Natasha Galkina was a contestant and runner-up during Cycle 8 of ANTM.

Natasha was born and raised in Russia. She has admitted that while attending school in Moscow she was in a lot of financial trouble. But when she met her future husband, he brought her over to America giving her the chance to pursue her dream of modeling. Natasha started out as one of the weakest contestants in the competition, narrowly avoiding elimination in the second episode. But after being given the chance she proved herself and soon became one of the strongest in the competition. Her optimistic attitude and ability to take a strong picture bought her a spot in the final two, along with Jaslene Gonzalez. But in the end, Jaslene was crowned ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and Natasha was named runner-up.

Natasha Galkina is currently signed with Red Model Management in New York under the name “Alie M”. She used to be signed with MUSE Modeling Agency in New York, MGMT First in New York, Ace Model Management in Athens, and Beatrice International Models in Milan.

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141 Responses to “Natasha Galkina”

  1. Miss E. Says:

    One of the more memorable gals on ANTM. 🙂

    • heavensent Says:

      It was something very off about Natasha…tyranny and the judges noticed it she was very fake and I believe she thought she was better than American girls….bottom line jaslene was more down to earth and more realistic…Natasha was always laughing and giggling and could never be serious….now she lost a lot of weight and looks very unhealthy and has a nose job…not a good representation for top model bottom line.

      • Sabrina Says:

        seriously what do you know have you met her or spend time with her.

      • Melodies Says:

        Lol, come on, Jaslene won because she was a contestant that came back from the previous cycle (but didn’t make the first cut), they made her win because it made for a good story.

      • Kate Says:

        Natasha was so genuine and sweet.. and the judges actually disagreed with the other girls.. stating..” maybe they’re just jealous” Tyras words.. I couldn’t even believe how rude the other girls were but come on.. just look at her and I think everyone can see why they were soo jealous!

    • Renee ONeill Says:

      I think sho should’ve been on the All Stars!! Bummetrr she wasn’t….One of my favs of all the shows!

  2. Sammi Says:

    Loved her on ANTM. She seems to have gotten a lot skinnier though. Let’s hope she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

    • Meta D Says:

      I agree. I actually found myself thinking, “What a gorgeous person…I wish she were a little bigger, though.” The ballerina picture in particular is a bit disturbing, probably bc my life experience also makes me equate ballet with eating problems.

  3. Maud* Says:

    Always been my fave ANTM model. Since today, I havent been able to find anything else on her. I agree with Sammi; she does appear in some of those final pics to have gotten too skinny. I hope the best for her.

  4. sofie Says:

    I’m in love with her! She’s so beautiful with a nice personality!

  5. joejoe_no1 Says:

    The girls on the show knew this girl was beautiful and they hated her for it. I think she is skinnier because she had just had a baby when she was on the show. This is probably her real size. She can look so different.

  6. kiki Says:

    All the girls on the show were haters because she was so photogenic, sweet and nice. The only reason they could muster for hating her is that they didn’t know about her life. But you know what? They never even asked.

  7. kiki Says:

    I think she should have won because Jaslene was just getting worse and worse, while Natasha could only get better.

    • Fangirl Says:

      I think Kiki is completely right about this one. When I was watching the marathon of season 8 on Oxygen, the only people that I remembered was Jael and Natasha. I think Jaslene was one of the biggest mistakes in ANTM history. Natasha was easily the best. Good thing she was so breathtaking that she didn’t need to win the competition to be a real top model. Good on you Natasha! Keep it up!

    • ANTM fan Says:

      U’re so ryt Kiki cos whilst she was improving everyday, Jaslene, who started out strong, was getting worse.

    • Niz Says:

      I totally agree with you. I was so mad that the judges chose Jaslene over her. I liked Jaslene, but Natasha was the best model.

    • Penny Says:

      yeah I felt that way too. I really hurt for her when they were so mean to her, both behind her back and to her face, as if doing it both ways makes it okay. Natasha improved beyond Jaslene, and seemed so, so much nicer. And she is yet another example of someone who looks way better outside of Tyra’s makeover!

  8. collette Says:

    Natasha was just odd and so jaded about herself. She’s better now; she is skinnier and lost the gut.

  9. Elena Says:

    Наташа, ты просто красавица!

    Rough Translation: “Natasha, you’re simply a beauty!”

  10. полина Says:

    Наташа очень выросла на шоу!

