Nicole Fox was a contestant and winner of Cycle 13 of ANTM.

The 18-year-old red head is a student from Louisville, Colorado. At 5’7”, she’s definitely someone people look up to. Then again, she wasn’t always that way. When she was a kid, she admits that her nickname was “bloody eyeball.” Getting over that awkward phase in her life, she eventually decided to take a chance and go on a reality show. She managed to get herself through an arduous audition process and became one of the contestants for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13. Nicole said that if it didn’t work out on the show, she could always stay true to her biker chick image.

Nicole graduated from Monarch High School. As of 2009, she is a sophomore student at University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in studio arts. She always wanted to be an artist, journalist and model. She’s also a connoisseur of motorcycles and owns one herself.

Nicole was selected as one of the 14 finalists to compete in the thirteenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model, which was specially created for petite models who were 5’7″ and under, where she stood exactly 5’7″, the maximum height for the entry. Throughout the competition, Nicole won two reward challenges and three top photos. Despite her shy and awkward personality, she never placed below fifth and received three first call-outs with no appearances in the bottom two or three. At the final judging, Nicole was lauded for her high-fashion photographs and her successful mastery of her body proportion, in spite of her unconventional runway walk in the fashion show. In the end, she was chosen as the winner of America’s Next Top Model, beating runner-up Laura Kirkpatrick, who was considered another favorite of the judges. Kirkpatrick said she believed Nicole won because of the strength of her photos: “Every time with the judges, she could do no wrong in front of them. They really saw her as perfect.”

For her first place finish, Nicole received a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, a representation contract with Wilhelmina Models, and received a cover and spread in Seventeen Magazine. Tyra Banks, retired supermodel and host of America’s Next Top Model, said to Nicole following her win, “You are a star. You have IT!”

Nicole is now currently signed with Wilhelmina Models.

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82 Responses to “Nicole Fox”

  1. madz Says:

    Love you, Nicole! I’m one of your fans from the Philippines. I really admire you because you’re so sweet, kind and very beautiful. I’m so happy that you won; you’re really a top model. Be humble and may you have more blessings to come! Love you! Ummmwah!

  2. MusicGurrl Says:

    Nicole! You rock!!! You’re so awesome! Who knew that shy was good. You are so pretty. You are my number one idol. I want to be just like you. Love ya! So happy you won, pretty girl.

  3. Really Says:

    Nicole is hot. Since when was being shy ever bad?

  4. kiki Says:

    I have always wanted Laura to win ANTM, but Nicole was a better model and she had something that made you wonder what made you love her.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Nicole! Ever since I watched ANTM, I loved you and looked up to you and Laura. But you were the prettiest one and also the hottest. I admire you because you are very simple and you stood out, in a good way, from the other girls. Love you, Nicole!

  6. Taylor Says:

    When I first saw Nicole on ANTM 13, I really thought she was awkward and shy but as the weeks went by, I saw that Nicole was really a good model. She’s pretty, hot, tall and knows how to pose and stuff. I’m really happy that Nicole won. (Laura, Nicole and Rae were my favorites to also win the competition.) And yes, I love her signature walk on the runway. She’s really a good model and she inspires me so much. 🙂 Love ya Nicole!

    From, Asian_Girl22

  7. GG Says:

    The best winner of ANTM.

  8. Sam Says:

    Nicole, you’re such an amazing girl! You are so inspiring and beautiful on the inside and out. I’ve been watching ANTM and I watched you and have been rooting for you because you are so good and pretty and high fashion and beautiful. I admire you for overcoming your shyness and coming out of your shell. You inspire me and a lot of other girls I know. YOU’RE AMAZING. ♥

  9. kiki Says:

    I love Nicole’s pictures, but the one before she became a finalist was that amazing.

  10. kiki Says:

    I really didn’t want Nicole to win. Not only did she have no personality, she is 5’7″ and she could have tried out for later cycle. I wanted a petite model to win because Nicole could have tried out for any cycle and won.

  11. Natasha Says:

    Her eyes, face and personality are dull.

  12. alexis Says:

    Hey Natasha, you have insecurity problems. There aren’t any photos on this page that is bad or average. She transforms with a camera and you are dull for not recognizing her beauty.

    JENAH: I don’t have to constantly spew rainbows to be relatable.

