Saleisha Stowers was a contestant and winner of Cycle 9 of ANTM.

In her Seventeen Magazine interview, Saleisha stated she had a rough life growing up. She lived with her grandmother in Madera, California. When she was 14, she attended Camp T-Zone, Tyra Banks’ self-esteem camp just for girls. Saleisha also worked as a receptionist in Los Angeles. Before appearing on Cycle 9, Saleisha was signed with Photogenics Model Management and had also appeared in a commercial for fast-food restaurant Wendy’s, with actor Tom Lenk. She had modeled for DOMIJ clothing., and d.e.m.o. She was also an extra in an episode of the TV series Ugly Betty and on two episodes of the Tyra Banks Show, modeling for Rami, Project Runway season four contestant. Saleisha appeared in the “Welcome Back” music video, and had an ad for 24 Hour Fitness. She also modeled for Especially Yours wigs, and was featured in a fashion spread for InTouch Weekly. She was recruited for America’s Next Top Model, which she subsequently won.

Saleisha entered the competition with a lot of confidence and high self-esteem. Her bubbly, positive personality, and her strong walk won the judges over. But the judges in the beginning felt she relied too much on her commercial look, so they gave her a Louise Brooks-inspired black hair weave to edge her out. She struggled during the third week, and consequently landed in bottom two with contestant Victoria Marshman. But she was spared, and she started improving, producing better photos. She received two first call-outs and two bottom-two appearances. In one of the challenges, she won an ad for Old Navy. In the final deliberation, the judges were impressed with Saleisha’s command on the runway and for her fluidity. She won against contestant Chantal Jones.

As part of her prize, Stowers won a contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics which features her campaigning for WetSlicks Fruit Spritzers, and appeared on the cover of the February 2008 issue of Seventeen magazine. She has also won a contract for representation with Elite Model Management. Like previous winners of ANTM, Stowers appeared in weekly segments of My Life as a CoverGirl during the running of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

There has been controversy regarding Stowers’s eligibility to appear on the show. The show’s rules state that a contestant must not have appeared as a model in a national advertising campaign during the five years prior to production. Stowers appeared in a 2006 commercial for Wendy’s, an ad that was part of a national-level campaign. The CW issued a statement that Stowers did disclose her participation in the Wendy’s spot, and “after reviewing the commercial, it was determined that her appearance did not amount to “modeling” experience, and therefore did not exclude her from participating in the show.”

Several blogs and news outlets have speculated that her past relationship with Banks (her participation in Banks’ T-Zone camp and her past appearances on Tyra’s television shows and her appearance as a model on The Tyra Banks Show and Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model), may have influenced the selection of the winner. Saleisha had also been a national spokesmodel for Especially Yours wigs for more than a year before the show ran, as well as appearing in an episode of the hit U.S. sitcom Ugly Betty.

Saleisha has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show multiple times. This includes the time when Saleisha, along with Tyra Banks, Jaslene Gonzalez, Claire Unabia and Michael Bloomberg planted a tree on April 10 in New York City in honor of Earth Day which aired on April 30, 2008 and the Fiercee Awards along with past ANTM contestants that aired on May 14. Stowers attended the premiere of Polanski Unauthorized, the Vavoom Upfront party with Caridee English and Jaslene Gonzalez, and the CW Upfront Party celebrating the Cycle 10 finale with past ANTM alums.

Saleisha is currently signed to Elite Model Management and L.A. Model Management.

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122 Responses to “Saleisha Stowers”

  1. izzitme Says:

    The worst winner of all the seasons. She only won because she participated in Tyra’s camp.

    • Marts Says:

      To be honest, I’m also one of those who thinks this has to do with her win. Like a big publicity of “Hey, I, Tyra Banks, contributed so much to her great self-esteem that she won a show produced by me, Tyra Banks!”

      • Silver Says:

        I think Chantal deserved to win so much more than Saleisha, and also that Saleisha’s win was totally fixed. She didn’t even deserve it and her portfolio is mediocre at best. Chantal’s pictures are so much better! I think that they should have sent Saleisha home and kept Jenah to compete with Chantal in the final runway. You could see throughout the competition how much Chantal and Jenah wanted to win. In the final judging, most of the judges wanted Chantal, but Tyra kept pushing for Saleisha to win.

