’t win but know she will have an amazing career.

  28. erer Says:

    she is the most beautiful woman in the world

  29. erer Says:

    most beautiful lady in the world

  30. most beautiful woman in the world ever

  31. love her ever and forever

  32. most beautiful lady in the universe

  33. daia nongtdu Says:

    anjelina is nothing compare to samantha

  34. lsexiest woman in the world

  35. most beautiful and sexy woman

  36. ashwarya rai miss world 1994 is nothing compare to sam

  37. all miss world is nothing compare to sam

  38. i vote her million times as most beautiful lady in the earth

  39. kiki nongtdu Says:

    fhm magazine must put her on the cover page as the sexiest lady alive

  40. lucy nongtdu Says:

    sam most beautiful eyes in the world

    • i hate spams Says:

      seriously? all these comments from ‘erer’ to ‘lucy nongtdu’, O bet came from the same people by looking at the ‘time’ the comments were posted… non stop favoring Sam with compliments. yeah we get it, she’s beautiful. enough spamming already.

  41. Garret Says:

    YAWN. I don’t know what the panel saw in her at all, she looked so commercial even when going editorial. Her personality was annoying and so was her attitude but she only turned 18 so immaturity is expected.

    Also, her walk.. atrocious, I wonder how she got on in Amsterdam. Going back to casting, was she even in the first episode, completely confusing how she got so far.

  42. Nadine Says:

    In all honesty she was one of the most lovely contestant and gave several of the best photos ever, not in the “top model” department but in the “genuine and realistic beauty” department.

  43. where are the other pictures of sam .?! i want more pics ..
    by the way ..4 those who hate sam ..u are alL S.T.U.P.I.D !!
    and sam worth it..she deserve 2 be a finaList ..

  44. Jason Says:

    Samantha is no longer signed with L.A.

  45. Maggie Says:

    I loved Sam’s personality hahaha she made me laugh a lot of times in the show but she DID seem too catalogue… her photographs were stunning though! it was weird haha I liked her

  46. toom Says:

    Sam was funny……i like her!

  47. Laukie Says:

    I am not even sorry to say that but she shouldn’t have been the runner-up, there were so many girls better than her. She was a bit stupid, even though it was more ignorance than stupidity, but she was. I am French, I understand Marjorie. We, the French, tend to see the bad things before the good ones. Plus, I think Samantha wasn’t that pretty, she had something special, but that wasn’t prettiness. I am actually disappointed she is the cycle 11 runner-up, but well, this is life, and everyone has different points of view.

  48. Sean Says:

    Objectively, her swimsuit and b&w photos were excellent, but there wasn’t much else special to her imo, and she should have been eliminated for her natural disasters shoot, where she looks like a stoner looking up and going “huh?”. Also her CG shot was the worst of the 3, a bit turtle-like.

  49. Katherine Says:

    I don’t know how she got so far. She should’ve been eliminated early.

  50. Maddie Says:

    Those are the best picture and I know you are 24. And I was going to comment on you Tube today and I can’t so I did on the Internet and I love you how you sing burn I love that .

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