Naduah Rugley was a contestant during Cycle 14 of ANTM.

The 22-year-old Cancun, Mexico native was living in San Diego before her appearance on ANTM. She was engaged with a 3-year-old daughter, Arcelia Shaitana Zen, while competing on the show.

Naduah is of European, Italian European, Spanish and Mexican descent. Her father is mostly European, Italian European, French and British. Her mother is Hispanic and Mexican. Her mother is from Madrid, Spain and her father is from the north of Mexico. Naduah’s father spent most of his early life in New England and his entire family is European and her mother has a lot of Latin, so her whole family is a mix of Latin and European.

During her initial interviews in episode 1 of Cycle 14, Naduah revealed that she was born into a religious (sex) cult with many other children who were often molested. It’s because of the cult that she traveled frequently through Mexico, Central America, and the United States, picking up a variety of accents that makes up her unique accent.

At seventeen years old, she “came to her senses” and got out of the cult to make a life for herself. She told the panel that she didn’t get her self esteem back until about three years ago. Today, she has nothing to do with organized religion due to the trauma she endured in the cult. In episode 2, she divulged that she has eight brothers and sisters.

Naduah went into the competition already bald (after losing a bet), so she only received an eyebrow bleaching for her top model makeover.

Naduah was eliminated during the second panel judging of episode 2. Tyra said that she came into the competition with an edgy look, but she tended to “water down” her edge by posing and looking too classic. Her “pretty and nice” execution was a contradiction to her edgy look.

During Naduah’s exit interview, she said that she felt she wasn’t given the opportunity she deserved because of her experience and passion. She was also insulted that there were still girls in the competition that didn’t have the desire and passion she had to be there. Upon leaving, she said that she’ll continue as she always has and flourish.

To read Naduah’s post-elimination interview with RTV Games, click here.

Naduah is currently signed with Leaf Models in Mexico.

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To see more photos of Naduah, click here.

45 Responses to “Naduah Rugley”

  1. Marts Says:

    All these pics … this was from BEFORE or AFTER ANTM?

    • Silius Says:

      The photographs are from both before and after ANTM. She is presently blonde though, which is actually her natural hair colour.

    • T Says:

      I like how she looks when she has hair; she is surprisingly stunning. The bald head didn’t really make her stand out for me. It seems like she tried to be smart by standing out with her bald head, but like Tyra said she kept her poses classic rather than being edgy and different to suit her look.

      • Lian Says:

        They should’ve put her a wig or something for her makeover! Look how stunning she is! Yet another proof that they always let the Real talent walk off the show, Nadua was my fave for this season and easily could have won…

      • sophie Says:

        Yes I completly agree, I really liked her, but it was hard for her with the hair and I agree with the wig. She´s really beautiful, hope she will make it in the future!

  2. kiki Says:

    They look nothing like Naduah.

    • Silius Says:

      Naduah really likes changing her style to suit different fashion challenges; she’s very dedicated and versatile.

  3. mary anne Says:

    Naduah is a unique-looking model with features that don’t come around that often. When Kimora Lee was sent to Paris to walk for the couture designers, the head designer of Chanel (Karl Lagerfeld) asked her to be his muse. He said her look was the look of the century which is really huge, especially if you’re a beginner model.

    Naduah’s looks are rare, but beautiful as well. She does have classical posing technique which is what a model should master when working on the international level. If you wanna get jobs in Paris or Milan, you have to model the way the legendary models did over the past century. Lisa Fonssagrives and Dorian Leigh are good starting points for one’s study of the profession. Naduah will be signed to an agency in Paris if she already isn’t. She kind of reminds me of Jenny Shimuzu with the whole androgynous thing.

  4. neesy Says:

    She looks amazing with hair.

  5. richard71966 Says:

    Looks amazing with or without hair.

  6. Chilly710 Says:

    I didn’t like her photos.

  7. deena Says:

    Yes, I agree she looks soo much prettier with hair.

  8. bc18338 Says:

    They all look so pornographic. She was definitely NOT one of my favorites.

  9. KriStina Says:

    С волосами ей лучше. А так он молодец

  10. PHIL Says:

    She’s better having a long hair than of the bald head. Yeah!

  11. Akira Says:

    OMG You look hotter with hair, you look kinda older when you were bald. I think you would’ve stayed longer on the show if you had hair that time. 🙂

  12. Engsamnang Says:

    Her photos are so amazing. She will done great in the international modeling.