    • Pauline Says:

      The BEST winner ever! Stunning girl

  2. полина Says:

    А мне она нравится!

    Rough Translation: “And it is pleasant to me!”

  3. KriStina Says:

    I agree with Izzitime; she’ll never be the best. I don’t like her.

  4. Bonjoss Says:

    The worst in ANTM history.

    • anon Says:

      I fully agree with you! Her winning totally turned me off from ANTM!

      • Ella Says:

        Agreed. She bores me to tears and I was so disillusioned after she won that I stopped watching the show–I haven’t seen a single episode since then. Saleisha is worthy of WalMart catalogs and toothpaste ads. Not high fashion. At least it looks like she got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle they gave her on the show. That was laughable.

      • Jess Says:

        Agreed Chantal should have won! Look at her pics now and it’s obvious!

  5. Gina Says:

    Okay, I have looked at all of these pictures, and I’m sorry…there is absolutely NOTHING editorial about this girl. She couldn’t sell me toothpaste, much less expensive clothes or shoes. It didn’t matter who shot her or how haute couture the photo shoot. Every single picture I’ve ever seen of her is straight out of the Sears catalog.

    At least she got rid of that hideous mushroom hairdo. That awful hair just made it worse. All she needed was a pair of fairy wings and she would’ve made a great Tinkerbell. I boycotted the show for a season because of her win. She should never even have been allowed to participate.

    Seriously, I knew once Heather Kuzmich got tossed off the show that Saleisha had it in the bag…not because she was any good at modeling but because clearly the fix was in. Saleisha’s pictures couldn’t hold a match to Heather’s, or Lisa’s or even that hateful Bianca. In fact, as much as I couldn’t stand her, I was actually pulling for Bianca to win over Saleisha. No way mushroom-head should’ve made it to finals, and she clearly didn’t deserve to win. I still can’t stand the sight of her. That was the worst ANTM cycle ever.

    • anon Says:

      I tried my best to understand why this girl won myself! I don’t see editorial, high fashion, commercial, nada! SALIESHA WINNING WAS THE WORST IN ANTM HISTORY! Tyra set this up! Saliesha didn’t even have a nice personality cause she was very mean to Heather! I actually preferred evil Bianca over Saleisha (OMG I can’t believe I said that) because Bianca has more model potential. Heather BTW is one of the most beautiful girls in ANTM ever! Jenah, Lisa; Janet were also gorgeous models!

      • gmlaster Says:

        I can’t believe you said that either, but I have to agree, and I thought Bianca was one of the most hateful girls ever on the show! But Saleisha was waayyyy more obnoxious. And I also agree that Heather was amazing. I really think she should’ve won that season. Lisa was great too.

    • Ella Says:

      Ditto a hundred times over Gina. In another post I mentioned that I thought she might be worthy of Walmart catalogs and Crest ads, but high fashion? Give me a break. Haven’t watched a single show since that fixed cycle. After that happened all my little doubts about the fairness and authenticity of the competition were verified. So disappointing. As a fashion photographer I was a big fan of the show.

  6. kiki Says:

    The thing I’m so angry about is not what she did, but what the show and Tyra did. Tyra acted like the only time she ever met Saleisha was when she was at T-zone. It turns out that Saleisha modeled for Tyra on the show numerous times. Clearly Saleisha violated the eligibility rights. But Tyra decided to play favorites and let Saleisha come into the competition. So really Chantal is the winner, with Jenah taking second.

  7. Chilly710 Says:

    She had already modelled before ANTM, which is against the rules. Wow, that’s not right. Besides, all her pictures were terrible. 😦

  8. Jae Says:

    I just think she had THE worst makeover ever on ANTM. It made me not like her, which is not her fault but really, awful.

    • loveinrococo Says:

      Woah! im wathcing her season right now, and seeing these pictures, i realize that she is great! she rocks the whole spectrum of looks from young catalog to sexpot. Her makeover was horrendous. Until I saw these pictures, I bought into the Tyra camp conspiracy theory. The one thing I did love about her is her positivity.

