Raina Hein was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The then 22-year-old student from Minnetonka, Minnesota already had quite an extensive modeling portfolio before her stint on America’s Next Top Model.

On Raina’s website, she describes herself as being very awkward and nerdy growing up. While attending Minnetonka High School, she never had many friends and always veered toward being shy, that is, until her junior year when she came out of her shell with the help of immersing herself in volleyball.

After high school, she accepted a volleyball scholarship to Concordia University St. Paul and played her way through her first few years of college.

Raina then sent her senior pictures into a modeling agency in MN – and got signed. She attempted to balance her volleyball career and her modeling career – all while maintaining her studies. After deciding she was going to pursue modeling ultimately, she let go of volleyball and gave herself to modeling full time while finishing school. In 2010, she’s graduating with communications and broadcasting degree – and she plans on modeling as long as she can.

She loves her family and she loves her photographer boyfriend, Kristof.

Raina was called first during the second panel judging, which has proved Raina as a strong competitor on the show thus far. Tyra described her eyes in her Brian Edwards photo as “like damn.” All the judges were impressed with her photograph.

Following the Cade Martin ‘dance’ photo shoot in episode 3, Tyra said that Raina had many great shots in her film to choose from and was consequently called 6th during elimination.

During episode 4, Tyra felt that Raina’s vampire photo with Sarah Silver was “dark and edgy.” She said she loved it, as did the panel. Raina was then called second after Alasia.

Raina continued to do well during Episode 5, when her photograph with D-Nice was praised as “having a lot of great emotion.” Tyra said she loved her body pose because she knew how to work her body angles perfect with her body type. Ultimately, Raina was called 7th during panel.

During episode 6, Raina’s performance remained solid, although she conflicted with a few of the personalities in the house. Her laid back, friendly attitude seemed to rub Angelea and Alasia the wrong way.

After Alasia overheard Raina discussing her and Jessica’s verbal altercations in the Top Model confessional, Alasia became even more tempermental toward her roommates (Brenda, Raina and Jessica). Raina expressed on camera that she wanted to be friends with all the girls in the house, unfortunately, that was not “in the cards” for her and Angelea. Angelea also went into Raina’s room while Raina and Brenda were talking just to pick a fight and call Raina a bitch.

Despite her difficulties with a few of the girls, Raina received good critique from the judges following her photo shoot with Mike Ruiz. The “New York woman” Raina was portraying was an East Village Rockabilly. Nigel called her photo powerful, but Tyra didn’t like that she lost her neck in her final photo. Andre Leon Talley said that her photo evoked an ice capped volcano; he loved her face and skin, as well. Ann Shoket said that she had a “good edge in her attitude, which was really the whole point.”

Raina’s solid performance resulted in being called 3rd during elimination.

During episode 7, Raina stayed consistent with performing well. During the runway challenge at Lucky Cheng’s she received an ‘okay’ review from the audience, which consisted of Miss J, drag queens and normal people off the street. Unfortunately, she didn’t perform as well as Krista, who won the challenge.

During the “Hair Couture” shoot with Jerry Metellus, Mr. Jay commented that her shots were coming out very pretty.

At panel, Nigel loved the contrast of Raina’s dark hair and light skin. ALT commented that the photo was definitely high fashion. Guest judge, Whitney Port, loved her eyes (which Tyra called wolf-like). Nigel concluded by saying her photo was phenomenal.

In the end, Raina was called third during elimination, including herself with the finalists traveling to the international destination of New Zealand.

Raina began episode 8 by competing in go-sees immediately after arriving in Aukland, New Zealand. Raina received good critique from designers, but most felt that her body shape was not as desirable as her face, which carried her presence. Raina arrived late back to the agency, so she was disqualified from the challenge.

At the “same dress” photo shoot with Nigel Barker, Nigel was incredibly impressed with her performance, calling each shot beautiful.

During panel, Nigel said she had shot after shot after shot of great frames. He said she “went for it” and tried many poses; she was very fluid. Tyra said her photo was a fairy tale. She said there was a story present. ALT said that she evoked a very old-world romanticism from her face and eyes. He loved her dress and photo.

Raina ended up being called third during elimination.

Raina began episode 9 by lamenting to cameras with regards to how some of the girls in the house were treating her; specifically, Krista and Alexandra. They weren’t very accepting of her bubbly personality and often complained that she seemed fake.

For the first challenge, the girls were taken to Hobbiton, where the movie Lord of the Rings was filmed. Guest judge, Sarah McLeod (who played hobbit Rosie Cotton in the movie), helped Mr. Jay judge a posing challenge in the doorway of an actual hobbit home. Raina did well, but didn’t win the challenge.

During the “shadow shoot,” photographer Tyra Banks revealed that she was really excited to shoot Raina, but felt that Raina wasn’t pushing through the creative. Mr. Jay felt that she didn’t perform well because she wasn’t crazy about the concept/creative.

At panel, Nigel wished that she would have lowered her head. Tyra loved the picture because it was different, although she didn’t feel Raina was as passionate about this shoot as past shoots. ALT felt that she looked angry, but didn’t dislike the photo.