    Rough Translation: “Natasha has very much grown on show!”

  11. kim Says:

    Is it just me or is her nose smaller in some pictures?

  12. KriStina Says:

    Natasha was the best. It’s sad that she didn’t win. You’re great, Natasha!!

  13. простая русская девушка Says:

    приятно что столько хороших отзывов о наташе, нашей русской красавице

    Rough Translation: “Pleasantly, there are so many nice responses about Natasha, our Russian beauty.”

  14. Сергей Says:

    Наташа супер!!!!!

    Rough Translation: “Natasha is super!”

  15. Vitalio Says:

    Самая, самая красивая модель

    Rough Translation: “The most, most beautiful model.”

  16. Belle Says:

    Natasha, you are such a nice and sweet girl. It is shame you didn’t win.

  17. Anya Says:

    Наша Наташа

    Rough Translation: “Our Natasha.”

  18. НАташа Says:

    Наташа ты для нас победительница !!!!!!

  19. Camilla Says:

    The real winner of cycle 8! I love her; she is gorgeous and an amazing model. The other girls hated her because of her European look, the fact that she became so good, and that she would not tell them about her life growing up.

  20. Froggy13 Says:

    I was so disappointed when Natasha lost. Jaslene annoyed me to death.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the makeover they gave her on the show suited her at all.

  21. Katerina Says:

    Красавица!!! Приятно знать, что такая красивая девушка именно из России!

  22. я очень люблю Наташечку потому что она из России.я сама из России))По-моему несправедливо что выиграла Jaslene…меня что удивило что в 7 сезон она не прошла а в 8 выиграла!!!

  23. Chilly710 Says:

    Not a model.

  24. катя Says:

    Наташка лучшая!!! Всем известно чтов России живут самые красивые девушки! Тока Тайре это не в домек!

  25. Sarah Says:

    I still can’t believe that she didn’t win. You could see that she had a bright future as a model, because she always gave all she had. And she had a sparkling personality. Such a sad competition, they always fail on picking the right winner.

  26. Olga Says:

    Наташа лучшая)!!!

  27. Marts Says:

    After a sloppy start in ANTM, she literally bounced and made one hell of a job!

    I think the only thing I don’t like from her is that she looks like my ex GF in the Covergirl shoot, but that’s just a personal thing. Lol.

  28. Linette Says:

    Наташа, ты молодец! Хорошо выступила от лица всей России!

  29. ого сколько тут люди из России!!!НАТАША ЛУЧШЕ ЧЕМ Jaslene.эта Jaslene тупая!!!!!кто со мной согласен?

  30. Grl30 Says:

    She is so gorgeous and I loved her silly personality on ANTM. I just love her. She looks really thin, but she was always super thin. I know agents make models get to extremes though. I doubt she has an eating disorder, but let’s hope she’s not too hungry.

    • d Says:

      We should not kid ourselves; she is not naturally THAT thin. Too be that thin you are slowly degenerating your health. Unfortunately, models and the industry inadvertently encourage others to do the same.

  31. Жаслин-урод …

    B Тайре я разочарована …

  32. Nastya Says:

    With the new hairstyle she got good pictures!

    С новой прической у неё получились хорошие фотографии!

  33. Nastya Says:

    Natasha was a beautiful, sweet girl! She should win!

    Наташа красивая,милая девушка! Она должна была победить!

    Tyra: You have a bad picture.

    Natasha: Thank you, next week I’ll do worse.

    Тайра: Y тебя плохая фотография.
    Наташа:Спасибо,на следующей неделе я сделаю ещё хуже

  34. Наташа была самой красивой и лучшей в этом сезоне! Она должна была победить!

  35. Наташа была самой красивой и лучшей в этом сезоне! Она достойна победы!

  36. Guz** Says:

    I love Natasha!

  37. Nastya Says:

    Наташа должна была победить!!!
    У неё с каждым заданием становились фотки всё лучше и лучше,а у Джаслин всё хуже и хуже!!!

    Natasha had to win!
    She has every job getting pictures got better and better, while Dzhaslin worse and worse!

  38. Наша наташа-лучшая!