    • Kelly Says:

      agreed I thought her haircut was awful! she looks much better since after the show ended

  9. tt Says:

    I really do not get all the negativity. I liked the top 3. They all deserved to be there. To sit here and say she takes bad pics is ridiculous. According to you people, the professionals on panel, with all their experience, have no clue about the fashion world. Give me a break.

    • panda Says:

      Thank you! What the hell is up with everyone not liking her??? She might’ve modeled for Tyra before but she was still really good in the season and her makeover was cool

    • Lila Says:

      I sooo agree

      • Sarah Says:

        I agree with this. I can see people doubt her eligibility, but let’s remember that this is a television show, so there has to be that kept in mind.

        Regardless, Saleisha has a very commercial and versatile look. It’s evident that she can be a working model.

  10. Guz** Says:

    I like it.

  11. rho Says:

    I looooooovvvee Saliesha! she is amazing better than the others! people are just jealous. look she won let it go!

    • anon Says:

      It’s either you are related to Saleisha or you are Saleisha, or maybe you are Tyra or maybe you are freaking blind to not see what pretentious Tyra did! Stinkleisha does not look like a model, not even commercial! Reveal yourself!

    • Shana Says:

      I rather liked her as well. And I absolutely loved the makeover, it helped her to stand out amongst all the typical dark-skinned curly-haired girls. She should have kept the haircut, it was so damn good.

  12. boo Says:

    I agree. She should NOT have won. People are playing favorites here when they choose the winners. I was like WHAT, REALLY, she won? Sucks.

  13. Liza Says:

    She is so commercial. No way you are ever gonna see a girl like her on the cover of Vogue. Not only is her look just not editorial, her legs and butt are also waaaay to big. She’s not fat or anything, but to be able to have a chance in the modeling industry, she needs to lose like 15 pounds at least.

    • hope green Says:

      You are all just hating, she is a good model,she rocked the runway. You are all mad because she is not blonde and blue eyed. And if any of you are sisters, you are hating. Let’s give our sisters their due rewards. Your reasons for not liking goes a little deeper, we know where the hate is coming from. She won, she deserved it, get over it! Ain’t no stopping us now.

      • Green Green Says:

        Hey, I don’t like blonde or anycolor hairs or eyes. Fatima (10cycle) or Lisa (9 cycle) are great and beautiful. But Saleisha isn’t good model. just Tyra’s girl. no one her picture is good ….

  14. Cassie Says:

    She’s a pretty girl, but her photos are just so blah. Not enough charisma.

  15. Bubbly Says:

    Hey haters, she was one of the best on ANTM ever. Have you even watched season 8? Have you even seen her personality and her pictures? She didn’t win because she had gone to Tyra’s Camp, but because she deserved it the most. She could be edgy and mean in the photos but in real life she is smiley and friendly. From the casting, I loved her and I am very happy that she won. 🙂

    • gmlaster Says:

      If she’s so great, why do so many people here hate her and think it was a setup? She certainly did NOT deserve it. Surrounded by so many beautiful girls, but for Tyra’s attentions to her I would never even have noticed her, and I haven’t seen a single picture of her wearing anything that I would buy because she was wearing it.

      • hope green Says:

        I’m sure you are speaking of the blonde chick. Since when we dont look good? You weren’t watching, cause that sister knew how to walk the run way and she strutted
        her stuff. Girlfriend got it going on. She deserved her win. she had a rough life and did not give in to it. Now maybe she will have a better life. Stop the hating.

    • Renka Says:

      You’re stoned.

    • bunny Says:

      Yeah I saw her pics and they were awful especially the flower one where she is touching herself…..ewwwwwww big time ewwwwww and her personality…nasty.” I get the big bed and am not going to share” and how about the shower…that’s right…she could be mean!!!!!!

  16. alice Says:

    She sucks. I think Chantal deserved to win in this competition!

    • Neil C. Rasbury Says:

      Chantal did not deserve to win. She was fake and stupid and her modeling was amateur. Chantal’s walk couldn’t be Saleshia’s nor her photograph. So whatever, Saleshia won deal with it.

