Naima Mora was a contestant and winner of Cycle 4 of ANTM.

With her mohawk and introverted personality, Naima was originally thought to be a long-shot to walk away with the title of America’s Next Top Model. Though her earlier photographs were not as strong as runner-up Kahlen Rondot, the judges were blown away by Naima’s final performance on the catwalk. Tyra, in particular, felt that Kahlen was “the girl who did excellent during the semester and kind of failed the final exam,” while Naima was “the girl who did fair during the semester but killed her final exam.” Her win consisted of a fashion spread in Elle, a contract with Ford Models and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics. She holds the record of being the first and only Top Model contestant to be voted Covergirl of the Week from the start to the finish of the cycle. It was also revealed in a Top Model challenge, that Naima is a vegetarian. She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL.

She has been seen on television as a guest on The Tyra Banks Show, on the second season premiere of Veronica Mars, and in a CoverGirl commercial with Yoanna House.

Naima and Cycle 3’s Ann Markley were Trophy Girls at the 2005 Primetime Emmy Awards. Mora also served as a judge at the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 2005. Naima was a guest host at the Ramapo College Enerve Couture Fashion Show in Spring 2006.

Naima has done print modelling for CoverGirl, ELLE Magazine, Fuego Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Radaar Magazine, IN Touch Magazine, Star Magazine, Teen People Magazine, Split Clothing, amd Jazz Album Samsung. Naima’s runway shows include Christopher Deane Spring 2006 Collection, Gharani Strok Fall 2005, Carlos Miele Fashion Show, Walmart and ELLEgirl Presents Dare To Be You Spring 2006, Fashion Comedy Style 2005 (Charity Event), and New York Fashion Week 2007.[citation needed] She has modelled with her sisters twice: with her sister, Ife, for iTunes and with her twin, Nia, for Cycle 2’s Camille McDonald’s lingerie line, Lingerwear.

In 2006, she wrapped up filming on an independent film called Sarbanes-Oxley and made an appearance in a music video for TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me.”

In 2007, she was on the cover of U&U magazine and Uzuri magazine and was photographed by Romer Pedrome and Derek Blanks.

In 2008, she had a cover and editorial in Vicious magazine. Signed with 301 Model Management in Miami and Basic Model Management in New York City. She got a showcard for Fashion Week SS09 and walked in the Project Runway Finale for designer Joe Farris.

She is currently signed with 301 Model Management and Basic Model Management NY.

Naima was the former vocalist for the unsigned band Chewing Pics. Their EP, “Tarantula” was released on March 10, 2008. She is now a member of musical duo Galaxy on Tar. In May of 2010, they released two new singles via their label Lapdance Academy. The group is currently performing live throughout New York and touring the United States.

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To see more photos of Naima, click here.

44 Responses to “Naima Mora”

  1. Anne Says:

    Naima has always been one of my favourite antm’s, a deserving winning she possessed a quiet humility and very individual style.

    I wish her the very best.

  2. Good luck to you, Naima. I wish you the best. Love you.

  3. El'vira Says:

    О, Наима самая лучшая…
    Обожаю ее…

    (Rough Translation: “About Naima, she’s the best. I adore her.”)

  4. silver nail polish Says:

    She was my favorite in the entire series. I hope her career is going well!

  5. Lesley Says:

    Out of the original 20 girls they had, she was who I picked out to win the final. The unique look and fun loving spirit of Naima makes her a top model and #1 in my book!

  6. KriStina Says:

    Naima лучше всех!!! Я так рада, что победила именно она. Болела за неё с самого начала, с первого момента как увидела.

  7. Liliya Says:

    Naima Mora лучшая из моделей! Она настоящая,искренняя! Удачи тебе, Наима!!!

  8. Светлана Says:

    Да, я тоже сразу стала за неё болеть. Показалась необычной. Симпатичная девушка.

  9. kiki Says:

    All of you know that Kahlen deserved to win and Naima should have gone home instead of Brittany.

    • 4sher Says:

      Naima was edgy and everyone else looked like every other pretty girl. ANTM looks for the edgy girl, especially. Just like the judges said, Naima did end up relating to all girls, especially young ladies. Kahlen on the other hand is only memerable on the show, you would never know her if you see her on street. Not so with Naima. The call was right for the show ANTM.

      • agiwka Says:

        I wtched the show again in 2913 and guess what – I didn’t remember Kahlen at all. And Naima is such a memorable person and truly great model. Go Naima !

      • Jamaica Says:

        I know right? Don’t know why people keep saying Naima should’ve won, when evidently, her post-ANTM work is loaded and abundant with a myriad of commercial, editorial and even some high fashion runway work. And just so you know, Kahlen was looking to be booked by an agency, but did not, as she looked too similar to Carmen Kass–a look we’ve SEEN before.