    жаль тайра этого не заметила…=,(

  39. Алёнка Says:

    Девушки из России, если вы пишите на Амереканском сайте, то переведите текст на английский, ведь всё же здесь 88% сидят американцы, а 12% остальные страны! если не можете сами перевести, воспользуйтесь переводчиком гугла

    Girls from Russia, if you write on Amerekanskom site, then put the text into English, because everything here is 88% of Americans are sitting, while 12% of the rest of the country! if you can not move themselves, use the translator google

  40. Алёнка Says:

    Девушки из России, если вы пишите на Амереканском сайте, то переведите текст на английский, ведь всё же здесь 88% сидят американцы, а 12% остальные страны! если не можете сами перевести, воспользуйтесь переводчиком гугла

    • Liza Says:

      Вот именно.Я русская,но пишу все время на английском,неужели это так сложно?

  41. Алёнка Says:

    А так я болела за Наташу! я не ожидала что амереканцы полюбят русскую девушку, а когда увидела эти комментарии защещающие Нату, половина которых написали жители Америки, очень обрадовалась! Вообще я очень горда за свою родину-Россию

    And so I was rooting for Natasha! I did not expect that amerekantsy love the Russian girl, but when I saw these comments zascheschayuschie Nat, half of whom wrote the inhabitants of America, was very happy! Generally I’m very proud of their homeland, Russia

  42. Алёнка Says:

    Я хочу вам сказать почему победила Jaslene! Думаете Тайра и остальные судьи не понимали что Наташа лидер??? Просто они не могла допустить такого, что бы в амереканском конкурсе победила русская красавица! И какая разница, кто победил, ведь всё равно Наташа стала во много раз популярнее и востребованнее чем Jaslene! Ну кому нужена 24-летняя девушка выглядящая на 40-летнего трансвестита?

    I want to tell you why the winner Jaslene! Do you think Tyra and the other judges did not know that Natasha is the leader?? They just could not let such that would amerekanskom contest wins Russian beauty! And does it matter who wins, because Natasha was still many times more popular and in demand than Jaslene! Well, who nuzhena 24-year-old girl looking for 40-year-old transvestite?

    • Anya Says:

      На твоём примере отлично видно, как хорошо переводит гугл-транслейтор))) Хоть бы проверяла перед отправкой))) Ну или ПРОМТом переводи, он хоть страны и национальности верно переводит=) А то amerikantsy всё равно ничего не поймут)))

  43. maria Says:

    I lovvee her! She’s so hilarous on her hiphop shoot :))

  44. Liza Says:

    All time favorite, no doubt. I’m a HUGE fan! She is pursuing an acting career under the name Natalie Gal – check out and see her amazing short film ”Introducing Natalie Gal’!”

    Love it, and there are some amazing photos on there. Did you all know she appeared in Sex and the City 2? Gosh, I love this girl! I draw her all the time! Sooo jealous of her lips!

  45. boo Says:

    You know she is WAY better than Jaslene. More variety in her pose and face, whereas Jaslene only has one look; very boring. They needed to give it to someone closer to home. :p But yeah, love this girl. One of the better models.

    • Jamaica Says:

      While I do agree that Natasha is definitely a model, Jaslene is a kickass model who has a “wow” factor about her. So Jaslene was fit for the title.

  46. who cares Says:

    Как приятно видеть такие хорошие отзывы о русской девушке! Она безусловно красива, но, что еще больше нравилось, смотря 8 сезон, что на шоу наконец-то появилась девушка, за которой приятно наблюдать – не сплетничает, не ноет, не жалуется, не орет, не строит из себя стерву. Веселая, добрая и позитивная 🙂 таких очень не хватает на antm.

    It’s a pleasure to read such a good comments about our Russian girl! She is absolutely gorgeous. It was especially nice to watch 8th season because of her nice personality. Thanks God there is a girl in this show which doesn’t gossip, shout, cry, complain and row all the time. She’s cheerful, kind and positive. What a pity there are no other girls like her anymore.
    (Sorry for my english)

  47. Alyona Says:

    I think she’s very nice and sweet. She’s smile is perfect. She’s very pozitiv.

    Помните когда Таира сказала ” если Жаслин не выиграет, то что-нибудь может с собой сделать” – Я думаю всё дело в этом

  48. Linda Says:

    “Alie M”? Alie M = AlieM = Alien

    What a bad artistic name for such a beautiful girl.

    Natasha was the best contestant and should have won. Even with that creepy makeover. They shold have put that curly blondie hair which she used on the “teacher pet” picure. Looks so good on her.