    • Grace Says:

      Why u say she sucks u don’t even know her

  17. Mari Hyatt Says:

    I don’t agree with the haters, but I do agree with those who said her makeover was horrendous. These photos here prove she was worthy of winning; Tyra camp or not! She’s extremely photogenic and has a personality to match. I loved her throughout the entire show, and am ecstatic that she won! GO SALEISHA!!!

  18. Daniel Says:

    Just gorgeous.

  19. Nininha Says:

    It’s funny how all of them get thinner after the show. And her makeover was the worst ever!

  20. anon Says:

    Stinkleisha is fugly. She does NOT look like a model. Her winning proves that ANTM is a personality contest!

  21. Beatriz Says:

    As hard as I try I can’t see anything special about her. She shouldn’t have won. Even that b*tch Bianca was better than her. Not to mention Jenah, Chantal, Lisa or Heather. ANTM lost a lot of respect when Natasha, from cycle 8, didn’t make it and Jaslene did, and then when this Saleisha won. Sooo unfair!

    Por mucho que trato no encuentro nada especial en ella. No debió haber ganado. Hasta la odiosa Bianca era mejor. Sin mencionar a Jenah, Chantal,Lisa o Heather. ANTM perdió mucho respeto cuando Natasha del ciclo 8 no ganó, y ganó Jaslene, y luego cuando esta Saleisha ganó. Qué injusto!

  22. datum pi Says:

    What really p*ssed me off about her winning was her fake *ss personaiity and she was really mean! She started fights out of nowhere and treated Heather like absolute crap, but everyone saw her as “sweet” somehow. And she was always saying stuff like “we’re all showstoppers *insert fake laugh*” or “I think I’m the bomb *snaps finger and fake laughs*.” If I was a judge, I think I could’ve seen right through her cos you can’t trust a thing out of her mouth.

    Plus her pictures are awful. I know I’m not an “expert” as someone mentioned but I still have eyes and they almost got poked out by her nasty bony shoulders! I thought in the group shot she tried to take up as much room as possible because that’s the only way she can get noticed is to fill more space than the other girls. The only shot I really liked of hers was the tulip shot and that’s probably because she looked like she was dead.

    The only positive thing about her win is that she’s the only Capricorn to win, but thank God I’m not a Capricorn because I wouldn’t want this girl representing my sign! We just need a Cancer and Aquarius to win and all 12 signs will have one at least one season!

  23. Nadia Says:

    You call THIS HIGH FASHION? Please. I looked at every single photo, and not one of them peeked my interest. These photos aren’t cunning or charismatic. THEY’RE JUST PLAIN AWFUL! Smh, Chantal should’ve won this cycle.

    • gmlaster Says:

      ANYBODY but Saleisha should’ve won this cycle.

    • hope green Says:

      chantall looked like a country bumpkin from hee
      haw. people on this site calling other people
      blind. maybe you need to take a trip to the eye
      dr. chantall was a nice girl. but no super model,
      she could not walk that runway and she was stiff.
      she was standing around looking lost in the music
      video.hopefully now she better with time. and her
      hair wasn’t great either,a long mushrum

  24. bunny Says:


  25. Renka Says:

    Biggest kiss-ass of ANTM, hands down. I don’t what the judges were smoking during Cycle 9 either. Lisa Jackson or Heather Kuzmich should have won.

  26. Emily Says:

    I thought the makeover would’ve been perfect for a genuine supermodel. It is something different and makes a real model stand out. It was just too much for lil’ Saleisha.
    But I love her and wanted her to win from the start. I’m thinking back and the only other pretty girls to compare to her for the win would’ve been… Lisa, Janet, JENAH (beautiful!).
    If you think her win was set up, please be mad at Tyra. Take the comments to something about her. Not this girl.

  27. Niki b Says:

    Pretty! PRETTY BORING! Anyone else would have deserved the win more than Saleisha!