In the end, Raina ended up in the bottom two for the first time – with Jessica. While in the bottom two, Tyra said that Raina can evoke romance, renaissance and couture – but when it came to evoking edge, she couldn’t push herself.

Ultimately, Jessica was eliminated, leaving Raina to compete in the top four.

Raina began the finale episode of Top Model outwardly excited to be a top of the final four. Even though the other girls seemed irritated with her bubbly personality, she didn’t let it get to her.

During the first challenge of the finale, the girls had to walk the runway of an airplane, mid-air, while flying to Queenstown, New Zealand. Raina didn’t impress the Jays, who felt she walked like a linebacker. Mr. Jay said that he didn’t see the grace and elegance she typically exudes during her photo shoots.

During the “ugly pretty” shoot with photography Monty Adams, Raina struggled at the beginning. Mr. Jay said that she was still trying to be “pretty,” while the creative called for a level of “ugliness.” Toward the end of the shoot, she improved, but Mr. Jay really wanted to see her push herself to be more edgy.

At panel, Nigel said that her photo was interesting and definitely ugly/pretty. ALT thought her photo was gorgeous. Mr. Jay said that she struggled by being too soft and pretty. Tyra said that she was the prettiest of the girls during the shoot, which wasn’t the goal of the shoot. Tyra said that she wasn’t thinking “out of the box.”

Raina’s performance earned her a spot in the bottom three with Angelea and Alexandra. While in the bottom three, Tyra told Raina that she was the second coming of Brooke Shields; she had beautiful eyebrows, lips and flawless skin … but when the creative goes against her preference, she underperforms.

Ultimately, Raina was chosen as one of the top two girls, competing against Krista for the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Following the elimination of Angelea and Alexandra, Krista and Raina were asked to pack a bag to jet set to their next challenge/shoot. Their destination: Rakino Island, New Zealand.

After arriving to their new home, Miss Jay greeted them with their scripts for their CoverGirl “Blast Collection” commercial.

Raina was well-prepared for the commerical, as she had memorized all her lines, but when she got in front of the camera, she stumbled just a bit because she over choreographed herself. Following her CoverGirl photo shoot the photographer, Tony Drayton, said she did amazingly. He said she worked it with her eyes and really knew how to emote.

The next shoot for the girls was for Seventeen Magazine. Nigel Barker took their photos and said that he was impressed with both girls.

Tyra then greeted the girls with a surprise photo shoot – including their families who were flown in by the show. Raina’s father was flown in. Unfortunately, her mother couldn’t go due to a recent hand surgery.

The final step in the competition was the Anna Sui fashion show with a “rockabilly circus” theme.

Following the show, Miss Jay said that she walked very heavy footed, but she still smiled and came off cute. He said sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. ALT said she walked like a clydsedale. Tyra said she exuded freshnesss and happiness. She also said that Raina had air in her hair and that she walked like a real model.

When it came to her CoverGirl print ad review, Nigel said that her photo was very beautiful, gentle, delicate and feminine. ALT said that she has a freshness that’s very American girl next door. He said that Raina had a twinkle, but he wanted to see more.

When review her CoverGirl commercial, Nigel said that her voice was charming and upbeat, but she forgot her eyes. ALT felt that she needed to smile more. Tyra wanted to see more of her bubbly personality.

In the end, the title of America’s Next Top Model went to her competitor, Krista.

Upon leaving, Raina said the following:

“I feel like I’m supposed to be sad and crying right now, but I’m not. I’m just happy! I’ve accomplished so much. I’ve experienced so much. I’ve learned an incredible amount. I’ve become a model. And it doesn’t stop here.

I’m not going to stop modeling. It’s my passion and my dream and I’m taking it there.”

To read Raina’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Since the show, Raina has been finishing school. She’ll soon be graduating with a degree in broadcast journalism. In June of 2010, Raina is going to Dubai to be the Fall 2010 face of Symphony, a Dubai retailer. After seeing Raina on the show, they immediately contacted her through The CW network.

Before the show, Raina was signed with Moore Creative Talent, Ignite Models, Wehman Agency, and Agency Models and Talent. She is still on the boards at Ignite Models.

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To see more photos of Raina, click here.

147 Responses to “Raina Hein”

  1. Aline Says:

    Raina has a strange body. All thick and no proportion to it. I’m not surprised she didn’t win.

  2. Kay Says:

    I love Raina! She is a true top model! I am so sad she didn’t win and Krista did =<. Best of luck to Raina in the future! You’re amazing!

  3. Julie Says:

    I’m pissed that Krista won! Raina is the best!

    • Princes Says:

      truuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeee but don’t worry Raina is more of an international model now than Krista..I heard Raina is signed in Major Model management in Paris..WHAHAHAHA [evil laugh] :p

  4. Jessie xoxo Says:

    Okay, her body and her face is beautiful! Haters back off because no one is perfect! She is going to be a top model. I just know it.

  5. Kay Says:

    Raina is a true top model! I love Raina and she should have won instead of Krista. Best of luck Raina! You’re amazing!

