Robin Manning was a contestant during Cycle 1 of ANTM.

Robin “Robynne” Manning is a plus-sized model and a Devout Christian from Memphis, Tennessee. Before she appeared ANTM’s Cycle 1, she was given the titles of Miss Soybean and Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame. She received her MA from Tennessee State University, where she was also deemed as Miss Tennessee State University.

Being a Devout Christian like her fellow Top Model Finalist Shannon Stewart, Robin often criticized the other girls when she felt that they were doing something immoral. She was extremely affected when openly gay model Ebony brought her partner to the house. On the seventh week, the challenge was to pose nude for a jewelry advertisement. She, along with Shannon, refused to participate, saying that it was against her morals. Consequently, she was eliminated from the show, becoming the seventh contestant to be cut.

After her appearance on the show, Robin went on to do a Baby Phat fashion show with Elyse and Kesse. She has also appeared in the popular soap, The Young and the Restless, and the films, Without You and Holla.

Robin is pursuing an acting career and has been in two movies. She did some church-related print work and some test shots, but is not currently with an agency.

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75 Responses to “Robin Manning”

  1. Love88 Says:

    GOD BLESS you Sister Robynn!! I used to live in Memphis,TN as well!! I remember your sister Sharon and your baby sister!!! How are they doing? Keep up the good work, gurly!!

    Take Care,


  2. Breezy Says:

    Robin would have been prettier if she wasn’t so ugly on the inside. Poor girl; she was such a terrible person. You can’t fake your way into heaven, girl.

  3. Sexy Sadie Says:

    The last portrait is a blast.

  4. MJ Says:

    I applaud you, Robin. Keep your morals in place. You are beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside. Don’t worry; you know who holds the key. Everything in season.

  5. Louisa Says:

    This is a real beauty! I also admire her for not compromising.

  6. Louisa Says:

    Robin was the star of the show. She should have won the competition. Elegance, style, dignity – something for America to be proud of!

  7. John Says:

    For God’s sake. She was the b*tch of Cycle 1. What about the story when she shook her breasts to Mr. Jay? She has less moral than any other girl this cycle. She was a terrible contestant.

    • kandimom Says:

      She didn’t even has an explanation for that one, because she didn’t think anyone was going to call her out on that. Her whole “religious” personality was an act..(fake). And that’s what make’s her ugly.

  8. Venusian Says:

    I agree with you, Breezy. The athiest of the show exhibited more dignity than the alleged Christian around other people. The prayer circle showed what a contradiction this woman was, asking God to guide her when she was constantly judging. Next!

  9. Angie Says:

    She always looked like a drag queen to me.

  10. Kandice Says:

    Being a Christian myself, I hated Robin.

    Sorry hon, but as Christians we don’t snuff our noses at others. Remember the story of Jesus saying “He who has no sin strike the first stone?” Well the same goes for us, we are not sinless.

    Anyways, she gave Christianity a bad name. Yes, I stick up for her for not doing the nude or almost nude shoot, but the whole Jay controversy, you can tell Robin is fake.

    Nothing is wrong with Robin except that she has to make herself out to be Miss Perfect Christian. Sorry, that ain’t gonna happen. And the way that Robin judges will be used against her too.

    • Karen Says:

      To blaspheme is to attribute things to God that are not of God. You don’t know God or the things of God. To the world, belief in God is foolish.

      You are of this world. You do not know my Father. Robin knows my Father; he’s her Father too.

      Be quiet child. Don’t speak about things you know nothing about. It would be wonderful if you chose to find out what you’re missing.

      • Kristen Says:

        I certainly don’t agree with Kandice saying she’s a Christian then saying she hated Robin, but I do agree with everything else she said. I also am a Christian and was VERY taken aback by how Robin treated others that didn’t think the way she did. Shannon was also a Christian, yet she didn’t judge those around her.

        Robin needed to get off her high holy horse and be kinder to those that didn’t believe as she did.

