Natalie Pack was a contestant during Cycle 12 of ANTM.

This 19-year-old Palos Verdes, California native was a student during her appearance on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 12. To most watchers of the show, she was the resident rich girl during this cycle.

Natalie, who started the competition with some minor modeling experience, told E! Online that she felt she’d been butchered by unfavorable editing. “I think they edited me to make me look like I was spoiled. I am completely opposite of the character they made me be on the show. They actually cut and pasted lines to make me sound like I was a spoiled brat because they were desperate to make me look that way.” She was even shown on camera commenting on the accommodations in Brazil, saying such statements like, “I wish we had a pool.”

Natalie isn’t the first reality show contestant to complain about how she was portrayed on the show, nor will she be the last. But she did have some interesting things to say about Tyra’s involvement in the show’s progression.

Before Natalie was eliminated, she pointed out that Tyra’s criticism of her photo was a far cry from the words of encouragement she’d been hearing on the set from the photo director, Jay Manuel. Tyra shot her down, and Natalie was eliminated soon thereafter. Natalie said of the incident, “It was very, very shady. I think the judges thought that I lied and that’s why I got sent home. I have a feeling Tyra and Jay don’t really click that well because they have totally different ideas. I have a feeling they didn’t even really communicate because to have completely opposite ideas that you want the girls to do is completely ridiculous and unfair.” She went on to say that she thinks Tyra plays favorites, a suspicion many ANTM watchers have had for years. “Tyra definitely has a soft spot for Aminat and Teyona. I think she just loves [their] personalities. I feel like they’re most relatable to Tyra, since Tyra was a black model struggling. I think she has a hidden emotional connection with the black girls, and I think that’s where a lot of favoritism comes from. I’m not accusing her of it, but that’s just my opinion.”

Natalie said this about the winning model: “I think Teyona will [win], but I hope Allison will. Teyona has the judges on her side; she has the ability to take a great picture. Though, when you see her in person, it’s like, how do you even tell that she’s a model? With Allison you know she’s a model. She’s beautiful, and she has something special. I really want Allison to win, but I think it’s going to be Teyona.”

Natalie performed well during the competition, with good and mediocre photos, but ended up becoming the 8th girl eliminated from the show due to her poor performance during the Carmen Miranda shoot. Natalie won one reward challenge during episode four.

Since the show, Natalie has modeled for Jockey and BL!SSS Magazine, July 2009. She walked in Billabong USA’s 3rd Annual Design for Humanity show and for Dona Daneshi, “I Am Mystic.”

Natalie Pack is currently signed with Ford Models in Los Angeles.

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45 Responses to “Natalie Pack”

  1. kittenhood Says:

    She looks like Cindy Crawford in the last photo.

  2. neesy Says:

    What a sexy woman!

  3. Jaamgirl Says:

    Eh, nothing special about her. AND she’s so racist.

    • Shane Says:

      Definitely should have won. Had more class and beauty than most of the other contestants, including the winner. I mean , Teyona, seriously??? She was the most immature of them all and always at the root of most of the fights in the house and just had an overall weird look.

  4. alexis Says:

    Damn her body is hot!! She and Allison should have been top two of course. Allison would take it all. It is sad that she was portrayed as someone she wasn’t. Best of luck.

  5. Linda Says:

    Natalie was sooo classy during that argument with Aminat. I really would like to know what happens to these black girls in US… Camille, Monique, Aminat, Eugenia, Teyona… Every cycle has this insupportable girls who drives everyone crazy and makes us wanna punch them.

    • joejoe Says:

      Cute. Did you forget they many nice Black women like Danny, Nik, Toccara or Eva? I can certainly pull out the names of some of the White women who were really nasty – MELROSE, WHITNEY, Elyse, Renee. Shoot, Janice Dickenson was a piece of work. But these women’s personalities were their personalities. It has nothing to do with race. It’s not really about how they were raised. It is how they chose to be. Period.

      • Jaamgirl Says:

        I hope the poster (Linda) didn’t think she was being subtle with her racist comment. LOL.

      • startledbylightening Says:

        Agreed, those women were all just bitches (especially Monique, she was like, evil or something), and had nothing to do with their race. I didn’t even find Natalie to be all that “classy” during that argument, she was being very condescending and kind of egging it on almost. The other girls took it too far, everyone was just fighting a battle that wasn’t theirs and they all looked ridiculous for it.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I really think that it is poor statement to make! If Natalie wasn’t as good as another girl she would blame their skin colour! And she was an ungrateful bitch too, when they take you to Brazil… You don’t complain, stop acting like a f*cking spoiled brat!

