Nicole Linkletter was a contestant on Cycle 5 of ANTM.

Born in North Dakota, Nicole attended Red River High School and went on to study at the University of North Dakota and at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, where she majored in marketing. She is currently attending California State University, Northridge. Prior to her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, she was working at both Victoria’s Secret and Target.

When Nicole was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, her beauty and talent didn’t exactly propel her to the top of the group. In fact, she had fallen to the Top two twice, once after a photo shoot with the Wild Boyz from MTV and another time after the CoverGirl shoot. However, the judges saw immense potential in Nicole, and even renowned photographer Nigel Barker remarked that even though she wasn’t giving her 100%, she still was able to produce very good pictures. Nicole had gotten into a fight with fellow Top Model Finalist, Bre Scullark, when the former poured her energy drink down the sink and then proceeded to lie about it. Nicole was also quite insecure about her pale complexion, which greatly contrasted with her bright brown hair. Nevertheless, she made it to the Top 2 with Nik Pace, and her performance during the final runway challenge earned her all of the judges’ votes, consequently making her the fifth winner of America’s Next Top Model.

After the show, Nicole went on to do a photo shoot with photographer, Giles Bensimon, in Paris for a couture line, and her photographs were featured in a six-page spread in Elle Magazine. She has worked with CoverGirl Makeup and Eyewear and Milk Boutique, and has graced the pages of V Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Ellegirl Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, Zink Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Celebrity Living Magazine, People Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Golf For Women Magazine and Vanidades Magazine. She also appeared on the covers of the February 2006 edition of ElleGirl Magazine, the March 2006 edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, the April 2006 edition of Lemonade Magazine and Vanidades Magazine. She has also modeled for VIGOSS U.S.A. Jeans, and Ford Fusion, and walked the runway at the Alice & Olivia Fashion Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, and Fashion For Life Benefit Show 2006.

In May 2009, she was featured in a spread for Elle Singapore. She appeared on the cover of CLEO Malaysia with two male models for May 2009 Issue. She was also featured in a spread for CLEO Malaysia for June 2009 Issue.

Nicole has walked for Gharani Strok Fashion show, Alice and Olivia (Fall 2006), Fashion for Life Benefit Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, Bebe (Spring 2007), Rozae Nichols Spring 07, Juan Carlos Obando Spring 07, Italian Trade Commission Spring 2007 for Grimaldi Giardina Spring 2007, and Maria Bianca Nero.

Nicole was a guest on the internet talk show Covergirl’s Talk Model, she did “My Life as a Covergirl” segments. She has also hosted a series of segments for VH1, in which she reported on Fashion Week. Linkletter has also modeled for the E! Pre-Oscar show and has appeared on E! news modeling summer shorts from Alice & Olivia. She starred in a commercial for Play Station Portable. She has been featured on Cycle 11’s Top Models in Action.

Nicole is currently signed with Nous Model Management, Upfront Models in Singapore, and Paragon Model Management.

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To see more photos of Nicole, click here.

78 Responses to “Nicole Linkletter”

  1. Angie Says:

    I couldn’t stand her on ANTM and couldn’t believe she won, but looking at her pics again and how she has developed in her career … WOW! She is stunning, takes fab pics and was certainly a worthy winner!!!

    • Nicole Says:

      You’re so envious. Lol.

    • Scarlett Says:

      She’s the most successful winner of Antm, so I think that’s godda say something.

      • Alison Says:

        no she isn’t, she’s a good model but there are alot of other antm models who are more successful than her

    • mgs Says:

      i hate people who says that because u can´t stand sombody says u´re envious. I´m not envious, i´m a male, not even gay.. i recognize that this girl is really beautiful but as photographer i can tell she does not transmitted anything! her face is always the same, she looks like she doesn´t know what to do!

  2. mark Says:

    Jayla or Bre should have won; not cry baby Nicole! Her and Kim should have been the first two given the boot.