        See, that just shows that, just like in the case of Jaslene, Naima was ironically the best choice, as she is by FAR the most successful of Cycle 4, in spite of people’s initial opinions and reactions.

      • Jamaica Says:

        Sorry, I meant “Don’t know why people keep saying Kahlen should’ve won.”

  10. Lera Says:

    Наима самая лучшая во всей истории 15 сезонов Топ модели по-американски)))

  11. Liza Says:

    She has ZERO personality. For real. Kahlen should’ve won. No doubt.

    • Sophie Says:

      I don´t agree – Naima had a DIFFERENT personality, and I loved that about her, everyone can´t been dancing on the tables like Brittany. Naima has something mystical about her that makes you curious, much more interesting than someone just making lots of noice. Besides she seems to have great ideal and is what you truly can call “beatiful from inside and out”. I wanted her to win from day one. One last thing – she was SO GOOD in the acting performance! The last lines, when she had her hands in the hair, is the best acting in all antm…

  12. Staycie Says:

    Kahlen should have won cycle 4.

  13. boo Says:

    Yeah, it could’ve gone either way, but I guess she has more passion for modeling than Kahlen.

  14. Полина Says:

    Я хотела что бы выирала Бриттани.

  15. 4sher Says:

    Naima was edgy and everyone else looked like every other pretty girl. ANTM looks for the edgy girl, especially. Just like the judges said, Naima did end up relating to all girls, especially young ladies. Kahlen on the other hand is only memerable on the show, you would never know her if you see her on street. Not so with Naima. The call was right for the show ANTM.

  16. hotlegend Says:

    Yeah i’m glad she’d won antm but i have too say quite disapointed by her catalogue of work in comparison to the other models that didnot win like mollie sue…deluded Jade and nnenna

  17. billy Says:

    I hate her!

  18. Rashana Says:

    I used to work with Naima at a restaurant in Brooklyn some years back. Both she and her twin sister were lovely people. You could really tell that their parents raised them well. She deserves the best and I’ so happy for her!!

  19. panda Says:

    Love her

  20. Brunito Says:

    This girl is a great person but she’s no model! Kahlen should have won.

  21. her smile reminds of Wynona Ryder 🙂

  22. Luisa Says:

    Naima and CariDee are the best 🙂

  23. zigzag Says:

    She was my fave that season, I loved her with a mohawk. I think she should stick to modeling, I don’t like her singing voice in her new band, Galaxy of Tar.

  24. Naima was my best candidate an am happy she won.

  25. Christina Says:


  26. Himela Says:

    I think Naima was the winner of ANTM I hated the most. I can’t find beauty not model in her. Fail…

  27. Kristen Says:

    Naima is one of my least favorite contestants. For one, she’s not particularly attractive. And I hated how she reacted when she found out she won, as though it was just so OBVIOUS to her that she should win. There was nothing humble about her at all.

  28. wellcute Says:


  29. Greenwood Says:

    I don’t like Naima. Kahlen should have won this cycle of ANTM. She is the best.

  30. Daphne Says:

    I picked her from the start because I thought she had an edge that would work well on the catwalk but she’s really failed me. She hasn’t done much of anything high fashion. I thought she’d do well in Asia and Europe..

  31. Antmpinoy Says:

    I think Naima has the same facial expression on each and every picture..

  32. Dd Says:

    They never mentioned she has an identical twin. There’s two of these beauties!

  33. Gia Says:

    I think these photos are the worst I’ve seen yet. I could do what she’s doing here. Just looking into a camera and smiling. I thought Brittany should have won and the judges really gave her a bogus excuse for sending her home…they said her personality went. What? Naima had NO personality what so ever. And these photos suck. Sorry, sad but true.

    • Jamaica Says:

      Well, that’s your opinion, not ours. And Brittany hasn’t even been doing much in high fashion or editorial, and most of the post-ANTM work I’ve seen of her looked like stills from a playboy magazine, while Naima has been featured on a variety of both fashion and commercial magazines and runways and you’re saying a glamour model like her should’ve taking the title?

      You likely didn’t know that or just don’t care and is one of the those types that will hold their opinion no matter what. Like it or not, Naima won, is more successful by FAR out of anyone of that Cycle and deserved it.

  34. Vivian Nortey Says:

    naimas appearances on de walkway totally amuses, obsesses n raises ma spirit of being a MODEL.Naima u r d BEST.Go grl…

  35. Robyn Says:

    Favorite winner & the one of only two I have stayed curious about. The other being Allison season 12 & all stars I believe. Wish them both the best of luck.

  36. JJ Says:

    My favourite contestant of all the cycles. Unique, spunky and humble.

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