  49. Jennifer Says:

    I just feel sorry for Natasha and Anya Rozova, because they had such rivals in final. I mean Jaslene – a Latin drag queen and this plus-size model, Whitney. It’s unfair. They just crowned those girls America’s Next Top Models to show that even a skinny Latin girl and a big-sized girl could become models.

  50. Jennifer Says:

    And frankly speaking, I was just knocked down when the girls accused her of being phony. They couldn’t realize that it was possible to be glad for other people and not to talk behind smb’s back. Sometimes she was overacting, but she tried to treat all the girls well and it’s not bad thing to do.

  51. Liz Says:

    Nose job.

  52. Tova Says:

    Has she had her nose done smaller?

  53. Helen Says:

    Guys, have you on earth listened to what she was saying?! I mean at least those Russians who left so many excited comments.

    Okay, okay, I can believe she was so miserable in Russia (though it looked pretty much like a desire to raise sympathy). I would also say nothing of her marriage, although it’s so symptomatic.

    But the lamentations like “no, no we have no proms in Rusiia”… OMG, ridiculous. And by the way. The fact is education in Russia is still formally free, and really vast majority get higher education that way. The students who have to pay to be enrolled are REALLY not very bright at all (considering her pathetic story to Tyra in the final episode). So, the other contestants were quite true calling her fake and phoney.
    And yeah… I am from Russia and know what I’s saying 🙂

    • Marie_U Says:

      Omg! I’m right there with you, Helen! Everything I was thinking about is in you’re post. Hey!!! Russians! She left your country. Probably married some creepy guy to escape it because normal men don’t go to another country to look for a wife lol. Russian girls are NOT the most beautiful. Do you know what Americans think of you? 🙂 Google, please.

      And yeah, I’m from Russia too. Never want to see that country again. 🙂

      • Sofia Says:

        Let me guess, you are one of the girls who moves out of Russia when you were baby and now you tell all your English speaking friends you know all about Russia? Maybe you should take notice from the people who actually live in Russia but none of my friends or I had prom. And higher education is only cheap (not free, I don’t know where you heard this. only people who received scholarship attend for free) if you’re happy with the few choices they give you. As for her marriage, it is not your business. You never want to see Russia again? That is fine. But it is not good of you to be rude about another person. That only shows what kind of person you are.

    • Mirabella Says:

      I agree with Helen. I’m not from Russia but … living close to it. And i know people from Russia. I’m aware that education it is formally free and they have great schools. It bothered me that she invented the stories. She constantly lied with open eyes and no mimics. She put the poker-face on and imitate very well. Maybe she is beautiful but have NO character at all. 😦

      • Mirabella Says:

        And one more thing. She looks like she it would be a KGB agent. At her age, she knows too much about human psychology. She cannot put that knowledge on studies because she said she cannot afford it. So…
        (btw: That for the quick moderation! Well structured site you have!)

  54. Alex Says:

    I’m also from Russia. And I’m a teacher at a university. Helen, look in the dictionary the meaning of the word PROM. It is not the same as in the U.S. Plus, she had lot’s of problems understanding some of the American reality. Most of what the Americans have at schools we don’t have at all. Moreover, we don’t know a thing about her past. She loves her husband and her son, why is that bad? She has a good personality, she has an optimistic view on life. Though it might sound fake, I think this is the best way to treat life and other people.

    I honestly, didn’t like Jaslene at all. she has a strangely ugly, masculine face. And her English sounds worse then Natasha’s. Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, as I’m the teacher of English pronunciation.

    So, please, don’t be mean to her. As the Bible says (I don’t how to say it in English exactly): “We see a dust in other person’s eye, though we don’t see a log in ours.” We cannot judge other people. I also don’t judge Jaslene. All of the girls have the rght to try.

    • jeronimo Says:

      Second here. Two mean women from Russia left the country probably by marring ugly old guys and then in detail describe us the Russian reality. Huh.

  55. Дашка Says:

    I am Dasha from Russia. I think that Tyra has made this mistake before. For example, during cycle 12, it was obvious that Amina and Alison to should have been the final two to win. And Teyona should be the third.

    Or in cycle 13, Erin was the worst. Though I for them two was ill but would be so more fairly. Natasha should have won – not Jaslene. Jaslene looks like a transvestite.