  6. A Says:

    She looks like she could be Brooke Shields’ sister. She has perfect hair, eyes/brows, lips, and skin. Plus she has a great attitude and personality and seems grounded enough to take the heat/rejection of the modeling world.
    She could do beauty or print easily and has the height for runway. She has what it takes to make it as a model. There’s no reason why she wouldn’t. Best of luck to you Raina – I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  7. mariana Says:

    So what if she doesn’t have a great body? How about Krista? She doesn’t have a pretty face …? I love Raina. She’s the most beautiful contestant ever.

  8. elly Says:

    I love you Raina! You’re my favorite! I’m sad you lost, but you were awesome and I look up to you. Best of luck in the future! Text me back at Javiles@yahoo.com.

  9. aris Says:

    Gorgeous! Hotness! Raina! I can’t stop looking at your face! I think I love You already. Haha! Best of luck.

  10. jennifer Says:

    She should have won. This didn’t seem fair. I know Tyra is trying to have more black models win (yeah, they are awesome and have wonderful skin), but still, Krista has a HORRIBLE face, really. Raina has wonderful body strong, athletic and pretty. Also a wonderful face. Cycle 12 also had the wrong winner; Teyona was really beautiful, but I believe Allison was more beautiful, feminine and had this weird, awesome, really interesting look.

    • Niccole Says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Raina definitely should have won this competition and I was extremely disappointed when Krista won this cycle.
      Especially the case with Allison, she was more photogenic than Teyona to start with.
      I don’t think it’s fair to let models win because of their race (I’m black myself and saw the unfairness!)

      Raina will definitely go far in the modeling business.

      • Jessi Says:

        I SO agree with both of you! I thought Teyona was okay, but Allison proved herself with the runway show! And in this last cycle, Raina was INCREDIBLE! Strong, beautiful, great pictures and good on the runway! Krista was bad from the start and should have been eliminated early on because she never got better. As for Tyra picking more black models is great, but it’s not fair to the girls competing if they have no chance. Teyona didn’t do well and Krista was the least deserving. Both girls won unfairly. Allison and Raina deserved to win because they were both better models than everyone else.

    • Rina Says:

      God, I feel the same, those two should win! I was slightly pissed and very disappointed. I almost felt they chose them because they are black. I agreed they are good models and took good pictures, but I always find most black girls looking too old to be COVERGIRL (maybe they are looking for older cover girls?, as i always feel cover girls are young and fresh) and too old for 17 mag, Allison and Raina in my eyes are more suited for that role.

      Also those girls are always so loud and too high strong and talked bad or down on the other girls. I know you want to win, but why must you act that way. I wanted to b*tchslap Krista for saying Raina being fake!! WTH!!=! Just because she can’t be bubbly and happy herself, it doesn’t mean someone else who acted that way is fake. To me, Raina is just like that, happy and being positive. By saying Raina is fake, Krista is the fake one to me.

      I am glad in cycle 15, the girls are not as LOUD and behaved badly, or else, it’s leaving a impression that all girls act that way, LOUD and coarse. Even though, Chris was loud but she was funny and nice. She didn’t act coarse. I like both girls in cycle15 (the last two).

      So happy that Ann won or else I am not going to see the next ANTM. LOL. Despite, she is not the best runway model, all that can be improved in time, she wasn’t as bad as it could go. In fact, she impressed me. Her personality and subtle beauty leave a very deep impression. And her photos, wow. I don’t get about the people who keeps going on about her personality is boring or doesn’t stands out. OMG, do one have to be LOUD to have a personality. Being shy and humble are part of a personality. I know she prolly need work to be more confident to let her real personality shines through, so that she isn’t as “awkward” and shy. And she is a hard worker. I think she is the right winner! 🙂

    • ordinary woman Says:

      I think Raina is the perfect model. Teyona is much better than Krista. And Krista, I think, she is the ugliest winner.

  11. derek Says:

    Raina is amazing. She should have won.

  12. Maud* Says:

    This reminded me a lot of the Allison/Teyona cycle. I love previous African-American winners, but I never like Teyona OR Krista. I can understand Krista’s appeal in the modeling industry, but not Teyona’s. And although Raina’s body is not ideal, her face overrides any physical flaws. But even not winning the competition, there is certainly a vast area in which her look is in demand.

    • collette Says:

      I’m astounded and disgusted at the level of racism here. And the fact that you can’t look past a person’s skin color and you actually believe Tyra is the same. Krista is stunning. This girl looks like a linebacker.

      • Einez Says:

        Racism?? How come there are no Asian winners at ANTM? Start complaining if all of the winners were Caucasian!

      • collette Says:

        It’s not Tyra who’s bloody racist; it’s you mad lot implicating Teyona and Krista, who are just flawless and both always took great pics. You’re the ones that keep saying they only won as some sort of affirmitive action move.

      • julia Says:

        I don’t see where Maud was being racist. Did you read her whole post, you dumb b*tch? She said she loves previous African-American winners. She wasn’t disliking Teyona or Krista’s race. Just comparing their beauty to Allison or Raina. Seriously. Get a life.