  28. Boone Says:

    Should NOT have won. This is when I realized for sure that ANTM was totally fake. It became obvious that judges and especially Tyra were playing favourites. It was so in your face OBVIOUS in this season. I’m sure Saleisha is a nice girl and all but she should not have won. Chantal was the obvious winner in my opinion. As she said: ” I was made for modeling ” and I truly believe she was and is. Heather was damn good too. This season made me soooo mad and upset with ANTM and especially with Tyra and her it’s all about me attitude. She mocks the other judges and some of the girls accents ( like Twiggy’s ) and she is so dang narcissistic. I mean, I’m happy for her that she has and has had a successful career and all but talk about letting it go to your head. Maybe people like her can’t help it. Once they get to a certain celebrity level or something. Anyway…Saleisha should NOT have won her season and now we all know ANTM is about drama and not modeling. I admit, I still watch it though.

    • JAne Says:

      yep, definitely agree with you about tyra being narcissistic even though I like her its very obvious!!..just how we have to see about hundreds of her pictures everywhere every episode and we have seen pictures of Twiggy (who is also on your show tyra if you didnt notice yet) maybe twice during all the cycles…

  29. hotlegend Says:

    yeah I’m disapointed by her catalogue of work she’s definately not high fashion even miss deluded jade cole is more high fashion.

  30. schlobetta Says:

    she may not be the best model in the world, but the girl is gorgeous. why she ever had self-esteem issues will always be an mystery to me….

  31. ar Says:

    she just has this stoned eyes… xP

  32. hope green Says:

    you folks dont want to give a sister her due,the
    winner is ugly, the other sister was a bitch. this
    was a contest, not americas next friend, or next
    white model. christa was a good model also. all the
    models that won each cycle deserved it. heather was
    a very pretty girl, but she could’nt walk the runway.

    • gmlaster Says:

      Why do you keep trying to make this a black thing? Nobody gives two craps about her color! There are plenty of beautiful Black women who have competed and won ANTM, but Salacious definitely is not one of them. She won because the contest was clearly fixed, and clealy the sheer number of posts agreeing with shows I’m not the only one who thinks her win was fixed. She’s not editorial OR commercial. She’s a mall rat who is way out of her league, even without the mushroom hair. She’s not a model, and no amount of makeup is gonna change that. The pictures shown here and THE FACT THAT NOBODY’S SEEN HER DO ANY EDITORIAL CAMPAIGNS proves it.

  33. kimm Says:

    I myself am a model and I came up on this page to check out the girls I think what you guys are doing is wrong apparently you guys just talk endlessy about this girl well let me tell you that she is a very gorgeous gorgeous young woman I admire her if you guys judge then it’s probably because you’re better looking than her? yeahh dont think so. Dont discriminate cause if race she’s just simply beautiful<3

    • JAne Says:

      first- how u know people here are not better looking if u have never see them
      second- the fact someone here didnt like Saleisha doesnt necessary mean it was because of the race

    • Penny Says:

      Hey Kimm – I do agree that she is gorgeous – especially once she was able to get out from under Tyra’s dreadful Tootie from Facts of Life makeover – beautiful face, amazing long legs, and on the show her runway walk was really great. But I do agree with some of the other posters here that it all looks really catalogue. Which together with the fact that she could be alternately sweet and then just mean in a rather passive aggressive way, like refusing to share a bed or give up the big one when it obviously didn’t divide out that way, or making just mildly ambiguous/bitchy comments – that’s just where reality TV can help you and give you chances you wouldn’t have otherwise got, or reveal more about you than is flattering (eg Jessica Simpson), and sometimes we prefer a bit of mystery. Like back to the days when we thought that Tyra Banks seemed to be beautiful and clever and smart and bubbly and not the narcissistic batsh*t crazy egoist we see today.

      • Ella Says:

        Lol Penny. It was totally a Tootie makeover! They made her look silly and boring. At least she got rid of that ridiculous hairstyle. She looks much better, although I still think she belongs in a Walmart catalogue or a Crest ad. High fashion? Uh, no.