    Я Даша. Из России. Мне кажеться что Таяра не впервые совершает ошибку. Например в 13 сезоне было видно что в двойку должна была войти Амина а Алисон победить. А Теона должна была быть третий. Или в 13 сезоне за что выгнали Рей,если худшей была Эрин.Хоть я за них двоих болела но было бы так справедливее. Тоже самое что и с Наташей. Мне кажеться что в финале вообще были должны быть Рене и Наташа, я даже плакала когда Жаслин выграла. Она этого не достойна. Она трансвистит!

    • Miss E Says:

      Another mistake ANTM did giving the win to Whitney on Cycle 10. Both Anya the runner up and Katarzyna who was eliminated “for coasting,” throughout the competition are better models. Well look where they are know! Anya is booking jobs and Katarzyna is in Paris still modeling for Elite. I found Whitney terribly fake but I guess they wanted a plus size model to win. I’m glad Natasha is doing great as a model.

  56. Melissa Says:

    I feel like sexy is pretty much her only look.

  57. Ruby Lips Says:

    Fellow Russians:

    I believe that Jaslene was fabulous and definitely should have won. Natasha seemed so fake the way she acted every time she spoke to Tyra. By the way, it IS America’s Next Top Model! Other countries have Top Model spin offs for their women. I agree that Natasha’s photos are great, especially the beauty shots, but on the show I did not care much for her.

    I agree with her fellow Russians citizens who say she has learned to create a great sob story. Everyone has had some rough times in there life. It is great she is in America now and I am happy for the wonderful life she has found but tone down the fakeness. God bless you all.

  58. mika Says:

    A little bit of Jolie there.

  59. maya Says:

    A LOT of Jolie there. She was wonderful. Jaslene was a b*tch. But she was a b*tch who came into the competition knowing how to model better. She fit the CoverGirl image a lot more.

    Natasha was WAAAY prettier then Jaslene and a better person. Always so positive no matter how badly the other girls treated her. I hope she does great. Her new pictures are stunning.

  60. Kate Says:

    I guess she has had a nose job, she didnt need to… she looked gorgeous beforehand! 😦

  61. Ashley A Says:

    I read from another site that apparently she’s been going by Natalie Gal these days…

  62. Nana Says:

    Girl with no neck and empty eyes. Nothing special.

  63. Virenne Says:

    She looks SO MUCH like Angelina Jolie!!!!

  64. Boone Says:

    Nata, you’re beautiful and you should have won your season on ANTM over Jaslene. I’m 100% American and I agree with many of the Russian people on here. This girl has IT. She has that ‘thing’. Beautiful lips, beautiful face and body and an excellent, sweet personality to go along with it. The girls on her season were soooooo jealous of her and it was hilarious to watch. I was so proud of Natasha for not buying into it and just ignoring them. I mean, she tried to be nice and friendly with the other girls but they were just not going to accept her no matter what. As an American, that makes me ashamed. We shouldn’t be so bigoted but we are for some reason. Not just against those of other nationalities, but of people like me who are gay, too. When will we ever learn?

  65. Viktoria Says:

    She is cool girl!I am from Russia,and I very like her! We love you Nata!

  66. slava Says:

    Самая красивая девушка на шоу. Уродине Жаслин как пешком до Луны – старая латинос, к концу показавшая склочный интриганский характер.

  67. Jennifer Says:

    hm, somebody wrote that it’s America’s Next Top Model and there’s no place for a Russian girl there, didn’t know that Puerto Rico was a new state of America then:)Accroding to this logic Jaslene should have taken part in Puerto Rican Next Top Model. haha

  68. sami Says:

    She’s probably the best model out of all the Top Model contestants ever, imo. She’s amazing.

  69. Anna Says:

    Everytime I see that cycle of ANTM, all I can see is a funny girl with a positive outlook. Nothing at all about her behavior suggests any of the criticism that she received from the other contestants. I feel that the other girls were just jealous and needed someone to hate. Natasha actually was one of the hardest working girls on the show. She was the only true person on the show, whereas the other girls were ironically fake (yet they called her fake?). Talk about projection! Natasha, I wish you the best in all you do and hope you show them that you *can* be successful! By the way, Jaslene looks and acts ghetto and Renee was such a hypocrite. Wasn’t Renee an outcast at one point? Shame on you both and the other girls! Natasha took the high road and has way more class and character than the rest.

  70. Kat Says:

    She had the best spirit and personality of anyone on this show, ever. THough I really would love to know if she was a mail order bride (they made such a deal out of her huzzy and all….), and if she had a nose job, but you can’t always get what you want….

  71. Lyuba Says:

    She is the best!!!!

