Rhianna Atwood was a contestant during Cycle 15 of ANTM.

The self-proclaimed “world explorin’, dance feverin’, people lovin’ wild child” from San Diego, California was 20 years old during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15.

Rhianna made an impression with judges during her initial interview by wearing a quirky hat and dress. She shared that she loved nature and preferred to look like “a freak.” She said that she can look ‘weird’ or ‘eccentric’ very easily.

She said she got most of her posing moves from plants; the panel was incredibly impressed with her posing skills when she continued to post like a cactus, willow tree and tumbleweed.

Rhianna was called 3rd during selection of the final 14 girls.

In episode 2, Rhianna performed well during the four-stories-high runway show for Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). Unfortunately, she didn’t impress as well during the Teen Bully photo shoot. Photographer Deborah Anderson said that Rhianna was stuck in one position, causing her to struggle more than some of the other girls.

During review of her photo, Andre Leon Talley (ALT) said that he couldn’t understand it; it was ‘undefinable’ to him, which incidentally was her empowerment word for the shoot. Although he did say that she had great promise. DVF said that Rhianna was indeed ‘undefinable’, but she needs to lengthen her neck.

Rhianna was called 10th during elimination.

During episode 3, the girls received their makeovers. They also learned that it was also a double elimination episode. Rhianna received longer hair with waves, which she loved. She said it suited her personality because it was very “hippi-like.”

When panel reviewed her photo following the “Fallen Angels” photo shoot with Anne Menke, Nigel commented that her eyes looked fantastic; he appreciated that she wasn’t focused on the male model.

While deliberating, guest judge Patricia Field commented that her body and face was expressive and it was telling her a story.

Rhianna’s solid performance earned her a 5th call out during elimination.

In episode 4, the girls were taken to Knott’s Berry Farm for a posing challenge aboard a roller coaster called the Silver Bullet. Rhianna was tasked with portraying “a flash of model fear.” When her photo was reviewed, Nigel said that what he saw “was not the flash he was hoping for.”

During the “Undersea Goddess” photo shoot with Matthew Rolston, Rhianna got a chance to model jewelry from Mikimoto, Martin Katz and Neil Lane. While shooting, Mr. Jay said that she was very “Elizabethan looking.” He also said that she had “a period feel to her photo.” He also showed concern that she had been using the same facial expression week after week.

In panel, Nigel said that she looked “strangely uncomfortable.” He said that she “looked too relaxed; too sweet.” Matthew Rolston said that “she has a sleepy kind of you have have to be careful about when shooting.”

While deliberating, Matthew Rolston added that shooting her “was a struggle just to arrange her features in a way that worked for this classical beauty approach.” He didn’t know whether he’d book her again after the experience he had with her. Tyra added that she “loved looking at Rhianna in person, but wasn’t sure if she was versatile.”

After her weak performance, Rhianna landed in the bottom two with Liz. While in the bottom two, Tyra told Rhianna, “The judges see this flower child that might only be a flower child. The judges don’t know if they can see beyond that.”

Unfortunately, Liz was chosen to stay and compete another week. Rhianna was eliminated.

Before exiting, Tyra expressed to Rhianna:

What we’re looking for is a girl that we’re sure can be versatile; a girl that can transform into anything that Italian Vogue wants. So I want you to go home and practice other things and see if you can become a chameleon.

During Rhianna’s exit interview, she told cameras:

My experience on ANTM maybe over, but I’ve met such amazing people. I hope I made them happier in some way. I definitely have taken a lot of knowledge from the photo shoots.  I’m just very grateful that it’s really just a beautiful thing.

To read Rhianna’s exit interview with Wet Paint, click here.

Since the show, Rhianna’s plans have been to go out and find an agency.

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To view more photos of Rhianna, click here.

40 Responses to “Rhianna Atwood”

  1. M Lee Says:

    I could have sworn she said she got her inspiration from nature and started off with a cactus, then a willow and a tumbleweed. Not sure how any of those are tied to France.

    • modelscribe Says:

      M Lee,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I just rewatched the episode and misheard her when she said “plants.” So you’re correct, she was inspired by plants, not France.

      I appreciate you keeping me on my toes.


  2. kokoy Says:

    She looks just like Ellen Degeneres!
    Or is it just me?


  3. alex Says:

    Her post-ANTM photos look like Italian Vogue-ish ones. 🙂 LOVE Rhianna!

  4. kiki Says:

    I simply adore the happiness and joy Rhianna brings to people. I think she is a chameleon because she does look different in her shots.

  5. Chilly710 Says:

    I loved her a lot! Her face is totally high fashion, I swear!

  6. AnnWardRules Says:

    Is she Ann Ward’s lost twin? LOL. The look like twins. I actually thought they were twins.

    • smartiesdude Says:

      Actually, in casting of cycle 15, Tyra matched up girls to their ‘direct competition’ and Ann was her direct competition for obvious similarities in being tall, brunette, and quirky/awkward but beautiful. But no, their faces are quite different if you compare closely.

