Ren Vokes was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

Ren is a 22-year-old aspiring model from Grand Prairie, Texas. She was a finalist for the Kim Dawson Model Search and was signed with the agency prior to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model.

Ren was unconventionally introduced into Cycle 14 after the final twelve girls were already selected by Tyra and the Jays. She was presented to the other contestants by Tyra while Perez Hilton was showing the them around Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum in NYC. Tyra said that Ren possessed a punk, edgy look that would spice up the competition. Ren was hand-picked by the judging panel outside of the usual audition process.

During the top model makeovers, it was discovered by the Jays that Ren didn’t normally shave her armpits. She revealed that she never shaves her armpits for reasons surrounding health and women’s rights issues. She was then given the first Top Model ‘underarm makeover’, as dubbed by Miss J.

During episode 2, it was obvious that Ren was incredibly unhappy in the Top Model house due to the loud chatter and high energy. Ren’s laid back and reserved personality clashed specifically with Alasia’s rambunctious and loud demeanor. Ren confronted Alasia, asking her to shut up. This resulted in a temper trantrum from Alasia, where she began screaming and throwing items at Ren.

Despite Ren’s exceptional performance during the nude photo with Brian Edwards, Ren landed in the bottom two with Naduah. Tyra said that Ren was edgy, cool and interesting, but her performance was unpredictable, which worried the judges. In the end, the panel eliminated Naduah instead, choosing to keep Ren for another week.

During episode 3, Ren continued to voice her disenchantment with regards to living in the Top Model house. She also spoke openly about wanting to quit because she was tired of the petty drama between the girls. Additionally, Ren divulged that the only reason she entered the Top Model competition was to get noticed by her mother, who tended to favor her “all-American brother” more than herself. It was Ren’s mother’s dream for Ren to become a model, so she entered the competition to make her mother proud.

When Ren failed to produce a satisfactory photo following the Cade Martin ‘dance’ photo shoot, she landed in the bottom two with Brenda. It was then that Tyra chose to confront Ren regarding her reason for being on the show. Ren clarified that she loved the industry and loved modeling, but she only went on the show to please her mother. Ultimately, Tyra opted to eliminate Ren and keep Brenda for another week. (Although, it seemed as if Ren would have quit had she not been eliminated.) Ren was the third girl eliminated from Cycle 14.

Ren described herself as a “free spirit who can’t be caged.”

To read Ren’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show, Ren has moved to Los Angeles to try and further her modeling career. She hasn’t been signed to an agency just yet, but she has already been offered various modeling jobs due to the exposure she had through the show.

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To see more photos of Ren, click here.

47 Responses to “Ren Vokes”

  1. alex Says:

    Ren has a kind of aesthetic feeling and I have a desire to know more about her.

  2. Sola Says:

    Hipsters never belonged at ANTM. Ren is waaaaaaay too intelligent and idealistic than all those girls. I would have loved to see her kill her last photo shoot and then quit in Tyra’s face. Brilliant exit.

    • sher Says:

      Are you kidding me!!! Intelligent? Please enlighten me on what she said that eluded to intelligence. Also, for a carefree person, she is hung up on what her mother thinks (about nothing) which is a sign she is not so care free and free spirited after all. But then again I thought that was a made to order excuse cause she sensed Tyra was about to expire her. All she did was complain. I’m a free spirit and because of that I can shut off noise even her chronic complaining (noise about noise). By the way, she was not cool; she was actually snobbish. Know the difference people. The only friends this type person has is butt kissers. Which let me know the type people you are that think she was cool. Laid back my eyeball; lazy is more like it that is why she left. NO BUTT KISSERS cause chucky with red hair took them all.

      • Willi Says:

        hipsters, carefree…hey wait!…these two don’t don’t seem to go hand in hand together

        Since when hipsters were free spirited

        If they were, why do you see them everywhere proclaiming to be anti mainstream but wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music, riding fixie bikes (that is solely useful at the velodrome), FBing their friends on their iPhones brought on a midnight launch day, all fed by the medias such as Pitchfork who tell them how they should live.