      • joejoe Says:

        What drew me to Christ was His love for me. People are drawn to Christ not repelled by Him. Robin has a lot to learn. She was young. I look at the picture where she’s about to grab the gun with cleavage showing shows that she has loosened up. Or she really wants to make it.

      • Amanda Says:

        I’m a Christian, and that woman does not represent me. She refused to consider others, she cared only for herself, she treated people like she was beneath her, and if Jesus appeared to her as a homeless man to test her, do you think she’d whisk off her fur coat and leave off her shopping spree to assist him? I think not.

      • Kandice Says:

        Well, hate wasn’t the right word. I was just a little mad at the time. I dislike the fact that she scared many people away from Christ because of the way she had acted on the show. The point of being Christian is to love people, not to scare them off with judgements. Also, no one is perfect, everyone does sin. 🙂

        Anyways, sorry to have said the word hating her; I meant to say that I hated the way she acted. Forgive me for being rude! Sadly, as you can tell in later photo’s, Robin gave up not wanting to seem naked.

    • Me Says:

      In a way you are judging, and you say you are a Christian, but you are talking about Robin!! To prove my poing no body is perfect, but we are all striving for perfection.

    • MH15 Says:

      The other problem with Robin being so vocal about her religion was that she became so 1-dimensional. A supermodel is also a spokesperson and a TV-personality and I feel that she had nothing else for anyone to relate to other than her religion.

      Aside from that, talking about her religion all the time, would have made many fans associate Christianity with that kind of behaviour. Its not her place to pass judgement on others. I definitely respect people who stand up for their beliefs but I cannot stand those that impose their own beliefs on others.

      Everyone is entitled to believe what they want! What gives Robin the right to tell people that they are going to hell? Kesse was also a devout Christian, but at least she was accepting of the other girls in the house and even came out to meet Ebony’s girlfriend! I had much more respect for her and Shannon

  11. Linda Says:

    A judgmental, hypocrite drag queen. That’s it.

  12. kiki Says:

    I always saw Robin as an actress rather than a model. Because she was able to be mean and hateful at the house and nice and sweet in front of Tyra and the judges.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    What did she expect in a lewd industry like secular modeling and acting. Compromising is what is expected. Duh! If you do not want to get burned then don’t stick your hand in the fire! Also she made Christians everywhere look like fools with her holier than thou comments. Just live the Gospel before then you might have some credibility!

  14. timothy meadows Says:

    Robin reminds me of Miss USA 2008 Crystle Steward! Both of these woman are class acts, strong and very intelligent! I love ’em!

  15. sadi Says:

    What a self-centered, self-absorbed witch. I’m glad she lost and hope to never see her again.

  16. moonbeam Says:

    I was watching today and Robin had me until I started noticing her snobbish ways. Why couldn’t she go to eat dinner with Adrianne and her mother and the other models? That was downright snobbish. It seemed when Robin left, Shannon loosened up.

  17. boo Says:

    Yep. I knew she wouldn’t go far in the industry. I think she held Shannon back from her shot, as well. It was like if she went down, she wasn’t going down alone and took Shannon with her. As for her godly influence, there’s is nothing wrong about that, but I was irritated when she asked Elyse to read a part in the bible. Like wtf, people have the right to believe in whatever they want, it doesn’t have to be just god. Everyone has their own god in their own way. Plus, people shouldn’t mix religion with business, especially in the modeling industry, because there are too many different kinds of people and you can’t judge them at all. Those people are there for a reason.