    • Jenny Says:

      Are u serious I m black and don t say that only black women is allways the insupportable ones Natalie was so arrogant and STUPID!!! She thinks shes the best in the panel she got eliminated she said is was Jay who said to her not to move, she’s perfect ect. She is a b**ch

  6. boo Says:

    She sucked; nothing special about her. I agree. Nothing special about her.

    • Jamaica Says:

      I sooo agree with you. This girl is so boring, I want to fall asleep on my PC. That’s why i’m still trying to understand how she made it so far. She’s tall sure, standing at 6’0″ which is impressive for a model and she’s pretty, she really is, but these photos prove that other than what she had at her disposal physically, she’s no top model. In fact, I think she would do well as a high-end commercial model.

  7. Liza Says:

    Damn, she is so hot! She looks like a Victoria’s Secret angel. And these photos are amazing; she looks like a true supermodel.

  8. Yova Says:

    She didn´t look like at top model at all. Her nose needs a nose job.

  9. Jaamgirl Says:

    Breast implants.

  10. Creen Says:

    Didn’t care for her on the show but looks like she’s done some great work.

  11. Anna Says:

    She has an AMAZING body!

  12. Boone Says:

    Nice Natalie! You hit it right on target about Tyra and Jay M and Ms. J. That’s exactly what the case is and we should all know it by now. There is a TON of editing done. If you don’t, you’re blind, I’m sorry. I think Tyra and Jay M do communicate a lot actually, although I believe Tyra play’s favourite’s as you said. It’s become more and more apparent that ANTM is a popularity contest and not a real modeling contest anymore if it even ever was. Yet I admit, I still watch it. I do wish Tyra would quit mocking other people’s accents though. It’s really quite rude and she is always getting on everyone else’s case about it, so what’s up with that? Follow your own advice, woman! Amazing body and face Natalie. I wish you’d gone much further and you really deserved to. They did you wrong.

  13. Marts Says:

    Put her on a Victoria’s Secret runway already!

  14. bekarto Says:

    Miss Long Legs. Her body is gorgeous anyways. I hope she makes a career, I was really surprised when she got eliminated.

  15. woopidpp Says:

    Banging body, but her face … too bad!

  16. ClaudiaDS Says:

    Pretty girl, but very predictable, always the same facial expression and that arrogant attitude. Editing or not, she said what she said, nobody put words on her mouth. Period.

    I might be biased, though. She said some mean things about my country (Brazil), as if it’s nothing much, after seeing like, what? 0,01% of it? That was edited out, so if they were really trying to make her sound like a brat, why would they do that?

    BTW, her Carmen Miranda was ridiculous. She was all about joy, tropics, colors and all those Latin American clichés. Instead, she choses to do that SAME face all over again. And AGAIN.

  17. james allen Says:

    Her mole annoys me.

  18. Misha Says:

    Nothing modelly about her at all.

  19. Rianna.Xu Says:

    I don’t konw what should I think now.

  20. Terra Says:

    The forth from bottom bathing suit pic her body looks like it was airbrush shrunk and her belly button looks misplaced. She irritated me cause she complained a lot but she probably was just tired of the 8 week long constant work. Anyways, she is beautiful. Her face has gotten a tiny bit more expressive. Her lack of control over her eyebrows always frustrated me.

  21. ella alden Says:

    Her arrogance is what helped her off the show and she is still making excuses. She needs a big slice of humble pie.

  22. Jenn Says:

    Looks like some girls “develop” late, eh?

  23. Sasha Says:

    ordinary short-hecked girl…

  24. suzannah Says:

    I think she looks like Heather from cycle 9.

  25. Miss Universe Says:

    Natalie Pack just won Miss California 2012 this past weekend. Now, she’s going to be competing on Miss USA 2012, and if she wins, she’d go on to Miss Universe 2012. I’m surprised she won, though. She’s not very eloquent, and she was pretty boring in the show. Badly edited or not, she didn’t shine as a whole.

  26. sgs Says:

    I loved her on America’s Next Top Model and I just found out today that she’s Miss California and will competer for Miss USA! That’s awesome! I’ll have to root for her all over again, can’t wait! Congrats Natalie! I could see you in the Miss Universe Pageant…hope you win Miss USA!