    NICOLE IS THE ONLY WINNER aside from other Nicole that is truly amazing

  13. Blanche Uway Says:

    I really love Nicole; she’s amazing but, still humble. She really can pose. The best ANTM winner ever.

  14. Nastya Says:

    I just started watching this season, but I already like it.

    Nicole is a towering figure. It is strange, but this is cool.

  15. Rickie Says:

    I never liked Nicole. She constantly has such a pretentious look on her face and a dull personality.

  16. abygail Says:

    OMG…I so love her post-antm pics!

    And after seeing these pics I saw that they’re batch has the least drama (Erin was kinda whiny, but that was it.)and they’re all still friends. 🙂

    The other cycles have some many b*tches and fakes.

  17. САНЯ Says:

    николь откуда у тебя шрам на левой брови ????!!!

  18. kiki Says:

    I don’t like Nicole. Love her photos but not her.

  19. Serafima Says:

    I’m your fan from Russia! You’re a beautiful girl, a professional model and a talented artist! You’re awesome!

  20. Grace Says:

    I love Nicole, she amuses me and she was the one I singled out and hoped would win from the first episode (I didn’t complete the season though, didn’t have the time). I don’t know how to put this, it’s not that I didn’t notice her awkward body shape (tiny shoulders, very lanky, which makes her head look big especially when poofed up..) but it somehow stood out a lot to me at the Anna Sui runway show in Cycle 14.

    I guess I’d forgotten how strange her body looked!

    She’s obviously not the most beautiful or modelesque person in the world, but she’s a cool no-drama person, which I like. Kind of reminds me of a narcoleptic, almost. Lol. Stoner. I like.

  21. sam Says:

    The best contestant ever; such a beauty and her quirky and ‘awkward’ personality is part of her appeal.

  22. whizzgal Says:

    Nicole-the best ANTM winner ever. Good inside and outside. Pretentious? Are you kidding me? She has the most sincere look on her face and heart than other contestants especially the ones in Cycle 14.

  23. Marts Says:

    I’m actually amazed that she looks at least 5’10” on most of her pictures.

  24. Juliana Says:

    Those who said nicole was dull are the BLIND PEOPLE!!! She is smart, unique, mysterious look in her eyes kill me. The moment I saw her from Indonesian DVD. Nicole is one of the RARE high-fashion top model ever in ANTM history. Some of the cycles winners really disappointed me, but after I watched cycle 13, I finally SMILED. ANTM has made right choice in this cycle 13.

  25. AWilson325 Says:

    I thought her pics on the show were so much better than her pics afterwards. She deserved to win.

  26. divinem Says:

    Cute story . . .
    My husband has to suffer through every single episode of ANTM. After 15 cycles, he knows all the girls. He (and I) were especially impressed with Nicole’s natural ability to model. So amazing.

    The other day he was at the grocery and walked past the Cover Girl aisle and saw Nicole’s gorgeous face! He recognized her right away and snapped a pic on his iphone for me to see.

    You go, girl! You have got IT!

    Melissa from NE

  27. boo Says:

    Didn’t care for her; she’s too lost and absent minded.

  28. LIZ Says:


    • SeriEcho Says:

      then go to her page and say something nice. don’t come here being rude just cause you’re all pissy someone YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW didn’t win.

  29. Virenne Says:

    I rooted for her since the very first episode and I’m damn glad she won!!! 😀 Definitely one of my most favorite contestants throughout ANTM! And do remind me, was she ever in the bottom 2? Because I can’t recall if she had.

  30. Alyzzy Says:

    Nicole is amazing! She is nice person and good model!

  31. CynAptic Says:

    Shy? She just actually just seemed observant and introspective – like she was actually assessing her actions. I thought it was hilarious when she came back the next season and that chick tried to talk to her on the train in ebonics and she just looked internally horrified/amused. 😛

  32. ZhanaeSuddy Says:

    I absolutely loved Nicole. From the very first episode down to the last, she was my favorite! Love you, Nicole! Do yo’ thang, girl and make all your fans even more proud! 🙂

  33. carli Says:

    I LOVE Nicole. She was the most relatable winner for me and she is a great model.

  34. Melissa Says:

    You’re my favorite of all the winners and I was your fan from the very start! You are SUCH an amazing model! I remember seeing you on the cover of a magazine in our school’s library, and a huge grin spread across my face immediately! By the way, I’m 16 and somewhere between 5’1″ and 5’2″, so you are SUCH an inspiration for me. XD

  35. Настюша Says:

    I love Nicole. She is great model! She is my favorite winner.