      • Belize Says:

        COLLETTE, you’re such stupid hypocrite. It’s pitiful how you want to look past color and yet you can’t look past stereotypes that come with body shapes? How moronic are you?

        And can we cut this who she’s better, she’s worse crap? None of you, (NOT EVEN YOUR PRECIOUS TYRA) have the ultimate authority over something as subjective as beauty. Some people think that Allison is better than Teyona and some people think otherwise. The same goes for Krista and Reina. That’s your opinion. Don’t push it like it’s gospel truth because that makes you even more idiotic than you already are.

        “who are just flawless and both always took great pics.”

        Flawless?! LOL. No one is flawless you dumb piece of Nazi trash. As Aminat would say “stupid… stupid.. stupid.”

    • sarah Says:

      The other girl thought it was racist because Maud categorized the black winners together. I was happy these black gals won, but not that there’s two black people, meaning Maud was making it a race issue. If she had just said, “I’m not happy this person won/they didn’t deserve it,” that’s different to making a point about a black person winning.

    • Amber Says:

      Raina’s waistline is not 24 inches (size zero), but if it were, she would already be working in Paris. I disagree with you on Teyona as a winner. Teyona has a great body and did well on the show and as a model performs well too. She’s physically flawless because while her features are not recognizeable by the majority of America, in the industry they would be considered by couturiers to be dreamlike.

      One sees this type of girl in a dream because that is where the most enchanting creatures are invented. Teyona’s appearance is enchanting, so it’s a shame she has not achieved the same success as Raina. I blame it on the poor management of Elite Models. When it comes to ANTM they always f*ck up the winner’s career. It’s insane!

  13. lala Says:

    Raina is absolutely stunning! Her body is a bit on the square side, but still, with a face like that it doesn’t even matter! She’s definitely the most beautiful contestant to have ever been on ANTM; she really should’ve won.

    • Princes Says:

      super agree with you on that I mean they said Krista is more for international modelling? but Raina has gone more international than Krista, duh?! May 2010 edition of Seventeen Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Harper’s Bazaar UK and Hong Kong Metro Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Shop NBC, Vanity Clothing, Ribnick Fur & Leather, Ellie Lavelle Spring 2011, Treats Magazine, Cosmopolitan Indonesia, Alpaca, Macy’s, Target, Office Max, Mall of America, Jagress, Betsey Johnson, Women’s Health Magazine, a cover of Glamor Couture Magazine, and she is the face of Symphony Retailers in Dubai and she is now signed in Major Model Management in Paris! who’s more international?

  14. kiki Says:

    Raina is beautiful. Anyone who says she isn’t is blind. But she hated edgy photo shoots. Krista can do any photo shoot. Raina would have made a good top model, but Krista will make a great top model. So lay of Krista because she isn’t pretty but she is high fashion.

  15. lola Says:

    Raina’s face is absoluuuutelyyy gorgeous! She’s really beautiful, but I think for a model’s career, especially on the runway, she should lose a couple pounds. (Take a look at how girls look on Paris and Milan runways.) Even if she doesn’t lose weight, she’d be a great beauty model.

  16. martha Says:

    I honestly think that Raina should of won. She is amazing in both personality and of course her photos. I honestly see her as a role model; I love her.

  17. GAruy Says:

    Okay. Krista won because Tyra thought she could have more of an international career. But to tell you the truth, Raina actually booked a major photo shoot in Dubai right after ANTM. I highly doubt Krista is has an international career right now.

  18. izzitme Says:

    I didn’t like Raina or Krista.

  19. izzitme Says:

    She reminds me of Liv Tyler.

  20. BluBluBlooo Says:

    When I see these pictures, I’m thinking, “WOW, she should have won the competition!”

    I Agree with Jennifer, Nicole and Jessi.

  21. Einez Says:

    Raina should have won. I am so glad she is getting the better break then Krista.

    • collette Says:

      No she’s not.

      • Marie Louise Says:

        I like Raina better then Krista. I’m also glad she got a modeling job with Symphony Retailers in Saudi Arabia. So much for Tyra and company thinking she may not have an international career.

      • Maria Says:

        Did someone here think Raina is NOT doing well? She landed photo shoots in Harper’s Bazaar in the UK and has signed with Major Model Managment in Paris. She also snagged a 3 month modeling contract in Hong Kong. I’d say she is doing way better than expected. Way to go girl!

  22. Karessa Says:

    I really think Raina should have won from the start! My bets were Jessica and Raina and I cried when the two of them were together on bottom two and Jessica was sent home. But I was VERY SHOCKED when Krista won ANTM.

    Krista is gorgeous and has the potential to be a model, but she needs improvement. Remember the perfume/cologne challenge? I don’t even get it!

    Raina is stunning and all the positive things you can think of ’cause of her face. Maybe her body wasn’t really proportional, but she still does her thing!

    Raina/Jessica should have won.

  23. GG Says:

    I like Raina. She has unique look, beautiful face and gorgeous eyebrows.
    I agree that she should have won.

  24. Nomyia Says:

    She reminds me of Denise Richards, but a more beautiful version.

  25. neesy Says:

    Oh mylanta! Hell yes, Raina should have won. She has a way better face and personality than Krista!