  72. Liza Says:

    She is my compatriot and I’m really happy she’s doing well!

  73. K Says:

    Natasha would of been a fabolous winner actually she was just fabolous all the way through I hope she is doing well.

  74. natalia Says:

    She’s the best of all the girls of ANTM cycles

  75. аня елисеева Says:

    я аня из россии. если ты читаешь этот отзыв-знай он из россии и о наташе. наташа победительница. жаслин- 50-летний трансвистит из таджикистана. жаслин-стерва и уродина. тайра глубокооо ошиблась сделав топ моделью жаслин

  76. Maria Says:

    I think,that she did not was winner,because she is russian.

  77. Karen Knowles Says:

    This girl’s been my long-favorite, she’s amazing.

    Just went through her pics – omg, she’s had a face lift and a nose job. It’s her work and she is serious. You go girl.
    More… amazing! She looks 17 now!

    On that show, they have an agenda… can’t say much good about it.

  78. Debra Says:

    I rooted for Natasha also. I thought she was a bit over the top at times, but basically she was a beautiful person on the inside and out. You can’t fake that for too long before the real person comes out. As much as I wanted her to win, I though Jaslene had a better body of work. I can see why the judges wanted Jaslene , she had that kind of face, with the mad angels of her face, slighty masculine. She was not as pretty as Natasha but she had what the modeling industry covets.

    Alex, you said you don’t judge Jaslene, then why would you judge her looks (she has a strangely ugly, masculine face.) I call that a judgement. Jaslene was beautiful in her own way. And she consistently slammed her photo shoots. Thats the main reason she won. I just wished it had been Natasha.

  79. Terra Says:

    Her look is so dynamic. Every picture she looks like a completely different person. She is so beautiful and she seems nice.

  80. Another one of my favorites who lost in the final round… i think a lot of the time i like the runner up way more than the winner (i even liked Chelsey more than Ann). Jaslene is easily my least favorite ANTM winner, even worst than what’s her name, the one who beat out Allison Harvard…. god both those winners were so forgettable

  81. Lubasha Says:

    Natasha is beautiful person and i’m happy that she is from Russia)
    But she say that Russia is bad and bla bla, but it’s not true) I’m from Russia and I’m okay

  82. hannah Says:

    good god she looks anorexic! Does tyra not keep an eye on her models after the show?! she looks terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. niqqa19 Says:

    in her pictures, her lips are all the same. in whatever angle…

  84. Marketta Siltanen Says:

    Natasha is very beautiful, charming young woman with a big talent in the modeling profession. I wish her good luck! I also hope to modeling will not crack her family.

  85. hmm.. Says:

    I honestly think everyone (almost) were fake than Natasha was. I don’t think some get what it means to be from another country and come to the US. She might sound as if she spoke too careful or always saying something postive, which annoyed the other contestants, and made the belief that she is phoney, but that is how you speak and act when you come from another country. They are simply jealous of her because they knew she actually desreved it more! Like Reene was the phoney one who claimed to be doing this for her family! <Being a model is doing it for yourSELF. It's so lame saying it's for the family.. So no. Jaz was not at all a model type… Saying she represents latina or whatever, is just stupid because it's a top model contest, not Miss world thing..

  86. Наташа Says:

    ТЫ супер!!!Всеми руками и ногами за тебя была!!!!оченьхочу встретится)))))*****Я сама Наташа и из россии!!!))))

  87. Наташа Says:

    Ни за что не сдавайся и иди в следующий сезон))))))

  88. Meshy Says:

    I love Natasha! 🙂 out of all the ANTM gals, she’s the one who I could say has the best personality and the most positive out look to everything (next to Laura (petite cycle) ) . Not thinking negative or bad to her fellow gals.. I remembered in one episode that she was asked by the panel and she’s being attacked by very one.. she answered so true and nothing against the other gals.. I hope theirs another ANTM All-star and she will be part of it! ill definitely watch that! 🙂

  89. sonia Says:

    I think she should have won.

    She was very professional, not trying to get into conflicts. I think girls in US just dont understand that someone does not feel the need to throw ones personal life into everyones faces. In Europe it is not common to chit chat about personal life and show-off your family pictures everywhere you go.

    But I guess, its all about how you do in the commercial pictures for covergirl, since thats the main prize.

  90. teryosha Says:

    I always loved her and I felt the whole nasty attitude towards her and the whole “Russian Bride” smear was just good old fashioned catty jealousy!

