Renee Alway was a contestant and one of the top three during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Renee was born and raised in northern Michigan, where her father was a pastor and police officer. She revealed in the first episode of Modelville on October 8, 2008 that her father was physically and mentally abusive, and that her, her siblings, and her mother Sandra, were afraid to leave due to her father’s respected position in the community as well as his mental instability.

As one of the final three contestants on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 8, Renee heard about the audition for the show the day before it took place in Chicago, and had been in town to get married. She went to the audition four days after she got married.

Renee started modeling when she was 13. Before Top Model, she modeled in New York, Europe and Japan and appeared in Seventeen and Italian Vogue. She also appeared in ads for Delia’s and in US Weekly with Jaslene Gonzalez, Natasha Galkina and Dionne Walters. Renee appeared on the CBS TV series Shark, in an episode titled “In Absentia.” She also competed on the reality show Modelville, that airs within the Tyra Banks Show, and finished 2nd.

Before Top Model, Renee was a stay-at-home mother. She and her husband Jason have a young son named Troy. She has stated that it was hard for her to find jobs because she was just lost in a sea of blond-haired, blue-eyed models.

Renee Alway is currently signed with NEXT Model Management.

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To see more photos of Renee, click here.



79 Responses to “Renee Alway”

  1. carmen Says:

    In an interview, Renee said she hated her ANTM makeover because it made her look old.

  2. Dawn McPherson Says:

    I always wondered what Renee was doing now a days. She was one of my favorite contestants on ANTM, however I think that her current modeling shots make her look so much younger. She looks great and I hope she has a long fulfilling career ahead of her.

    • jessica Says:

      I know what she has been doing! I also know her; she has a baby girl now!

      • liz Says:

        wow that’s really good to know 🙂 I was practically obsessed with her back then 😛

      • Lisa Says:

        Oh! What is the name of her daughter???=))) Has Renee a job as a model???
        I think she is the best. I love her very much. Renee has a real model appearence.

  3. mary anne Says:

    She is the type of model one would want to see in Harper’s Bazaar and on the catwalks of Paris. I wish her agency would send her to Paris or London.

    • LibraTine Says:

      Seriously, Violet? How do you know that those three people have “no personality”? I wonder how the “brilliant” Renee likes prison life.
      BTW, given her actions, do you really think it was Jael that pressured Renee to do drugs? LOL, I think it was the other way around. What a backstabbing, bitchy personality Renee had; now we know why—she s a tweaker!

  4. lissa Says:

    Her personality sucked!

    • rho Says:

      I agree! she was such a complainer and always had an excuse for why she didn’t win something! She didn’t win cause she sucked! Jaslene was fantastic! And still is!

      • danielle55 Says:

        I agree with you both. She was a very sore loser and would not stop crying when she lost on modelville. She made sure America knew about the time she ran into Jael out in Los Angeles and that Jael was trying to get her to do drugs at some party.

    • teana Says:

      I so agree!!!! She was such a hater! Ugh! Just really, really got on my LAST nerve!!!

  5. lalalioon Says:

    I really hated her on the show, but now that I look back, she was a really great model and she has a somewhat Egyptian looking face.

  6. Cher Says:

    She’s my all time fav. 🙂

  7. Deedee Says:

    I mean, she was good, but she really was malicious on ANTM. I am so surprised she wasn’t eliminated earlier for being mean. But hey, Naomi isn’t/wasn’t nice either and she was and is the best!!

  8. cordelia Says:

    Ugh, Renee. How could she be anyones favorite?! She had an absolutely vile personality and was a total bitch. Every time I watch this season all I think of is how horrid and nasty she was … yuck. Ugly inside and out!

    • teana Says:

      I so feel the same way. You’re inside has to match your outside. So yes, Renee was ugly INSIDE and OUT!!! Ewwww, yuck! Such a hater and a BIG cry baby. Sooooo glad she didn’t win. She’s a bad role model for young girls; as if they aren’t catty enough with out someone like her to look up too!

  9. rishelle Says:

    Renee. Hmmm. What could I say? I JUST LOVE HER! Actually I hated her ANTM makeover a lot. She looked old! But her current photos were great. I really believe that she will have a bright future. She is one of my favorite ANTM contestants!

  10. lemartha Says:

    I was just watching the replay of Renee being eliminated, still hurts!

    😦 She was my fave! Even though she was a b*tch in the beginning. Good thing she fizzled it down a notch later on. LOL.

    I know some people hated her make over, but even though she did looked a little older, I reckon she rocked that hairstyle!

  11. Al Says:

    Renee is my all time favorite as well!! My opinion that she looked too old is BS. She is the total package. Being a photographer myself, I would love to have a chance to photograph her someday!!!

  12. xxx Says:

    You’re no Nigel Barker.

  13. Al Says:

    And your point is “xxx,” Nigel is no Al Ungar either. LOL

  14. Tanya Ferguson Says:

    Renee, I think the short cut is absolutely on you!