  34. Debra Says:

    I think some of you need to take another look at these pictures and also the cycle once again.Yes Tyra can be a bit hypicritical, Saleisha did deserve to be on the show she is a beautiful girl and her pictures here prove that. This is the reason there are rules that state if a person is related or affiliated with a contest or a competition they should not be allowed to participate. I think that Tyra should have known better, Don’t take your hatred out on the girl because you think she was on the show unfairly. I don’t care how much pull Tyra has she would not be singed to the prestigious Elite Model Management if she didn’t have something, So stop hating on this oviously beautiful and talented young lady and give her her props. I thought Heather took the best photos of anyone in that cycle, but she lacked in other areas.

  35. Honestly I don’t like Saleisha because I don’t like her pictures. I was rooting for Heather but she did not win but he’s very successful in her modeling career so its okay. But hey don’t blame Tyra for all of this, She’s not the only judge right? but i respect everyones thoughts about her. God bless everyone!

  36. ClaudiaDS Says:

    She’s a pretty girl with a nice body… but NOT a model. At all. She should’ve used her “connections” for something else, like acting.

  37. lunayofanda Says:

    Sorry,but I dont think she deserved to be the winner,her pictures is really not editorial

    • Grace Says:

      Like u cud b a model or make editorial pics. No, u can’t. So none of u can say anything

      • Cara Says:

        I’m an editorial model. And Saleisha is mysteriously absent from every show I’ve ever walked. Wonder why that is?

  38. kimmie Says:

    She won and she is good, hater out there. Some of you all can’t do what she did and his going.

  39. ok Says:

    I believe she has been the prettiest African American model Tyra has had on the show the girl is gorgeous. She is sweet and innocent, yet sexy and provoking at the same time. Flawless skin, a high fashion body; high end as well as relate-able to editorial and all industries, stop hating on this talented long model.

  40. panda Says:

    she kinda looks like rihanna in some pics

    • Marina Says:

      She looks like a combination of Beyonce and Rihanna…and I think she’s the most beautiful girl of all cycles… love her

  41. bunny Says:

    look at the picture in the blue plaid shirt..close up with no is Camille and OMG in the pink dress…it is my mother!

  42. B Says:

    stop hating!! Saleisha obviously won for a reason!! If you ever considered joining this competition,the chances are you would get pounded on too by hateful strangers.Fugly?? Lose 15 pounds?? Thats just disgusting,maybe look at yourself first before you spread so much hate!!!!!

    • gmlaster Says:

      Yeah…she won for a reason alright…she won because the contest was FIXED!!! She’s not fugly. She’s just not a model, editorial, commercial or otherwise. Saying it doesn’t make me a hater. But the fact that she’s not on the cover of Vogue or walking the catwalk anywhere during Fashion Week does make me right. You’re not a model because you call yourself one. You’re a model when you WORK! And I don’t mean in some fashion show for a local department store.

  43. daniel Says:

    all those blabbling about her win, what are your sweat………. why dont you prove your points by challenging her in a modelling show, a commercial or any of what she is currently doing………..envious creatures…………shame on you haters

  44. K'Yara Says:

    All you guys have to stop fricking tripping she won stop talking smack about her she won already like you have any fricking potential she won cus she was the best she had better photo’s than others so shut the fuck up you hoe bags you b!tches….

  45. Lila Says:

    Everyone just open your eyes, she kicked ass all through antm and deserved to win. I think Tyra and her team judge better than anyone of us can. She takes brilliant pictures and i’m so impressed. She was my favorite all through antm, cause she didn’t waste time bitch*ng. Just stayed happy and excited.

  46. Tyra should drop the smizing already, she looks the same in all photos! Booooring!

  47. Cari Says:

    I think her pictures after the show turned out beautifully. I think most of the hate was over the fact that she should not have won ANTM, not only should she not have qualified (having modeled for Tyra before) but she also simply hadn’t perfected the pictures as well as a few of the other girls. She is able to put her best personality traits forward which definitely wins you points with the judges but for a Top Model she wasn’t quite there yet as an overall package. I think she has gotten way better after the show honestly, even if I do think Chantal, at the time, was an overall better model due to her stronger pictures.