  36. Boone Says:

    Best ANTM winner for real, ever! Finally!

  37. Onna Says:

    I just saw her in another cover girl commercial. In that commercial, she had the whole commercial to herself.

  38. Tina Says:

    She look like Kate moss

  39. Khatarina Says:

    I freaking love her, so unique!!!

  40. Beth Says:

    While her personality, to me, did seem a bit socially awkward, she was my pick from the beginning. Consistently best photos…and true modeling talent. Really like her.

  41. `ilove NICOLE too .

  42. ngluvjj Says:

    What’s really amazing to me is her photoshoot with Tyra, to me she outshine her even without any pose! :O

  43. Marydavis Says:

    She’s now Forever21 model.

  44. Letz Says:


  45. Anna Says:

    I love Nicole.. She is the best model of ANTM. She was intelligent and professional… My favorite winner.

  46. larissa Says:

    I love Nicole. She has the better photos of this cycle, she photographas very, very, very well and I love your signature walk, because it’s exclusive of her. For me, she has so better model than Laura, and I have sure, She make a lot of sucefull. This is one of the bests cycles than amrica’s next top model. I love Nicole, You rock!!!!!!

  47. niqqa19 Says:

    mY favorite model of all ! she was the one who inspired me to want to become a model too !

  48. vintan Says:

    Love you,Nicole!
    You are my favorite model!

  49. aly-anon Says:

    good model, bad runway walk though.

    • joejoe_no1 Says:

      I think that was due to ANTM not letting them wear heels. They didn’t have enough experience and practice. In the final judging, you could tell that the judges had no idea that these girls couldn’t walk.

  50. Cathy Says:

    She proves she deserved to win till this day. love love nicoleee ❤

  51. What Do I Know Says:

    Do not really like her and do not think she is anything special. And the fashions she’s shown modelling on this page are like grade D low-budget stuff.

  52. Robyn Says:

    Squee! I have that zipper dress in blue! She looks like a beautiful mix of that Bebe model, Ke$ha and she has a bit of a Simona Feckova look going on. I didn’t want her to win at first, but she is freaking gorgeous!

  53. Camilla Says:

    This is the best season of ANTM ever!!! Really, 13th season rocks and exceeds all of the previous ones – most of the girls were so beautiful and talented, and, of course Nicole was the BEST one! and for the 1st time I really liked both finalists almost equally – so if Laura won, I wouldn’t be upset. But still Nicole – is my favorite winner – amazingly beautiful and gorgeous girl (and kind of reminding me Serena Wonderwoodsen 🙂 ) LOVE NICOLE!!! Hope she has the most successful career and becomes a real star!

  54. Teddylyn Says:

    love the pix…

  55. Maria Says:

    you’re the best!

  56. David B Says:

    she deserve a 110 % !!

  57. mandy Says:

    I’m 32 and i’ve been watching antm since it started in 2003. Out of all the cycles i finally agreed with the decision of nicole being chosen as the winner. Mostly b/c she reminds me of myself when i was her age, also i have red hair and green eyes and i was awkward like her, but i’m not an artist. All of her pics on here are wonderful, and hopefully she will be the most successful of all the winners that have been chosen.

  58. nina Says:

    love you so much i’m so happy for you to win antm

  59. nina Says:

    i forgot i’m from France

  60. Bruna Rei Says:

    Sou portuguesa e acompanho o ANTM através do canal português Sic Mulher. Sem dúvida, desde o início da temporada, que eu sempre admirei a Nicole pois era quem não arranjava mais problemas, sempre tímida, mas sempre que apararecia a câmaro mostrava quem era e arrasava!!! Tudo de bom para ela e uma boa carreira de modelo… Nicole fica a saber que também tens uma fã em Portugal! Já te adoro só de te ver na televisão… Beijos…

  61. adam ali Says:

    nicole u win but am happy
    laura be cool

  62. Elaine Lessman Says:

    Still…after all the seasons of ANTM, I think Nicole is exceptional. And the British Invasion just ended 2 minutes ago…Nicole is still the best. From a Grandma in Ohio!!! Love Ya!

  63. Shana Says:

    Nicole, you are the best winner ever!
    Imo, this season was the strongest whiie season 10 was the weakest one. Nicole, Jennifer, Erin, Sundai, Brittany – they all could be winners in some other seasons. Wish U all the best!