  15. boo Says:

    OMG, was she annoying. First she cried because they never gave her the “sexier” photos. And when she gets a good critique she’s like “Yeah, I love the pose.” Blah. Didn’t like her and she was fake; also very annoying.

  16. tareco Says:

    I hated this chick. She definitely was a sore loser, but was also just an outright B*TCH! I remember catching her on Tyra’s other show and they did some other type of competition where she had a “second chance” along with some other previous ANTM models and when once again she didn’t win, she literally stormed off of the set. It was so incredibly childish, immature, unprofessional, etc. I couldn’t stand her. I also don’t think she was physically attractive at all. That ugly ass personality of hers certainly added to the ugliness of her outside appearance.

  17. Melissa Says:

    She was DAMN HOT as a guy!

  18. aly-anon Says:

    Didn’t like her on the show at all. All she did was complain about how broke she and her family were, I didn’t get why (if she was so broke) she didn’t get an actual job instead of wasting time and money competing on a reality show. She did take some good photos, though.

    • anon Says:

      the point of the show is to start a career in modeling, which brings in money. its not just some reality tv show. she was doing it for her family

      • aly-anon Says:

        well, obviously money did NOT roll in for her, even if she was doing it for her family. You never heard of her after the show.

  19. anon Says:

    Renee was amazing and beautiful! one reason she lost is because she looks too old? thats complete shit. and yeah in the beginning she was a bitch to everyone but if you watched the whole season you know it was because she had a rough childhood and that she talked to tyra and completely changed. even the other girls said she was smiling, happy, and nice after the talk. She was a great model! her or natasha should have won!

  20. mark Says:

    Beautiful? YES! Beautiful enough to have that shitty bitchass attitude? HELL NO!

  21. Bobby Torres Says:

    I loved Renee, i never saw her as being bitchy, just someone who was brutally honest. She did try to make amends, but she also had something of an inferiority complex and at times too many self doubts, and a low self esteem and that is only natural especially when trying to make it in modelling. She was a fierce model and still is. I love many of her photo shoots. Her glam rock photo was awesome, she had that David Bowie thing going which was fierce. I loved her class clown look too and her sexy candy necklace photo. Long may she continue.

  22. Janet Ives Says:

    I thought the age issue from the judges was totally bs.

  23. Liza Says:

    She was my favourite in the 8th cycle,and she’s the best!

  24. denniSs Says:

    Renee is hot and everybody sees that. But I guess it is hard to see somebody with a pretty body before and after having her babys. If you ask me, I think she has all the personality, beauty and great pics to be ”ANTM.”

  25. Lily Says:

    I thought she was just awful and a bitch at that! Not only was she a bitch to the girls, but she seemed difficult to work with and didn’t take criticism well. When you are starting out, you don’t have the luxury of being a “diva”. You have to get along with people and she showed that she doesn’t have that in her.

    As far as her looking old—she did! She looked much older than her years. It wasn’t b.s. They are not going to select someone if they don’t feel she will be bookable because they won’t make money. Even a couple of the go-sees she went on–that was the comment-that she looked old and they didn’t want to book her.

  26. Anna Says:

    she was a brilliant model and you cannot deny that! look at her photos for proof! would you not be a bit mean to people if you had the same kind of start in life as she did? and did she not change when she realised what she was doing? i think so. people deal with things in different ways and you dont just get over the things that happened to her. she never made excuses. cut her some slack.

  27. Sylvie Says:

    She was hypocrit!! When herself, Jaslene and Dionne are out and Natasha is sick, she said that one had to go and you mean who, speaking of Natasha. When they were three and she was eliminated, she hugged Natasha and told her to win it for the mothers. I would have loved to be with Natasha when she watched it!!! Something else that annoyed me, was her complaining about no getting easy poses to do (specially the high school stereotypes) that everyone else got easy stuff do to.. well lady, you are there to perform and adapt yourself to what they request from you.. Never believed she was only 20.

  28. thought Renee was great, she didnt look old. she was genuine, pretty and i hope she goes far with her career.
    from jackie in uk

  29. Amanda Says:

    Her nagging personality made her look old…

  30. Penny Says:

    yikes. a couple of those photos are a little skanky.

  31. Sophie Pinder Says:

    Really good photos, she’s done a lot

  32. Watching ANTM Says:

    Pretty face. Ugly inside. Hope she grows up and learns what true beauty is.

  33. Katie Says:

    WOW… WHERE IS SHE NOW…. In Cedar Rapids Iowa drugged out and broke.. Careful dont fall for her lies she is a scam artist.. Americas Next Top Model ??? NO Americas Next Scam Artist?? YES!!!!!!

  34. yueh Says:

    She photographed amazingly, and it’s why i liked her. But what she said when she left “At least I look old and have knowledge in my head instead of nothing.” I knew she was hurt she didn’t win, but Natasha isn’t an idiot, there is just a language barrier. That ultimately made me feel that she was an ignorant bitch when that aired.