  48. Debra Says:

    Jealous much, you can tell when jealousy rears it’s ugly head. If you hate her because you think she was on the show unfairly then take it up with the shows producers. This is a very beautiful girl, who regardless how she got on the show, she was on it and she won and not because of Tyra but because she blew away the competition in the last few shows and her runway walk was hands down the best. Stop hating and place the complaints where they should be directed. Saleisha is simply gorgeous, so get over it. I thought Heather was going to win because she was blowing away the competion early on, and her pictures were gorgeous. Then she started to whittle and Saleisha stepped up her game and won. Modeling is more than being able to take a pretty picture.

  49. Wicky Says:

    I don’t necessarily believe that there was some nefarious plot to have her win. This was just a weak crop of contestants this cycle–probably the weakest overall of any season. The only one with any potential, in my opinion, was Heather. Saleisha is a beautiful girl, but there is a difference between being beautiful in person and being a model. Although Tyra giving her that hideous wig didn’t help. Contrast with Heather, who I probably would not have noticed in person, but takes amazing pictures.

  50. ej Says:

    Saleshia is pretty but NOT a MODEL. She could work the runway and try acting. Chantal was boring…I voted Jenah, Heather and Lisa.

  51. Steph Says:

    Nooooo! Chantal and Janah from cycle 9 should of been the final two and from there Chantal shoul’ve won…..She is a beautiful girl but compared to other models during that series she should’ve gone home a lot sooner….I also did not mind heather from series 9 as well!!! All I can say is that my top favourites from cycle 9 where chantal (1), Janah (2) and heather (3) but over all……..GO Chantal!

    Steph xxx

  52. Gabriella Says:

    Econey e traupordut e conalebella si nov’e conto costa si selsha e’ no, no, no edturpudi conto costinic e’ Chantal e cycloa 9 xxx

    Goooooo Chantal, e noto Selsha!!

  53. antmfan Says:

    Her transformation was awful, and is it just me or her face expression is always the same. Not my favorite at all. But she was good on the cat walk, lets give her that credit.

  54. I love her she deserved to win an I’m sure she earned it all by hard work.

  55. Mina Says:

    Her portfolio is really bland and boring.. She’s one of the most uninteresting ANTM-winners of all time.

  56. Gaga Says:

    Jenah deserved the title WAY more! Such a shock that Saliesha won. If Jenah was in the top 2, the judges knew that she would take the title. Thats why they let her go before Chantal.

  57. Steph J. Says:

    Wow. I admit I’m a little behind the times here. I have only just begun watching all the seasons through I-Tunes. Out of all the seasons, Saleshia is my favorite model so far. I also loved her makeover hair. I think she is beautiful and can cover over a decade in age. (From teen to late 20’s). Some of the comments are deliberately cruel, and when I see that I can only assume it’s jealousy or sour grapes. Who cares that she knew Tyra beforehand. She had to go through every single test and obstacle the other girls had to endure. You go Saleshia!

  58. Cece Says:

    I don’t understand the reason of so much negativity towards her. She was great, beautiful, took chances, showed a great personality. She was a girl with a dream, if you all wanna be mad, so than be mad with Tyra not with her. Tyra is the older, mature and powerfull one, not her. She’s pretty and has a great talent. If Chantal had so much potential over her, would’ve much success either, which did not happen.

  59. Julia Says:

    I saw a YouTube video of saleisha once- she was incredibly self obsessed to the point of being deranged – ranting about how she was going to win. If anyone thought she was sweet and innocent, this video would certainly change their mind. Very ugly..

  60. Kat Says:

    It was a fixed win so that people would start paying attention to the show again. Every now and then they throw that out there to get press, and never address things publicly, like the meat shoot or the mixed race stuff on cycle 13. Whatever. As time goes along, more and more of the girls have a ton of experience, which just brasses me off. As for Saleisha, she was one of those that should have been gone but then midseason she started surging forward and it was obvious where she was headed. I still think she is commercial and she has bags under her eyes I could take a trip to Maui with. One of my least favorite seasons.

  61. Kimberly Says:

    Nothing like a woman to tear down another woman. The absolute worst offense. Men don’t limit women–women limit women. And then they pass that disgusting habit down to their daughters like a generational curse. Shame on you all.