  7. rishelle Says:

    I love her! 🙂

  8. rishelle Says:

    I love her 🙂 She is so high fashion!

  9. rishelle Says:

    I love her. 🙂 She is so high fashion!!

  10. bactostar Says:

    I love what she dressed her up, I love her natural look.
    I thought she has the best body of the cycle, Same as Kendal.
    However Her eliminated didn’t have any sense to kick her out!
    Hope that she’ll be signed to top agency, Love you ❤

  11. smartiesdude Says:

    I was shocked when she was eliminated (especially because Liz was a disappointment in my opinion), she was so strong at casting but my theory was that since Ann was her direct competition and Ann was seriously delivering it the first 5 weeks, that maybe her great performance was overshadowing Rhianna’s potential in the competition.

  12. ohmyeffGod Says:

    I like her hat. I wonder where she bought it.

    • Cherie Hurteau Says:

      It was her grandmother’s, Eve Johnson was adopted by the Sioux Indian tribe and had the beading on the hat hand sewn on. She wore a lot of Indian jewelry, such as silver and torqoise. Cherie Hurteau, Rhianna’s mom

  13. kiki Says:

    The photo with her hair in her face is just amazing.

  14. Virenne Says:

    I love her! It’s so sad that she had to leave the show so soon. 😦 I think she’s very lovable and she always makes me smile when she talks, as if i just wanna hug her and say “Aawwwww, you’re so cuuuuteee.” LOL.

  15. mel Says:

    l love you! Your look should have been in the top 5, Rihanna!

  16. Sherelyn Gennaro Says:

    Did Rhianna get a contract?

  17. Sasha.Sasha Says:

    I think she’s much like Drew Barrymore. xDDD

  18. datum pi Says:

    She looks like that mask used in scream… not cute!

  19. Makister Says:

    OMG!! Why she? Liz was awful.

  20. Creen Says:

    She should have went far.

  21. bactostar Says:

    She has a contract with paragon everyone.
    The big one agency in Mexico.

  22. Charlene Says:

    I love her, I really do. Although I predicted that she won’t win, I thought that her “Elizabethan” look and sweet personality would get her all the way to the final 6 or 5. The judges said that she was one-note, but I beg to differ, because she had a variety of facial expressions, even though they were very subtle. I still wished that she would have stayed on, but what’s done is done. I wish her all the best & work your magic out there, Rhianna!

  23. Alex Says:

    We should call her ROBBEDana… poor Rhianna.

  24. tabis Says:

    Wow, look at picture number 4, it really is high fashion. We can see that pic for Chanel campaign ad.

  25. cherie hurteau Says:

    Rhianna got picked up at Paragon Model Management. She’s been in Mexico City for almost a year and she is in a lot of mags and on Mexico tv, staying in a model house. Her next move is to N.Y. to further her abilities. Rhianna was modeling 2 yrs. before ANTM and has never stopped. Expect to see more of her.

  26. dude-ish Says:

    I was shocked when she was eliminated so early in her season, I felt she had one of the most unique interesting faces in top model history, but a lot of the times those unique faces doesn’t transfer versatility. She looks like a combo of Drew Barrymore and Kristen Stewert, but with that free love attitude that makes her beautiful from within, im glad she is doing well for herself now.

  27. san Says:

    I loooove the way she talks! and her smile, her hat, her posture…being cute while keeping cool. damn i love her.

  28. lol Says:

    Photo no 3 & 4 is really chanel, they actually set her up so she doesn’t go far because they want Ann to win (even though i love Ann) but if she entered at the next cycle she will be the winner, believe me.

  29. chantii Says:

    She’s amazing!!!! love love love herr!!!

  30. Einez Says:

    Rihanna is one of my favorites along with Ann and Jane. I don’t know if it would’ve made any difference if Ann wasn’t in Cycle 15 would Rihanna would have gone far? Maybe. One thing is for sure her Elizabethan look is beautiful and ethereal. I think she was eliminated too early.

  31. Cherie Hurteau Says:

    Rhianna has moved to Shanghai, China to continue her modeling career.

  32. Katie Says:

    I went to school with rihanna in the 7th and 8th grade. She was totally out there, had short spikey bleach blonde hair with pink tips and read the atheist bible, while smoking weed and just mellow out to some yeah yeah yeahs. She lived with her mom in the apartment building that I lived in. We would both walk home together after school and hang out. I felt the most out of place because i didnt fit in with any crowd but she was a good friend, funny and damn so tall!! lol. Was happy to see her on ANTM, didn’t see her after the 8th grade im currently 22 so her face was so unique i automatically knew it was her on tv. Sad she didnt make it very far i thought she would go all the way.

  33. Laukie Says:

    Actually, I think she looks like Taissa Farminga in an older version. But I loved her though, she had personnality contrary to other girls. I’m glad she still models even though she deserved to go further in the show. Ann deserved to win though. But antm is just a way to be known. Rihanna is beautiful and that’s all.

  34. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful and very high fashion. But she was not versatile. I hope she learns how to be a chameleon. She could be a great model.

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