  35. Chelse Says:

    does anyone know who the swimsuit designer was for this cycle? Renee’s swimsuit is absolutely gorgeous. I want to find it.

  36. Kat Says:

    Renee is a beautiful woman but her personality is horrible how is she going to tell whitney she can’t be a model for being plus sized? That’s messed up but Renee did change after the girls told her how they felt about her being rude and just wrong

  37. Anesa Says:

    where is she now?! lmfao…out in the middle of nowhere in iowa, using a treatment center you take your kids with you as a place to stay ….shes homeless, shoots roxys, xanax, anything she can get her hands on IN FRONT OF HER KIDS….weighs about 70 lbs….looks like SHIT, if you saw her now you would never know she was a model….and yes shes still a mean,backstabbing bitch…sells her asss for drugs, money , husband is a bad of an addict as she is….doesnt work, sends her out to make money, get drugs….really sick bitch, i was in rehab w her…wouldnt be suprised if shes dead now

  38. Moho Says:

    Bipolar and not fresh.

  39. This Chick Says:

    She’s gorgeous, and she’s honest. But I don’t like her personality at times, it’s very in-your-face and bitchy.

  40. icelily Says:

    No doubt she was mean but I thought she was smart too. Did anyone notice how she kinda manipulated people and started things? Like how right after she got into Whitney’s and Diana’s head about how a full figured models wouldn’t make it, they both did kinda bad? and how she kinda turned the other girls onto Natasha around the end? I think the Natasha thing was defiantly deliberate cause I feel like she knew that she was going to be a threat and Dionne and Jaslene were easier opponents (Dionne was getting negative feedback on her mean look; Jaslene was not really divers or improving; Natasha was getting better and better + the judges really liked her). I dont think she particularly hated Natasha or thought bad of her. Throughout the whole season though she was defiantly playing it like a game(which is kinda admirable and scary) and did her best and didn’t let anything (or anyones’ feeling) stand in her way.

  41. SiSi Says:

    Lindaaa perfeita merecia ganhar de verdade… Jaslene e muito feia nem nascendo de novo fica bonita, acho que quando comeca eles ja determinm quem vai vencer e puro marketing

  42. bill jr Says:

    I love the pics i grew up with renee she is a alwsome and beautiful woman

  43. Ana Says:

    good model, knows how to work, pretty.
    personality: negative, smart, manipulative, two faced, good real life actress…

  44. ahill3 Says:

    She was one of my favorites! I’m glad that she is still modeling

  45. Lila Says:

    Apparently she is divorced from the guy she was married to during ANTM. dont think she models anymore, but she’s had another kid, is in a relationship and is pregnant again.

  46. Heather Says:

    I thought Renee was the best of the group on cycle 8. The antm have her that make over and it wasn’t until a couple of pictures at the end all if a sudden the judges were saying she looked old. Then for the final three her photo shoot was outside in the bright sunlight where almost anyone looks old I have to say too that all three finalist had personality problems Renee cried Natasha was just wired and jasmine was always annoying saying how hard her life was

    • Jordan196 Says:

      You don’t even know the girls names so you obviously know nothing of this cycle or show. The winners name is JASLENE !!!!

  47. minali Says:

    Things aren’t so good right now for Renee. I hope her kids are well

  48. cyndi Says:

    arrested for drug possession and burglary

  49. JJ Says:

    Too bad about all of the arrests this year – what is happening with her?

  50. Cyndi Says:

    Yes she is a beautiful girl, hopefully she gets the help she well deserves.

  51. Jordan196 Says:

    I think Renee is beautiful and took strong photos during cycle 8 but she is annoying and just made so many excuses and picked fights. But I am glad that she is modeling and is able to support her family. But I really liked her make over and I prefer her top model photos over post-top model.

  52. Josi B. Says:

    I hate hate hated Renee at the beginning! She was always complaining and being just plain annoying! But I think she really cleaned herself up and she became my favorite and I was sad to see her go. Bogus that she got eliminated for looking old!

  53. Katherine Says:

    She is fierce, but her personalities suck. Such a shame what happened to her after the show.

  54. meem Says:

    i was so disappointed and mad and shocked when renee gto out from antm.. it was not just fair..

  55. Lu Says:

    Renee sucks… Sinceramente una completa BITCH. La más BITCH que vi de todas las temporadas. She looks old in all her photos and that’s not good.

  56. Dani Says:

    I think maybe her ANTM and Modelville loss, her divorce and debt may have triggered her behavior.. I always thought she was beautiful and smart! Can’t believe where she is now :/ Would’ve never thought she’d go the wrong way! And she’s got kids, how awful, I hope she gets rehab and goes back to be her old self, she may have been a bit bitchy but she seemed really nice!

  57. alayna Says:

    she was sentenced to 12 years in prison recently

  58. lorna Says:

    She was complete bitch on the show and very unlikeable but she could model exceptionally well. She is now serving a 12 year sentence in jail for various things including armed burglary and a 6 hour standoff with the police.Such a shame as she had potential.

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