    • Jae Says:

      I think CoverGirl, etc. may get the ultimate decision who becomes ANTM since they are signing the winner. So if she won, obviously the modeling industry thinks she is a model. Bre? A biatch vs. a cry baby? hmmm, if we go by that criteria then neither would win.

  3. Nicole Fan Says:

    Nicole isn’t a top model. She is a cutie and she could play in some soap operas as actress, but “top model” are too strong of words for her. She has a “not model” beauty.

  4. jordan Says:

    Nicole, I love you! You rocked during ANTM, but you’ve gotten even better since. You’re so great and you’re clearly by far one of my favorite winners! 🙂

  5. Kit Says:

    I love her Pre-Raphaelite looks.

  6. kiki Says:

    If I could only say one thing about Nicole becoming Top Model; she didn’t deserve it. Nik, from the beginning, was a way better model. I’m not saying Nicole couldn’t take a pretty picture, but that was all it was – a pretty picture. Nik knew she had to work hard for it and she had better pictures than Nicole. If Nik had done better on the runway, she would have won.

  7. kiki Says:

    I have to change my mind about Nicole. I still don’t think she should have won, but I think she is a nice girl. She stood up for Kim when all the girls in the house got mad at her for talking about them. Nicole isn’t as bad as I thought, but still shouldn’t have won.

    • Rhondayes Says:

      Ridiculous You are going to praise her because she stood up for a snitch? She should have stood by Kim as she apologized for talking about everyone there. She’s not to be admired for standing by a wrong.

  8. Mariane Says:

    Nicole is not a model AT ALL! She is TOOOOOO sweeeet. Brrrrrrrr.

  9. Sasha Says:

    I love Nicole. She is very wonderful and it’s my opinion that she deserves victory.

  10. KriStina Says:

    Мне не нравится Nicole. Jayla и Nik были во 100 раз лучше. Она слишком милая и “сладкая”.

  11. Paradis-Oscar Says:

    Nicole was amazing during the show, very well deserved victory. Her post-ANTM pictures are even better.

  12. Jazmin Says:

    She really progressed through ANTM and after too she has got better!

  13. Noble Hearth Says:

    That is absolutely ridiculous how people would write about their Nicole hate over and over as if someone cares about it. Her cycle overall was not spectacular. Anyway Nicole deserved to win, probably not as much as some other winners, but surely over her competitors. But she became a lot more professional since then. I just wish she’d tone a little bit. But the face is perfect. I see some Nicole in Frida, I wish Nicole was there with her. The best thing about Nicole is that she does not care about the haters. Nicole #1 favorite forever!!!

  14. rhon Says:

    Wow. All her photos afterwards are really high fashion compared to the other girls. She deserved to win, especially because she cannot take a bad picture.

    BTW, does anyone else thinks that sometimes she looks like Miley Cyrus?

  15. alexis Says:

    Look, haters, screw you! Nicole had a personality. Nik was lame and not reserved like Ann or Nicole Fox just lame photos. Good, but no improvement. Nicole’s photos were semi mediocre and got 100 miles ahead of Nik. She is personable and relatable. Look at her new pics; they’re so FIERCE.

  16. tets Says:

    By far the most unexpected winner of any Top Model Cycles. Nicole is the average teen-looking model. What happened during this cycle? There wasn’t really a clear cut model. They all looked like actresses. The runner-up, Nik, looked like a model, but she had no energy.

  17. Светлана Says:

    она казалась мне милой.

  18. Alina Says:

    I love Nicole! Nicole is so sweet; she’s ideal of beauty. She is the prettiest girl in the world! She is the best winner of America’s Next Top Model! I love, love, love Nicole!

  19. rho Says:

    I think Nicole is great! She really improved. 🙂 Honestly, we can’t judge the judges pick. They are the ultimate fashionistas! That’s why they are where they are; they know what they are doing! Nicole may not have looked the best during the show, but they knew what we didn’t cause this is their job! Yeah Nicole! your pics are super stunning, girl!