  27. brenda Says:

    wow. she’s really beautiful! she kinda reminds me of Katarzyna (cycle 10). sometimes this show just has the most unfair eliminations. they always eliminate the girls with the most potential (Katarzyna, Jade, Anya, Erin, London, Lauren Brie, Analeigh, Natalie, , Allison, Fatima, Kayla, Jane, Alexandira, Hannah-cycle 16, etc.) They just eliminate simply for their “personalities” in most cases. just because you’re not always at level 10 emotion doesn’t mean you should be eliminated. and some of these photo shoots are just ridiculous. yes, because Italian Vogue seriously asks you to jump on trampolines as famous US/UK figures (cycle 18). and sometimes I do think Tyra favors black girls. Yes, Aminat has potential. but her photos weren’t just that good. and saleshia did NOT deserve cycle 9

    • Jamaica Says:

      I can understand Fatima, but what is so great about Katarzyna, Anya, Jane, Alexandria and especially Allison & Erin? To me, they aren’t that great. I’ve never even heard of these models post-ANTM, except what people say on the internet. The ones with true potential for me is Yaya, Bre, Toccara, Fatima, Ebony & Lisa (cycle 9), and etc.

      Toccara is not only the first black plus-sized model to grace the cover of Italian Vogue which is probably the most prominent and elite fashion magazine out there, but she has also graced a 14-PAGE SPREAD, more than ANY OTHER model. Yaya is also a highly successful commercial and editorial model, as well as an actress. Bre has graced numerous magazine covers and is a highly prominent spokesmodel. Ebony quitted the competition, but would’ve been a highly successful model if she had stayed with it, and Lisa has worked with and walked for top designers of the world. Many other models not even mentioned like Natasha Galkina have graced elite fashion covers like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar and worked with some of the most prominent fashion businesses in the world.

      You want to talk about potential? That’s potential. No, that’s talent in its immense success.

      Katarzyna and Anya are just fan service, thought Katarzyna has walked in a countless number of fashion shows and modeled for many agencies, as has Anya. Jane isn’t that great and has a look that I’ve seen before. Alexandria wasn’t even that good and couldn’t even stand her ground during the All-Stars competition of the Seventeenth cycle of America’s Next . Top Model. Allison is just some weird-looking girl who would only succeed because of that. However, I am surprised that she has been seen walking in several fashion shows and been signed to numerous different modeling agencies, as her look just isn’t cutting it for me. And Erin? Just like Allison, I do not get all this hype and popularity over her look. Most of all, no one’s seen her walk in a single fashion show or grace a single prominent fashion magazine. In fact, I think Erin is a commercial model.

      As for London, Lauren Brie and Analeigh, both London and Analeigh have been deemed by the judges as more actresses than models and Lauren Brie, like Erin, hasn’t graced a single elite fashion magazine cover or worked with a world-class fashion designer. Also, Lauren Brie’s look is really boring and one I’ve seen before.

      And Kayla and Hannah? Now I see potential in Kayla, but I don’t know a flick about Hannah from Cycle 16 as I never watched that Cycle. Hell, I haven’t even finished watching all of Cycle 15 yet.

  28. farnesol Says:

    natalie pack is presently miss California 2012 ready to win more titles. others hv been forgotten. all her opponents sucked. arrogance or not, it’s all about attitute. even TYRA who was just envious of natalie’s beauty has an annoying one. natalie pack is born to be great n she’s pursuing it. Go girl, u were much better than aminat, teyona n the frigging allison. U ROCK natalie pack. u r a true beauty.

  29. maria1924 Says:

    another bitter beotch!!!

  30. She complains about being portrayed as a spoiled brat, but everything she says in this intervew sounds like something a spoiled brat would say — and to make matters worse, she adds some racist remarks to the mix. It’s easy to see how people like Natalie don’t make it in the industry. She demonstrated to the whole fashion world how difficult and b***chy she is by her behavior on the show — and her interviews after the show. Who would want to hire someone like that?

  31. Jessica Says:

    The only thing this girl sells well is sex. No wonder she didn’t win. A top model has to be so much more than that.

  32. startledbylightening Says:

    The city Natalie is from, Palos Verdes, I live right next to it, and it is a very rich neighborhood. It’s pretty much all doctors and lawyers, living on cliffside mansion/homes next to the beach … it’s pretty ridiculous. She made everyone who lives there so awful and snobby … it’s embarrassing to watch her say she’s from California and the South Bay, not everyone from this area behaves like that and just because you were raised in that area doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself but act like a snobby brat. People from their can still be polite and help with chores when living with others and respect the dynamics; not expect everyone to pick up after her. She also was recently Miss California I think for 2012? Or 2011? Either way, that’s an embarrassment.

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