    • Boone Says:

      Again I agree with you, neesy. Raina was the way better model and much more photogenic than Krista. She was also sweet and nice. I think in this cycle of ANTM it was about….let’s have an older girl ( remember, Krista was 26 when this season aired ) win this time! Just like they did with Whitney in Cycle 10 and I could go on and on. See the ongoing theme here yet, people? Uff da!

  26. Emmi Says:

    Raina is really pretty; great for beauty shots. BUT, her body is really thick and she looks like a line backer.

    Her walk wasn’t amazing. To me her personality came off as fake. Also, she hated edgy shots. To be a top model you need to be able to do edgy shots and Raina hated them.

    Raina would’ve made a good top model (her portfolio speaks for itself), but Krista will be a good winner too. Krista’s portfolio is sorta sucky in the beginning, but she has some amazing shots at the end. She’s high fashion and she can do edgy. Her walk is better than Raina’s. Krista can also do commercial (see CoverGirl shoot) and edgy (see her posing in same dress with sheep shoot) However, her personality sucks. She’s somewhat old. Her CoverGirl photo wasn’t as good as Raina’s.

    They both would’ve been good, but neither of them would’ve been great.

  27. Chilly710 Says:

    Why would anyone pick a winner who is 26 years old? That’s pretty much the end of a modeling career! Go Raina! You had the best pictures in the whole entire comeptition and you will go far in modeling. I gaurentee you will be on the cover of Vogue and Seventeen Magazine in no time. You obviously had more potential than Krista. I don’t hate Krista, she took really good photos, but she’s a little old to be a model. Whatever … it’s done now.

  28. Hailey Says:

    Raina clearly should have won. Every time I see her, even to this day, I’m blown away by the uncommon beauty of her face. Despite the racist controversy, Raina is a better model than Krista, which is clear in not only the photos during the show, but also in the comparison of the few photos/jobs Krista has had after ANTM and Raina’s booming career. The job offers and the quality of Raina’s post-ANTM shots blow away Krista’s bland shots even with the title of America’s Next Top Model.

  29. Maxine Says:

    She has a strong face that literally stands out from the rest of her body but it could work because there are features that are soft. The jawline is like a trapezoid, but it doesn’t make her beauty less appealing. Every model who is unique-looking is unconventional and some have flaws that stand out, but in Europe people are drawn to faces that are rare. Raina has a rare face, I think she will be the new “otherworldly creature” photographers will want as their muse. And the French love ANYTHING that’s new and different. They get it! My question for her body is what waistline measurement is. If it’s 24 inches or smaller then she will book advertisements in elite fashion magazines in Europe.

  30. Maxine Says:

    She has a classical look. It’s divine!

  31. stacy Says:

    Raina is gorgeous. I just don’t get why she didn’t win. Her walk needed a bit of work that’s it. She photographs like a dream.

    I don’t dislike Krista. It’s just that Raina was very strong throughout, her beauty is undeniable, and the girl can be really positive. I read where people say she is fake because she had a few moments that she did say stuff about the other girls, but come on. Some of those girls were so off rude vile and down right nuts. Who amongst us could be around such bizzarly crude behavior without some kind of reaction? She tried to make her experience the best she could while being in a pressure cooker of crazy.

  32. thomas Says:

    Girl is gorgeous!

  33. alex Says:

    Her best features are those ocean blue eyes and thick eyebrows.

  34. Jennifer Says:

    I love you RAINA!

  35. frances cleo Says:

    Omg! I can’t believe Krista won. Raina is the best!!!!! Gosh!

  36. Bebe Says:

    Raina’s face is dreamy. So very Tommy Hillfiger. I think she would do wonderful as their model. But she does have a thick body.

  37. abygail Says:

    She has a high-fashion face, but on her post-antm pics, she keeps doing commercial-like looks. :/

    Anyway, still thinks she should have won though, but then again one of the reasons why Tyra made ANTM is to find the uncoventional kind of beauty.

  38. batrisya Says:

    It’s a good thing that she didn’t win ANTM, actually. Her career will be bright. If you realized it, she has a lot of jobs after the show, if compared that to other girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but you see, if she wins she’ll have to stick with the contract. But if she’s free, her face will be everywhere. 🙂

  39. Обожаю её!!!


  40. nathalie Says:

    I love Raina; she is awesome! I even have her hat!

  41. sam Says:

    Too THICK.

  42. nadha Says:

    Oh mylanta!! I love Raina so damn!!!! She is so amazing!

  43. Grace Says:

    Wow never knew she was so stunning as a blonde. She looks like Denise Richards! I used to hate people like her. You know, the peppy happy-go-lucky person who doesn’t even seem to understand the concept of sadness. Or tiredness. Only when I grew a bit older did I learn to respect these seemingly “simple” people, when I realised it’s really easy to be cold and tough and mean, but incredibly hard to be nice! Especially when 90% of the world is made up of grouches.

  44. Gerrimel Hernandez Says:

    OMG! I wished that Raina just won the competition. I mean, what’s so good about Krista? Raina should be the winner, okay? Not Krista. It’s making me furious!