  20. annika Says:

    I think they were looking for a more bubbly Cover Girl and that’s what they got. But as far as who I think could be a “TOP” model, it should’ve been Nik. Oh yeah, Nicole was not great during the show. Her personality was of a spoiled baby.

  21. kiki Says:

    Alexis you suck. You have no sense at all. Nik had way better photos than Nicole including her new shots. Oh, by the way Nik did have a great personality. While, Nicole was just a crybaby.

  22. Nastya Says:

    I love Nicole.

  23. olga Says:

    Hi, my name is Olga, I beg to evaluate my comment, since I know very little English. I ask the answer to my comment and talk to me because I’m from Russia and have great respect for your culture. I just voted from Nicole, I did not miss a single series American next top model!

  24. kiki Says:

    The judges changed a lot over the cycle. Nigel in the later cycles didn’t like when a girl gave 50%. But he fine with Nicole only giving 50%. Tyra just let Nicole go on relying on pretty and only brought it up twice. It doesn’t make sense.

  25. kiki Says:

    Nicole is a model. Nicole is beautiful. Nicole is a sweet heart. But in the photos she can’t help but rely on being pretty. That won’t keep from becoming a model but it will keep her from becoming a true top model.

  26. Zaac Says:

    The most underrated Top Model Winner in the series history. While she wasn’t the most likable (I found her attitude a lot better than Eva’s) of her cycle, the judges most def made the right decision in choosing her as their winner. The girl was born to be a model. I’m sorry to you Nik fans (who I preferred personally), but let’s be real. If you understand the fashion industry, real working models, you understand why Nicole was chosen. Look at the body of work post show – nuff said. Her along with Dani, Jaslene, Nicole F., Yoanna, and Ann live up the most to the model name. The other winners were more gimmicky wins.

  27. Theresa Hathaway Says:

    Nicole is lovely and it was right that she won. She reminds me a bit of a young Jean Shrimpton, although no one can ever replace “the Shrimp.” Nicole does look quite a bit like Prince William’s fiancee’, Kate Middleton.

  28. Terri Says:

    If you looked in a dictionary for the word whiner, Nicole’s picture would be there.

  29. Настюша Says:

    она одна из лучших!!!!!!

  30. Alex Says:

    She’s very cute, looks like a porcelain doll.

  31. Hayley Says:

    She looks like a young Geena Davis, if there is ever a bio pic she should play her.

  32. Shan Says:

    Nicole has been my favorite winner so far, aside from the other Nicole and Ann. There are other girls in other seasons who didn’t win and have a stronger body of work, but for this particular season, for me it was Nicole all the way.

  33. Says:

    nik a much better model she’s very much high fashion and fierece. What were they thinking making nicole the winner antm…….she’s tooooo commercial.

  34. sami Says:

    She’s someone I really want to love, but there’s just something about her that keeps me from it. I don’t know what it is, though.

  35. becs Says:

    she takes stunning photos………has she had a nose job though????

  36. Ny Says:

    i see her every time i go to lol

  37. The picture with Tyra is stunning!

  38. emmy Says:

    How come you didn’t return to give the girls of the next series advice on their covergirl shoot like every other winner?

  39. Ana Says:

    I’m French. I prefer to write it because I suppose that could excuse my fault.
    I think Nicole is really good looking ; she has got beautiful eyes and smile (She was always smiling). From my point of view, she really deserved to win. Now, Nicole is such a great top model.
    It’s sure, Nik was briliant but she didn’t win. However, she becomes a wondeful top model as well.
    I love her.

  40. Highfashion Says:

    She looks like an average pretty girl. Nothing high fashion about her at all, and those pics are BORING…I just can’t see her walking down a versace or gucci runway. Plus, SHE NEEDS TO LOSE WEIGHT.