    • Andrew Says:

      I totally agree!! she was all religious but so mean to the others!
      And asking Elyse to read the bible and say I thought of you right away? SO inappropriate!! Shannon was a christian, bit I don;t think she was that stubborn like Robin. When Robbin left, Shannon really loosened up, she was a lot more joyful! not the girl sitting quietly in the corner and studying a bible. Shannon was much more lovable after she let her personality show. I do think Robin affected Shannon, because when they were going for the nude shoot, Shannon was like I would want to try it, but then they both show up saying they’re not doing the shoot ? seems suspicious to me

  18. Anna Says:

    I am a Christian and I do not like the way she acted with Elyse. I like Elyse because of personality. Yes, she’s an atheist and I respect her for that. If I were in Robin’s place, of course I would want Elyse to know about God. But in the way she did like the one she did with the Bible verse about “Foolish is the man who claims there’s no god.” Seriously? Her face was like “B*tch, I know God and I’m going to heaven and you’re not. Which means, I better than you.” Seriously, there’s no humility in it and it sucks to have her to like represent Christianity.

  19. mia Says:

    I love Robin she was beautiful and classy! To say you hate her and call her names you’re no better than her as far as judging people.

  20. Ruby Lips Says:

    Greetings my Christian sisters. I appauld Robin for being so open about her beliefs, although at times I did not agree with her methods in expressing those beliefs. I am 55 yrs old and have been saved since I was 7 yrs old. Sometimes when someone is “young” to Christianity there is a tendency to “play” the part instead of “living” the life because they/we lack the true knowledge and understanding of God’s word. We are all still learning. Remember, we are to be Christ-like not Christ. Also, love not judge is the first thing any Christian should remember when approaching none believers- WWJD? I believe with time Robin will find that deeper understanding of what it really means to be “saved” (John 3:16) and live a Christian life and not just be a Christian. God bless her and all of you- believers and non-believers in Christ.

  21. I like Robin because she is beautiful and sweet and she knows the bible. God blessed her to get as far as she did in the competion and I still say for her to still not only keep her chin up and head up to don’t let all of this put her down. You are a very smart woman who stood up what for you believed in. What you liked to do and don’t like.

  22. grace darko Says:

    Ebony is one of the antm girls who has beauty over 16 in America.



  25. Linda Says:

    As a Christian, Robin was an embarassment. The only pic of her that was outstanding was the SNAKE pic. She was meant to be someone’s bossy wife and mean mother.

  26. NotARobinFan Says:

    Robin was so busy proclaiming about the splinter in other girls’ eyes, she neglected to remove the log in her own. Knowing the bible makes you a Christian as much as knowing the manual to your car makes you a mechanic. Christianity is not about words, it’s about actions. All I have to say to Robin is read Matthew 6:1 – 18 – you are the hypocrite that practices your righteousness in front of people so that they can see you, and you will have no reward from the Father.

  27. panda Says:

    Eh she was just annoying with all her Christian shit. I mean i’m christian and i don’t go around showing it off to everyone. And she’s too old.

  28. Katherin Says:

    I hate her!

  29. Scarlett Says:

    Personally I think she isn’t that pretty, something about her just doesnt say WOW to me. She looks like any other woman you would pass on the street. Real Bitch inside though.

  30. Kiki Says:

    Everyone on here who is claiming to be a Christian (which I am also)… Is doing the exact same thing you all are saying she did… and using profanity nonetheless… Shame on you all who are throwing stones at her for throwing stones at others… That makes no sense !! Point is that we live in a world where there is always and opinion, and a view that will differ from your own way of thinking… And for most that can come across as judgmental, even when people say they are not judgmental, everyone can be, because those who feel differently from one another usually stand their ground and feel how they feel regardless… Even us as Christians we still have character flaws… some are still liars, cheaters, downers (themselves and others…), and even snotty, judgmental, so on and so on, etc, etc. So none of you on here have a right to judge her claiming to be a Christian themselves…when half of you all are sitting in the same boat!! “Don’t throw stones in glass houses”- Her and you all!!

  31. kmac Says:

    ugly inside and out. She was just so closed-minded and judgemental about what she saw as sinful. Everyone has a right to live their lives the way they see fit, they don’t have to morph into whatever cookie-cutter christian this wacko thinks is right. It’s people like her, holding religion above all else, that make me sick.