    I hope she is doing well and working a lot!

    udachi natalia!!!!!

  91. Lou Says:

    I loved Natasha! My favorite girl in all of the seasons. The best personality and the American girls just didn’t understand her. (I’m an American girl) Having people suspect you of being a mail order bride is kinda taboo here, which is why I think the girls hated on her so bad. But they don’t know anything about her life in Russia. She did leave for a reason.

    Be strong girl. I wish you all the best.

    Я любила Наташа! Моя любимая девушка во всех сезонах.Лучший личности и американские девушки просто не понимают ее. (Я американская девочка) Наличие людей подозреваю, что Вы бытия невесты по почте является своего рода табу здесь, поэтому я думаю, что девушки ненавидел ее так плохо. Но они ничего не знают о ее жизни в России. Она отправится в причине.

    Будьте сильная девушка. Я желаю вам всего самого доброго.

  92. Katya Cherepanova Says:

    I like Natasha! Cycle 8 was the best! I am from Russia. We also look at America’s NEXT Top Model. All rooting for Natasha – including me.

    P.S America’s NEXT Тop Мodel is the best show in the world!

  93. Katya Cherepanova Says:

    Я не думала, что можно и по русски написать… Я просто не замечала, что ты отвечала. Сидела и переводила зря.

    P.S Ты лучшая! Жалко только что ты не была в 17 сезоне, а я очень хотела!

  94. RMS Says:

    Natasha should not have won. Jaslene deserved to win that season hands down!!!!

  95. Abby Says:

    She was my absolute favorite, no doubt about it. i love you natasha.

  96. Claire Says:

    two things:
    a) she looks like a grown up version of Maddie from Dance Moms 🙂
    b) on the show, I thought “meh” – ok, but not outstanding. Those post-ANTM pictures, however, are just great!
    and she probably took off weight, because that makes her more of a fashion model.

  97. eve Says:

    she is absolutely georgeous! i mean she was pretty on antm but now she is beautiful!

  98. Grace Says:

    AH! I’m in awe. She is sooo beautiful, those cheekbones, those eyes, those lips. A natural model. She progressed the most through-out the competition, had a great walk, an amazing body and a bubbly, happy personality. She was NEVER bitchy, never confrontational and there for 1 thing. I am convinced Tyra didn’t believe she could represent America (because of her heavy accent), and therefore chose Jaslene over Natasha. Hmm… Well, that’s my opinion.

  99. Cait Clarke Says:

    Do people forget how rude this girl was? Talking down to the other contestants, contradicting things she couldn’t possibly know. She was not just competitive, she was arrogant and belittled other girls calling them masculine etc. And then going in with a breathy fearful little girl voice to the judges. She may have a pretty face but she has a cool heart, she is short too. I am astonished she got as far as she did, she doesn’t look 5’8 even and has a scrawny little girl body, far too thin to be a good role model in an anorexic industry, and what about the mail bride thing going on? At least Jaslene had warmth, personality and was over 5’9″.

    Natasha is no better than a hooker, and a cheeky one at that. Quote: ‘I knew how to say my name is Natasha and I love you’. I don’t think anyone was surprised at all she didn’t want to discuss her life in Russia. Now she has had the use of her 22 years senior husband, what are the odds he is by now her former husband? She needn’t keep up the ‘wife’ act now she doesn’t need him, the ‘love’ the loyalty will be gone. Question is, where is her husband now?

  100. ran Says:

    She got a nose job that is why her nose looks like that also she lost to someone who had better pictures from day one and a better walk

  101. Svet Says:

    Her pictures made after the show and represented here are the best of all girls from all seasons. I am actually surprised. She DOES look like a real model.

  102. Ana Says:

    Amazing how a thin tall girl can have a short thick neck.. She is pretty, I think it was not fair people judged if her marriage was real or not based on the guys age or if she wore a ring…. thats stupid…rings don’t make a wedding…. maybe she married to change her life…but so many women do that…
    To me, she has a wonderful family…her husband definitely didn’t looks old (he was hot) and she seamed to have a happy real family. Also… everyone sounds fake when they have a thick accent…they need to think so much to translate every word! give her a break….
    Well, I still think Jaslene deserved it, more versatile model material.

