Nnenna Agba was a contestant on Cycle 6 of ANTM.

Although born in Houston, Texas, Nnenna Agba lived in Nigeria for 12 years, only to come back to the United States at the age of fourteen. In 2004, she completed her studies as a chemistry major at the Texas A&M University and before she joined America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, she was working as a chemist at a Texas-based oilfield chemical company called Champion Technologies.

During the makeover session on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 6, Nnenna’s head was shaved bald because on the previous photo shoot, where the girls had to be made to look bald, Nnenna was the one who looked amazing with absolutely no hair. The judges saw that Nnenna had a lot of potential, and she was a very strong contender in the beginning. However, as the weeks went by, her performance began to drop, and on the photo shoot in Bangkok, Thailand, Nnenna clearly had a difficult time pulling off the right pose. She was placed in the bottom two, and was subsequently eliminated from the competition.

After she appeared on the show, Nnenna started working with MC2 Model Management in New York, formerly known as Karin Models. She’s also been associated with Cover Management. She has been on the cover of True Love, Clam, Onyx Style and Time Out London magazines. She has appeared in Essence, Jewel and Arise magazine and has modeled for Red and Lulu. She also appeared in a commercial for McDonald’s.

She is currently signed with OmodelAfrica, eSensual Models, Bookings Model Agency and Figaro International Management Group.

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To view more photos of Nnenna, click here.

37 Responses to “Nnenna Agba”

  1. sofie Says:

    Very beautiful!!

  2. Meli Says:

    She was my favorite! All her pictures are great; really artistic.

  3. silver nail polish Says:

    I thought she was great too, but there was always something off about her to me.

  4. Carl Says:

    Flawless, a pure beauty. I would love to meet her some day. I’m from Houston too.

  5. Patricia Kayden Says:

    Go on girl! Not surprised she’s still a model.

  6. olle Says:

    Her smile is unforgettable.

  7. 4sher Says:

    Work it girl; better still be working it. Great pics and I thought you would win before Dani started working it out.

  8. Khatarina Says:

    She’s just too “miss-know-it-all” and that whole “uuuh, I’m from Africa” stuff started to piss me off really early. Yes, we know where you’re from!!!

    • 4sher Says:

      That wasn’t bragging, that was all about the awareness and impact she wanted to have on her country. Remember the pain in her face on the black and white photo shoot with Tyra. It was her family in Africa that was on her mind. I’ve watched each of the antm shows about 2 or more times and all judges decisions have been justified except dropping Nnenna. Maybe because like they said in the beginning she’s going to work; most potential and she is WORKING IT!

  9. kate Says:

    nnenna was meant to win, she is a winner n she knows it, that girl has it all

  10. Elfrida King Says:

    I am proud of you. Go Girl.

  11. Mari Says:

    My favorite too…from day one

  12. Scarlett Says:

    She’s beautiful. I hated how Brooke hated her, It was horrible when Brooke said “what’s so special about her? Cause she’s from Africa!” I mean come on, that’s really mean.
    I love Nnenna’s accent.

  13. Londres Says:

    she was so annoying… africa this and africa that! what the hell!!

  14. Nnenna was good is true black is real beauty

    • Stephxdancer Says:

      I, as a white person, actually find that comment quite racist, even if that wasn’t the intention. If a white person said “it’s true white is real beauty”, then I guarantee that there would be a lot of hateful comments from people who didn’t have white skin. I don’t mean to cause a fuss, but I don’t think it’s right that white people are seen not to have any racism pointed towards them too.

      • MissFashion Says:

        You’re taking the comment the wrong way Steph. Nowadays the western look to most societies is the look everybody wants! Long hair blue eyes tight body. Why do you think weave is associated with most black women! they use it to lengthen their hair to look more western and lightening products that are available everywhere to look more western. It’s refreshing for once to see a girl who embraces her culture (dark skin) as there is no reason to be ashamed in the first place the shaving of her hair accentuates her natural beauty and she stood out bcos of her bone structure solely! I think if someone were to say True white is real beauty yes it would spark some controversy because of ignorance. Today some western women abuse make up and fake tan! I adore people who embrace their culture and natural self and to heck with it TRUE WHITE IS REAL BEAUTY!! there’s nothing wrong with pale skin, or red hair, or freckles and you know what REAL BEAUTY IS BEING THE TRUE YOU!

  15. stephxdancer Says:

    Gorgeous girl but she knows it. Very rude and cocky, extremely passive aggressive.

    • Jemma Bond Says:

      Rude and Cocky? Please explain…

      • Marie Says:

        I could see where you think you might be getting a bit of cockiness off of her. She’s extremely intelligent and beautiful. Confidence and cockiness can appear very similar to each other. Rude though? Hardly, unless you misinterpreting self-confidence as cockiness.

        And Steph, while I agree with your point about the race issue, I think you just don’t like Nnena. Fine, but provide a better argument next time, examples maybe???

  16. Dee Says:

    So glad to see she’s still working it! She and Joanie were my favourites from Cycle 6. 🙂

  17. Thiago Alves Says:

    Beautiful pictures

  18. Jlo Says:

    is nenna still with john do ya think

  19. kiki Says:

    Her last 2 weeks she just sucked. I don’t know how she went from some of the best photos to some of the worst I had seen.

    • Yeah you are right, her last two weeks sucked, i would like to think that perhaps it was due to her over confidence after her successive mini challenge truck record. Also the pressure from her boy friend must have overwhelmed her.

  20. TEL Says:

    I am curious about the status of her relationship with that loser. He was so jealous about Nnena achieving something without him. I am glad he didn’t hold her back.

  21. martin Says:

    all her haterz can go to hell,who gives a crab.Atleast she made it that far,it was obvious that she was disqualified because it would have been a disgrace for an African to win in an American competition.she is still doing it big regardless.Kudos girl,I like your style,haterz makes you strong.

  22. Chinyere Says:

    Nnenna is beautiful, proud of her country and intelligent. None of those should she be ashamed of or quiet about. She’s family and I salute her as she makes her mark in the world. She’s always busy modeling and we her family celebrate her and cheer her on.

    Go nnenna, go!

  23. Damo Says:

    was shocked when she was elimated probs i think she had the most potential out of cycle 6 but happy Dani won

    • I would like to think that the judges were really very fair with her. I mean, lets face this, she was just lucky that her humility always attracted the judges and i must confess that she had a wonderful moment in the house. But seriously, Dani had all that was required to win the contest.

  24. wonderful,beautiful and lovely. All for Nnenna. Ifact Nnenna is beautiful and has the qualities.

  25. H.D. Says:

    If I hear one more “I’m black, show me favoritism” I’m gonna throw up. So you’re black, so what! NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING!!!! Quit using your ethnicity for your own cause. Can I go to Africa & yell “I’m white, treat me differently”? Isn’t it the same thing? So Nnenas from Africa. BIG DAMN DEAL. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but her arrogance makes her ugly & there’s nothing special about being a bitch.

  26. liljenny Says:

    Swift…pictures are so colourful..now she is exactly the kinda model i look up to, know i will really get there someday, i must get there…i really envy this girl..but seriously, i wana soar higher than her..lmao!

  27. Lilly Says:

    from the start i thought she would be the winner, and i was shocked she was eliminated. but i do think she might be a sociopath… i mean she didn’t show any emotions throughout the competitions despite all the drama with her bf and in the house…

  28. channey Says:

    She was a beautiful girl! Definitely rocked the makeover that Tyra gave her. That one picture up there with the huge smile – doesn’t fit her style!

  29. JJ Says:

    Mr Jay said it “beautiful and regal” and I agree with him.

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