        I’m sure of you are a freespirited, you don’t need to be told that

      • Lian Says:

        You are so right! She was indeed a total “hippie-like” girl, but with an awful atittude not free-spirited at all!
        I just would like to know how in the hell Tyra picked her and why?! that was so not her style and I think it was my only bummer in this season.

  3. Daniel Fierro Says:

    Rebel without a cause …

  4. Iwan T. Head Says:

    Ren was my absolute favorite girl in the whole competition, second being Alexandra. Ren was so chill and laid back, she was the coolest chick. Her style was awesome and it was nice to see a different style, more of a cool, edgy look. I’m glad she decided to leave though, as it wasn’t her true dream and only her mother’s.

  5. anonymous Says:

    Funny that you guys think she is smart. I know this girl and she is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  6. kristen Says:

    I love her so much!

  7. kiki Says:

    When I first saw Cycle 14, I was like, “Ren is going to win.” I felt sad that she was going home and quit the competition.

  8. mary anne Says:

    Oooooh! Her pictures are French Vogue!

    Well, not the ones with her on the beach.

  9. maria Says:

    So she only went on ANTM to please her mom? That’s really sad. I really hope she does well. She truly looks like Elyse Sewell from Cycle 1.

  10. Fug Says:

    >>>she never shaves her armpits for reasons surrounding health and women’s rights issues.

    Um, OK. So you don’t shave your pits b/c you’re a feminist of some sort. But you’ll preen and pose into the shape and form of what the media tells us is pretty. And that “pretty” is usually 5′-10″ and 110-lbs.

  11. neesy Says:

    Hands down greatest moment ever on ANTM when Ren tells Alasia to “shut the f*ck up!” Still watch it on DVR over and over from time to time to laugh my ass off! Thank you Ren; I’m glad someone said it!

  12. miow Says:

    I really like her pics! She’s got the classic face and timeless beauty! Its so French Vogue! I can see her looks can be both worked in high fashion and commercial markets, which are a good things! I do agree she kinda remind me of Elyse of cycle 1. Lol! Wish you the best. 😀

  13. Chilly710 Says:

    I don’t see her being a model that much.

  14. Rania Says:

    “But you’ll preen and pose into the shape and form of what the media tells us is pretty. And that “pretty” is usually 5′-10″ and 110-lbs.”

    Uhh, Ren is naturally that tall and skinny. You guys don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You are all just JELLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. She is the most non-caring laid back person, so to think that she is trying to be someone else is just funny.

  15. По моему она просто чокнутая)

  16. Santoki Says:

    I saw Ren working at Wasteland on Melrose today. Sonic Youth Goo tattoo and all. Funny.

  17. dude-ish Says:

    I always love the girls I would hang out with in real life and I can tell Ren is one of those girls. She was definitely my favorite of the season and it made it that much more disappointing she couldn’t really take the drama anymore and was over the competition. She had a lot to offer. But I understand her decision to kind of get off the show. I love her style and look I hope she does well with her career.

  18. jeyvie borja Says:

    I love her she reminds me of Jenah.

  19. name Says:

    That girl is trying way too hard to be hip.

  20. Stelalala Says:

    Ren is my favourite of all the ANTM!!!!

  21. ngluvjj Says:

    She’s my fave; good thing she quit. She can do more by herself.

  22. Gina Says:

    I just don’t see it.

  23. Donatella Says:

    Ren was a waste of space who cheated someone else out of a spot. She want to be a model without actually having to work for it. I hope she’s happier whatever she does though.

  24. kateB Says:

    I never got the NOT ABLE TO HANDLE THE DRAMA stance she took…she’s a grungy hipster from a posh over polished city that is full of Drama B*tches…..Dallas is terribly full of the fake and phony types. She should’ve been used to that stuff by this point.