  45. Monika Says:

    She has also been in Harper’s Bazaar.

  46. bridget Says:

    I LOVE RAINA! She is such an inspiraton and i know she will go so far as a top model. She has a stunning face! She is my inspiration to do modeling myself.

  47. benj Says:

    I love Raina; she’s beautiful and gorgeous! Krista has the ability to be a super high-fashion model. Raina looks like Analeigh from cycle 11. She is so beautiful.

  48. kristine Says:

    I think she looks like Agyness Deyn the british model, but more of Denise Richards.

  49. Lisa Says:

    I was pissed to see her 2nd!! She should have won! It’s strange to me how Tyra picks a winner. I wish Raina will make a good career, I admire her beauty!

  50. Amber Says:

    Her face, height and skin color are perfect for pret-a-porter and the commercial market. If she could just lose an inch off her waistline she would be able to work in Paris and Milano. I can’t to see how she will get in her career. I’m not expecting anything great from Krista, but I am from Raina.

  51. berry Says:

    About the comments on Raina needing to lose weight: I disagree. If she lost weight, she’d be totally emaciated and still, she wouldn’t look like the narrow models (like Anya or Jade, whose waists are narrow naturally). I can relate because we have a similar body type; our ribs and hip bones are somewhat protruding, making us look heavier than what’s real. Krista’s comment on Raina’s “flabby body” really hurts.

  52. jen Says:

    Doesn’t she look alot like Denise Richards?

    She’s gorgeous though, too bad she didn’t win. :/

  53. dar Says:

    Raina is darn gorgeous!! I still can’t believe Krista won!! Ugh! CAN THEY HAVE A REMATCH OR SOMETHING?!! I mean seriously! Raina has everything that a model is supposed to be!! Still, I LOVE RAINA!! 🙂

  54. lauren Says:

    I love Raina! I was soooooo rooting for her to win; not Krista! I thought Raina was way prettier than her! I will always be a Raina fan! Love you, Raina!

  55. erica Says:

    Raina should have won hands down.

  56. mona Says:

    I agree, Raina should have won. But she doing great without winning ANTM. She’ll go far.

  57. yana Says:

    I also think she looks like Denise Richards! Raina is sooo beautiful; surely her body is not ideal but her face is stunning. I don’t like Krista!!! And not because she’s Black. I liked other Black girls of the show. Some of them were so amazing. Krista is awful with her face and more awful with her character and behavior.

  58. daniel Says:

    Her body may not be the best, but she has it! The looks, the face and the attitude. She looks more stunning compared to other antm girls. She has an inner beauty that just shines! Love her!

  59. Name Says:

    She was the best.

  60. Sandra Says:

    Pretty face, but her body is awful and her personality. She claims that she is such a good girl yet she talked sh*t about the other girls behind their backs.

    • ANTM groupie Says:

      Totally agree.

      Awful body. Fat face. I can see a chubby future ahead of her.

      And the self-righteousness. Eww.

  61. Susie Says:

    I liked Krista but Raina should have won. She has beauty, brains and a lovely attitude. I hope she has a great career.

    • sher Says:

      This is not miss congeniality … it’s antm. I must admit that since Raina has lost a lot!!! of weight and no longer looks like the linebacker she is now getting the work of the winner!

  62. Ivan Says:

    My god i didnt watch this show until i saw her!

  63. Jeffrey Says:

    Raina should have won! She is simply stunning!

  64. ANTM groupie Says:

    Krista isn’t pretty but man she is a model.

    Raina has a fat face. And her body is chubby in the model world.

    Fake too.

  65. juliana Says:

    Raina was robbed.
    That’s all I wanna say.

  66. Heather Says:

    Raina should have won. She is 1000 times prettier than Krista. I’m sure Raina will go on to be very successful in the modeling world.

  67. sheila Says:

    Raina looks too much like the Joker in batman; her mouth and eyebrows were a mess. Maybe they should have changed the red lipstick. Gee whiz, Batman.

  68. Melissa Says:

    I cannot believe the number of people on here who thought Raina should have won. Oh mylanta! If I heard that one more time, I was going to throw something through the tv. On top of how extremely annoying she was, she has a face that we have seen a thousand and one times before. NOTHING unique about her. She’s a very beautiful girl, but the look is tired, tired, tired.

  69. Debra Says:

    I can’t believe some of the racist shit I am reading, “They were chosen because they were black”, give me a MFB. They were chosen because they were consistently good in almost all categories, runway, and pictures. What is this other bull I am reading about black girls skin looking old that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time and one of the most stupidest things look back over any cycle you see and almost every black girl that has been on ANTM has amazing and skin which is something black people are known for having good skin that ages very well. That is why a lot of white people spend there lives and risk there lives every day trying to get to have even a glimmer of the exquisite skin that black people are born with. It doesn’t work though because the more time you spend in the sun the more wrinkled and old you get…..LOL If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t make ignorant and stupid not to mention racist statements…The funny thing is everytime a racist opens there mouth they make themselves sound and look like the fools they truly are. I have yet to meet or hear a racist that made since. or know what they are talking about. .