  103. Constance Says:

    She’s clearly anorexic. Looks dreadful

  104. Gia Says:

    Ok, let’s not avoid the obvious here. The girl got a NOSE JOB! It’s so visible and if anyone can’t see it they are blind. I thought she should have won but now that I see these photos she’s just a bunch of hair and lips. Where did her skills go? She was one of the girls who I was really excited to see and she really let me down. With the nose job it doesn’t even look like her. She has no neck and all she’s doing is grabbing her hair. I can do that.

  105. Marina Says:

    i love Natasha, and i think that she is an actual winner of the 8 season of ANTM!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Tess Says:

    I think the other bitchy girls sabotaged her by starting rumours calling her fake and Russian bride. None of them had the same beauty! She should have won!

    She endured so much of their phoney instigating crap…with dignity. She is beautiful and feminine and I actually wondered through a LOT of the series if Jaslene was a sex change or a drag queen and ironically that was one of her looks in her 4 picture montage.

  107. Supposrr que buscas ropa por world wide web, ropa p hombre on the net ya cual estas cansado nufactured ir some sort of chicago tienda para extremel shedd modelos nufactured ropa ful shedd precios. Les proponemos us sitio web internet donde encontraras todas las tiendas en not one lugar comprarcomodo

  108. jing Says:

    I’m not from US, nor from Russia. I’m from China. Sorry if this is too long, because I just had a long day today and couldn’t fall asleep…haha.

    I think…
    1. Natasha is way more beautiful than any of the other contestants. She showed an image of a kind, positive and polite young lady. How she answered questions really showed that she got a brain as well. It’s so obvious that other girls treated her badly because of jealousy. The judges probably made the decision so not to disappoint US audiences. I think it’s lack of fairness.

    2. Having said that, I must say I’m deeply impressed by Tyra from season 1 to season 7. Tyra’s bit cold to Natasha in season 8, and I’m not 100% convinced. As a Chinese, I know nothing about black people. I just realized from watching this show how interesting and beautiful black women are, some of them behold amazing personality. In China, TV shows from US are dominated by TV series of mainly white people, that’s what mainstream chinese associate American culture with. we know nothing about black culture beside Micheal Jackson. It’s only recently that young people became to know Beyoncé~ I myself can do some of her moves, don’t you laugh at me. She’s great!!

    Anyway, Tyra left great impression on me, I think she’s so talented, funny and graceful, (except in Season 8!, Sorry!) if all the black girls can be like her, or Beyoncé- both beautiful, hardworking, talented and graceful at the same time, I think US will be a lucky country. They have something in their eyes that show me African women are tough and persistent. Few of them are not so nice and too emotional though~ but it’s a tv show, when you get nobody that’s rude, the TV show will not be interesting. I sighed over some situations, but I still keep on watching~ hahaha.

    3. I personally think season 8 got the meanest women. I don’t like to see bitch fight, especially towards someone who’s so nice~ I met so many polite and charming girl friends from the States, and they are nothing like that or nothing like those on Dr. Phill shows.~~~ do strange people go on TV more often in US?!

    Hope this comment does not offend anyone~ I just feel very disappointed in the end. But I do not represent US audience~ From the eyes of a common Chinese, Natasha clearly stands out.

    Good luck to everyone who follows this show.


  109. I just want to say that you are my hero, I love how you turned all your criticism on the show to something good, I’m going to use you as my role model. Thanks.

  110. Frances Luca Says:

    Stop hating on jaslene she kilt it all the time even in the end. And no natasha doesnt look better she looks unhealthy. Its one thing to be a fan but dont be disrespectful to other contestants.

  111. Katherine Says:

    Beautiful. Great model and most improved. She should’ve won. She was robbed. She is more high fashion than Jaslene.

  112. Shurlz Says:

    One of my FAVORITE girls in ANTM history ! So genuine and funny ♡

  113. Kat Says:

    Natasha was my favorite of all time and I thought she was far better than Jaslene.

  114. matty healy Says:

    Forever my favourite top model girl

  115. venus1977 Says:

    I am shocked yet knew Jaslene would be the pitty winner…ONLY bc she was a ‘2nd chance’ girl. As I watch the seasons through Hulu now (FINALLY), Jaslene does not seem to have much else to do but come back to some ANTM challenge scenes time and time again throughout the 2 seasons after she won. She did not deserve it, PERIOD!

    NATASHA….LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY, BEAUTY, BEING A MOMMY, ETC… You deserved to win hands down, but got jipped bc some second chance sympathy was the PC thing to do

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