  32. Chermarem Says:

    Watching the reruns of the show I was shocked, as a Christian, that Robin (loudly self proclaimed Christian) was not behaving as a Christian when she berated Elyse several times and had Elyse read a passage in the Bible for the purpose of demeaning and humiliate her. I hope people realize that Christians are not all like Robin, she gives us a bad rep. She needs to understand that Jesus is love. Jesus does not want us to judge other people. Robin needs to find a religion that fits the devils inside her, she is definitely not a Christian, her behavior reveals evil.

  33. Cari Says:

    I found her to be a BEAUTIFUL woman and actually don’t consider her plus size at all. I’d call her the normal woman out there with curves, she did have a very small waste if you look back on her bathing suit pics. This competition is not about religion, even though the show decided to show so much controversy about it. The girls were being judge on their attitude, ability to produce a good picture, and their walking. She had an attitude, most people do. She just chose to show hers more often than the others, though Elyse was a close second. Robin had a lot stacked against her at the time of the show: Plus size and Age being the top 2. While she was a good model, about average I will say (though some of her pics are GORGEOUS) others were simply better. That, sadly, is how the game is played.

  34. noone Says:

    it is ok to stand up for what you believe end. however what made her seem so unattractive on the inside is that she judge people based on what she believes. she was out of line with the way she treated Elyse. I also think she was out of line when they were in paris and had to go to dinner with the 4 men, she was just rude for no reason… regardless of her religion she should know that the way she acted was just bad etiquette.

  35. Kat Says:

    When was she on Y&R? I’m just curious because I know Bold and Beautiful has had several contestants on as models for their runway shows, and Eva (Pigford) Marcille was on Y&R as a character named (no joke) Tyra, but I don’t remember Robin. Don’t watch the show all the time, but I follow it…anyone know?

  36. April Says:

    She was just wack…and a hypocrite. I believe in Jesus as my personal Lord & Savior too but I don’t treat other people like they are below me. People don’t want to hear about your belief in God all the time. You live your life according to what you believe and people will see it…you won’t need to talk about it.

  37. annenime Says:

    booby-shaking at the judges? that isn’t classy. it wouldn’t get flak if any of the judges were cool with it.

    all that time she was in the competition, everyone was tiptoeing around her, and then she does that. conflict in personality/beliefs: will not do simulated nude shoot, but will do a booby-shake (i wonder what it is. Jesus knew what to call it; He calls Pharisees this description every time). did any other girl in any other cycle did that?

    what was she thinking?

    if she was so hell-bent to be a great christian, she shouldn’t have came into an industry that is relatively amoral.

    anyway, she has her acting and MA degree. I’m sure she’d excel somewhere else.

    Its funny how nazi the christians here are. certainly makes it all the more frightening to be part of the church for the confused. i remember Jesus being angry at one time, but that was all good; people were being downright disrespectful. against God. we’re just talking about ANTM here. chill.

  38. Katie Says:

    Very beautiful. Very exotic. I would’ve liked to see more of her.

  39. Kat Says:

    I am kind of on the fence about her, I am a christian, but sometimes the way she acted made me really not like her, but there is a girl I don’t always feel in every cycle, so yeah. Alot of my friends are not christian so if they don’t want me to preach to them I don’t, plain and simple. But saying that I can kind of understand some of the things she did, but I just wish that the way she did stuff did not portray christians that way

  40. Kat Says:

    I am not christian but I have family who are and I just have to say that if any of them acted to me like she did to some of the other girls on the show I would never talk to them again. we should all strive for understanding and not push our religion on other people.

  41. Katherine Says:

    She has a pretty face…but that’s all she’s got going for her. I thought she was very pushy with her religious personality. She was very disrespectful. Her personality was repulsive.

  42. steven Says:

    Pretty is as pretty does. Ain’t karma a bitch?