    • kristen Says:

      Even though that is a racist theory, it’s at least a logical explanation for Krista winning over Reina. She was not consistently better, Tyra Banks picks the final picture to be displayed and editing helps sways peoples minds as well. Reina is way more stunning and that final covergirl picture is proof. Reinas picture is mesmerizing and reminds me of Hillary Rhoda or Daria Werbowys beauty campaign shots, Kristas looks A LOT like a beauty pageant for miss Texas. wtf are you kidding. racism (favoritism) and Tyra trying to help a fellow woman of color is the only logical explanation. I really find it irritating though, and its part of the reason why I don’t watch religiously like I used to. In seasons 1-3 i really loved the show, but this for example I could already tell when they tried to pretend Reinas shot was bad and Kristas was ‘AAAAMAZING’ that they were planning on Krista winning. There is no point in watching at that point.

  70. Michelle Says:

    She’s like Liv Tyler, Denise Richards and Olivia Hussey rolled into one, and made more beautiful.

  71. XinYu Fang Says:


  72. John Wagner Says:

    She has been a great model for me, I can’t say enough good things about it
    her. She has always come come through in a pinch.

    john wagner photography

  73. kristen Says:

    honestly, she is WAAAAAAAAAAY better then krista or whatever her name is.. clearly tyra was picking favorites. this girl blew krista out of the water, even with editing on tyras side. lame lame lame.

  74. Aufa Says:

    Okay, her face is definitely the best in the bunch, but tbh, her body is horrible, (I can overlook it if it’s just athletic, but she doesn’t has waist, it’s the boxy body that I don’t like) and she doesn’t has a strong walk. I hope she can have more curves in the future, she isn’t my winner (Alexandra is) BUT, She’s MUCH MUCH better than Krista, she isn’t fresh looking at all :/

  75. larissa Says:

    I love Raina. She photographs very well, and she is so high fashion. For me, she is so much better than Krista, and she should win!!! But she will be a brilliant career like a model!!!!!

  76. niqqa19 Says:

    RAINA SHOULD’VE WON ! she is far more gorgeous than krista !

  77. Daniel Says:

    Tyra and ALT are black, and they want black people to be seen beautiful, yes they are beautiful, but they don’t have to use their positions in the show to start a black revolution. Top model should be about inner and outer beauty and Raina showed that. Krista was good in the runway, and Raina just needed a little practice. The photos clearly say that Raina is high-fashion. I don’t know why these judges think that you have to be a bit ugly like Krista just to be high-fashion. Krista’s personality was dark as her skin, while Raina was self-assured even she didn’t win. I’m most impressed by her reaction when she wasn’t announced as the winner. She even hugged Krista even she knew she was back-stabbed by her. Krista is the fake one. A picture has a lot of elements to consider for it to be said edgy. Raina only had ropes around her while Krista had this dress and the drama of the shadows on her face which well maybe plotted by Tyra to make her win. Tyra only showed that modeling today is not about how pretty the models are inside and out, but it’s about what the high-positioned fashion people like her wants.

  78. Beth Says:

    Krista won $3,000 worth of jewelry – some were doubles and triples- and she did NOT offer each of the other three girls to each pick a piece.

    This made her look like a horrible person.

    She was selfish, self centered, and not at-all prett,

    She won because she is black.

    • hazelscott007 Says:

      You are so right. She’s a selfish greedy bitch. I’m a woman of color and I think she is ugly inside and out. Her body is awful too. Black women as a whole look terrible with no substance to their body. She won because Tyra feels guilty for being a fair-skinned black woman who made millions and is trying to pave a path for dark-skinned black women. There are dark women out there that are beautiful Tyra and this one (Krista) isn’t one of them.

  79. mol Says:

    i would buy her a castle and become her bitch, because i’ve never seen someone as beuatiful as her, NEVER

  80. Lolcaptor Says:

    Raina is doing better in the modelling world than Krista, that’s what important right? 😉 So just let Krista be the winner, Raina has a whole lot of modelling career waiting for her. You think, I’m lying? Try researching. She just signed with Major Model Management in Paris 😀 (http://major.modasphere.com/website/talent/15943/raina/)

  81. Himela Says:

    Raina should have won! She is one of my favorites of all seasons.

  82. JimmyJohnCrackBaby Says:

    A real all star.

  83. Daniel Germer Says:

    I’m a French guy. I discovered only this year the cycle 14 of ANTM With Raina.
    This girl is gorgeous, so perfect. Truly a beautiful face. Long and beautiful legs and these superb eyes! An incredibly personable.
    Frankly I don’t understand that she is only the second of the show. It’s a bit incomprehensible even if the face of Krista is incredible.
    Raina looks like Denise Richard, but Raina has something more. This girl is so beautiful and magical.
    Raina tu es unique et si belle.

  84. rebecca squires Says:

    i think she is perfect beauty, you go! to me you have won in our hearts. omg!!!! the pictures they say all of the truth! I’m so happy I wish you all the success that a young beautiful girl should have.You are ANTM. so so lovely. wow!!!!!