    • Kitty Says:

      Erm…what? I think whether or not she needs to lose weight is up to her and agency, not to you. Besides she looks thin enough to me.

      I think she’s very classically beautiful. She might not be edgy enough for some shoots but she’s still a great model.

    • Aubrianne Says:

      Seriously? She’s a size four. How in the world do you expect her to stay healthy & lose weight? Unlike some skeleton-resembling “models”, she is completely healthy & comfortable in her own skin.. She’s absolutely beautiful just how she is, although she came off to me as a bit spoiled.

      Also, Long Love Grand Forks!

  41. George Harrison's Wife... Says:

    She’s my favorite winner, glad to see she’s successful!

  42. Scarlett Says:

    Nicole’s the most successful model winner ever to be on ANTM, so that’s got to be saying something.

  43. topmodelfan Says:

    I am jusr glad bree did not win. when she poured out nicoles drink because she thought nicole did something with her food with no proof at all it just proved what a childish personality she had. the week that happened bree should have went home instead of kim. the other nicole who was the second place winner really did not even deserve to be in second place. she constantly took side photos almost every week and was allowed to get away with it because she faked having low self esteem to fish for compliments from the judges every week. another one that was lame that cycle was jayla. she should have been one of the first to go.

  44. Himela Says:

    One of my favorite winners! Nicely done Nicol!

  45. Fren Says:

    Nicol is the best model ever.All the best to her..i like nicol GO3

  46. martinek-ka Says:

    she looks like younger Geena Davis, for me nothing special, big teeth, very ordinary, but pictures after competition are much better.

  47. mandy Says:

    I’m glad she won and not nik, but bre was more of a biatch and that was wrong of her to pour out nicoles drinks without proof that she opened her granola bars. Her and nicole of cycle 13 were my favorite winners ever. Nicole looks real fierce in her post top model pics than she did on the show.

  48. DESERVING. Beautiful and funny. love her.

  49. Daphne Says:

    She was never even in the running in my opinion, very ugly and fat looking to be quite honest. Nothing special, plain, boring, big teeth, blah, blah, blah. Worst season of ANTM and so forgettable!

  50. i just dont think she’s a model she shouldn’t have even made it to top 2 im sorry but nik, jayla or kyle should have won

  51. Katy Says:

    I always loved her. She doesn’t come off as a plastic diva, which makes her very likable. I’m really glad she won.

  52. Emeline Says:

    She is modeling for Forever21… even after her big win.

  53. I really like looking through an article that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  54. Risha Says:

    The post pics look great but I wanted Nik to win. Her look is more international than Nicole’s. Nicole seemed like a one trick pony to me. Hee post pics are very nice tho.

  55. Thomas Says:

    Wow why do people hat her so much????? She delivered amazing photos(Black and whit beauty shot) and unlike some of the winners did something afterwards and became a very successful model. Plus she did deserve to win, her runway was better than Nik’s and along with Nik and Lisa her portfolio is strong. So you can stop with the hate, and just accept that she is an amazing model

  56. uk bingo bets Says:

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  58. Ella Says:

    Nicole L. and Saleisha are, to me, the most boring and plain ANTM winners ever. My respect for the show and the selection process took a major dive after their respective cycle wins.

  59. Niamh Says:

    Nicole was beautiful and a lovely person, but honestly, she wasn’t anything special! Nik should have won!

  60. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

  61. channey Says:


  62. Shurlz Says:

    Just rewatched this season and still can’t believe that Nik lost to Nicole. I don’t even understand how Nicole made it so far in the competition at all!!! She is NOT top model material. And she was definitely NOT better than Nik. She was an immature cry baby who should have been cut much earlier in the season. Not to mentiom her teeth are ginormous! Blahhh!!! Bad choice !!

  63. rockbb Says:

    She was SO boring!!!! She’s very blah!

  64. Tina Says:

    The most succesful was eva diva, and anchal cycle 7 was doing films and became jim carrey’s girl

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