Nargis Fakhri was a semifinalist during Cycle 3 of ANTM.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, the half-Kashmeri, half-Czech model narrowly missed her chance of making it into the Top Model house during episode 1 of Cycle 3. She also auditioned for Cycle 2, but was unable to make it to the finals.

The aspiring model was memorable because she tangled up her words when introducing herself to panel for the first time. She later expressed that she had no interest in fashion or modeling, just looking at a job modeling as simply a job; a way to make a living. Even though Mr. Jay commented that he liked Nargis’s body type, Tyra seemed unimpressed by Nargis’s lack of interest in the fashion industry at the time. Before the final girls were chosen, Tyra did express that she appreciated Nargis’s upbeat attitude during initial auditions.

Following her audition for the show, Nargis went on to appear in TV commercials/campaigns for Aquafresh, Herbal Essence, Pantene, Subway, Jeep, Bruno Banani Perfume, Ponds and many more globally. She’s also been on the covers of Vanidades and Shape Magazines – to name a few.

Nargis is currently signed with Ford Models in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Miami, NOVA Models in New Zealand, Leni’s Models in London, ANC models in Hamburg, Scoop Models in Denmark, La Agencia in Spain, Mannequin Studio in Singapore, SG Planet Models in India and CESD for television.

At present, she is working in South East Asia with an emphasis on India.

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To see more photos of Nargis, click here.

25 Responses to “Nargis Fakhri”

  1. kiki Says:

    This girl is fierce.

  2. bahar Says:

    Very good, very fine, very sexy picture. Please contact me directly at

  3. neesy Says:

    Why can’t I remember seeing this gorgeous girl on ANTM?

    • modelscribe Says:

      She only made it into the semi-finals, which means she was only on the first episode of that cycle. She wasn’t chosen to go into the house for the final 13/14.

  4. Ellen Says:

    Omg, gorgeous!

  5. Janna Says:

    Love that long bob on her. Very pretty.

  6. Brunito Says:

    Great example: if you really want to be a model, don’t stay in ANTM for too long, quit before you become recognizable because of the show!

  7. boo Says:

    I don’t remember her, but very good photos.

  8. BonySony Says:

    Wow I have no memory of her. She still takes lovely pictures though.

  9. div Says:

    She will be appearing in a bollywood movie, called Rockstar alongside Ranbhir Kapoor!!

  10. KriStina Says:

    А кто это??? Я её что-то не помню…..

  11. Aufa Says:

    She’s on the cover on Vogue India
    Werk it girl :-*

  12. Lola Says:

    Nargis is a really stunning girl. It amazes me how such a beautiful lady can exist. I’ve made a website dedicated to Nargis called!

    All you Nargis fans should check it out!
    Love ya , Nargis!

    • Subh Says:

      like you the most in the universe Nargis!!!!You are besttttttt……..Just love you..Don’t know if I could ever see you in person but my love and best wishes will always b there with you..

  13. rishav Says:


  14. Prince Says:

    Wow very sexy hot pics gr8 share she could be next top actress of bollywood

  15. dr.jatin kumar Says:

    hey.. seen u in rockstar.. u did amazing. work.. ur smile is full of confidence.. wts ur secret?? would b happy on ur response.. gudluk..

  16. casey Says:

    Omg she is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen!!!

  17. Suraj Kapoor Says:

    I saw the movie Rockstar and Nargis has done an excellent job. It is amazing how well she speaks Hindi.

  18. Nishant ambhore Says:

    I love you

  19. FATIMA Says:

    she`s one of the most beautiful chick in the earth!! i love u gissy

  20. Porsche Hendrick Says:

    She had got to be in Cycle 2. It would’ve made that cycle much more legit. Nargis Fakhri, Sara Tabrizi and Shandi would’ve been fierce. Yomama is too ugly and creepy to even begin with. Ugh I hate her

  21. Cyn Says:

    This girls career was not ruined by Top Model, she was lucky in that sense because where are the past winners.

  22. Jamaica Says:

    Nargis is indeed a beautiful woman, with a unique Czech-Pakistani look that does intrigue me. A look that you can see on the cover of Vogue. For a semi-finalist who didn’t even make it into the house, she’s one of the most successful contestants that ever appeared on the show.

    To me, she was the most modelesque out of anyone… Cycle 2 and 3 because her look is a model’s look. When you actually see someone that looks like this, you just realize how commercial all of the other girls were by comparison (with the exception of Yaya and Toccara).

    I’m happy Nargis is doing well, both in the fashion and entertainment industry.

  23. startledbylightening Says:

    … where the hell did this come from? How random that a semi-finalist got a page mentioned.

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