  43. Constance Says:

    What does the artistic display of the human body have to do with Christianity?

  44. alana Says:

    Watching a cycle 1 rerun, I believe she’s gay herself (and probably hares it) which is why she’s so intolerant of others.

  45. Cyn Says:

    This woman was a closed minded, self absorbed, ignorant, bigoted hypocrite! Did anyone notice that during her interview in the horse drawn carriage that she avoided the question as to her virginity, ” a lady never talks about her private life and sexuality” Well she certainly knows how to use her “etiquette” when it suits her! That pretty much said that No I am not a virgin but I will hide behind my etiquette teachings to avoid the truth! I guess by shaking her boobs at Mr Jay she perhaps thought that she could change his ways in her own warped mind. Robin has a boyfriend but not once did she mention that she was a virgin! I see her riches and her furs but has she ever volunteered in a homeless shelter or helped to feed the needy? I am Atheist and actions speak louder than words and her ability to use her mind and to think independently is sad.

  46. Cyn Says:

    inability to use her mind and think independently is sad.

  47. Meow Mix Says:

    Robin made for amazing television. Season one was the best. No contestant ever came close to her in any other season in terms of entertainment value. Also, FYI Elyse posted on TWOP that her and Robin are on good terms now and that the way they acted was because they were in close quarters, and under a lot of stress.

  48. valera Says:

    Borrowing Tyra’s words, she’s a diva in all the bad way. It’s like she haven’t heard the word Religious tolerance, the way she made Elyse read that bible passage is just so RUDE. And she’s so high up in the clouds it’s like she’s just looking down everyone around her. She’s so bloody judgemental, she sees the wrong with everyone else and uses religion as an excuse to be the biggest B*tch around.

    I live in a Christian country and even the most rudest has never acted like that

  49. Katie Says:

    This girl can be beautiful. She can have moments, but sometimes, she looks really old. For being a Christian, she didn’t represent Christians very well. She was very cold and judgmental.

  50. Notahater Says:

    I don’t know if she has changed or not, but she used to bully me when we were in school together. I hoped she would win, only because I always thought she was a pretty girl. I hate it went down like that.

  51. Eze Says:

    Robin was abvioulsy gifted with the gift of beauty and intelligence by her God, but what she was apparently too young to understand at the time when she tried out for ANTM was that to make it in “ The World, “ you have to play by the rules of “ The World. “ That said, I think it`s awsome that she chose to get involved in the acting biz because it would be a shame if she were to live out the rest of her days in obscurity.

  52. Melvin Says:

    She was a terrible person in terms of values and personality: arrogance and feeling of superiority, while she kept saying “go in peace, I love thee”. I studied religions, and some of my friends are very religious. And anyone is free to worship or love their god as long as they respect others and are not JUDGEMENTAL. Because that’s all she was. She obviously didn’t understand much from the word of Christ. She felt superior, because she thought she knew everything. Yes right. That’s the thing about people like her: very good at giving lessons and talking about love, peace and respect. But there’s nothing behind it. She must be so insecure about her life, her beliefs and faith if she feels the need to belittle others. She preached and preached and preached. She’d better get off her high horse, she didn’t impress anyone. She was toxic. People like her contributes to hate towards minorities, despite her speech about peace and love. I despised her for what she stood for because she was a fraud. No class. Rude. Obnoxious.
    And she looked like a 40 year old drag queen. Nothing wrong with that but that’s not what’s required to be a model. She had plus size legs and thighs and semi- standard chest. Very unbalanced.

  53. lux Says:

    I will never understand why she was chosen as a contestant. She looked so old. I almost felt embarrassed for her in Paris, because no one outside of America(we’re not all sane here) would look at her and think haute couture. She added a lot of personality to the show, that I find amusing, but for all of the wrong reasons.

  54. anissa l Says:

    “god is the only one that could judge” – yet here i am HA

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