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Just saw her in 2 commercials today. She is briefly in a Dave & Buster’s commercial and is featured in the newest JC Penny commercial. She still looks fantastic and gorgeous!

  86. Crazylegs66 Says:

    I just saw Raina in a Dave and Busters commercial!!!!

  87. passingthefads25 Says:

    Why isn’t there any other cultures involved in this show? There is usually only two types of cultures. Why don’t they have asians?!!!!!!

  88. passingthefads25 Says:

    Why isn’t there any other cultures involved in this show? Where are the asians?

    • pointandshoot Says:

      Perhaps because asians don’t usually tend to be tall enough? Of course there are exceptions, but they are not the norm. There have been a few….Sheena, Jennifer in the petite cycle, that girl who Jade was picking on….can’t recall her name.

  89. Ann Says:

    She is BEAUTIFUL. Her eyes are insane.

  90. Esteban Says:


  91. Rachel Says:

    She is proabaly doing better than Krista at the moment anyway. I love how she stands up for girls, like me who think they can’t model because they are too athletic! Hope raina is doing well 🙂

  92. Devil Says:

    Krista is a dog. She is not pretty. I am surprised at the people Tyra picks more than half of them are not model material.

  93. AskD Says:

    Oh, Mylanta!

  94. Addie Says:

    She’s like a love child of Benedict Cumberbatch and Billie Piper, she has the eyes and height of BC and the lips/brows of BP

  95. Sophie Says:

    Mcdonald’s McCafe Commercial!

  96. hola raina isaza ese es tu nombre artisto o normal eres maravillosa saludos chaooooooooooooo

  97. Pami C. Says:

    I love her !!! Super hot

  98. Cody Says:

    Beautifuul. Raina omg! she Is my fav of all the cycles of antm!! Tyra! Omg! Dont You see a supermodel on her?? For mee she was the clear winner! Although i’ve heard that Raina is doin better on modeling than krista.. hehe im Glad. Love everythiing about her , Raina has the looks ( I LOOVE her eyebows!!) the personality ( some of the girls in the house like alexandra ,krista and angelie or watever hated I dont know why) They said she seemed fake?? omg c’mon angelie krista and alex were always teasing the other girls for some reason ( poor brenda by the way). I think they were just JEALOUS of the competition and couldnt stand that Raina was way better then they were. Well the wolf is shining right now and none can stop her!

    Raina Like i said have a wonderful career ,hope all your wishes come true have and have an amazing future! Let your bubbly personality shine forget about the haters (they keep you famous).
    I Believe in You!! Best wishes. Make us proud!

  99. Kamilah Says:


  100. Stephanie Says:

    Is it Raina in the new McDonalds commercials?? If so she looked really good. Loved Raina, always reminded me of the girl from My Girl movies. Could be twins. 🙂

  101. Katherine Says:

    Her beauty is exquisite. She had such an amazingly, kind personality, too. It’s a shame she didn’t win. I don’t know why high fashion thinks girls have to look like men to be in that industry. Krista was not beautiful and neither was her personality. She talked bad about everyone. She was so unlikeable. Raina was consistently good, and Krista’s photos were very forgettable.Raina was robbed. Tyra only picked Krista because she was a black girl. Tyra was just trying to help a fellow, black girl out cause she wants to revolutionize modeling with black women. Black women can be models, but face it, you see more white models, and it’s most likely gonna be that way. Tyra played favorites, and favoritism is never fair.

  102. Peyton Says:

    I saw her in a McDonald’s commercial

  103. B Says:

    Raina,you are stunning! For me,you were the winner of this season and Jessica should have been in the final 2 with you.

  104. debra brown Says:

    If they were just judging the models on just their looks then yes Raina should have won. I agree that she is a stunning girl and what Tyra said about her eyes was so on point. Her eyes are her best feature they were wolfs eyes, just gorgeous. To be fair though Krista beat out Raina in other catagories and especially in the consistency department. Krista consistently did better in photos, runway and also did very well in challenges. So yes Krista did deserve to win that cycle.

    I don’t appreciate every debate turning into a race issue, their have been plenty of black winners and plenty of white winners on ANTM and I think almost every girl that has won deserves to have won. To suggest that the black girls that have won on the show is because Tyra wanted to make it even and name some black winners, is stupid and offensive, every black girl that has won ANTM deserved to win because she was the best durring that cycle. And just because your favorites didn’t win is nothing sinister about it.

  105. Joyjoy Says:

    She looks like Anna Chlumsky from the movie My Girl. I liked her sunny personality and kudos for staying out of the drama, but did think Krista was more high fashion.

  106. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful girl, unique features, she should have won. She is the whole package.

  107. Ken Atwater Says:

    Raina if you are ever in Minnesota modeling I would love to come and see you. I to thought you should have won. I live in Minnesota and I am a black man not that it matters

  108. Anna Kovács Says:

    Raina a kedvenceeem !! neki kellett volna nyernie 😀

  109. I really love Raina Hein She’s One of the Most Beautiful faces on history of America’s Next top Model

  110. melvin Says:

    I c u little golden bear keep up the good work I’m very proud of you and hope to see you soon.

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