  13. Brunito Says:

    Omg! She looks amazing with the black hair! Actually she looks great WITH hair! This bald head didn’t do her much justice.
    Her toenails are still disgusting though.

  14. Полина Says:

    У неё красивая фигурка!И с волосами ей очень хорошо!В неё много природной красоты.Она молодец!

    Translation: “She has a beautiful figure and beautiful hair; she’s naturally beautiful. She’s good!

  15. Ariana Says:

    I love her with the black hair. She looks stunning.

  16. datum pi Says:

    I really dig the bald look on girls, especially white girls; it’s not seen as often, but I couldn’t tell if she was pretty without hair. I thought the photo she was eliminated for was the best of the bunch and I agree with her when she said she wasn’t given the chance she deserved. You could tell she was a much better model than some of those other girls!

  17. olle Says:

    There’s some madness in her eyes that frightens me and makes her so magnetic at the same time.

    • Penny Says:

      … and some of them look a little vacant like no one is home at all. Beautiful – but I don’t want to be her, be friends with her, or have her as a roommate.

  18. Creen Says:

    She looks great with some hair.

  19. C-Shel-H Says:

    Does anybody know if there was any truth to her statements regarding her “performances during international fashion weeks” and an invite to “work for Playboy?”. She is beautiful but, I agree with many, some of her stories did not jive! Anybody know the evidenced FACTS?

    • Kristine Says:

      I worked with Naduah in Mexico several times and she was in fashion week here in the Riviera and did a lot of work with designers in this area as well. She has an amazing style which has made her stand out from the rest of the models in her years of work. I highly respect her for her talent and drive to always, not only succeed, but thrive and become better. She is an amazing person!

  20. bekarto Says:

    I’m not sure if bikini photos with your legs spread so that everyone can see your crotch are high fashion. She looks great with hair but I still see no model.

  21. Manny Says:

    She looks like Kate Moss and Gemma Ward all rolled into one! I love her photographs. Very classic look that is suited for commercial and haute couture modeling. Her height and body size are a plus. It’s a shame Tyra eliminated her earlier in the competition. She would’ve outshone everyone else easily. Her look is more mature than what girl-fans can handle. If she had the popstar image down she would’ve made it further. She is suited for the Parisian fashion market but not the American commercial market.

  22. Linda Says:

    She definitely looks better with hair especially black hair. With the lighter hair she looks like Kate Moss. But most of these poses are slutty to say the least.

  23. Ny Says:

    I guess I’m the only one who likes her better bald =/

  24. Sophia Says:

    I think se looks good being bald, but she looks WAY better with hair, specially blonde, i think she is amazing

  25. Ariana Says:

    theres a pic of her blonde she looks like a stunna and when she’s on the boat she has a back off for some white chiick and she has boobs woow

  26. julian Says:

    She looks quite stunning with hair

  27. lestalonsrouges Says:

    no you aren’t, i loved her bald, and her accent was sexy. I was soooo sad she was evicted early

  28. Himela Says:

    Omg now that I see her phptos with long hair I realize that Tyra made a mistake to cut her hair! She is beautiful!

  29. Cari Says:

    I always thought she was stunning both bald and now that I see her with hair. I was appalled that they eliminated her on the 2nd episode over having “classic” poses when they allowed other contestants who couldn’t even do that stay. Working with her to change her style up would have been simple instead of molding someone who has no clue what to do at all. She may or may not have gotten better during the process but Tyra’s reasoning was flawed.

    Her photos seem very risque, however, most models need to book some form of job in order to be seen in the industry. These may have been hers.

  30. Helen Says:

    Naduah in my opinion was elimenated far to early, she would have won if she had come to the competition with her hair. Its like she’s a whole new person with it, I didn’t recongnize her in her photos! She’s absaloutly gorgeous!

  31. Cody Says:

    ” Dreckitude ” – she shud hav long hair when she came to the show.

  32. Marian Says:

    ok, i think this finally hits “biracial Butterfly” on the head!! talk abt Diversity!

  33. Olga Says:

    She was my absolute favourite and I was extremely disappointed to see her go so soon. I wish I could see more of her in the show. She isn’t particularly pretty but her personality is very pleasant.

  34. Olga Says:

    She looks so regal.

  35. Jessica Says:

    Wow! She really is quite a chameleon! While she probably could have gone a lot further in the competition, I understand where the judges were coming from. She had the most modeling experience in the house, and a great edgy, high fashion look, but her poses were very commercial and safe. Because she was more experienced and edgy, they expected more from her that she didn’t deliver. Which is a shame that she didn’t because some of these photos are stunning.

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