  62. Vicky Says:

    Y,all just hatin racist people. The fact that all y’all hatin ain’t gonna change the fact that she won and she is better than ur favorites

    • rhiannon49 Says:

      Just because we think that someone else should of won doesnt make us racist. How come if someone wants a black girl to win its fine (even if she has no talent) but its “racist” to want a white girl to win? No one is gonna vote for someone without talent. Its all about the talent, not race. A black girl can be just as talented as a white girl, so ddont use that as an excuse.

  63. Ajenk Says:

    Another let down by ANTM. Chantal, Heather or even Jenah were the obvious contender. I didn’t say this out of hate for Saleisha, but simply because of their performances, those 3 were just way better.

  64. Xante Valenzuela Says:

    i loved how she worked back at Americas next top model, her walk was stronger over chantal i love salisha

  65. Orphan Says:

    I hated her makeover, but I feel like she was a decent winner. Everyone talks about how she didn’t deserve to be on the show, but again, you can’t fault her for that. She took a chance, and she knew that there was a possibility that Tyra could say no. When Tyra didn’t, she went after it and competed and won. If Tyra didn’t care, why should we? After all, it is Tyra’s show. The girls nowadays are models and whatnot, going on the show for a shot at winning so it’s not fair to hate Saleisha over it and no one else.

  66. Grace Says:

    All of u r just mad cuz ur favorite person didn’t win. If I was trying out for ANTM, I wud want her background with Tyra. All of u wud. Don’t deny it and try to b humble I know u wud. If u ask me, the worst winner was Sophie from the British Invasion season. Ya I wanted Laura to win. But the thing is it’s AMERICA’S Next Top Model. Not Britain’s. And don’t they have a Britain’s Next Top Model? I think that idea was stupid and controversial and they only did it for publicity. Don’t get me wrong, I LUV Sophie. But I just don’t think it’s fair that a Brit won an American competition

  67. mya phillips Says:

    Hey sal i herd bianca golden been disrespectful to am so srry about that. Karma is a bitch let me tell u bianca golden is nt american she`s jamaican her right name is mishekeya simpson , she was born on the 28 of july 1993 we need the media to know this .call my#786-391-8548 i ave lots more to tell thank u dear like i said karma is a bitch:)

  68. Lilly R Says:

    I’m not hating on Saleisha – she was really pretty (It’s not her fault that she had an aweful makeover O_o) However, I think the problem was that there were a lot of strong girls in this cycle. I mean, really really strong girls with a lot of potential – in comparison to them Saleisha fell quite flat. Girls like Heather, Jenah, Sarah, Lisa, Victoria – even Janet and Ambreal – were so strong. I think most of them were a lot stronger than Saleisha and also Chantal.
    All in all this cycle made me feel so uncomfortable – especially at how Jenah and Ebony were treated by the judges. I really felt bad for even watching it.

  69. rhiannon49 Says:

    Poor Saleisha got the worst hair cut to ever be on ANTM WHAT WHAT WAS TYRA THINKING?! Anyway, it could’ve been the best top three ever if it were heather, jenah, and chantal. Lisa placing 4th. Heather should have won but I dont hate saleisha cuz of it. Saleisha is cute too but shes a better fit for commercial modeling

  70. kaduzy Says:

    None of these pictures are any more than ordinary. NOT. A. MODEL. Rigged cycle from start to finish. Pretty =/= model.

  71. channey Says:

    I didn’t realize she appeared on so many things prior to ANTM. She was still a good model though, very pretty girl! I love that black & grey sweater she is wearing up there.

  72. vicky Says:

    She looks like crap in almost every one of these, except her natural shots, which are too juvenile and commercial. She is a gorgeous woman, but a truly terrible model. I never liked her in her cycle, and it’s B.S. that she won. Jenna was better and more interesting than her or Chantal.

  73. LMAO Says:

    Fake personality + ugly face = Fuglisha. The only reason she won was because Tyra hand selected her to be the winner.

  74. Katherine Says:

    She’s a beautiful girl and a good model, but she was not the best model, and she did not stand out of the girls. It was clear her winning was rigged, which was unfair to the other girls.

  75. moet Says:

    Mean people…..God would not approve the mean comments…

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