  64. savannah Says:

    Love ya nicole!! I am so glad that she showed the other girls that she can do it after they called her weird and an outcast.

  65. Michelle Says:

    Hi Nicole!!
    I’ve been your fan from day one of your appearance on ANTM. You carried yourself very well and didn’t participate in the childish games of backstabbing. Each week I found myself more and more impressed with you.
    I lived in Denver for 12 years but now live in Atlanta. My son is still in the Denver area. He’s the same age as you and also finds himself to be the “outsider” around others. Each time I see you on reruns of ANTM I wonder how I can meet you so I can introduce you to my son. Allow me to elaborate so you aren’t left with the impression I’m a crazed fan trying to marry you to my son!! First, I’ve never mentioned this to him or anyone else for that matter. What I see is you and he have similar personality traits. He’s super kind hearted, always trying to improve himself, hard working, loyal, and respectful. He doesn’t use drugs or drink alcohol which has put him on the outside of others his age. He takes crap for not wanting to waste a night and money by sitting in a bar. The reason I would like the two of you to meet is because I believe you would become good friends. One can never have too many friends to rely on!! Keep up the fabulous work Nicole!! Never forget who you are and stick to your beliefs. In the end you will shine and feel good about yourself by remaining strong and not giving in to pressure from others. You are very beautiful and extremely talented!!
    Sincerely, MS

  66. Annie Says:

    Nicole is my idol.

  67. Good Model ! Great job Thank you so much !

  68. Villafranca Says:

    My favorite girl of the entire show.

  69. Savanna White Says:

    As a redhead myself I am so happy a fiesty redhead won ANTM, she is absolutely beautiful and without a doubt will go far in the industry, her pictures are stunning and thats an understatement. Without a doubt the best model and best cycle of all!

  70. Raya Says:

    I LOVE NICOLE! She, Laura, and Ann prove that you can be anything you want if you just put your mind to it.

  71. Mariana Silva Says:


  72. Mariana Silva Says:


  73. lpadres Says:

    Laura is a beautiful girl, but they wanted someone that was more high fashion to win. Also, in the previous season EVERYBODY (well most everyone) wanted Allison to win because she was the better model. In the competition, Nicole came out on top the most and was not once in the bottom 2 or in the bottom of the pack. She was always in the front. Gorgeous girl!

  74. Jessica Says:

    For maybe the first time, I loved both the girls in the top 2. But I was really rooting for Nicole to win. Her look was much more high fashion and versatile.
    I really couldn’t stand how the other girls in the house treated her, especially Lulu, Ashley, and Kara. Just because someone is different from you doesn’t make them stupid or wrong.
    Nicole always served it in photos and grew as a cover girl/ commercial model. She truly deserved the win!

  75. Joakim Says:

    You are the most beautiful girl i ever seen!
    All love and blessings!
    /Joakim (sweden)

  76. Jane Says:

    Nicole is so stunning, she’s the sort of person who is genuinely pleasant to look at. Not only is she gorgeous, she was non-judgmental and compassionate. The best moment on cycle 13 was when she took time out to get to know Bianca, who all the other girls chose to despise without knowing her story. I hope she continues to do well for herself

  77. Brittany Says:

    I would have to say that Nicole is my second favorite all-around model so-far. I absolutely adore Allison Harvard, she’s my girlfriend for life, nobody will ever be able to come before her beautiful ass, and my favorite going off JUST looks was Jade Cole, she is so alien-esque, and although a lot of people don’t like her personality, I thought she was great, like she literally looked and acted like she came from another planet. Another favorite of mine was Natasha, from Jaslene’s cycle. She was just so sweet and beautiful and child-like.

    The point is, I have a lot of favorites and it really says something that Nicole is the second, lol. She reminds me so much of myself, we’re both red-hair, green-eyes with angular faces. I’m also ‘petite’, at 5’5, and I’m a socially awkward artist as well, ha. I really never would’ve guessed that Tyra would’ve actually chosen somebody who didn’t fall on the floor screaming every time they saw her…because I know she goes off of that type of shit half the time instead of true talent…

    Piss on Tyra.

  78. Ruby Says:

    I think Nicole is my favorite ANTM winner, like she’s so sweet and seems so kind, and her pictures were gorgeous, I hope she still has a successfull career!

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