  25. camila Says:

    When I first saw Cycle 14, I was like, “Ren is going to win.” I felt sad that she was going home and quit the competition.

  26. Linda Says:

    Ren was an out of place hippy chick. She needs to do something else in life besides modeling.

  27. Debra Says:

    I don’t see it either. She was so fake. She said she hated being there because she couldn’t stand being around the mean girls and she hated the conflicts at the house. Ok so you go and tell one of the girls to “shut the fuck up”. That doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t like conflict. Her other doozie was to go running back to Brenda to tell that Krista, Angeleah and Alexandra were saying she looked like Chuckie….lmbo. You don’t do that!!!! even though I respected that she didn’t like what was going on in the house. She kept saying she didn’t like the conflict and the drama going on in the house but you are the cause of two major battles getting started. I couldn’t stand her fake non modeling ass, She didn’t quit because she thought she was doing it for the wrong reasons, she quit because she was dissapointed in herself, she found out she couldn’t model.

  28. Sophia Says:

    Follow my tumblr
    An appreciation blog about ren vokes, but also about other contestants from different cycles !

  29. sydnee Says:

    She has a great face and could be a great model. Unfortunately her attitude (I believe) has kept her from being signed. Hopefully she’ll be able to turn it around and get signed with a great agency.

  30. mara Says:

    love her style.hippie ;D

  31. Lily Says:

    Ren had potential but she hated the ANTM atmosphere. In a way it was good for her to be eliminated so she can figure what she really wanted other than to get her mom’s approval. Looking at her post ANTM shots I thinks she much more comfy away from that circus.

  32. moho Says:

    Debra, I agree 100%

  33. Risky Ramanda Says:

    I love an edgy type of model like Ren. She does look like Elyse from cycle 1, Brenda and Anslee look like Mckey and Samantha from cycle 11.

  34. Ices Says:

    Ren reminds me of Elyse from cycle 1. I love then both ❤

  35. Cari Says:

    She is and was a complicated one. Actually, she was bouncing back and forth on everything. She did not like the conflict and wanted out. I can’t blame her for that, that house was so annoying, loud, and confrontational, that even just watching it on tv and not actually living in it, made me want to leave. However, WALK AWAY AND DO YOUR OWN THING, if you cannot handle it or wish to remove yourself from the situation. I absolutely DETEST quitters. She was doing this for her mom? That’s bull, considering she was modeling prior to this competition.

    She gave up. Plain and simple. Her only saving grace is that she did it early on.

    • Daley Says:

      She was ON THE SHOW to please her mom, we have to clear that up, she does enjoy modelling. She must do, otherwise she wouldn’t continue it. She gave up on the competition, because she hated how the girls acted. Read post-show interviews, she does want to model, and she does continue to model, she just doesn’t want to be in that atmosphere, and no one would.

  36. Betty Says:

    Ren created conflict. She was quick to run to Brenda to tell her people were talking behind her back, and told Alasia to shut up instead of just finding a quiet spot or calmly asking her to tone it down.

    All Ren’s talk about hating the drama of the house was garbage.

    That said, I think she’s beautiful and was disappointed she didn’t last, despite her constant whining.

  37. charlie Says:

    JAEL number 2 🙂

  38. joejoe_no1 Says:

    She started fights while she was there. After she left, no
    knew conflicts until Krista and Alexandria.

    But none of the stuff that happens on the show affects their modeling career. Girls who were eliminated early end up with careers. We see that on this site.

    I hope Modelscribe ends up with time to update. But, there were far fewer girls before. Now, were over 200 girls. Good luck keeping up. The site should get advertisements so that maybe Modelscribe could afford to hire people to help her.

    Really, ANTM should garner interest in this site and help Modelscribe out. Their ratings are down and they are firing people who, to me, made the show. This site could save the show. If people knew they could continue watching the careers of the models, they would continue to watch the show.

  39. e Says:

    I think she just looked like an addict. “Heroin chic.”

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